Stop Bigotry Against Law Abiding, Armed America

By Rob Morse : Opinion

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Stop Bigotry Against Law Abiding, Armed America
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

USA –-(  We have a name for it when the majority of us blame an innocent minority.  It is called bigotry.

The non-gun owning majority of US adults blames legal gun owners for wrongs that armed america didn’t commit.  Armed america is blamed for social ills they didn’t cause, and for which they may, in fact, be part of the solution.  Recent polls show how bigoted the majority of us are.  I wrote about these differences and the source of the misperception between disarmed and armed america.

How should we stop this bigotry against legal gun owners?

We must first recognize that this is not an argument about facts and figures.  Licensed gun owners are the most law abiding and non-violent segment of our population. This argument is about how gun-owners are perceived by unarmed america.  The defense of armed america must start with those who create the false perception of gun owners.  We have to stop the stream of hateful lies and disparaging comments.

Gun Owner Bigotry In The News

The majority of unarmed urban Americans don’t own guns and don’t have friends who do.  They get their impressions from the fake news media. They see a series of crime reports and think legal gun ownership leads to criminal violence and mass murder.

Action: Ask your local paper to run articles that accurately report some of the thousands of justified self-defense events that happen every day.

Gun Owner Bigotry In Entertainment

There are a lot of cop shows and crime dramas.  They portray competent and attractive government agents using guns.  Armed citizens are usually shown as unattractive and incompetent.

Action: Write in to the shows and tell them they are promoting bigotry against armed america.  Repost your comment on social media.

Gun Owner Bigotry In The Courts

We maliciously prosecute non-violent gun owners who have inadvertently and non-violently violated one of our 23 thousand gun laws.

Action: Vote against judges and attorneys who prosecute these innocent gun owners.  Acquit these gun owners when you’re called onto a jury.  More than one-out-of-12 of us have a gun in the home.

Gun Owner Bigotry From Our Legislators

Whats Your Plan?
Whats Your Plan?

Eliminate the laws that treat legal gun owners as second class citizens.  Why do we have to pay a tax to exercise a human right?  This bigotry largely effects and deliberately disarms the poor.

Action: Ask your legislators why are we deliberately excluded from schools, churches, and some lunch counters?

Gun Owner Bigotry From Commerce And Culture

Avoid “gun-free” zones.  You wouldn’t do business with a store that excluded blacks or Catholics, so why are you doing business with someone who excludes legally armed Americans?

Action: Go to another store, theater, or sports complex.  Also, find a new merchant if your bank, grocery store or credit card company donates to gun bigoted organizations.

There are a thousand ways to end this bigotry.

I’ve given you my ideas, but you are many and I am one.  What else can we do to change hearts and minds?


About Rob Morse
The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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“The revolution will not be televised.” At least not by PMSNBC or CNN(Clinton News Network).

Wild Bill

Morse, Good thoughts. We need to fight back in intellectual ways. I used to encounter the hard core, can not be reasoned with anti Second Amendment Civil Rights dullards. I would say “Why do you hate school teachers and school children so much? Why do you hate deer so much?” and so on. They were stunned.
Now, here in Texas, I’ve never been so safe. Everyone carries a gun. My librarian carries a gun. My governor carries a gun. I know a nun that carries a gun! No arguing either.


Yes Wild Bill I love our Lone Star State! Just spent a lovely evening in downtown Fort Worth with my bride. I carry, she carries and I am sure quite a few of the thoisands around sundance square were armed. Polite people every where we we went. Felt very safe. We walked for blocks and blocks after dinner. We are blessed to be Texans! Remember The Alamo!

Clark Kent

‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said.

Wild Bill

If I owned Texas and Detroit city, I would rent out Texas and live in Detroit? Ah.. no… that does not compute. Nuff said.


Why should I even have to go to a different store because some store owner makes the personal decision to violate my constitutional rights. I say go to those establishments, armed, and let them deny you service because you are armed. Then sue them the same way gays and lesbians sue service providers for being denied service because they are exercising their own constitutional right to be gay. Shut the business down and take their money in the process. Enough is enough. You cannot hang a sign in the window and call it okay to deny one’s rights.


You are not a protected class under the law so don’t be dumb about it. Simply take your money elsewhere. They are a private business and have the right to serve whom they wish, at least that’s the way it should be. There have been businesses that have suffered, some have changed their policies, some have gone out of business. If we believe, as Conservatives, that a private business should be able to do what he wants, within the law, then we support his decision. Money talks and BS walks.


“They are a private business and have the right to serve whom they wish…” Tell that to the shitdicks and ACLU.

Clark Kent

AMEN! Ca$h talks loud! Just be sure you inform the owner/manager why you are taking your business elsewhere.


Hoo – f**king – ray, It’s about GD time somebody actually said it like that. Straight up, straight out we are being discriminated against unfairly, unconstitutionally, everywhere, all the time in more ways than you can possibly count. Why do we put up with it? Why in God’s name have we never gone on the rampage of suing for discrimination as recommended above, why in the hell do we not do just exactly that? What an absolutely brilliant suggestion. Now we need to figure out how to organize it into a class action national lawsuit. I would love to hear… Read more »

Bill N.

My thought is that those against guns should be made to live in Europe for a while where the gun laws are very strict. When something like what happened in Paris happens again and people are running for their lives just remember the video clip of the woman running across the street and hiding under a table. A terrorist came up to thee table took aim and his AK47 misfired. The only reason that woman survived was a malfunction of the weapon. No police presence saved her. If we had those same anti gun laws here don’t you think we… Read more »


A couple of points: 1. You will never reason with people like Linda Sarsour and Shannon Watts. They are paid very well by Bloomberg even though Watts professes that she was just a mom folding laundry at home when she got the idea for the Mad Mommies. You’ll never convince them or the ideologues that follow them. Your goal should be the casual peripheral viewer or reader of their propaganda. 2. Letters to the editor are great as long as you DON’T use the worn out phrases or get abusive. Use facts to defeat the other side “…Ms Watts stated… Read more »

Odysseus M Tanner

How about we point out that bigotry in any form is not okay? What we have here is a form of politically correct bigotry where people feel there’s safety in numbers and that they are not really bigots. We must deny them this safety and this fiction.

Rusty Chains

Rob, I like your idea! We should all start referring to the gun “safety” crowd as bigots in favor of gun control. Pushing back is good, but pushing back with attitude is better!


One Barry Sottoroe. Or, whatever his name is.


I believe the proper term is, “His Most Illustrious and Dear Leader.”
Or Dear Leader for short. The Plebs will learn eventually. Probably after the oceans are lowered or something.

Wild Bill

@hippy Soetorro. Barry Soetorro.