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U.S.A.-( This weekend’s Armed American Radio National “Monstercast” welcomed another new affiliate in Delta, UT at KYAH 540 AM! It’s always a blast to welcome new listeners to the gigantic program, and I can assure you there are more to come soon. That’s on the heels of last week’s newest additions of Raleigh and Knoxville on three more big talkers.

Okay, this week saw Alan Gottlieb, and I do what we always do…Educate, Inform and Entertain you with the information you need as a law-abiding, responsible American gun owner. Alan told us about the latest cases working their way through the courts focusing on this Thursday’s hearing in front of the ninth circuit with himself and Alan Gura. Tune in for the beautiful details! We did discuss his latest appearance in a Time Magazine piece that has attracted the attention of 60 Minutes. Alan will keep you informed as this develops.

Following Alan, I spoke with self-defense and 2A attorney, Timothy Forshey from the Phoenix area. Tim is an amazing guy with a giant resume defending your rights, and as usual, the segments with the lawyers are some of my most popular, and it was so good, I asked him back on the live radio, and he agreed to re-join me in the third hour. Enjoy this weekend segment of “Legalese” on AAR!

AWR Hawkins from Breitbart News does as he always does. He brings it. As my weekly AAR political and “Happy Ending” analyst, Dr. Hawkins is a fan favorite. Every week we bring his Breitbart News columns to life on air. Never miss this segment.

Hour three saw the return of a very close friend of mine, Dr. John Edene joined the broadcast to discuss and elaborate on hospitals as soft terror targets and the Doc V. Glocks fiasco recently upheld by the 11th circuit.

Another dynamite Armed American Radio national broadcast in the books. Find out why AAR is one of America’s fastest growing radio shows.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

About Armed American Radio:

Armed American Radio is one of the fastest growing, nationally syndicated, radio programs in America. Heading into his 9th year on national radio, host Mark Walters educates, informs and entertains millions of responsibly armed Americans, six days per week. Make sure to visit to listen live or find a station near you.

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Walters any relation to the ex radio and current TDC podcaster from Detroit?