Editors Show Blindness to History, Hypocrisy on Guns Over Voter Background Checks

By David Codrea

By following up on reports of voter fraud and attempting to ensure eligible American citizens aren’t disenfranchised, Kris Kobach has become a target for “progressive” apparatchiks and flacks. (Kris Kobach/Facebook)
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- The voting commission for which Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach serves as vice chair is considering a proposal to subject voters to the same background checks as gun owners,” The Kansas City Star Editorial Board complained Monday. “Because ballots are at least as scary as bullets.”

They were attempting to discredit President Donald Trumps’ voting commission, and going to the predictable and worn Alinsky Rule 5 playbook. That’s because ridicule is easy and cheap. But in this case, it’s also pretty close to the truth in spite of the snark.

Ballots can end up being scarier, as they can result in ambition über alles politicians being rewarded with power. That power in turn can result in edicts being enacted and judges being appointed who will uphold them even when it’s obvious the Founders would have deemed them tyrannical. As is demonstrable to anyone with an honest mind and an eye toward history, the leading cause of human misery and death has been and is democide. And as Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has amply demonstrated, much of that has been enabled and abetted through citizen disarmament.

The “progressive” luminaries at The Star would no doubt howl at that. Their hostility toward the right of the people to keep and bear arms is demonstrably ingrained, and besides, thinking we are part of history is just nuts, right?  Still, before automatically dismissing concerns about real tyranny enveloping a way of life almost everyone takes for granted, take a look around at the multitude of potentially cataclysmic threats facing us, natural and man-made. Then consider all the vulnerabilities and what it would take to cause long-term catastrophic disruptions with widespread lethal consequences.

Then ask yourself where in history any civilization is guaranteed permanence. Has not despotism and mass destruction plagued every civilization that preceded ours? Is it not, in fact, still commonplace throughout the globe? By what suspension of reality, by what denial of the observable and the probable, by what art, device or magic are we sheltered few immune? Are we certain, from our brief and privileged vantage point, that such things will never affect us personally?

Is it not a demonstrable act of denial to proclaim that our familiar way of life will forever be the norm, when everything that has gone before us shows we are, instead, the extremely lucky beneficiaries of a rare and fortunate convergence of circumstances? And one, by the way, that has only been preserved under force of arms?

But back to The Star and the narrative the editorial board is desperate to ensure is the dominant one: Voter fraud has been thoroughly discredited, and any attempt to ensure voter eligibility is both paranoid and racist.

Except new evidence is emerging that merits examination, as separate recent reports have emerged:

The usual “progressive news” outlets are scornfully dismissing these allegations as unfounded and ridicule-worthy, but that conclusion comes from those with a Democrat dog in the fight. Note the judge who just booted the New Hampshire case is a Democrat appointee. And note the Democrats and their media allies have a vested interest in trying to discredit Kobach, who is running for governor of Kansas. That’s a far cry from comprehensive unbiased audits adhering to strict standards and controls.

Dr. Lott Testifying On The Dangers Of Gun-Free Zones
Dr. Lott Testifying On The Dangers Of Gun-Free Zones

As for the voter background check proposal, the editorial board unintentionally undermines its own argument with an attack on economist, author and Crime Prevention Research President John Lott:

“Lott, who is a long-time opponent of gun control, argues that if background checks don’t limit the rights of gun owners, then they wouldn’t disenfranchise voters, either, would they?”

You shouldn’t ask a rhetorical question if you’re not prepared to hear the answer. And the fact of the matter is, “background checks” do limit rights of gun owners, via prior restraints, through “false positives,” and through denials to people who pose no danger but have nonetheless run afoul of draconian disarmament edicts.

As with government-issued photo IDs, how is it that requiring them somehow disenfranchises minorities from voting, but it’s suddenly not an issue when buying a gun? At least that’s the way “progressives” treat it. The gun-grabbers want everyone to vote because of a Democrat advantage with the foreign born, but they don’t want citizens to own guns.

So isn’t it hypocritical to advocate no prior restraints on gun purchases, but then turn around and require them to vote? Here’s the difference: Buying a gun affects no one else unless and until the gun owner does something to make it their business. The act of voting is an attempt to affect everyone, whether they agree with the results or not.

That’s why there is no one better qualified than Lott to address the even greater threat to gun ownership that is posed by unchecked immigration, both legal and illegal via a “pathway to citizenship” through “birthright” or by “amnesty.”  He’s more than capable of coming up with credible numbers to demonstrate why, based on all credible polls and the real world experiences of places like California, millions of foreigners, coupled with a push to make them citizens, will ultimately result in (politically) unbeatable Democrat majorities.  I wish he would, because, his “Debacle” co-author, NRA director and immigration proponent Grover Norquist, has instead focused on solidarity with Michael Bloomberg’s amnesty-pushing Partnership for a New American Economy.

Lott’s presentation referenced by The Star is posted at Whitehouse.gov.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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What a f***ing moron! Could you possibly be any more stupid?

Wild Bill

@Rebel VA, Hmmm, which of us fishing Mormons were you addressing, sir? Because for my part, well, yes, I suppose, but it would take a lot more work that I would be willing to put into it.

JorgeNorberto Pedace


A.X. Perez

I us e my Texas HCL as my voter ID. I figure the same ID should be good enough for both. Voting and owning weapons
and carry them in public are rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Wild Bill

John Lott is one brilliant son of a gun. Codrea is not to shabby either! But why is a betrayer of We the People, Grover Norquist on the NRA board? “Grover Norquist, has instead focused on solidarity with Michael Bloomberg’s amnesty-pushing Partnership for a New American Economy.”

Carlos Perdue

Codrea’s last statement is really a dare for Lott to either come out of the closet or switch to the loyal American side against over-immigration, invasion-occupation, and anchor-Democrat citizenship. John Lott fully agrees with his collaborator/co-author and fellow Left “Libertarian” Grover Norquist for “cheap labor”, deluge immigration and border subversion polices that are in the late stages of irreversibly destroying gun rights and the USA itself, along with every other conservative and Libertarian stand. So are Lott, Norquist, The “Independent” Institute, AEI or Cato really pro-gun if their subversive Left “Libertarianism” is forever locking down Democrat rule along with their… Read more »


Very beautifully stated and spot-on! I like the way that Lott was characterised in that one quote as a “long-time opponent of gun control”, as if gun control were the de facto standard. But I guess the gun grabbers wouldn’t have satisfied their audience quite so much if they’d described Lott as a “long-time supporter of the US Constitution”! 😉

Carlos Perdue

Except that Lott’s and Norquist’s Left “Libertarian” support of over-immigration and invasion-occupation are in the process of permanently destroying the Constitution. See California.


THEY SUPPORT NEITHER! Troll Where in the hell do you get this BS from?


Open your eyes and ears you celeb-worshiping ignoranus. I know them both. Moreover, Norquist openly collaborates with Bloomberg for open immigration even to the point of raising money for gun grabbers


Crickets chirping. Norquist’s collaboration with Bloomberg for open immigration and invasion-occupation-amnesty-takeover even to the point of supporting gun grabbing political candidates like Bob Dold is public information. Codrea has written about it repeatedly. And apparently you’re aware that Lott collaborates with Norquist extensively even though Norquist is an open-immigration islamophile quisling. Which means Norquist AND Lott are working for policies that are destroying the USA, and collaborating without straight up traitors.

Run Away, “Patriot”.

The Revelator

Lott I am not sure of as being an Open Borders guy, but in any case he is a Criminologist and economist. While he may work with Norquist on his tax pledge, do you have any evidence to show him sharing the other positions? Guilt by association is not enough to convict a man. Lets not go down that road. Norquist on the other hand is an entirely different animal. Carl0sPerdue, you are definitely right to call out that guy. We’ve known for years now with no wiggle room for his part, that he is in bed with the Muslim… Read more »


crickets chirping…


Since the DemocRAT-ICK communist party does not want voter ID of any kind , LET’S TIE the voter ID WITH the GUN “NICS” program. The “NICS” program has been PROVEN to have been USED ILLEGALLY by the “fbi” in one/some of their “investigations”. Let’s allow “quid-pro-qo” concerning Voting IDs and Gun Purchasing IDs as the same issue. Let them be TIED-AT-THE-HIPS as long as the ANTI-gunners = GUN-CONTROLLERS, do not want voter ID. Which, by the way, does NOT adversely affect Americans, no matter how “poor” or destitute they happen to be at a given point in time. IDs MUST… Read more »


@Laddyboy, the fact that democrats love NICS for gun purchases and hate the idea for voter registration proves their hypocracy. The democrats and rinos have lied so often they have convinced themselves. I wonder how they can look themselves in the mirror and not be repulsed.



Simple as that.