Environics Poll Regarding A Ban Of Semi-Automatic Firearms Is Bunk

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Environics Poll Regarding A Ban Of Semi-Automatic Firearms Is Bunk

Canada –-(Ammoland.com)- On March 9, 2018, the day after Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s National Guns and Gangs Summit, anti-gun lobby group PolySeSouvient released “proof” 63% of Canadian gun owners support banning semi-automatic firearms. In reality, anti-gun polling firm Environics delivered the lie their client paid for: “a majority of firearm owners” support banning guns.

The Environics survey shows only 159 of 1,510 total poll respondents own firearms. Of those 159 self-identified gun owners, 131 supported a gun ban (33 “somewhat agree”, 98 “strongly agree”).

On March 9 & 10 2018, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) polled our membership, subscribers to our weekly Canadian Shooting Sports Association E-News and firearms owners on Facebook. We asked a simple, Yes or No question.

Do you support a ban on semi-automatic firearms?

Our results shine the light of truth on the lie perpetrated by Environics and proved, once again, the so-called polling firm’s bias against lawful firearms owners.

  • * 98% of respondents oppose banning semi-automatic firearms.
    * 5.6 % of respondents said they were not firearm owners, yet the majority of these still oppose the ban.

The ocean of discrepancy between the Canadian Shooting Sports Association poll and the nonsense put forth by Environics is easy to explain.

Environics took a miniscule number, just 131 of 1,510 total respondents, and claimed those 131 people represent the views of 2.1 MILLION licensed Canadian gun owners. Misleading doesn’t begin to describe the factual fallacy they attempted to foist upon Canadians.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association, on the other hand, polled real gun owners to find out the real answer to a simple, Yes or No question.

Do you support a ban on semi-automatic firearms?

It’s no surprise real firearms owners almost unanimously (98%) oppose banning semi-automatic firearms. Real firearms owners know banning firearms from lawful, trustworthy Canadians will not influence monstrous acts in other countries or stop violent criminal gangs from using illegal guns.

Our results will shock only those people gullible enough to believe the Environics poll is anything other than a total fantasy.

Canadian Shooting Sports Association Executive Director Tony Bernardo asks, “Which poll do you believe? The poll commissioned by a vehemently anti-gun organization and conducted by a proven anti-gun polling firm, with just 131 responses to justify their claim “a majority of firearm owners” favour banning guns?

Or do you believe the poll with 5,759 responses, simply worded, and conducted by Canada’s largest firearm owners association?”

Bernardo added, “The answer is obvious, but only if you’re interested in the truth about what Canadian firearms owners believe. Gun owners vehemently oppose banning semi-automatic firearms.”

For further information contact:

Tony Bernardo
Canadian Shooting Sports Association / Canadian Institute for Legislative Action
[email protected]

Canadian Shooting Sports Association

About Canadian Shooting Sports Association

The CSSA is the largest firearms owners organization in Canada and is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast. Our national membership supports and promotes traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities.


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  • 8 thoughts on “Environics Poll Regarding A Ban Of Semi-Automatic Firearms Is Bunk

    1. Polls mean absolutely nothing. Figures don’t lie but liars figure. Look back at the 2016 Presidential polls where HiLiary was ahead all the way until the last surprise. Real Clear Politics is an oxymoron and it actually means completely fogged politics. All the polls I take with a grain of salt even if they are on our side because they are always targeted and dishonest.

    2. Send This Reply to Richard….. AR-15 STANDS FOR ARMALITE RIFLE # 15 Just Like AR-10 Stands for ARMALITE RIFLE # 10 . Both are STONER DESIGNS SOLD TO COLT . The M16 may look like an AR but the are NOT the same.

    3. I guess I should just give up my right to bear arms since the pollsters say I don’t really want them. I’ll have to remember to beat my wife and drag her to the polls next Nov and tell her there will be more if she doesn’t agree with me. After all, that’s the “Hillary Way”, and the polls have told us that she should have won the election afer asking over 27 people in San Fransicko. After all, focused polls are the “American Way”. A new poll just released sad that.

    4. Mr. Lyons, AR stands for Armalite Rifle, after the manufacture of the AR15. The term assault rifle is a term the media chooses to use.. Most media are very non-educated about most firearms, and they are proved incorrect on many levels.
      Up hold the constitution, 2nd Amendment, Stop all this B.S. about gun control

      Mental illness should be top priority.. The gun is a tool. the person who uses this tool is the answer.

    5. Yesterday I got a CNN pole call about elections with an add that asked if Assault Rifles should be band, but they are. Only the military and people with special FFL permits can have them. Referring to the AR15 platform the people doing the pole do not know that the AR stands for modern automatic rifle civilian manufactured. Would this include semi auto skeet shotguns, and M1 carbine. In my FFL class lesson said that anything that modifies a gun to make it a full auto is illegal unless you have a permit, this would include a bump stock modification. In one speech even Trump got the AR15 wrong. How do people get an education to see the facts before they make so many mistakes and mislead other people? Good Luck

      1. Richard, I must correct you . AR 15 Stands for ARMALITE RIFLE #15 This was STONERS Baby before he sold the rights to COLT .

    6. Here in Maryland, there are the Democrats in control of the REGIME. They want to INFRINGE upon the RIGHTS of Marylanders any way they can. Maryland is a “MAYnot ISSUE” State. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for a LEGAL LAW ABIDING CITIZEN to obtain a carry permit. The Democrats in control are still using the PROVEN wrong 93% of the People want more INFRINGEMENTS placed upon the LEGAL weapons owners. It is VERY FRUSTRATING when the MSM PRESSTITUTES are constantly LYING about the number of people who want to DISARM Americans.

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