Senators Paul, Cruz & Lee to Lead Filibuster of Reid’s Gun Control Bribe-o-thon

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(  On the heels of a test vote last Saturday where 50 Senators — including six “Red State” Democrats — voted for an amendment offered by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) to prohibit virtually all gun control legislation in the Senate, three senators have committed to filibuster any motion to proceed to any gun control legislation.

The three Republican Senators — Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas and Lee of Utah – have cosigned a letter indicating that they would filibuster a motion to proceed to S. 649.

S. 649 already contains the Veterans Gun Ban, which could send you to prison for 15 years for selling, raffling or gifting a firearm in America, while not realizing that the recipient was disqualified in some way — say, for being a military veteran with PTSD or for being a habitual user of marijuana (for medical purposes).

In addition, S. 649 contains Chuck Schumer's universal gun registry legislation. Although he doesn't have 60 votes now, Schumer will ruthlessly work to get weak-kneed Republicans to endorse some version of universal registries.

Finally, Reid will allow amendments to S. 649 consisting of the Feinstein gun ban, a magazine ban, and whatever other gun control proposals he feels he can cram down our throats. But not if the Paul-Cruz-Lee filibuster is successful, as the Senate will never reach Reid's gun control bribe-o-rama where he will be able to threaten, bribe, and coerce other Senators into getting the votes he needs to pass a myriad of gun control restrictions.

ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators. Demand that they support the Paul-Cruz-Lee filibuster of the motion to proceed to S. 649 and to resist Harry Reid's gun control bribe-o-rama.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Senators Paul, Cruz & Lee to Lead Filibuster of Reid’s Gun Control Bribe-o-thon

    1. There are 3 Patriots named Paul, Cruz, & Lee and they will fight for us. We need to remember them for the next Presidential election, because Those are the Real Men that we need to support.

    2. It might be that if you go after obama in politics you are a Racist !!!! I cant believe that goddamn race card bullshit still works,but it does,and they will continue to play it ! @birdbrainsmw,thats what I think it is !HBH

    3. Unbelievably,it appears that not ONE congressman has the testicular fortitude
      to oppose the illegal-in -chief !!!!
      Has he managed to threaten all of them ????
      Is he threatening their lives ??? their political future perhaps ???where is a patriot when wee need him ????Obama
      stole the election by fraud and subterfuge.
      More than 100% of the voters in variious districts.It is impossible that Romney didn’t
      get ANY votes in certain areas.Just by accident he should have got a few votes.

    4. Somewhere it got lost ! Somewhere it was forgotten that the citizens of the US is the government,not the politicians. The politicians are employees of the people. The liberals will lose this assault on America.HBH

    5. Too much “legislating” caused these problems. Criminal elements in the government allowed this problem and stupid sheeple Americans are not paying any attention.
      We The People have to act. Nothing else will do. It is already too late.
      We have an illegal government run by an illegal alien owned by an illegal banking and corporate Elite.
      What part about fixing that situation would be illegal?
      Oh don’t call me a Gd birther, the facts are there proven in an American court of law.

      If the CINC is illegal and his crew is illegal what part of not-legal is hard to understand?

      Nothing that has been done under his reign is legal therefore it is not legally binding. Get it?
      It is that simple.

      Remove the whole lot of them and start over. Wipe the slate clean from the last 60 years of bullshit legislating everything since the coup of LBJ.

      Let the needless and excessive political employees go and let them figure out how they are going to make ends meet like the majority of unemployed Americans.

      Separate the criminals from their wealth (most of it is overseas anyway) Use their funds to repair the country and the Economy.

      Post their pictures on “terrorists” card decks and pay rewards for rounding them up. Turn about is fair play.

      The US Constitution worked fine until greedy corporatism snaked it’s way in like a tape worm and started sucking the nutrition out of our country.

      We can become self sustaining again. We allowed the government Elite to ship jobs over seas and make us rely in imports. We can undo this and it will not be nice.

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