New Attack on CCWs via Fee Increase in California

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Concealed Carry
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Firearms Policy Coalition

Sacramento, CA -( In the dark of night, a new monster was created.

AB 450 was gutted and amended when most of us were sleeping last night.

Assembly member Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), the guy who tried to destroy gun stores earlier in the year, is back again and has his sights set on ending concealed carry as we know it in California.

Their plan has always been if they can’t get rid of something they will tax it out of existence.

And that is exactly what he has planned for concealed carry permits.


Even though AB 450 once dealt with the Streets and Highway Code yesterday, its sole focus now is on denying Californians the right to self defense.

AB 450 forces sheriffs and police chiefs to raise CCW fees — not only for the cost of issuance, but “sufficient to cover the reasonable costs of issuing and enforcement of the license.”

Whatever “enforcement of the license” means to them!


Let us be clear.

This is in no way designed to help cover the costs of the permit.

That’s what the current fees do.

This is designed to start the elimination of CCWs due to higher costs.

We must STOP this bill before it gains traction.

For Liberty,

Richard Thomson
Grassroots Director

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I refuse to obey any law that interferes with my ability to appropriately defend myself and family. PERIOD.


It is truly DISGUSTING what is going on within this country and the downward direction we seem to be headed. Is a true revolution the only way to get this place back to what it needs to be?


I hope that scumbag lives on the western side of the San Andreas fault. He should be tried for treason.


no mention of what the new Mother May I Cards will cost. They are already an outrageous infringement.

WHY do people in California continue to send the same pack of rats to Sackamenna?

and WHY don’t the PEOPLE rise up and pass a Citizen’s Initiative making California a no-permit carry state for everyone?

Jim Macklin

Poll taxes are illegal because they were intended to prevent poor people from voting. How is this any diferent?


Good point!


In Minnesota state law puts a cap on the fees that Sheriffs can charge. And the amount of money collected for fees by Sheriffs is published in an annual report on carry permit holders. Most Sheriffs, such as mine charge less than the maximum.