To Senators Baucus & Tester Re Gun Powder Control Amendment

(Sent to Montana Senators Baucus and Tester, 04/18/2013/2:00 PM)

Gun Powder
Senator Lautenberg’s amendment will be the camel’s nose in the tent to invoke similar federal control over manufacture, distribution and sale of the components of ammunition, and eventually ammunition itself.
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Missoula, MT –-( MSSA is VERY much against the reported amendment by Senator Lautenberg for S. 649 to invoke new controls on gun powder (black powder and smokeless powder).

First, many sources provide information about how explosives may be made from common, household ingredients.  So, the Lautenberg amendment will NOT prevent terrorists from obtaining the materials for explosives.

Did you happen to notice what happened to the fertilizer plant in Texas?

Do you think Lautenberg restrictions on firearms propellant would have prevented this Texas explosion that probably killed and injured far more people that happened in Boston?

(I know.  This is a REALLY stupid question, just as Lautenberg’s amendment is a REALLY stupid idea.)

Second, the Lautenberg amendment would almost exclusively affect law-abiding people, but especially America’s law-abiding gun owners.  We’re fed up with being treated like criminals.  Enough.

Third, Senator Lautenberg may need such legislation to control the flaky people of New Jersey, but the people of Montana don’t need any such interference from the federal government.

Fourth, the federal government already controls the entire supply system of new firearms in the U.S.  It is illegal to manufacture firearms without federal permission and a federal license (at least so the federal government maintains – see  It is illegal to distribute new firearms without federal permission and a federal license.  And, it is illegal to sell new firearms to individual consumers without federal government permission and a federal license, and then only to people approved by the federal government (ridiculous Brady Law – 48,000 couldn’t pass the check but only 44 were prosecuted).

Senator Lautenberg’s amendment will be the camel’s nose in the tent to invoke similar federal control over manufacture, distribution and sale of the components of ammunition, and eventually ammunition itself.  There is no doubt that there are members of Congress who dearly wish to emasculate the Second Amendment by making ammunition unavailable.  The Lautenberg amendment is a step down that path for them.

I strongly urge opposing Senator Lautenberg’s amendment.

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana
Gary Marbut, presidentMontana Shooting Sports Associationwww.mtssa.orgauthor, Gun Laws of

About Montana Shooting Sports Association:MSSA is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit:

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Those are the two jews that make the most noise,but their is alot of bergs,steins,thals,..just stinking jews that think their something special,,,..NOT ! HBH


Dont count on max to do whats good for gun owners I believe he voted for frankensteins ban the first time. Anybody else notice its always a stein, berg or man always attached to anti American freedom hating bills.


Do any of you people get the feeling that these tyrant liberal gun grabbing scum are just waiting(possibly hoping) for another tragedy like Newtown, happen again ? I pray to God it don’t but I really think they hope it does.HBH

Bill Baker

: If you look at the number of rounds made in the US every year, the DHS purchases are not soaking up the supply. You can blame people like me, who are purchasing the stuff as quick as it hits the shelf for when SHTF I will have some. As long as Obama continues to threaten executive order gun control and the dems keep it up this will continue. So pretty much indefinitely at this time. Sorry. Wish I had more so I could start target shooting again instead of just hoarding. My bad.


They’re already drying up our ammo with the DHS buying it all. They’re not even taking delivery of it! Enough is enough! NO MORE BS OVER OUR FIREARMS, YOU TRAITORS!!!

5 War Veteran

Any attack on the Second Amendment is TREASON. Deal with these people appropriately.


Why isn’t the communist thief Lautenburg in prison for theft and embezzlement ?

Robert Fowler

It’s way past time for Lautenberg to retire. And he can take his ahole buddy Schumer with him.

Pantera Vazquez

Hey John, read the article before you comment dude-Lautenberg from New Jersey is the person behind S649, Not the 2 senators from Montana.


Montanas are F*****g stupid for voting in those 2 communist!
Montana will end up being the next Colorado soon… Stupid f**ks!