Second Amendment Bloggers Share Concerns Over Training Police For Domestic War

Police pistol holster NRA-ILA
Second Amendment Bloggers Share Concerns Over Training Police For Domestic War. IMG NRA-ILA

USA –-( A training program for civilian police by the United States Marine Corps has caused concern among liberty activist/Second Amendment-supporting bloggers, resulting in a call to demand accountability from the Marines and from Congressional representatives, Western Rifle Shooters Association blog alerted its readers yesterday.

Responding to a report last week by WNCT CBS 9 News in Greenville, NC, titled “Marines, civilian police officers conduct urban training exercise,” WRSA linked its readers to The Arctic Patriot blog, where “a veteran with over eight years of prior service in the US Army” expressed his concerns and asked, “As a civilian rifleman, being a part of the United States’ Constitutional Militia, when can I and my other countrymen expect an invitation to train alongside US Marines?”

“I suggest that as many folks as possible send similar messages to the following email addresses and phone numbers,” WRSA advocated, providing contacts including [email protected][email protected], and (910) 451-7435.

“Make sure to cc your Senators and Congresscritter on the email,” he concluded. “[I]nfo for each is here and here.”

To that end, Gun Rights Examiner sent the email posted in the slideshow accompanying this report expanding on concerns expressed in a Tuesday post on The War on Guns blog, and is sending out a letter to political representatives in this afternoon’s mail asserting “The militarization of police forces ought to concern every liberty-minded American regardless of political affiliation.”

Whether readers follow suit or, through their silence, imply consent for such maneuvers with no validation of oversight and accountability, remains to be seen.

About David Codrea

David Codrea is a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He is a field editor for GUNS Magazine, and a blogger at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. Read more at

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Yes the police and the military will back up a government that wants to destroy the american way of life. They will do it because they will be part of the new system and the citizen will not. Four legs good two legs better. Cops have already sold out…buy them a new toy/uniform and they'll do anything you want. Wake up people.


Anyone who thinks politicians wanting to disarm americans is about stopping crime or mass shootings is completely naive, immature and scared. Give up your guns and you give up your freedom…period.


I call this type of Police State training both dangerous and sad!

For some reason the money people are hell bent into backing the American people into a corner!


US civilians are the most numerous by far and the most heavily armed group on the planet. To think they can't fight against government tyranny is to not observe the world around you. The Taliban have heald off the best military in the world via a small scattered group of priimitive men. They continue to do so and it looks now like they will win.

Jon M.

As a civilian and a responsible gun owner. I have and would suggest to other responsible US gun owners to get training.So if someone tries to disarm you and deny you of your 2nd Amendment right,to keep and bear arms, that you can defend yourself.A great place for training is Front Sight Nevada.They can train you in the use of a handgun,revolver or pistol,rifle,shotgun,sub-machinegun or select fire M-16,the M-4.


"Today, the US military and other government agencies are trained and equiped as no other force in the history of the world. So in the end, the only real weapon we have is the vote."

Think you should turn that logic around.


Police and private security, to say nothing of the militia/national guard and army will follow orders. If you check your history you will find that these groups have routinely fired on strikers and protesters. Kent State hardly rates as a blip on the map. Further, the 1934 firearms act restricting full auto and short barrels and silencers, was not in reality about crime. The surpression of the Bonus Marchers and bloody supression of several strikes put the fear of the public into the government. The idea that all those WW1 veterans might cause trouble and know how to use military… Read more »