The Corrupting Mainstream Media aka: The Fourth Estate

By Mark Walters
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Megan Kelly
“News Personality” Megan Kelly
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA – -( Remember the phrase, “the evening news,” from way back in the olden days, just a few short years ago? I do.

Americans would come home from work and school, meet as a family around the dinner table, eat a hearty meal, discuss the day’s events and gather in the living room to watch the “evening news.”

I remember my dad asking me to get up and change the channel and I’m old enough to remember that newscast delivered by Walter Cronkite, widely regarded as the most trusted man in America at the time.

No one questioned his politics, no one questioned his integrity or motives, and no one accused him of blatant bias for or against anything.

The man delivered the news, every night, on time in a concise format with no obvious bias.

Years later Cronkite would come out of the closet as a flaming liberal, but for crying out loud, he kept it to himself when he spoke to America in front of that old fashioned camera.

For my children, there is no such thing as “the evening news,” it’s just the “news”, and it’s always on. It doesn’t matter what day it is, what time it is or for that matter if anything relevant is even happening anywhere in the world at any particular time, it’s just always on, no matter what. In fact, if nothing is happening, they create news. Think of the Weather Channel with its continuous hurricane coverage, hour after hour covering the same street sign flapping in the winds as they desperately try to fill the airtime with something out of nothing. It’s what’s happening in a 24 hours news cycle with show after show filled with the same pundits, saying the same thing in response to a different host asking the same questions with nothing but a different set background.

I think I’ll start calling it the Taco Bell news. Same ingredients placed in a different wrapper. The burrito is nothing more than a soft taco in a larger wrapper, just as “The Five” is nothing more than “Outnumbered” with a different set background. Same pundits, same questions, same topics, same answers, very short skirts.

The Corrupting Mainstream Media aka: The Forth Estate

I believe that’s a real problem in America today. A media machine running 24 hours a day, seven days per week, no matter what, can’t possibly be a good thing for the country. It’s overkill, and it’s dangerous. Anyone who has spent any time listening to my radio programs or read anything I’ve ever written over the last 12 years knows my disdain for what is regarded as “the mainstream media.”

I’ve made it pretty clear. I believe the “mainstream media” is largely responsible for the terrible divisiveness currently plaguing the nation.

Main Stream Media Stronger Together
Main Stream Media Stronger Together

If we view the “mainstream media” as an entity, it is clearly one of the most dangerous we have ever faced in our history. How can it not be in its current state, openly acting as a third arm of the democrat party? When the press, who are granted special constitutional protections to safeguard our liberty from the powerful, become a part of the corrupt machine themselves, the future of our republic is in grave danger.

We have reached that point in America. I often say to control the media is to control the message. To control the message is to control the masses.

To control the masses, one must control the media, etc. Combine that dangerous equation with a 24-hour continuous news cycle, and you have a recipe for disaster that sees America fed a steady stream of biased news, delivered by multimillionaire “news anchors,” whose own lives are covered by TV tabloid shows. Think Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, Megyn Kelly, Anderson Cooper, Jorge Ramos, etc.

Unfortunately for the corporate news media and their multimillionaire anchor-bots and babes, I can fix the problem that ails America when it comes to the steady stream of garbage.

It’s easy. In my simple mind, there are certain pairs of words that have no business being uttered in the same sentence, such as “career politician.” When it comes to delivery of America’s news, the word pair that comes to mind is “news personality.” That’s right; no “newscaster” should become a multimillionaire celebrity for delivering the news.

My plan is straightforward and workable.

Put a broadcast journalist in the on-air chair for 30 days, then chuck em out the window with the bath water. No big contracts to get in front of their integrity, no celebrity status and paparazzi following them around swelling their heads like damaged livers and no time to develop a biased following.

That would keep them honest, and we wouldn’t have to worry about what dress or suit Katie Couric or Wolf Blitzer wore to the next Democrat fundraiser.

Yeah, I long for the olden days when the television went off the air to the pictures and sounds of the waving flag and the National Anthem before fading to white noise for the next 8 hours. Imagine if our television sets did the same today? It would only be a matter of time before some “info-babe” pundit or other “news personality” took a knee on camera to protest their multimillion dollar salary.

I say throw em all out after 30 days. Problem solved.



About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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Megyn’s finest statement did not come out of her mouth—but it DID come from another orifice when she farted on live TV, which gave her (and us) the giggles..


But you missed the fact that 80% of our news is controlled by four Democrat-biased corporations. If you rotate the talking heads, you just get the same idiocy with a different voice, as it is still the same puppet master. The public is responsible for this, as when the FCC asked for public input, they were too busy playing Angry Birds to stop the corporate mergers than now control us. Using the term “career politician” instead of “corrupt politician” doesn’t rile them us as much, so I’ll keep using it. I wouldn’t want to anger the their corporate masters inadvertently.

Pistol Pete

The pictures so a different side of Megan Kelly I never new she had. Sad that people in America have become so easy to control, they can no longer think for themselves, so they believe what ever the news media tells them. The black people have butt kissed the democratic party and for what, they are no better off than they were 40 or 50 years ago.


Megyn Kelly. I’d do her, but I sure wouldn’t believe her, or trust her.


I totally agree! Plus, I’d take it one step further. I’m probably more anarchist than anything else, but I do believe in the idea that we shouldn’t even have “career” politicians. Just like the “all news all the time” media, becoming a political fixture tends to make the politician far too cozy in that role. And I believe it’s likely to have a corruptive influence, not to mention that the politician almost always seems to lose sight of what it’s like NOT to be in politics. Then, becoming cozy with other politicians causes a kind of political inbreeding, regardless of… Read more »

The Truth

you guys need to get out of the house more often, and stop persiverating over the same shit over and over and over – wait a sec, ya’ll sound like your main man Donny from Delusional Farms. BTW, it’s not the media, boys and girls, it is the lingering racism, holier than thou attitudes and a basic lack of knowledge which continues to propel assholes like Chump into the mainstream. You now like Bernie after all, eh? Guess what – you missed that boat, and now you get to watch your worse fears play out, which, btw, is going to… Read more »


Thanks for the liberalm idiotic spew of total bull dung and nonsense; Guess we know that hillary has you toting her loaded “Depends”.

The Truth

I guess that would be better than being grouped, fondled and viewed as an “object’. And as far as “idiotic spew”, you better stock up your cave/hole in the ground for the next 8 years MINIMALLY since the GOP is going to cease to exist as you losers know it. Once Paul “I need a spine” Ryan is booted out on his ASS, who do you have to turn to then, another “progressive”that fell out of the same nest? Face it honey, the warming of the planet is true, Yes, man did land on the moon and the Repukicans are… Read more »

Tim Lenz

You & Killary can both spread the lie that that folks on the right all all racist while you are murdering American babies in their mother’s wombs & dressing in your white clown gowns, hanging innocent black men in the back woods…when will the Demoncrats stop kicking the black man in the nuts & give them the rights of citizenship they deserve? You are all a bunch of nasty greedy liers who are among the most hateful people on Earth


I find it ironic that gun owners are turning on Fox. The organization that Mama Grizzly herself advocated as not being part of the “lamestream media” is now being attacked as part of that very same MSM. While I think Kelly is attractive and I can enjoy the photos of her in lingerie I’m not sure how that photo at the beginning of the article relates to criticism of her as a journalist. Hell, I can’t stand to watch Fox “news” because it is so partisan. I don’t think there is any way that you could classify it as liberal.… Read more »


Here’s another word that should e jettisoned: “Info-tainment”.
The Fourth Estate has been sold at auction. As another “Info-tainer” noted, it is the public’s appetite for “free” news service that has spawned the for-profit MSM’s use of click-bait to draw readers. Reporters gotta eat too. But that means competition for advertisement $$ and those advertisers equate quantity of clicks to effectiveness of $$ spent. Headlines have to be splashy and emotive to garner views; veracity of content is less important.

Jeff Dusti

Did Mr. Trump say anything sexist about her or her crooked nose. I guess being the nice guy I am, I would let her blow me out back. But that’s it! F you Megan Jeff D. Shirley, Ma.


She got the nose from talking when she should’a been listening….some girls like to be confrontational, y’know.

Roy F. Wilt

Damn Straight!!!!!!!!!!!!


I refer to them collectively as the “Presstitutes of the LameStream EneMedia,” who would have fit in perfectly in Pravda and Novosti during Soviet days, carrying out AGITPROP (agitation & propaganda).


Megan Kelly really turned out to be a bitch with this election cycle!!

Doug Eisele

Could it be a problem with her other cycles?



Dennis Day

You said the truth over and over. Pathetic how deceitful the press is.Very liberal biased.
The police shooting in Ferguson was a perfect example. Brown was a saint, a model American
gunned down by the SS. Sad event but the truth was nowhere in the press.