68-Year-Old Home Invasion Victim Charged With Crime For Defending Himself


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68-Year-Old Home Invasion Victim Charged With Crime For Defending Himself
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -(Ammoland.com)- It wasn’t enough that a 68-year-old New Brunswick man was attacked after three people broke into his home.

He also had to suffer the humiliation of being arrested and charged criminally for daring to defend himself against those three armed home invaders.

Michael Woodard committed a cardinal sin in Canada: he took direct action that threatened the lives of criminals – an apparent “protected class” of persons in Canada.

Sure, the St. Stephen RCMP pressed charges against Woodard’s home invaders, but surprisingly it is only the under-aged home invader who is charged with a violent crime. The two adult home invaders are charged only with robbery, presumably because as adults, they might actually go to prison for “assault with a weapon” whereas the cherished “young offender” would only get a slap on the wrist before he heads home for dinner.

Mr. Woodard now faces charges for “discharging a firearm in a reckless manner” and “discharging a firearm with intent” – presumably “with intent to harm” – but the shoddy reporting in this case fails to make that clear.

The complete lack of “reporting” done by alleged CBC news staff is appalling. They couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs, choosing instead to do the slightest of rewrites of the RCMP’s press release and calling it a day. The two documents are practically identical.

Canada’s laws on Defence of Person (Criminal Code Section 34) and Defence of Property (Criminal Code Section 35) were revised in 2012 to make self-defence easier to access in cases precisely like Michael Woodard’s.

So why was he charged with two crimes?

The RCMP appears to take a “charge everyone and let the courts sort it out” approach, but this only victimizes Michael Woodard a second time. He must now suffer a financially crippling court process on top of the home invasion he just survived.

Criminal Code Section 34 appears to exonerate Michael Woodard. Part 2 explains what the courts must consider in a defence-of-person case such as this:

(2) In determining whether the act committed is reasonable in the circumstances, the court shall consider the relevant circumstances of the person, the other parties and the act, including, but not limited to, the following factors:
(a) the nature of the force or threat;
(b) the extent to which the use of force was imminent and whether there were other means available to respond to the potential use of force;
(c) the person’s role in the incident;
(d) whether any party to the incident used or threatened to use a weapon;
(e) the size, age, gender and physical capabilities of the parties to the incident;
(f) the nature, duration and history of any relationship between the parties to the incident, including any prior use or threat of force and the nature of that force or threat;
(f.1) any history of interaction or communication between the parties to the incident;
(g) the nature and proportionality of the person’s response to the use or threat of force; and
(h) whether the act committed was in response to a use or threat of force that the person knew was lawful.

Michael Woodard faced three home invaders, the youngest of which was armed with a weapon, the type of which the RCMP does not name and the reporter was too lazy to find out. Woodard successfully defended himself against the armed aggressor and repelled the other two from his home.

This makes the following statements true, per Criminal Code Section 34 (2):

  • The threat was three young people, one of which was armed with an unnamed type of weapon.
  • The threat against Woodard’s life was immediate. Armed aggressors were inside his home.

Woodard’s role in this was as victim/self-defender. He faced three aggressors, one of which was armed with some type of weapon.

The “young offender” he faced was armed and threatened his life.

Michael Woodard, a 68-year-old man, faced three home invaders aged 17, 19 and 19. The age and physical discrepancy between the victim and the criminal perpetrators is enormous.

Unknown – the RCMP press release does not make it clear if there was any relationship between the victim of this home invasion and those invading his home, or if there was any prior interaction between them.

A 68-year-old man facing three young violent criminals used a firearm to protect himself. In this case, the use of deadly force is clearly acceptable – if for no other reason than it was three on one, and the age differential between victim and assailants was vast.

Michael Woodard’s use of force was in response to an act or acts he knew were illegal. The threat he faced was not lawful.

Given the facts listed above, his actions were legal. So why was Michael Woodard charged at all?

Do the RCMP really consider the lives of three young violent criminals more valuable than the law-abiding homeowner they terrorized?

You may recall the case of Port Colborne, Ontario, resident, Ian Thomson, who was also charged with criminal offences after daring to defend his life and home against three masked men attempting to burn him alive. Like Thomson, Michael Woodard’s life will be shredded by Crown prosecutors intent on imprisoning the victim of the crime, not the perpetrator.

The Crown prosecutor in this case should drop all charges against Michael Woodard and formally apologize on behalf of both his office and the RCMP.

The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities. Website www.cdnshootingsports.org

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Just had to comment on this page. I have never heard anything so stupid before. Are they for real? I mean, looking at the TV show Border security, we see them spewing out a h… lot of “Don’t do this and don’t do that” pretending to be so concerned about their own people and country. Then if you go break in to someones home, you can literally do whatever you want to the person living in the home and then charge THEM for defending their own lives and home! And then the police scratch their heads wondering why criminals constantly… Read more »


If the gentleman in question was a known seller of “illegal” medications why did the RCMP not already have people/officers working on taking him out of their precious fiefdom society. “RCMPs We always get our man” slogan makes us wonder at the expediency of Government at work. Another apparent misnomer. “God save the Queen”? Non present “leadership”? Is it tea time in the North of North America? I thank God I’m a Christian, United States Resident, Veteran and Lawfully Documented (permitted) Gun Carrying Citizen. To our Northern aquaintences, Enforce all of your Laws & Not just the ones which show… Read more »


You know I should have known there was drugs involved.there was a home invasion here in souther bc and it always seems to be thieves and drugs go hand and hand with home invasion it’s like the people who say” o poor me I don’t know why everything never goes wright for me ,my life is terrible and I don’t know why,! they always turn out to be junkie’s,even just plain lazy people get by. And I don’t think the NFA should even think about getting involved as they probably knew ALL the facts or at least wait till all… Read more »

Geordie Godsoe

I know mike and all 3 of the home invators the youngest one hit him in the back of the head with a tire iron mike turns around and he got hit in the head with this wepond even thoe I know everyone of these people its wrong what they did to him I know who the young offender is in this case


I had seven firearms stolen worth over ten thousand dollars last fall . Several people some I do not even know came to me before the Incedent and said this guy had them and the kid that got shot stole them for him .


I can clearly see that someone wrote this without actually knowing the facts. However, if this 68 year old Woodard man was not allegedly selling drugs to the youth he wouldn’t of brought this type of crime to his home. Which he invited them into. He is totally in the wrong and ruining the lives of the youth in our community. I don’t care how many years he has served in the military. He obviously didn’t learn anything in his years of service. By raising money for this stain on the underwear of society you are only further funding the… Read more »


Do not take this and think you can crusade with it for weaker gun laws in Canada! The 68 year old man is a known drug dealer in the community. Perhaps he should still be able to protect himself against any threat to his home or his person but I am more likely to feel sympathy for your Granny then I am for the Money Mart getting robbed. What I have the most difficult time with in your article is how much you have bashed CBC in not getting their facts or bothering to follow up when you yourself should… Read more »


Since when is it OK for a known gun carrying drug dealer. Who sells to children. To shot anyone????first of all. The adults in this case. Called the underage and got him into this mess. Soo. All should be charged. Not just the child. Sick of drug dealers doin whatever they want. Selling to kids. Ruining their lives. Then when shit hits the fan. Poor drug dealer. Check your dam facts before posting crap like this!!


I have to agree, if this is a drug dealer, I would have nothing to do with this case. I would like to know more facts before suggesting the NFA support this guy. Was the gun legal? Is he a known drug dealer?

Robert Battle

I’ve been following this Case, The Gun was not legal, And there should been more charges to this man for possession unlawful discharge of a firearm Etc Etc Etc…..I’m a Law abiding citizen I’m a Restricted and non Restricted PAL Lic holder, I want just as much as most to be able to protect my land myself and my Family or friends, I also Started pushing the idea to Harper & Blaney and others or groups of An armed citizen program “ACP” Or “AOC” This program yes would have allot said negatively about it, So I make this clear (The… Read more »

truth speaker

As I beleive you should be able to defend your home, without fear of being charged . Mike is no victim . The reason these young kids did this was for the drugs he sells. I am in no way defending what they did in anyway. The police should be more active in shutting down these places. Then things like this will not be happening.

Bob Noxious

Yet another reason to avoid the Socialist country to the north. Why don’t all the liberal lefties in the U.S. go there?


No way Bob you keep them in the U.S. we have enough of them here.


How about sending them to the Penal Colony … I mean Austrailia.


this is why several states have passed the stand your ground laws, the castle doctrine if ya will. it was getting to the point that acting in self defense was not only a criminal charge, but criminals were suing their victims.


criminals can still sue. How they win is by way of default judgement. You don’t show up or have a lawyer show up the other side wins by default. Also self defense laws already had a stand your ground clause. You just had to say why you couldn’t retreat or leave the area in a nonviolent fashion. It was meant to weed out those that caused a fight, got their ass beat by the person really defending their-self, then the fight causer pulled out a gun and claimed self defense. A good number of stand your ground cases are criminals… Read more »


I once was a liberal (it sounds like Liberty-Fredom -Justice does it not).Then arrived Trudeau mania (dont you remember).A new start—hurray.Then arrived bill C-51 and that c— justice minister(liberal)from quebec.Then we (Trudeau)repatriated our famous constitution and deliberately left out property rights screwing me out of my rightful property ( I only have the f—— priviledge to use my property if the State allows me).Then arrived Saviour Brian Malruny and gave us justice minister Tinkerbell Kim Campell and prohib bill c- 17 .By now I wondered if i would not have been better off remaining liberal.My saviour the Reform Party arrives-Preston… Read more »


Hello Wolfgang I’m also from Quebec where all of this registration started because of the Polytechnique shootings. We had two members at our club that worked for the Government at one point when the new rules for shooting ranges were being discussed by a group that was responsible for these rules. As they were walking by a meeting room where these rules were being decided the person respsonible said “we’re going to make it soo difficult for them that they will give up their guns”. What kind of public servents think that way? Well we’re in Quebec where we elect… Read more »


ERIC. I totally agree with you 100%.


Based on what happens in the United States on similar issues, it appears that Woodward was White and his attackers were non-whites.


Canada , just as bad as the UK with self defense, Criminals deserve what ever justice is served even if its 6 pallbearers .

C Hardy

Yes this situation is sickening. We All Have let it become this way by not acting previously. If / When proven innocent of any wrong doing any person of any charge should be reimbursed all legal costs. According to the above reports. None of the home invaders were injured. They were caught. Sounds like a weapon was discharged. This is the perfect scenario. The crime was stopped by use of a weapon. No one was injured. Criminals apprehended. This is how it should happen. Mr Woddard is “In my eyes” A hero. Now only if he admitted too or had… Read more »


I just read the news report nothing of the age of the man robbed and lots of the young ages of the invaders.
Is not home invasion a charge in it’s self? With harpers mandatory sentencing (of which I disagree to mandatory sentence) I would say 10 years no parole you do 10 years for invading a man’s castle and more if weapons,violence,or bondage are applied! Make home invaiders pay! Same as gun offences don’t restrict a honest man’s toys ,that does nothing to solve any or the gun situation. And stalls economy gun sales pay a lot of taxes!


Who is this prosecutor? And mailing address? Only a hand wittn letter from thousands of people which have to be opened and read is effective I would think. Bags of mail with long pages of text to be read uses up their time. E-mails way to easy to just delete so publish the ones responsible for the charges names and addresses so everyone that feels missjustice has been done get off your asses and take pen to paper. I just need to know where my 2 daughters ( also NFA members) and I need to send the letters. Thanks Monty


I would be happy to provide you with that information but I would also like to give you the name and contact information to the editor of the local Paper in the town where this happened. That way you can get the truthful events in order in which they happened. I can’t help but feel that in reading this article that there is an agenda. The 68 year old man is a well know drug dealer in the community and his home was broke into for those drugs. His perpetrators were also clients of his. He also shot the 17… Read more »


Right on Dave! I have nothing against law enforcement your job is the hardest one out there!
NFA come on boys lets get the ball rolling for this mans defence! I’m in. Too bad the money goes to some court and lawyer fees some one always profits on justice! That’s an injustice right there if found not guilty who ever charged the accused should pay court and lawyer costs ……… Now that’s justice!


I agree it was Trudeau who is to blame and also metric bullshit system to be able to raise gas prices while Canadians are trying to figure out how much it really cost……60 cents a liter sounds a lot better than cost by the gallon!
As far as rcmp they have proven incompetent at law enforcement as showen by charging an old man ,how they get to make legislation on gun restrictions like the resent Swiss arms and Czech 858’s is just baffling! Good thing Harper stepped in so screw Trudeau and his communist taking rights away party!

Johnny Red

If we as a community do not believe charges should be laid in these circumstances, we should be notifying both our MP and MLAs. Do it now, even if only by e-mail.


Get rid of the rcmp. They have lost site of what they were hired for.
They make their own rules and laws and safety minster Steven Blaney
and MR Harper turn a blind i to their miss doings.
Its our God given right to defend ourselves and family in our own home
from criminal attack.


All those saying we should get the gun orgs to fight the case, you are fools I’m sorry to say. Court action is a game we can never win. It is just a way to funnel money into the legal system. And the crown always wins… either they get the verdict in their favour or the drop the case before a precedent is set. No we need massive reform, and if no politician will provide that reform, the people need to take control.


This senior being charged for defending himself in his own home make my blood boil. What the hell is wrong with the RCMP. i”m a former police officer and this just make me sick.. I”m also a senior now and live in rural Alberta. It would take the police at least 10 – 15 minutes to come to my aid if i needed help and thats if they could find my place. Needless to say i have something in my nite table drawer to protect myself and wife. i refuse to be a victim of crime. I”m a member of… Read more »

R. Hunter

Did a Google search and the news reports are almost all just a cut and paste job. Reporters do not investigate these things unless someone dies. Even then they usually write what the RCMP hands them, otherwise they don’t get another play date. There may be more to this and a follow up would be nice to have. This story shows that laws are applied very unevenly as does this one: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Surrey+drug+dealer+killed+teen+over+slashed+tires+loses/8461445/story.html “Steven Brandon Mulligan-Brum, 23, was sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter for killing Adem Aliu, 17, on July 14, 2010. Aliu was shot… Read more »


I’m an RCMP member…avid shooter, NFA and NRA member….how do I contribute to this fellow’s defense? Come on NFA lets get a fund going for him!

Wendel covey

Before any big defence fund is set up for this 68 year old fella please check some info out first. He is a known drug dealer who is a source of OxyContin and other damaging drugs to many in this community. Would you support the same defence if it were for a drug dealer in an inner city neighbourhood?

Ed Price

Time to get after Harper + Company !! Change the law on this ASAP !! It’s an absolute outrage !!!


Thanks to Monty and Dave for their assessments of the case. If you gentlemen can find a way that seniors or retirees don’t pay income tax, I would like to hire your accountants of tax advisers. I am a retiree but can’t sneak a penny into my pocket and still avoid income tax regulations. I need help. Thanks..


Hi Norm

I’ll correct my statement. Yes you will always pay taxes no matter how old we are.
But once retired we draw money from the governement that we don’t while we are working and become a drian.
My income tax is about 50% of my salary for the moment, when I retire I won’t need the same salary as I do now and the government will pay a part of my income.
Sorry for the mistake.


Hi Dave; No mistake, sorry if I implied that. . The ongoing ulcer is the government manipulation of our money. I, like you have paid my share of income taxes. They kept $58,000 of my income one year after exemptions were entered by my tax adviser. You are in the 50% bracket now and the government claims that as their money. You give them 50% of your income because of your responsibilities and their regulations.. We all pay income taxes on our original income. When you retire and claim maybe 10% of your money, you are taxed AGAIN on YOUR… Read more »


Hey norm I’m a boilermaker 27 years now and pay as much as 1500 a week income tax and get my pension stolen and told I have to work till 2023! When my date was 2013 full pension. Then the government make a rule 70 is the new retire age, I don’t know about you but working in toxic evierments like sincrude and suncor,all paper mills and sour gas plants welding,grinding………27 years so far I’m a wreck lungs,knees,shoulders no compensating for that and still have 8 years to go! Paying taxes till I’m dead and that’s the way the government… Read more »


Hi Monty; Thanks for your understanding. I have been a union member for over 47 years, now retired. I sympathize with your experience with working conditions and body injuries. I was destroyed by a WCB case manager who was almost completely exonerated from responsibility because of his self-admitted drug problems. He and his brother made off with over two million dollars of claimants’ benefits and used their drug problems as an excuse for their theft.. I will gladly supply facts to anyone interested. Why are work related injuries benefits considered as taxable income? Why is the government controlling the Workers’… Read more »

Guy Lapierre

The only right you have in this country called Canada is being a “victim” ! And it is even less in Quebec .


Just like in NY and NJ Airports, TSA and Port Authority Police charge everyone and let court sort it all out.

The RCMP appears to take a “charge everyone and let the courts sort it out” approach, but this only victimizes Michael Woodard a second time.


Off topic but….The Reclassification of the swiss rifle was a test to see how much we firearm owners will allow in terms of stripping our property from us. Your deer and duck rifles are next if we stand by and allow it. Saying the NFA is on a rant is laughable!

As for this poor guy that’s being charged…makes me embarrassed that we call Canada a free nation. And yes, the firearm lobby needs to help out and bring this case to centre stage.

Dick Brakele

Welcome to the land were Criminals are protected,given free access to Legal entities and if jailed and released will be rehabillitated at the cost of the Tax Payer, you and me. The victim if he or she defends themselves is charged and sued if the criminal is injured, really. You have to ask yourself who are the idiots that invented this system. Well you don’t have far to go, that idiot that started us down that road was a guy by the name of Trudeau and subsequently every PM and MP have supported this idiocy. You bet the Sgt at… Read more »


Another case where laws have been written and prepared by and for lawyers. Coupled up[ with the fact that the media/press is the biggest and most dangerous curse on the planet. Sensationalism is written for entertainment, not information. Until law enforcement and reporting is held responsible, honesty and common sense cannot exist. If police were held responsible for expenses when their charges were beaten, they would perhaps think twice [or three times] before they laid nuisance or unreasonable charges. This would save the public purse a bundle and make law enforcement responsible and more effective. Also before NFA is criticised… Read more »


I agree with David S. The NFA should be on this right now, The AR 15 petition is not nearly as important as taking the RCMP to task on their use or lack of knowledge regarding CCS 34(2).Harper made it possible to defend our family and property and the RCMP think they are still in High River making up their own rules.


This is sick, sick, sick and is the bureaucrats way of insuring further pay cheques, by convoluting the issues.


If the facts are as stated I have a check here for $100.00 towards his legal fees. Again if the facts are as stated the RCMP has again proved their incompetence.


The 68 year old man in this article is a known drug dealer. It’s the reason his home was broke into. Also, the gun he shot the 17 year old kid with was an illegal hand gun. The controversy is the reason why there was little media but had the person who wrote this article done his research he would have known that. Or maybe he did know and chose to misinform you based on the media information out there to further his own agenda. Your dollars would be wasted on a defense fund for this man. His biggest problem… Read more »


Yeah usually when someone claims self defense is charged is there is something else going on. Either the person said something wrong or did something wrong or wasn’t a self defense case.

Use an illegal weapon to defend yourself with you get charged. Tie up a burglar and set him on fire you get charged.


The NFA and CSSA should support this fellow.

The police who laid charges against him should themselves be charged for abuse of the system, just because they can go around laying charges against anyone they want doesn’t mean it is legal for them to do so.

david silver

In my opinion NFA must get involved as an interested party and defend Mr. Woodward. NFA should make its feelings known to the Minister of Public Safety. There is a Federal election coming up and the last thing that the politicians need is a bunch of “lawful firearm owner ” getting their backs up (again). I think NFA should get off its rant about some type of firearm being declassified. Deer and duck hunters don’t really care about this limited interest firearm. (Something from Sweden?) If I don’t soon see NFA getting in the face of the Feds, they will… Read more »


Sure the NRA should take that event seriously and show to the canadians how we are loosing our wrights.
To defend ourselves should not even been a political wright but a natural one.

Jim Dejax

Yes — contact NFA. See about becoming involved as a Field Officer.

Austin Gilbert

Im with David, NFA should have a defense fund for this type of situation, I would contribute and definitely keep my membership.

Vernon Lemoignan

Do you really think that your shotgun and deer rifle are safe from the anti-gun lobby? They want all guns and the best way to get them is to convince FUDDS like you that it’s ok to take some of the guns as long as yours are safe. Then they demonize another type of gun like “high powered rifles” and sit back while all the duck hunters with their shotguns let the government take deer hunters guns. Give your head a shake, cause every type of gun they take is one more type closer to the ones you use.


It’s difficult to believe that you have to justify yourself when threats like this happen. But the RCMP is just lazy, if they took the time to interogate the victim they’d soon find out that he was simply protecting himself and not responsible for any crime. Instead they take the easy way and charge the victim and leave him to his own defense. The Crown should be held responsible for all laywer fees when such blatent laziness on the part of the law officers is apparent and the fees charged back to the police force responsible for the charges against… Read more »


It is the crown prosecutors that are the problem. In a case like this they should be immediately dropping the charges. And the senior sees no time in court. But they are Liberals, meaning the victims must be punished and the criminal coddled.


The real reason Kevin Vickers didn’t have to face criminal charges for shooting the Parliament Hill terrorist is because the House of Commons sergeant-at-arms is an ex-RCMP officer. No charges for cops, or former cops, or friends of cops. All other regular citizens face “charge everyone and let the courts sort it out” justice. If you call that justice.


No John, the real reason Kevin vickers was not charged. The real reason is that as Sargeant at arms, he is afforded peace officer status. The only other way would have been for him to possess an ATC for work/protection of life, but that wasn’t required as he was a peace officer. But yes you are correct that regular citizens will always get charged for something if they use most any weapon to defend yourself. Whether or not crown follow through with a trial depends on situation, what the charge was, what evidence there was, and largely what you say.… Read more »

30-year Lawyer

Good advice.


he was not a peace officer nor did he have peace officer status. He had one of the few ATC’s granted to civilians. this was reported in the news on the day of the shooting.


So if I use my Hawaiian sling fishing spear or my bow am I still charged or only if I use my 22 rim fire rifle? How does trip wires and leg hold trapes is there anything I can do in my home fo feel safe? With out my government turning the Canadian pinkertons criminals against me?


Yep, keep a trained Cougar in your house, one that enjoys a good meal of a$$ holes! lol


So what can a Canadian citizen do to change this injustice? Even a 16 year old kid can overpower a senior citizen, once you stop paying interest and income tax you are expendable is what I see,retired means you don’t pay only land and pension tax,the 3 assailants have many years left for the Canadian government to suck money out of their existence. My god when will this madness about firearms end? GUNS ARE A TOOL! to gather food,target shoot,and yes personnel protection whether it be wild animal or tame mammals (the human evel criminal) who do I write to… Read more »


To Monty

You hit that one right on the head.
Once we are no longer tax paying citizens we become drains on the system and hencefourth dead wieghts.


This attitude is typical in this country! If you think it’s bad now just let a Liberal Government back in power. You will be defending your home with a butter knife at best and the criminals will have the guns. Liberals think because guns will be outlawed, the criminals will simply dispose of their guns.


Maybe all the criminals will move to Canada where breaking the law is protected by law.


Canada has been weird for quite some time, actually, it seemed that month to month they were going off the deep “communist” end….but the final made it….COMPLETE INSANITY! Let’s hope New York secedes and joins the canucks…that would complete their insanity!


Maybe it’s time for Canada to ‘break free’ of “The Crown” like the ‘Colonies’ did some 239 years ago?


Woodward should claim belief in Islam, and that his three protagonists attacked him due to his religious beliefs.
“The Crown” will back-peddle so furiously they’ll have to issue Rip-Tide Warnings.


Aspiring rappers?


How about the Sgt. at Arms, I think, that shot the terrorist in their House of Parliment? Oh…that’s right…he saved lawmakers butts…so no charges. Here in the U.S. we are getting close to this type of situation…Back Asswards with regards to the law and self-defense.


just to answer your question: The Srg. at arms was ON DUTY when he took the shot. TOTALLY different ball game. He was ACTIVE DUTY OFFICER OF THE LAW not a senior. I still think the senior should not be charged in this case.


The Sergeant at Arms was not doing his job, he was not armed because it was required as his job. He is a civilian employee. He only was allowed to have a firearm stashed in his desk because he was a retired police officer.

Situations are not as different as one may think.


In rebutt of this whole writing, I am from the community where this takes place..YES i do agree that anyone should have the right to protect themselves in their homes or elsewhere, in any way of capable form, that they deem fit, or basically whatever way they can..I DO NOT think he should be charged for defending himself….but all these parties are well known throughout the community..the defender as a seller of narcotics and the aggressors/attackers are well known as thieves and junkies and one would assume this all had to do over a drug situation/robbery of same…that is why… Read more »