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Hunters Reminded About Process For Setting Waterfowl Seasons

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners gave preliminary approval to nearly all of the 2012-13 seasons and bag limits; however, there is one group of seasons that won’t be finalized until summer: waterfowl and migratory bird seasons…

Delta Scientific Director Dr. Frank Rohwer

Duck Numbers – Feast Now Famine Later

Duck populations are high and hunters are laughing. But if we lose the Conservation Reserve Program’s nesting cover and the prairie breeding grounds go dry, duck numbers will plunge…

Hans Albert Hochbaum

Al Hochbaum & The First Duck Research Facility

Hans Albert Hochbaum, Delta Waterfowl’s first scientific director, was a tireless advocate for the
protection of small, ephemeral wetlands he believed were the engine that drove prairie duck production

Ohio Waterfowl Seasons Fast Approaching

Ohio hunters should have good opportunities to take some of the most popular species of waterfowl, based on the findings of biologists at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service…