‘Miss Sloane’ Spins Astroturfer as Underdog Opponent of Ruthless ‘Gun Lobby’

By David Codrea

This certainly looks unbiased and fair! Just what Heartland America wants to see after sending Hillary packing, right? [“Miss Sloane” Facebook photos]

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- We didn’t want the film being adopted by one side or the other of the argument, because it isn’t a polemic. … I don’t think — the film is not political in its intent,” John Madden, the British director of “Miss Sloane” tells The Washington Post about his “gun control” lobbyist story. The film, which opened in limited release on Nov. 26, hopes to build on its $131,661 box office take (as of Dec. 6) as it expands to 1,600 theaters in wide release this weekend.

It’s no surprise that other comments made by Madden to the media, as well as the messages in the film itself, contradict his assurances of neutrality.

“You just don’t really understand how it’s possible, one catastrophe after another,”  Madden admitted out of the other side of his mouth. “The failure of any legislative response that had any meaning … it’s quite amazing; the stranglehold over that policy that one part of the argument has, one vested interest has.”

All the cliché deceptions offered by the citizen disarmament lobby make their way into the script as Miss Sloane (Jessica Chastain) takes on a seemingly all-powerful “gun lobby” with unlimited finances to push for a waiting period/background check bill.  Not that those infringements will be “enough.”

How the pro-rights argument is portrayed [YouTube trailer screen capture].
And not that the true nature of that “gun lobby,” individual gun owners finding strength in unity, as opposed to the Bloomberg billionaire’s club funding Astroturf media campaigns, is a point of focus. That is, except to show a stereotype fat cat “conservative” make a threatening shooting gesture as he brags “There’s over five million of us, and we’re armed.”

“Any head case, felon or terrorist can buy an assault rifle from a gun show, the internet or his buddy at the Bowl-O-Rama without so much as an ID,” Social Justice Warrior Sloane lectures the boss she turns coat on. In other words, “mental health” and “no fly/no buy” due process suspensions are next, along with a semi-auto ban, because prior restraints, ending private sales and creating a de facto registry of who owns what just won’t do the trick. That dealers at gun shows do the paperwork and that you can’t complete a transfer over the internet are left conveniently unsaid, although the swipe at flyover America by a Beltway elitist comes through loud and clear.

Naturally, considering who he’s writing for, Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper positively gushes over the “big juicy treat,” and assures readers “Miss Sloane” is championing “a moderate gun control measure that wouldn’t infringe on basic Second Amendment rights but would merely install some common-sense vetting measures.”

Other reviews are more dispassionate, with some critics calling it “a mess.” Surprisingly, the most honest assessment of the film’s reason for being comes from a Bloomberg News headline:

Can She Take Away America’s Guns? Miss Sloane Gives It a Try

So much for the often-parroted lie that no one is talking about doing that.

It looks like those behind the film, like everyone else in the “progressive” media bubble, were counting on a Hillary win, and on celebratory fervor for more citizen disarmament. Those they peg as Bowl-O-Rama patrons have shattered that illusion for the time being, but the denial among gun-grabbers is strong. Otherwise they’d have to admit all those red areas on the map reject their “superior sophistication” and see them for the control freaks they are.

“Miss Sloane” will be another test of receptivity to “progressive” ideology. How well it recoups production costs ought to be a bellwether for producer Harvey Weinstein, to see if he’ll ever pull the trigger on his threat to “make gun owners wish they’re not alive after I’m done with them.”

So far, going on three years after that boast, Harvey remains all talk. How “Miss Sloane” fares with movie-goers this weekend should indicate if his investors will make sure he stays that way.


UPDATE: After two weeks of limited release and its wide release opening weekend, this film has only recovered 1/9 of the production costs despite all that free publicity — and it will only go downhill from here. So much for “grassroots demand,” which is not a story those who would control the narrative wish to see advanced.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Stephen Culbertson

I bet this will be the biggest box office failure in many years – who wants to see this kind of pure crap and I’m sure it will be boycotted by anyone who owns a gun


Boycott this “movie”, the ones responsible for it, and those that star in it. Tell everyone that it is the same liberal lies and BS they have been using for years. Protest this “movie”. Write your opinions about this piece of trash. People need to see that we are not giving up or slowing down our fight to keep our freedoms.


I am going to steal a norm mcdonald joke and point out that the wrong title was chosen. It should have been called “box office poison.”


While the director went on and on about not wanting the film to be claimed and not having provided scripts to advocacy groups, the Brady Campaign came out yesterday gushing about how they were consultants on the film.



Hilarious how hollywood released this with the idea of hillary winning and disarming the rubes in flyover country. Too bad the people stood up and revolted against the crooked hollywood and dc elite!

Kevin Donohue

The old adage “timing is everything” was obviously in play here as Hollywood and the anti-gunners figured to celebrate a Hillary victory as she shredded our 2A rights…. Big Surprise for them! This is more of the same crap bullet points/lies now on film. As we prepare for National Reciprocity and more Constitutional Carry States the 2 coasts and island of Illinois still dont/won’t get it- ever.


I bought my first pistol just over a month ago in Illinois. In addition to needing a FOID card and having to get an updated Driver’s License with a current home-address to be able to actually take my gun home (getting the Driver’s License is a story all on its own) I had to fill out a DETAILED background check which made me wonder if I was filling out an application to work for the NSA, or something. At the end of it all, I would not have been surprised if my friendly neighborhood gun dealer Mike would have had… Read more »


In NJ it takes 3 months for your PERMIT TO PURCHASE A HANDGUN IS APPROVED. We can’t have a taser, pepper spray, stun gun, baton, knife, slingshot or BB gun for self defense.


The Brits seem to think they are better and smarter than we are. The truth is that we have surpassed them in so many different fields it is beyond their comprehension. We do not need their help because they are sheeple commanded by a queen and that costs them a lot to keep the royal tripe in all it’s glory. They could sell tickets to the public to tour that castle and maybe get some of their costs back. London even has a Muslim for a mayor. Now tell me, do we need to listen to any of their far… Read more »


Some WW2 history. If it wasn’t for the U.S. the ‘Brits’ would never have become a ‘Nuclear Power’ when they did. Churchill didn’t want to share the technology with the Russians even though they were an ally against Hitler. The ‘Cold War’ and the ‘Arms Race’ actually began when Stalin got ‘paranoid’ about the U.S. and Britain denying Russia the technology.


And it wasn’t for the Brits who developed radar, broke the German codes, how much longer would ww2 have lasted? If it were not for the British fortitude and will standing up to the Germans how would we have been able to launch D day from British soil? Don’t go knocking the British in WW2 and their abilities. They have their gun issues but never had the likes of the NRA nor did they ever have the benifit of our 2nd amendment. We can not nor should we berate the entire British Government because of one or even a few… Read more »


You should be speaking german, but the USA solved that problem for gb, you welcome

Wayne Clark

Just wait & see though. This movie will be touted by the liberal critics as the most revealing, heads-on docudrama the world has ever seen. Their headlines will promote the REAL mentality of the American people & their view on gun control & how the conservative neanderthals have ooh, ooh, aah, aahed their push on “keepin’ our guns”, ahead of logical & rational government oversight. Nevermind, that this has nothing to do with confiscation concerns but of trying to slowly & methodically undermine our constitution & how we refuse to allow that to happen. That…& it’s none of their f#%king… Read more »

Stephen Culbertson

the best reaction to this movie made by ant-gun idiots will be when no one goes to see it – I can’t imagine anyone wasting money on this totally contrived bullshirt

Roy D.

This movie will serve at least one good purpose. That is to remind people that we have enemies out there and they are not imagined, they are real. And they will not stop until they achieve their goal which is the disarming of the citizens of the US. There can be no “deals” made, no quarter given, because they are ruthless and relentless in their desire. So stay strong and wise, for this struggle is as old as man.


I suppose I should spend my hard earned money and go see this tripe just so I will refresh my memory of just how ignorant the left is about the constitutional liberties we have in America and how important they are to everyone who lives here. But I won’t because I don’t want them to misunderstand my curiosity as support for what they are trying to do. With that being said I think it is important to understand the intent of the movie; to help President Clinton squash the constitution especially the second amendment. Sorry, but you guys didn’t win… Read more »

Captain Witold Pilecki

The movie will bomb, but will somehow end up making money through some sort of influx of OPM (Other Peoples Money). Maybe a grant from the NEA, for its “artistic” value. They better get it done before Sheriff Trump gets to town!

odinn odinnsson

the brits just do not get it do they ,i guess their generations of taking orders from their betters has destroyed there will to think for them self’s. they however live in a violent society which rewards the strong and punishes the weak old or helpless .just look at the number of violent assaults and stabbings in gb .i have never understood why people blame a tool instead of the perpetrator .their logic always has seemed to elude me . i wish they would keep their views to themselves and their nation and not try to export their foolishness to… Read more »


Another failed British flick…. Ironic how the British continually push their idiot gun ban crap over here. No one over there has the BALLS to fight and end it so the Brits push the envelope and try to do the same here………. WE aren’t weak kneed sissy Brits over here, remember…. WE KICKED YOUR ASS, and your views are not followed OR appreciated in OUR country. So, John Madden, take your movie, shove it up your ass, and row back to the U.K. DICKBAG !


@Rock – The Brit who directed “Miss Sloane” is just trying to ‘soften’ us up before the ‘English’ make another attempt at recapturing ‘The Colonies’. LOL

Cap'n Dave

All strong men, know , admire, respect and love women, but sometimes we get a little tired of the Left incesssantly pointing out our Cro-magnum-ism.

This ultra-lib actress single-handedly ruined the movie “Oh-Dark-Thirty” for me…. portraying the indomitable FEMALE CIA analyst who (surrounded by incompetent, clueless, dithering men) single-handedly grabbed Bin Laden by the collar. With a teensy-little assist from Team Six. (Did I mention FEMALE?!!)


From the proms I’ve see this is the biggest piece of crap to come out of Hollywood in years!


And the very best we can do is pass along what boat load of manure this film is; bias, poorly maid, even panned by Bloomberg News. The sweetest revenge is seeing their bottom line plunge.


Geez I hate auto correct and writing this stuff on the fly. My apologies for the misspelling and grammar.


Happens to us all, Only the grammar NAZI care!

Wild Bill

@Mac, Hmm, I have read much of Vann’s written work. So when an error occurs, I know that it is not a reflection on his mental processes, disrespect for his audience, or ignorance of the English language. Other writers, almost universally liberal and you know who they are, neither understand the use of the language, respect their audience, nor use logic to get to their conclusions. In those cases, overlooking their disrespect for their audience is as bad as overlooking their illogical conclusions.


Good of you to highlight this. I caught the trailer on TV, and it sounded like gun-hatred.


Gun hatred is to be expected from the leftists in Hollywood. Flat out lying should be rejected by every fair minded American, regardless of political affiliation. Unfortunately, ignorance about firearms purchases is not limited to liberal quarters. I have witnessed Bill O’Reilly spout on about “people buying bazookas on the internet.” Those of us who believe in our rights, guaranteed by our Constitution, need to keep being informative without getting all emotional, like those on the other side of the issue. “Miss Sloane” will be an epic fail and Weinstein will move on to other liberal progressive agendas.

Wild Bill

I know that it is hard to believe, but I will not be spending my money on this tripe.


What a total waste. I think it’s funny that this movie was made to celebrate Hillary’s um, victory and start the propaganda. Now it is only going to air at first in New York and California, according to the ads I saw last night. They KNOW this is gonna be a flop, just not how big, and want to test the waters in the most agreeable areas. Hey, good luck with that!


The stream of Hollywood anti-rights propaganda disguised as ‘entertainment’ never stops flowing!