Attackers Call 911 on Defender with Shotgun

By Dean Weingarten

Attackers Call 911 on Defender with Shotgun
Attackers Call 911 on Defender with Shotgun
Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( Florida recently passed a law making it harder to prosecute people who are defending themselves with firearms.

The law builds on a trend started with an Arizona law that codified the defensive display of a firearm as legal.

The Arizona law had been prompted by criminals use of the criminal justice system to punish people who had foiled their crimes by displaying a firearm in self defense.

This Oregon case, though it did not receive official sanction, shows how criminals attempt to use, or use, the criminal justice system to their advantage.

In the Coos Bay case, two homeless men attacked a homeowner who they believed had reported them to the authorities.   The attack occurred before 3 a.m. in the morning.  From

The two transients believed the man had reported them to the Bureau of Land Management as trespassers, the sheriff said.

Killingsworth and Moore took turns hitting the victim with the bat, causing extensive head, face and back injuries, the sheriff's office said.

In an attempt to escape after the attack, the victim grabbed a shotgun from his home and fired two rounds into the air, the sheriff said.

The two suspects fled to a nearby residence and called police to report that they had been shot at. 

In this case, the police arrested the two attackers and transported the badly injured victim to the hospital.    Shotgun rounds (birdshot) fired into the air, are virtually harmless.  They are a case where the shooter can be certain that a “warning” shot will do no harm.   The shot will bounce off of skin or clothing at anything over a hundred yards away.

Things might have turned out differently if the victim had been able to retrieve the shotgun before he was hit.    I wonder what the police response would have been in that case.

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About Dean Weingarten;

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

  • 23 thoughts on “Attackers Call 911 on Defender with Shotgun

    1. @ALiberalGerman: There are many Jews that wish they hadn’t given up their guns in Germany several decades ago before they were rounded up and summarily executed.

      As for this story, the guy showed restraint, who knows for what reason, by shooting into the air. Maybe because it was just birdshot. Maybe because his values are such that he thought these two weren’t worth shooting. Whatever.

      Personally, if you see my weapon it probably means that you may be seeing a round headed your way if you are trying to harm me or those around me. Heck, you’ll probably hear it first and then feel something that doesn’t feel so good.

      Or perhaps he just took Biden’s advice (shoot two in the air!) in spite of how bad advice that is in reality.

      Whatever. He survived. That’s what counts, no matter how poorly he handled it. At least he has an opportunity to learn from it and perhaps tell others what he learned.

      I live in Florida and with the new law in place, I have to wonder about my strategy and will (you see it, it is going be a bad day for some bad actor) have to figure out whether or not I have to “force continuum” now….display my firearm before I shoot. I’m leaning towards ‘no’ since I’d only pull it in a situation that requires deadly force.

      But hey, even though the price of ammo is dropping, if I can get them to surrender and not have a bloody mess to deal with…

    2. If & Maybe are definitely related in this case folk’s. I agree with the waist of ammo when bird shot to the head or face would have incapacitated one of them to some degree. But who knows…we weren’t there. We all can only comment because of the ‘after-the-facts’ so to speak. These two are Wiggers (white-niggers)that more than likely have German / Liberal Bloodlines with a touch of a Biden gene thrown in somewhere during the rape of their mother.

    3. Kaeto
      “If what he was loaded with was birdshot he would have only p.o.’d the thugs. So your advice to have shot them might have resulted in him being beaten to death.”
      Rally? You think bird shot to the head or chest would not have been fatal?

    4. @AliberalGerman You are either a troll trying to provoke an argument because it makes you feel good, or you are completely oblivious of history. Capitalism is about freedom and so is this article. People should be able to protect themselves and pursue their own interests without having some other group of people take it from them. Whatever f#cked up world utopia you are hoping for is a joke. You and the other members of the Free Shit Army need to go start your own country as far away from me as possible.

    5. @ALiberalGerman–please re-read these two sentences:

      The two transients believed the man had reported them to the Bureau of Land Management as trespassers, the sheriff said.
      Killingsworth and Moore took turns hitting the victim with the bat, causing extensive head, face and back injuries, the sheriff’s office said.

      They ceased being disadvantaged and homeless at this point. They are not looking for food or a handout. They are assaulting someone with a weapon. How dare you make excuses or attempt to rationalize criminal behavior.

    6. How about looking at how these men ended up disadvantaged and homeless? There are no opportunities because of capitalism. Killing people who are just looking for a place to sleep or to get some money for food is not the solution!

      Greetings from Germany.

    7. Now sit back and think about it. What would the police and prosecutor have done if he would have shot the two?
      Most likely charge them with murder or attempted murder. The criminals have more rights than the law abiding citizens, well here in the United States of America at least with our liberal congress and apologizing, know nothing about it, President.

    8. My daddy always said, “If you have to shoot at someone, make sure he can’t answer any questions afterward.” Now that is the mantra I live by. Fortunately, I have not had to put that law into practice, as yet. Who knows, under Nobummmmmer, I just might have to do just that. I am a Christian, and guess what? I will feel absolutely NO remorse about taking a slime ball’s life if it is a question of him or me. He will loose every time.

    9. They were dammed luck that it wasn’t my wife
      firing at them or they would be on a slab in
      the morgue. She doesn’t play game and neither
      do I. When I discharge a weapon it is for one of
      three reasons. Target practice to insure I hit
      what I aim at, put food on the table or defend
      myself. I don’t waste ammo firing in the air.
      The bullet has to come down somewhere and I do
      not want to ever harm an innocent by accident.
      Your target must be clearly defined and one shot
      removes the problem.

    10. He should have shot them. Just one blow to the head can kill. The bats are deadly weapons and since there were also two of them the victim could have used deadly force to end the attack. If the two scumbags didn’t end their attack and flee when they saw he had a shotgun then no warning shots are required. Just aim center of mass and use 00 buck.

    11. the guy who got beatin was not a coward. theses perps weren’t armed. he gave then there life back. Now they will spend time in jail and get punked. some of your comments on here are so assanine.

    12. If what he was loaded with was birdshot he would have only p.o.’d the thugs. So your advice to have shot them might have resulted in him being beaten to death.

    13. Chuck, Coward? Seriously, tell ya what, let someone beat you with a bat in the head, back and body in a life or death situation and we’ll see how well you do. What an asinine remark from an armchair quarterback.

    14. Firing a weapon into the air only shows that you are bluffing and are a coward. If he had shot them while they were attacking him the problem would have gone away. Now they can bring charges on him and attack others. Dead men don’t talk or bring charges.

    15. The beaten homeowner fired two shotgun blasts into the air ? Thats a shame ! This ole boy must had been listening to double barrel Joe ! Thats a waste of ammo plus these two parasites are still breathing !

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