Anthony Matarese, Jr. Takes National Sporting Clays Title In 20th Annual Competition

Anthony Matarese, Jr. Takes National Sporting Clays Title In 20th Annual Competition
Diane Sorantino Repeats as Ladies Champion

National Sporting Clays Championship

San Antonio, Texas — Anthony Matarese, Jr. has become the 20th Sporting Clays National Champion, beating more than 1400 shooters for the top prize and edging former champion Wendell Cherry by one target. The four-day, 300-target main event, sanctioned by the National Sporting Clays Association, concluded Sunday evening at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio.

It has been quite a year for Matarese’s sporting clays career; he also won sporting clays’ other major annual event for 2008, the U.S. Open, held in June. Matarese and his family own and operate M&M Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays in Pennsville, NJ.

As winner of the National Championship, Matarese took a $5000 purse, in addition to pay-outs for several concurrent and side competitions.

Diane Sorantino repeated as Ladies champion for the second consecutive year, dominating the field through the entire competition. The police chief from Cape May, NJ, out-shot her nearest competitor by 13 targets.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better event to celebrate our 20th year,” said Michael Hampton, Jr., Director of Sporting Clays. “We set records in the number of shooters and the number of first-time nationals competitors. Even the weather cooperated to keep the playing field even and the entire event operating smoothly.”

On each day of the main event, shooters faced 75 targets. By the end of the tournament, each person had shot four different 10-station fields. A number of concurrent and side events were also ongoing throughout the week.

Top shooters in the main event and concurrent competitions include:

Overall Champion: Anthony Matarese, Jr., breaking a total of 285 of 300 targets; 2nd place, Wendell Cherry, 284; and 3rd place, Brandon Powell, 282;

Ladies Champion: Diane Sorantino, with a score of 269; 2nd place, DeeAnn Massey, 256; and 3rd place, Ashleigh Hafley, 249;

Sub-Junior Champion: David Radulovich of Columbia Station, OH, at 275; 2nd place, Kyler Ford, 264; and 3rd place Trevor Sorenson, 256;

Junior Champion: Chris McClelland of Stewartsville, PA, at 281, 2nd place, Theo Ribbs, 273; and 3rd place, Joey Bolton, 272;

Veteran Champion: Gary Greenway of Dublin, TX, at 270; 2nd place, Jack Concannon, 267; and 3rd place, Wayne Nelson, 265.

Super Veteran Champion: Michael Taylor of Dayton, MT, at 260; 2nd place, Bob L. Davis, 257; and 3rd place, Joe B. Cantey, 255;

Senior Super Veteran Champion: Ray Tipton, at 256; 2nd place, Dan Floeck, 225; and 3rd place, Gene Sears, 217.

The National Championship was webcast by the American Trigger Sports Network on the NSCA’s website, featuring live shooting action and interviews with many of the top shooters. For a link to the archived webcast, or to view complete scores and pay-outs, go to

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