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United Nations of Gun Control

U.N. Gun Marking Stays On The Radar

The cat in the birdcage at the 11-year-old PoA is the hidden horror that Canadian gun owners should greatly fear – the U.N. gun marking scheme…

Animal Rights Lefties Say Bear Hunt Is Cruel

We have heard increasingly from some northern Ontario municipalities that they are concerned about public safety & human-bear conflicts. In response, we are taking action re-opening the hunt…

Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer

Green Party Of Canada Speaks Out For Gun Owners

In the spirit of non-partisan support for all federal parties who stand up for gun owners, it is notable that the Green Party of Canada may be building a bold policy platform to win our allegiance…

Weinstein Streep NRA

Anti-NRA Hollywood Flick Will Be Propaganda 101 Lesson

We couldn’t make this up in our most creative moment – Miramax magnate Harvey Weinstein and Meryl Streep are going to make a movie that will make National Rifle Association members “wish they weren’t alive.”..

Defense Distributed Liberator Pistol

3D Printer Guns – The Mouse That Roared

The successful firing of the world’s first plastic gun made with 3D printing technology, has brought immediate calls for a ban on so-called “undetectable weapons.”..