Shoot Steel from Any Direction with MotoShot Moving Targets

The first ever 360° steel shooting target

C-Bell Moving Target
C-Bell Moving Target

United States -( MotoShot Target Systems has announced the release of C-Bell Targets! C-Bell Steel Targets are the first ever 360° steel shooting target.

Unlike standard flat steel, C-Bell’s cylindrical target shape allows shooting from any angle while maintaining a less than 10° spall angle.

Independent third party testing showed that “In all cases, the cylindrical samples had smaller maximum spall angles as compared to the flat steel sample. Both the 8″ AR400 and 6″ AR500 samples not only performed very consistently when faced with the same threat for multiple shots, but also had very consistent results when compared against each other regarding performance under identical test conditions.”

In addition to being able to shoot C-Bell Steel Targets from any angle, these targets offer an incredibly loud and much longer feedback ring as compared to the ring of standard flat steel. When hit the cylindrical shaped C-Bell Target rings louder and for nearly twice as long as flat steel allowing the shooter to more easily hear the target feedback ring.

  • Immediately available in 6” and 8” target sizes.
  • Free of bolts or brackets leaving a smooth shooting surface.
  • Constructed of AR steel.
C-Bell 8" Moving Target
C-Bell 8″ Moving Target

About Hale Outdoor Products:

Hale Outdoor Products, known first for developing and bringing to market MotoShot Moving Target Systems, is a Wisconsin based small business with the goal of providing innovative training solutions for private trainers, shooting enthusiasts and America’s security forces; local police departments to national military forts.

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6 years ago

what if you accidentally hit the flat plate on top that is angled up?