New Jersey Freedom Rally Forges Forward

Second Amendment, No Compromise, No Retreat
Second Amendment, No Compromise, No Retreat
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( As most of you have probably heard, we may have to deal with a bit of rain, wind and snow this Friday during our Rally, luckily the frogs, locusts and tongues of fire are expected to hold off until Saturday.

Unless Governor Christie declares a state of emergency, THIS RALLY WILL GO ON!

Obviously, each one of you will have to make your own decision based upon your own individual situation. I do not wish to put pressure on anyone, but I will be in front of the Annex building by myself ranting like a MAD MAN if necessary. The three branches of NJ government may think that our rights are OPTIONAL, but I do not happen to agree.

I checked with the state police about whether or not umbrellas are allowed. UMBRELLA ARE ALLOWED! If rain or snow is expected as we get closer to Friday, PLEASE DO NOT STAY HOME! Is there even one of us who cannot stand strong for three hours in the rain and snow to protect our rights from being extinguished? OF COURSE NOT!

Dress in layers. Wear proper rain gear and hat. Keep your feet dry (an army marches on its feet). Eat a good breakfast. There are bathrooms on the buses and porta-johns will be available onsite. We are NOT generally allowed in the buildings. If for some exceptional reason you ARE allowed in the building you WILL have to go through security. You should NOT bring anything with you that you would not want to go through security. This is true whether or NOT you intend to try and use any of the buildings. AGAIN, we are welcome to demonstrate. We have all of the proper permits. The State Police have been ESPECIALLY HELPFUL, but we are NOT expected to be able to use any of the buildings.

Once again, we are allowed ANY signs we can HOLD IN OUR HANDS. No sticks or poles. Even American flags on sticks are not allowed.

The State Police will only confiscate them. I have repeatedly promised the NJSP that I would relate this to everyone, PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME LOOK BAD! What you wear and what signs you bring are your own business.In my opinion, the impression we want to make is “WE ARE YOU”, meaning that we are no different from the rest of the residents of NJ other than we have a BURNING desire to see that the rights of INDIVIDUAL people are not suppressed by ANYONE.

Dress like you would for ANY normal event. I prefer signs that express the POSITIVE side of our argument,. but you are all individuals who will accept individual responsibility for your actions.As coordinator of this event, I am here to facilitate things, NOT to dictate.

One more thing. I do NOT expect any trouble from outsiders or form people that misbehave, HOWEVER, Please have your cell phone with you and FULLY CHARGED. If someone tries to disrupt the Rally or act the fool to try and make *US* look bad, I do NOT want anyone to get into an argument with them or to engage them in any way. RATHER – everyone WHIP out your cell phone and make it OBVIOUS that you are taking photos and video recording the persons *FACE*. Once they realize that they will be able to be identified and exposed, there is a VERY good chance they will stop their activities and leave with their tail between their legs. This can be a VERY effective, non-confrontational method of defusing an otherwise TENSE situation. AGAIN, I do not expect trouble but success comes easiest to the prepared. In the event that we get a seriously disruptive individual, I may ask you to “take a knee”. All I mean is to get low, and let the person be entirely “exposed“. This alone may defuse the situation, but if not, at least it will make it VERY easy for the State police to isolate the disruptive individual.

OK, I realize that is a lot of information, but it is all easy stuff..If you should still have some questions, *I* will NOT be able to handle all the emails between now and the Rally. Please keep your inquiries to a minimum and only about critical issues. Please contact either Ignatius Ortega ([email protected]) or Robert Henn ([email protected]) before contacting me.They are prepared to deal with most of your questions. DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL TO ASK IF THE RALLY IS CANCELLED! There are only two reasons we will cancel, if the buses cannot roll, or if the Governor declares a state of emergency (OK three – if the tongues of fire come early). I will be in Trenton early. If the buses cannot roll, I will post it on our home page by 5:00 AM at

Thank you very much for participating. Here is to a *PHENOMENALLY* SUCCESSFUL RALLY!

Frank Jack Fiamingo
President – NJ2AS


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