Dianne Feinstein: You Do Need to be Lectured on the Constitution

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- In case you missed it, an interesting exchange took place in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz politely asked gun-control crazy Dianne Feinstein how she would feel about applying her minimalist view on the Second Amendment to other parts of the Bill of Rights.

Feinstein went into orbit. “I’m not a sixth grader,” she huffed. Invoking her extensive Senate history of spitting on the Constitution, she made it clear that she didn’t appreciate being reminded of the Constitution’s restrictions on her legislative will.

Feinstein suggested that Congress should pass anti-gun legislation without considering the Constitution, in the expectation that the courts will sort it out. Notwithstanding the fact that Feinstein and every other senator had taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

So here’s where we are: In a few weeks, after Easter recess, Harry Reid will move to proceed to some gun control proposal, probably the Veterans Gun Ban (S. 54). He’ll then use his privileged recognition to set up a whole lot of votes intended to get Democrats reelected in 2014.

Democrats will be given a shot at voting against the crazy Feinstein gun ban. But then Reid will do what he did on ObamaCare and play let’s-make-a-deal for votes on other gun control.

Bribes and tradeoffs will be made. And votes will be scheduled with a view to making Republicans maximally vulnerable by making them vote against measures which biased polling shows are popular in their states.

Republican senators need to join together as a caucus to oppose the “motion to proceed” to any gun control legislation.

Let the Democrats be the ones forced to bite the bullet and vote for a “motion to proceed” which is framed as a vote in support of the Feinstein gun ban.

Under regular order, 41 Republicans can block any gun control this way. Harry Reid can use a special procedure under the anti-gun rules changes to force a vote with 51 Democrats, but, if he does, Mitch McConnell gets to “stop the trains” by offering the first unamendable amendment – a process which Reid cannot relish.

ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators. Demand that they vote against any “motion to proceed” to any gun control proposal. Demand that he oppose a motion to proceed to the “gun control buffet.”

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WTF is wrong with all the Californians? Why do you people keep voting this bitch in?!?!
Bunch of f**k**g douche-bags with their neutered AR-15s are not even trying to do anything positive in that shit state, they just bend over without questioning and take it.


This Hag will keep trying to push her gun ban bill through everytime its legaly allowed! On CNN she said ” its her passion” isnt their a mandatory retirement age for these embiciles!?? I mean jesus H she looks like ” the Crypt Keeper” or a Walker from the Walking Dead!! No makeup needed!! She is hitting the old decrepit stage where alzheimers kicks in or senility! Im sure she is at the depends stage. For her 6 th gradervcomment then maybe she shouldnt be ACTING LIKE ONE!! Im sure in her warped mind what she is doing is right!… Read more »

Bill Baker

@suzanne: She’s just waiting for Jar Jar (Reid) to dissolve the senate.


Has anyone noticed that red baggy-eyed Feinstein looks like a coiffured versions of the evil Emporer Palpatine from Star Wars?

5 War Veteran

Hey Feinstein! When is the Congress responsible for making too many laws, needless laws, useless laws?

When is enough enough and when will you go home to rot out of my view?

Effing Zionist tool.

Johnny Nightrider

The reason Senator Feinstein,wicked bitch of the west,keeps getting sent to Washington is because her husband has alot of money.He spends alot to get her re-elected so the only person you see on T.V. re-election commercials is her.Senator Feinstein,Boxer,Schumer,and Mayor Bloomberg need to leave office.Senator Feinstein should be impeached and removed from office for writing a unconstitutional bill.

Dallas Bruhn

I have been saying for a while, that Bloomberg of new york city, should be run out of town on a rail, Feinstein, should go with him. They make a good pair.


I amazes me that the good people in California keep send this worthless piece of excrement back to DC, when she should be in Federal Prison.


Man O’ Man did I want to slap the stupid out of her.


That skank is about to find out that none of her bullsh#t will pass the senate.This will turn out to be a states rights issue.HBH


Anti gun nut Feinstein needs to be kicked out of office. 20 years in congress and she hasnt learned anything. The laws don’t apply to her or her privileged family. She thinks,WRONGLY,that the liberals know what’s best for us normal beings. You can’t give an inch to these idiots. Once gone,rights and personal freedom is gone forever.