Malheur Situation Continues to be Powder Keg after Death, Arrests

By David Codrea

Ammon Bundy
LaVoy Finicum, left, has been killed. Ammon Bundy, right, has been arrested. But the situation has still not been resolved and may now actually be more dangerous.
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -(  “It has come to the attention of PPN that many individuals are responding to this news as a ‘Call to Action,’” the Pacific Patriots Network advised followers after the arrest of key Malheur Wildlife Refuge leaders and the shooting death of group spokesman LaVoy Finicum. “[PPN] is issuing an immediate ‘STAND BY’ Order to all those who are mobilizing to the peaceful city of Burns, Oregon.

“We will not pursue any action until all of the facts have been pieced together regarding the traffic stop and the arrest of Ammon Bundy,” the advisory explained. “During this time, cooler heads must prevail. We do not wish to inflame the current situation and will engage in open dialogue until all of the facts have been gathered.”

That’s sound thinking, especially since conflicting accounts of what happened have emerged. One purported eyewitness essentially claims Finicum was executed, while others who say they were present allege he was advancing on authorities. This is where dash-cam videos from the police cars present will be indispensable.

UPDATE: Overhead FBI Drone Footage Released

Regardless, there are deep divisions evident by comments under news accounts, some rejoicing in the law enforcement response and others decrying it as totally unnecessary and heavy-handed. And there is mounting anger which could flare and spread, something this column warned about when the story first broke. The last thing needed now is for loose cannons like the guy claiming to be a retired Green Beret colonel (who says his service record was sealed by Ronald Reagan) to show up, threatening to kill cops arresting him for DUI.

Forward Observer director Sam Culper’s SITREP of the situation on the ground at Malheur was posted on the Oath Keepers website. Of special note:

Blaine Cooper has reportedly assumed leadership at the Refuge and has been told to leave immediately. During a phone call with Pete Santilli, Pete can be overheard saying, “Blaine, please don’t do this.” Blaine is reportedly wanting to make a stand. Women and children are still at the Refuge.

Information since gleaned from other sources indicates the women and children have now removed themselves, leaving a handful of armed occupiers determined not to leave.

A press conference was held today by the FBI, posted on

“Containment road blocks are now in place around the Refuge,” Greg Bretzing, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Portland, announced. “If the people at the refuge want to leave, they can do so through the checkpoints where they will be identified. If they have questions or concerns, they can call the negotiators at the number that has been provided to them.”

Now that “authorities” have drawn first blood under disputed circumstances — with no grievance issues resolved — it’s anyone’s guess what, when and where the next move will be, and importantly, by whom.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. To those who criticize Jamie’s statement: Were YOU there? The death of Finicum is sad, but he brought it on himself. Armed takeover of federal property is wrong, illegal, and STUPID. If you disagree with federal policies, the proper way to dispute them is in court and/or the political system, NOT by an armed occupation of federal property. This is WRONG, whether it’s done by Muslim terrorists, or homegrown “Patriots”.

    2. from what I can tell from watching the video those FBI agents and Troopers where cowards. They need to be prosicuted

    3. Dash cams will most probably show very little as the events unfolded off to the side of the road.
      What may show more evidence are any helmet and body cams the officers wore (If the FBI is forthcoming with ALL of that footage)

      From my living room, it seems that LE was intent on harm.

      Let me ask you: If you were standing with your arms out to the side and bullets began to enter your body, would you not grab at your body?

      Why did LE pour rounds into the vehicle (the windshield can clearly be seen to be peppered and there are numerous holes in the side windows.)

    4. Yeah, wait until he pulls a gun, kills a couple cops, and then shoot him. Stupid. Don’t obey commands, reach for a gun, get shot. Doesn’t matter, Black or White, it’s been the same for decades. Don’t reach for a gun, follow their instructions, and go home. It’s not rocket science.

    5. nobody seen a gun, what he was reaching for doesnt matter, nobody seen a gun… he reached twice to his left side and didnt pull a gun ..he was shot from behind, there was at least ten guns trained on him..nobody else that i know of shot, only the guy behind him..he was no threat to the guy behind him

    6. All federal agencies are being militarized. What is the agenda here? It can’t just be because of a few terrorist attacks. There is more going on here than that.

    7. Maybe this whole land grab thing is about paying off the American Governments Debt to foreign governments. I don’ t know the amounts but China, Russia, Great Britain are owed large sums of money that the American government can’t pay back. I just read an article about how Saudi Arabia is taking over vast tracks of land in Arizona and growing feed for Cattle and horses and using our land and water then sending the feed back to there home land, why use up there resources when they can use up ours. I lived in Reno, NV for over 10yrs. and BLM never bother anyone they had pick up trucks and didn’t carry firearms, now the BLM are driving humV,s and are armed to the teeth to protect the land from someone who wants to ride a dirt bike or have excess to a river.

    8. La Voy was being stupid. He ran from the police, he tried to run a roadblock. He nearly hit someone. Then instead of staying in his vehicle with his hands in view he got out of his vehicle. They knew he was armed and he reached into his jacket not once but twice before he was shot. You can clearly see in the video the police not raising his weapon until LaVoy reached into his jacket twice for a loaded gun. If you reach for a weapon then they are going to shoot in self defense. Maybe this is what he had planned? Death by cop?

    9. he didnt get out of the truck armed threatening anyone, he didnt pull out a gun the first time he reached to his left side, the guy in front of him didnt shoot, the guy in back of him shot him in the back..what Levoy was thinking doesnt matter, did you see a gun?…no!!…did you shoot him in the back?..yes because “I thought” he was reaching for a gun, there was at least 10 guns trained on him, and the guy that killed him shot him in the back when nobody seen a gun, people should demand he be prosecuted for the simple fact that he shot Levoy in the back when no gun was displayed

    10. He did the right thing other than all out fight and get everyone in the vehicle shot to pieces. He got out and with hands up surrendered-good! Then he got stupid and went into his jacket (twice). What the hell are the LEOs to believe? Wait and see what he pulls out-not likely, so he got shot and killed–what would you do if this were in your house-wait for the trespasser to go into his jacket? Bottom line when it comes to resisting arrest-anywhere. The LEOs must act as if you are trying to kill them-their only choice, so they will fight like hell. So you have two choices; comply or resist arrest with the purpose of killing the LEO. Because that is how they will and should correctly view any arrest resistance-this is not the MMA.

    11. The autopsy results will be interesting. There was a rifleman in the woods behind Mr. Finicum.

      The dashboard cams may not provide any evidence as he was well off the road to the side of the vehicle.

      While I saw the fuzzy helicopter or drone aerial video what occurred still remains unclear. That he tried to run an officer over is unclear as well. It appears more like the officer tried to jump in the way of the truck to attempt a stop.

      At the final stop, Mr. Finicum emerges with his hands up and does not appear at any time to “rush” at LEO’s position. He does reach toward his torso a couple of times but without audio it cannot be said if he was reaching for a weapon or responding to being shot….

    12. Jamie you should have quit while you were ahead. Your right. You don’t know what happened.

    13. I tread the comments above and wonder how many opinionated arm chair constitutionalists there really are.
      I ask everyone to think. I ask you to try to understand what this really is all about. I ask you do do your due diligence and study the US Constitution as well as HISTORY regarding these things.

      What I see appears to be opinions instead of education.

      Oregon is also an open-carry state, but cities and counties are free to limit public possession of loaded firearms by individuals who do not have an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.

      But the state DOES allow localities to restrict loaded carry of firearms “in public places” which, oddly enough, includes your car. If you are in a place like Portland or Oregon City that restricts loaded carry by people who do not have concealed handgun licenses, you may not have a loaded firearm in your vehicle.

      It is unfortunate that Oregon among a few other states does not recognize the CCW permits of any other state there is no reciprocity.

      Be that as it may Lavoy Finicum was NOT ARMED PERIOD. The BULLSHIT “traffic stop” was a planned AMBUSH because nearly 40 miles of highway was closed off before this event and the FBI came out of the woods armed to the teeth wearing tactical vests and carrying military grade weapons.

      Think about that alone. When was the last time you were pulled over for as “traffic stop” and were threatened by tactically armed personnel from the FBI????

      How much more information is needed? Especially when the Hammonds were hit with what amounts to DOUBLE JEOPARDY and the BLM having done 100 times worse has not been held responsible for the destruction of private property and livestock?

      It IS about Uranium and other mineral rights in the region that belong to the land owners and are being illegally stolen by criminal elite politicians and parasitic bloodsuckers doing their best to destroy ALL OF OUR RIGHTS for ill gotten gains…

    14. You’re “not sure what happened” You should have quit right there. That was you’re only accurate statement.

    15. I am not sure exactly what happened. But these people were armed extremist. Right to protest does not give you the right to armed occupation of a federally owned building. They should have arrested the lot earlier.

    16. There are so many things wrong with this take over. Very unorganized and treats of violence was the wrong thing to do. They should have hauled their horses to DC and camped on the front lawn of the whitehouse unarmed. That way they would live to fight another day. Instead they come over like a bunch of redneck thugs and their mission mostly ignored by the media.


      FDR New Deal policies gave American unions a powerful voice in economic and Social policy, which changed America Society into a right wing socialism.

      It was when working class people had a strong voice, in government, through their unions.

      The American unions striked for better wages and benefits, workers had plenty of time off to enjoy family, generally working no holidays or weekends.

      The individual federal tax base was 91% on the income of high earners and 55% for Corporate tax. 

      This formula existed until President Johnson, as first agenda after taking office after Kennedy Assassination, pushed legalisation through the senate to cut those taxes 25% to a rate of 71% on high earners and 45% on the Corporations. 

      Then he sent America into Vietnam and started the space moon projects which are huge expenses to Americas pocket book. This policies destroyed Americas Cash Reserve.

      During this period, the blacks protested and rallied for their rights and to end segregation, they even earned the right to vote and have a voice and opinion in the political process. This brought about more equality in Society moving America even further to the left as a Socialist Society.

      Then in 1968, when Teamsters leader Hoffa and UAW union leader Reuther formed an alliance between these two of Americas biggest unions, (ALA) Alliance for Labor Action headquartered in Atlanta, GA., of course the partnership ended just as it started when Walter Reuther died in 1970. This alliance was to oppose US opening trade Agreement with Russia and Communist states.

      Then President Nixon and VP Ford did just that, they opened trade and removed all restrictions off American trade with Russia and began meetings for trade deals with China.

      Russia had nothing of importance to trade other than Serbian oil reserve and other natural resources.

      At this same time, Nixon introduced strong industrial regulations when establishing OSHA, NIOSHA and the EPA. This being employee and consumer protection and environmental protection policies.

      Then Nixon made the US dollar off any ties to gold reserve backing in 1972. This allowed more ability for the Federal Reserve to print more money to minipulated and have more control over value of the currency without restrictions. These policies were not American’s, they came about from Communist trade negotiations.

      1973 an organization, fully funded by Rockerfeller, Ford, Carnegie and other such Foundations, called the Trilateral Commission comes into existance.

      Members include Presidents Carter, the Bushes, the Clinton’s, Obama, VP’s Mondale, Quayle, Cheney Secretary of States Kissinger Mrs. Clinton, appointees Snow, Rumsfeld, Holder, Federal Reserves Voulcher and Greenspan, Geithner and many more high ranking gov officials.

      Labor union leaders from AFL-CIO, UAW, USW, names such as Lane Kirkland, Leonard Woodcock, I.W. Abel possibly Trumpka.

      They use a Communist tactic to gain high ranking positions in key organizations to progress their global agendas of their dictated decisions and to progress those agendas. Agendas not in favor of American working class or America in general for that matter.

      Then Nixon was in a Watergate investigation which led to his impeachment trials.He wiretapped the Democratic party to monitor for Communist infiltration.

      During the trials, secretary of state, Kissinger substitutes in and the Saudi’s and Israel conflict starts.

      Iran opposes the US support to Israel and oil production to US is reduced causing the 1973 iranian gas embargo. 

      The auto companies produced no small fuel-efficient automobiles in the 70’s, they were very large gas guzzlers.

      Then Carter with the help of UAW president Leonard Woodcock, who assumed the unions leadership after Reuther, became one of the first US Ambassadors for the task to remove all trade restrictions and barriers for trade with China. 

      The auto industry was having such a hardship, that Chrysler, presided over by CEO Lee Iacocca, went to government for a loan to keep the company in business because the banks would not help.

      Two major changes happened here, first, in order to get the loan, government required that the company put UAW Douglas Fraser on the Corporate board. This was the first time ever for such. This is the way it was done in Socialist and Communist states.

      The second item, (ESOP) Employee Stock Option Program came into existance were an employee has option to recieve company stock for bonus and profit sharing payment option. 

      This plan also began to be available to the Corporate CEO, which they were restricted from doing prior to because that forced the Corporate decisions to be directed towards company long time growth and stability rather then stock performance.

      The unions no longer liked to practice and even restricted routine strike practices because it hurt the dividends on the new employee shareholders. 

      When the Corporations are majority owned by union working class laborer, this is industrial socialism.

      Reagan along with Greenspan conducted 1982 Social Security Act which which allows government to access Social Security to take access funds for government budget shortages and in 1986 he performed 86 tax reform reducing more tax on high earners and Corporations (this move allows for an elite ruling class who become so rich that nobody can act against them, in the future, because of their elite social economic status)

      Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, the women were working towards more equality for equal pay for equal work as they also wanted to assume high ranking positions in both politics and in climbing the Corporate ladder.

      Then the great .com stock market crash and 9/11 terrorists attack on the world trade center leads us into the new world order of presidential (EO) Executive Orders and away from following Constitution government proceedures. 

      As we move more to the left, there is a point to stop progressive movement from going too far to the left bringing in Dictatorship or totalitarianism. This time is now and to reverse course before individual citizens loose rights to private property and liberty!!!

      Possibly press charges on all mentioned or who are involved on violating the 1940 Smith Act, which still exist on the law books.

      Or expelled union leaders who are in violation of 1947 Taft and Hartley Act anti communist provision.

    18. They lied(The FEDS) and said they wouldn’t kill anyone.They lie about everything and now they are going to WACO the rest which is what they wanted all along but didn’t because Pete Santilli was there streaming live and they couldn’t spin the story.Now that they arrested him they are free to slaughter the remnant and create any fiction they choose.I am sorry Ammon had I been an able bodied man you could’ve counted on me.I have NO faith in any of the militia movements any longer absolutely None.They were putting the cases together to return the land to the people of the state and the Feds knew it was going to work.Blood thirsty animals,just the strong arm unit of the Elite.America is no longer a United States it’s a Federal Dictatorship and this was the final chance to put things right.Now it’s over.

    19. During difficult times leaders should not travel together; they should also have live streaming video that cannot be blocked. Where were the ham radios? There is a complete main stream news blockage of the entire federal v.s. state issue.
      Romeo 05

    20. RIP Cowboy La Voy Finicum. He was a father of 11 children. He took mentality unstable boy’s into his home and raised 50 of them. Prayers for his family and friends. Let this murdered Patriot not be done in vain.

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