Appeals Court Denies Rehearing On California Bay Area Ammunition Ban

Hollow Point Ammo Ban
Hollow Point Ammo Ban
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has denied the petition for rehearing and petition for en banc rehearing in Jackson v. San Francisco.

National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) had filed a joint amicus brief supporting rehearing and en banc review.

The denial allows to stand two San Francisco ordinances, the first banning ammunition that serves no sporting purpose (common self-defense ammunition) or that is designed to expand or fragment upon impact (hollow point ammunition) and the second requiring handguns to be stored in a locked container at home or disabled with a trigger lock when not carried.

Gun owners and organizations filed a lawsuit against the city seeking to enjoin enforcement of the two ordinances on Second Amendment grounds.

A federal trial court denied this request and the denial was subsequently affirmed by a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit.

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  • 12 thoughts on “Appeals Court Denies Rehearing On California Bay Area Ammunition Ban

    1. Don’t matter still put the bad guy down with 00 buck or slug no problem. Plus heavy ball round with flatten nose hits hard too.

    2. Not quite as bad as one might think. But, as others have stated, these are just little bites intended to end with one result..disarming citizens.

      Because section 613.10(g) affects only the sale of hollow-point ammunition, San Franciscans are free to use and possess hollow-point bullets within city limits….Given the availability of alternative means for procuring hollow-point ammunition, section 613.10(g) imposes only modest burdens on the Second Amendment right.

      The record indicates that a modern gun safe may be opened quickly. Thus, even when a handgun is secured, it may be readily accessed in case of an emergency. Further, section 4512 leaves open alternative channels for self-defense in the home, because San Franciscans are not required to secure their handguns while carrying them on their person. Provided San Franciscans comply with the storage requirements, they are free to use handguns to defend their home while carrying them on their person.

    3. The 9th Circuit has now overruled Heller? Last I heard Heller prohibited laws making firearms inaccessible for defense. Must be the promise of Obama to disarm America and to permit lower courts to overrule the highest court in the land.

    4. @Gen Early that IS the Calif preference. They would absolutely like to outlaw guns and ammo all together but to accomplish that they have to pick at it one piece at a time. It is called politics. You don’t all the way down the road you simply take a few steps at a time and when one looks back 25 or 30 years later one sees how far the process has gone. Eventually Cali will have no guns for anything other then law enforcement or security protection. They can’t do it all at once then it surely will be voted own or objected to but if they pick tiny small unobtrusive pieces at a time eventually they will get what they want. The problem is that Calif historically has been the catalyst or leader in creating national policy. if it happens in Calif then eventually it will spread across to the east and north and everyone will be affected. We as the rest of the country have no control of what Calif says since we don’t live there but we will be affected in the long term because what they do seems to inoculate the rest of the USA into believing it works there so do it here. As long as Diane F keeps getting elected Calif will continue to head toward a gun free society and the people in Calif seem to like what she stands for for them in most aspects of their lives so they keep re-electing her. Dang powerful lady and unfortunately for the rest of us creates lots and lots of national precedence without even being elected President. Dr D

    5. Why would hunting ammo be acceptable in a city while self defense ammo is illegal? Liberalism is most definitely a mental illness. All guns and ammo being illegal is the goal, but I don’t live in SF, or CA so they get what they deserve. Harsh but True. And We are All getting what is coming:

    6. The only legislation that is worse is the DC legislation that classifies bullets, powder, spent casings from cartridges or shotguns, primers live or fired as well as dud rounds as ammunition.

      If you don’t have a FOID and have any of the above you are arrested on the spot.

    7. Yup, the Lord is waiting for all the rest of the crazies to move to San Fran so he can chop it off into the Pacific. Its coming, trust me Im an Indian. Hollow point ammo saves lives in the event one has to defend themselves in a crowded area. A solid point bullet wont stop in the perp. It will continue on through injuring who knows how many innocent people. The hollow point will expand and stop inside the perp, avoiding any collateral damage. So, what, is this court made up of the same crazies that inhabit San Francisco?

    8. You folks forget first off San Francisco is a sewer. You can walk down the street naked with a joint but don’t get caught with a hollow point. You can say that it is a useful load for hunting & defense but don’t forget who you are dealing with. people who have no common sense & don’t care about the facts. If it harasses law abiding citizens then it must be a good law. So move to the US if you don’t like their stupid laws.

    9. If the Government can buy hollow point ammo for target practice, why can’t the citizens of the Bay Area be able to buy it?

    10. Hollow points are hunting ammunition, so what are they talking about?
      Secondly shall not be infringed ? These liberal 9th circuit judges have absolutely no clue of word meanings. Go back to school and learn the English vocabulary and how it pertains to law.

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