Women’s March on NRA a Manipulated, Financed Exercise in Fabricated Rage

By David Codrea

Linda Sarsour leads the raging hijab-wearing jihadists for demanding infringements contingent. (Screenshot of video on Women’s March Twitter feed)
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “The NRA Is Playing a Deadly Game in Labeling the Left as Violent,” (immigrant from Dubai and proud granddaughter of the founder of the Communist Party in India) Sonali Kolhatkar writes in Common Dreams (“Breaking news and views for the progressive community”). The purpose of her smear piece is to introduce her readers to the so-called “Women’s March on NRA,” a 17-mile trek from National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax, VA, to the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

The tactics she employs are familiar ones – accusing people she opposes of that which the subversive left employs as standard operating procedure. That and to get some mileage over a fabricated fisting controversy.

MILMs (Moms I’d Like to Mock)

For those who haven’t heard about the march, how could you not have? The media, desperate to take a slap at NRA and Donald Trump (and to be showered with the respect and trust they feel they deserve), is pulling out all the stops to treat it like a watershed political event – instead of a misfit gathering of assorted frustrated harridans,  lunatic leftists, and cud-chewing useful idiot MILMs.

Just look at all the coverage.

Considering that, along with gun-grabber assurances that most of America is just begging for gun bans (if not for that mean old NRA  and racist, xenophobic and homophobic hick white men), you’d think the marcher numbers would appear more like an army than a fire drill.

It’s curious that a focus of the marcher’s wrath is on a woman, Dana Loesch.  Indeed, economist and author John Lott observes that significant numbers of women own guns and even voted for Donald Trump. But that, of course, can be no more tolerated than a black Republican, and anyone daring to defect from groupthink needs to be vilified. So it would more accurately be described as the Manipulated Leftist Women’s March. Left unstated is who is doing the manipulation and why.

It’s also curious how supportive the marchers are of Philando Castile, seeing that the concealed carrier was killed by a police officer (unjustly, some of us thought, and who also thought NRA should have exhibited leadership). Just don’t be fooled by the deception that what they want is for NRA to “equally defend the Second Amendment rights of all people.” To Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory that equates to stronger gun owner controls over everybody (and wait until you read her back story). And don’t look for the marchers to reconcile undermining the true egalitarian power sharing only possible through an armed citizenry and then demanding laws to ensure police are the “only ones” bearing arms.

A slogan that guarantees no one will be safe.

It would also be remiss to not mention the disconnect between stated goals of “feminists” and the fact that they’re being led by Linda Sarsour, a daughter of Palestinian immigrants and promoter of non-assimilation and jihad who has attacked a survivor of Islamist female genital mutilation. This is who wants you disarmed.

In order to do that, they’ll make up all kinds of accusations to brand you as a hater, and to therefore somehow delegitimize your entitlement to rights. And of course, to transfer power back to the Democrats so the agenda of citizen disarmament and cultural terraforming can be resumed (you’d think NRA would finally get that and stop hiding behind a “single issue” deflection that enables it).

If you really want to make the gals howl in self-righteous rage, just show them what you’re trying to prevent (after reading appropriate caveats) and what they’re all but guaranteeing if they get their way. You’d think the evil that’s being enabled would be well understood by one of the main Women’s March backers:

George Soros
Follow the money.

“Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Women’s March? Turns out, it’s quite significant.”

Who thinks he doesn’t understand it well?

And who’s up for some “common sense gun safety laws”? After all, no one’s talking about taking your guns!

Are they?

Follow the lunacy by keeping up with developments via the Women’s March Twitter feed.

UPDATE: And they have armed security!

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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As nearly as I can determine from the articles posted, attendance at the Women’s March hovered somewhere about 1,000 participants. That doesn’t say much for it being a “Women’s” march. I’ve seen far more women turn out for a crafts show. The coverage was selective and limited, focused on the hot button issues pushed by Linda Sarsour and her ilk. The participants presumably marched for women’s rights and freedoms, but conveniently disregarded that Ms. Sarsour advocates Sharia Law as THE law to control all women. The movement followed her lead on the NRA commercial, never even considering the facts of… Read more »


Perhaps they are just trying to gather a very large crowd and then suicide bomb the hell out of them.


Why would she come here and leave her fellow infidels of Palestine persuasion. I will bet it has something to do with implementing anarchy among the general population to allow an easier takover by the moslems. Also wonder if she has been mutilated, or if she is just cosmetically challenged!


And of course…money…someone is paying her to do this!


After all, no one’s talking about taking your guns! Are they? well, not in the past week, anyway, except in California. But I suspect most here reading this will recall a few classic lines like “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in”. Other equally infamous harpies have made similar declarations whilst holding positionsas “ministers” of the public “trust”…. And the actions of many expose their clear intention to “take them all”, as well… I’m thinking of Holder and the kinyun, and their plan to traffic thousands of guns into the hands of Mexican droguistas, in the certain ope that… Read more »


This is why immigration is the most important issue of all. If we keep importing third world savages hostile to western civilization and its basic freedoms and rights we will eventually be ouvoted by nutjobs. Email and call your senators and congressmen and demand a border wall, end to sanctuary cities, end to h1b visas, and e verify.

Victor Wittmann

You are evil, despicable and disgusting. You have the blood of innocent children on your hands. I wish that I could tear your head off your body and take a crap down your throat. The world would be better off if you were dead. I wish you the worst that could possibly happen to you. A gun will end you.

Heed the Call-up

Victor, to whom is your post directed? Sonali Kolhatkar? Linda Sarsour? or the writer of this column, David Codrea?


Vic’. You’re a sick and evil person. You need help.


Victor’s day job is probably performing abortions.

Dana King

Quite the violent fantasies you have there, Victor.


You can’t make violent threats like that on this site!


Victor, people like you are why I have to carry a sidearm.

Elizabeth Patterson

Read Baba Vanga prediction. You will see who is really behind the invasion. The POPE , is behind the destruction of Christianity.


That’s insulting to good cockroaches everywhere. She’s actually more akin to a dung beetle.


@HB – Now you are insulting the beetle. They are on the lowest social rung and work hard at cleaning up other’s s##t.


Ammoland took my post down because they must have not liked the idea that I said if muslims do not like our customs and they way we live, they can go somewhere else.
I don’t think I called them anything worse than the other posts I see here.
What’s ok for some is not ok for all?


Sounds like ammoland has taken down more than one of your posts–
I don’t like or need ammoland ‘protecting me’ by censoring comments,
guess I’ll find my news elsewhere

Roy D.

Don’t feel alone, it happens frequently.


If they are that hateful about this country and it’s ways then I have one solution for them, Get the hell out of here. It is our country and they can take their muslum ways and misgivings and go back to where they came from or induce their plague on some other land. They should have stayed in England or Germany because the government in those countries are more passive than we are. Anytime I see a woman with a burka I instantly go on guard because you know you can’t trust them or their slimey male counterparts. Yes taking… Read more »

Timothy K. Toroian

Only really ignorant people march in favor of abortion and against firearms, which guarantee their “right” to an abortion. And I mean ignorant as in the dictionary.

Robert DeZinna

What fools these women’s march people especially with Linda Sarsour leading them it’s like a bad joke without the punchline!


I wonder when our dear Linda protested and marched against ISIS and radical Muslim beheadings, killings, rape and violence? Oh now I figured it out. She wants to disarm America so that those previously mentioned groups can take over America with those tactics and with no fear of reprisals from those they chose to oppress.


Never has. Make no mistake, Sarsour is merely one of the stealth jihadists who use propaganda and lawfare in an attempt to install Islam as the ruling authority. I have no doubt that, should she decide that violence would be more effective, she would gleefully remove some heads just like the rest of the radical Muslims.

Dr. Strangelove

Dave, you misspelled “fornicated rage” in the headline.

Richard L

Linda Sarsour aka: Cockroach