2015 IBO World Championship

Dewayne Martin IBO Shooter of the Year 2015
Dewayne Martin IBO Shooter of the Year 2015
Carbon Express
Carbon Express

Ellicottville, NY -(AmmoLand.com)- At the recent IBO World Championship held in Ellicottville, NY this past weekend seven members of the Carbon Express Pro Staff received special recognition for their outstanding performances this season.

Each received the prestigious Shooter of the Year award for their respective classes.

 Class                       Name               SOY Final      SOY Final X

MSR Bill Burns 1997      74
PMR Joseph Goza 2068       97
PSR Todd L Shultz 1991      75
RU Dewayne Martin 1803      32
SFHC Eileen Humes 1980      69
SPM Shane H Bragg 2032      91
STRD Jim Powell 1695      23

Special recognition was also given at the event to both Dewayne Martin and Jim Powell both of whom accomplished a Grand Slam by winning the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd legs of the National Triple Crown and the World Championship.

Dewayne and Jim achieved their Grand Slam and the Shooter of the Year recognition using two different models of arrows.  Dewayne used the Carbon Express CXL 250’s while Jim utilized the Maxima Blue Streak Select 150’s arrows with his recurve.

Zachary Seng IBO World Championship 2015
Zachary Seng IBO World Championship 2015

Additionally the Carbon Express team made the podium multiple times at the World Championship.

  • Bill Burns             1st place        MSR              score: 499/19X
  • Zachary Seng      1st place        YH                   score: 524/26X
  • Dewayne Martin  1st place        RU                   score: 452/7X
  • Jim Powell           1st place        STRD              score: 438/8X
  • Kaitlyn Price         2nd place        PRF                 score: 481/17X
  • Vern Klein            2nd place        MCBH                        score: 488/14X
  • Dixie Lambert       3rd place        FSR                 score: 452/9X
  • Jesse Campbell   3rd place        AHC                score: 503/18X

Carbon Express junior staff member Zachary Seng is one of youngest members of the CX team and has performed well with his Carbon Express CXL 250’s this season. Zachery has won multiple events over the past year which include his most recent win at the Worlds, Ohio IBO state Championship, and the 2nd leg of the IBO Triple Crown.

Zachery is a great example of the next generation of Carbon Express Pro Staffers being developed to hold up the tradition of excellence and the winning ways of the Carbon Express Pro Staff and he will definitely be someone you will want to pay close attention to in the future.

Congratulation Zachary on an outstanding season!

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