Legislative Resolution Opposes Civil Rights for Those Visiting California

Concealed Carry
Legislative Resolution Opposes Civil Rights for Those Visiting California

Firearms Policy CoalitionSACRAMENTO, CA-(Ammoland.com)- Asm. Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) is asking the California State Legislature once again express their contempt for civil rights with the introduction of Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 24.

AJR 24 voices the Legislature’s opposition to current efforts in congress to pass “concealed carry reciprocity” legislation (S. 446 and H.R. 38) and any other similar legislation because it would require all states to recognize the concealed carry licenses of other states, creating equity for all when it comes to exercising the constitutional right to bear arms.

“This is not the first time the California Legislature has expressed their complete and utter disregard civil rights” stated Craig DeLuz, Spokesman for the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC). “California has a long and tortured history with using gun laws to pick winners and losers instead of supporting equality and civil rights for all.”

The first gun control law passed in California, AB 80 was enacted in 1854. It was, “An Act to prevent the sale of firearms and ammunition to the Indians in this State.” In 1924 the Hawes Act was enacted to prevent Hispanics and Chinese from obtaining firearms. It also modified California’s concealed carry permit program to allow local law enforcement to subjectively discriminate in the issuance of permits under the guise of “discretion”, a practice that continues to this day.

Under California law, even if a law abiding resident passes thorough federal, state and local background checks, successfully completes specified training, which includes the law relating to use of force, and demonstrates competency with their firearm, they can still be turned down by the local sheriff or police chief for absolutely no objective reason at all.

Then there was the Mulford Act of 1967, which banned the right to openly carry a loaded firearm. This measure was meant to disarm civil rights activists groups like the Black Panthers.

“Gun control in California has always seemed to be about keeping unfavored groups of people from owning, possessing or bearing firearms”, said DeLuz. “ In AJR 24, the unfavored group of people are those who visit here from states that actually respect the second amendment rights of their residents.”

AJR 24 has been referred to the Assembly Public Safety Committee, where FPC plans to vigorously oppose it. “California is not an island and needs to respect the rights of all Americans.” said DeLuz, “We understand that they don’t respect the rights of their own residents. But now they want to export their discriminatory policies to all 50 states.”

No hearing date has been set for either the Congressional bills or AJR 24.

About the Firearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition (www.firearmspolicy.org) is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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Re the expressed hope in your third sentence, the best of British luck to you sir, dream on.


There are way to many people there that are not natural Americans and they do not understand our history and principles. They think they have to regulate every thing we do and think. I hope they stay on the coast and do not bother we in the red states. Maybe kim jong could help eliminate them or an earthquake sink kommiefornia into the ocean. It is a lost cause unless someone can reeducate the next generation to think more like Americans, and that I really doubt.


The California Democrat party is “unhinged”.
Hah, I used the fake news favorite word.


A large can and suitable signage might be prominently displayed at the borders of California. Entering California, Deposit Civil/Constitutional Rights In Can. SImilar signage and containers should be located at the borders of several other states too, think New York, New Jersey, Conn., readers may add to the above listing as they see fit.

Roy F. Wilt

Just do not visit there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry Brickey

The new PRC.

Old Jarhead

Don’t go behind the Orange Curtain. Don’t spend your money there and support the corruption.

joe martin

Wait for it, Illegals, politicians and minorities will be exempt.

Big Lou

They already are. It’s the good citizens of the United States of America that are not.


You omitted two other prominent groups — criminals and terrorists are, and always have been exempt (in practice) from any and all firearm restriction legislation.


Funny you noticed that.

Wild Bill

It is just another attempt to keep white people out of Ca. They want Ca. back. When Ca gets rid of the illegal aliens that are voting in their elections, then they will get their legislature and state back.

Gregory Romeu

But THAT would call for.the whites to get up off their collective, complacent assets and actually DO SOMETHING about the situation?


And when, prey tell, was the last time that happened? Oh, let me help….NEVER! California now wants to pass a law mandating jail time for using the wrong gender pronoun. They’re progressing as fast as they can from gun control to speech control. You can bet the next step will be thought control. Conservative Californians (all dozen of them) can scream all they want about how they’re going to take back the State, they are not. California is a failed and lost entity and those who can are leaving as quickly as they can. Those who simply can’t, for one… Read more »


this aint about gun control, speech control, rights control….. its about “CONTROL” simpliciter.

The nannies are alive and well within the boundaries of that wretched state…. and they are all riled up and antsy because their knickers are all up in a twist, making them mighty uncomfortable. And they, being the “generous” souls they be, want to share the wealth…..

Gregory Romeu

All I hear are the crickets?

Kenneth Waggoner

I wonder if this was all applied to the First Amendment, would that be ok????


if it was applied to the first amendment, you would not be permitted to wonder in public


Those running the CA legislature take it upon themselves to *pick and choose* which Amendments in the Bill of Rights that *they* think should be honored. Clearly the 1st and 2nd Amendments are getting short shrift in CA — most CA politicians (those from the 3 metro areas, which are a majority, population- and vote-wise) think that the 2A should be interpreted with intermediate scrutiny (in direct defiance of the _Heller_ Supreme Court ruling that calls for strict scrutiny), and they also think that those with other viewpoints can and should be silenced, so they vilify everyone who leans centrist… Read more »


Don’t worry, laddie….. it already has been and will be even more.