Hawaii Opposition to Concealed Carry not Just Over Reciprocity

By David Codrea

It’s not that the Hawaii’s “progressive” state government is against guns—they just want to be the ones in complete control of them. (Honolulu Police Department Specialized Services)

Ammoland Shooting SportsUSA – -(Ammoland.com)- “Attorney General Doug Chin joined a coalition of 17 attorneys general in forcefully opposing the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, arguing that the ill-conceived legislation would override local public safety decisions and endanger communities and police,” a Monday press release announced. “The legislation (H.R. 38 / S. 446) would force states to recognize concealed carry weapon permits from other states.”

Not all are fans of “progressive” rule. (Hawaii Republican Assembly)

“Hawaii lawmakers already made decisions about firearms and public safety that best serve our state,” Chin claimed. “We will resist any efforts by the federal government to turn our state into the Wild West and strip Hawaii residents of the protections passed by our state leaders.”

That lie again. Blood in the streets. Dodge City over fender benders.

Reality has shown such “predictions” to have been nothing but fallacies intended to spook the herd for over 20 years now. But that doesn’t stop the gun-grabbers from parroting phony talking points, especially when they can count on ignorant constituents dumb enough to cede their rights to scoundrels.

And notice the “home rule” argument is always a one-way street with these characters. You never hear them complaining about federal infringements, only about when the heavy hand eases up.

The truth is, in defiance of federal and state Constitutions, Hawaii officials demand the enforcers be the “Only Ones” authorized to bear arms. According to advocate George Pace, a one-man force of nature championing rights on behalf of fellow Hawaiian gun owners, the state issues no carry permits.

From a summary Pace compiled, noting the attorney general did not start keeping records until 2000, state totals for concealed carry permits are:

Concealed Carry
You won't be doing this in Hawaii…
  • 2000 – 1 denial
  • 2001 – 8 denials, 2 approved Maui
  • 2002 – 4 denied
  • 2003 – 1 denied
  • 2004 – 5 denied
  • 2005 – 6 denied
  • 2006 – 1 issued Kauai
  • 2007 – 7 denied
  • 2008 – 1 denied
  • 2009 – 3 denied Honolulu
  • 2010 – 3 denied Honolulu
  • 2011 – 8 denials Honolulu
  • 2012 – 5 denials (4 Honolulu, 1 Maui)
  • 2013 – 7 denials Honolulu, I issued Kauai
  • 2014 – 19 denials Honolulu, 2 denials Kauai

2015 saw “[a] statewide total of 44 private citizens applied for a concealed carry license in 2015, including 27 in the City & County of Honolulu, 12 in Hawaii County, three in Kauai County, and two in Maui County; all applicants were denied by the respective county’s chief of police.” The state did not issue any in 2016 either.

“I did file Hawaii's equivalent to the FOIA request (Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA)), and then appeals when the requests were denied or ignored, for that information.” Pace tells AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

Maui PD claimed that the information on the two licenses they issued in 2001 no longer exists, and claim that no one currently employed by Maui PD knows anything about the cases. Kauai PD provided none of the information I requested (ALL the information about the applications and who made the decisions based upon what criteria, etc.) except to provide me one page photocopies of the (partial) applications with nearly everything redacted except for the actual names of the applicants/grantees, which I had specifically stated that I was NOT asking for! Turns out one was a local judge and the other an active duty military member apparently temporarily stationed on Kauai.

“I also requested any information from the chief of police of Hawaii County (the Big Island) regarding his knowledge of any CCW licenses issued in that county during his 25 years of service (and prior to when the 2000 mandated reporting started, which substantiates zero issued since then),” Pace continued. “He responded that to his knowledge Hawaii County had NEVER issued such a license.”

“Ironically, the Hawaii state constitution, Article I, section 17, reads: ‘A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,’ and is titled ‘Right to BEAR arms’,” Pace elaborated.” The legislators and police department bureaucrats have interpreted that to mean ‘Not one single person in Hawaii may legally bear arms outside their home for self-defense.’”

Pace concluded with an observation that merits special emphasis because it draws on when Hawaii was admitted to the union as a state:

“Oh, and that was passed in 1959 so they weren't referring to muskets…”

The Founders envisioned a citizen militia, not a “standing army.” (Honolulu PD/DSS)

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 26 thoughts on “Hawaii Opposition to Concealed Carry not Just Over Reciprocity

    1. “Hawaii lawmakers already made decisions about firearms and public safety that best serve our state,” Chin claimed. “We will resist any efforts by the federal government to turn our state into the Wild West and strip Hawaii residents of the protections passed by our state leaders.” – Substitute “segregation” in the place of “firearms and public safety” and you have the 60’s all over again…

      1. They said the same thing about the wild west before my state, Florida, passed concealed carry. The murder rate went way DOWN. One of the best progressive laws ever passed!

    2. Some additional points and responses to comments:

      On corruption in Hawaii: The former police chief (and at least three other HPD officers) of Honolulu City and County, and his wife, were indicted (42 counts of fraud, conspiracy, witness tampering, etc.) and arrested last week after a two year investigation by federal investigators (there was no possibility “local investigators” would ever find any kind of malfeasance… that’s how it works here. Three members of the Police Commission voted to retain the chief even after the federal investigation was announced, and then voted to give him a bonus $250,000 when he shortly thereafter “retired”.). This was the guy who ultimately held the authority to either grant or deny (100% denials) law-abiding citizens the opportunity to lawfully exercise their right to bear arms outside their homes for self-defense. Quite the paragon of moral integrity, which he surely brought to his job requirement of determining that no one has that lawful right. Even the officers working the counter who accepted the CCW applications told people, without reading the application, that they would be denied (i.e. the official policy is “No Issue”). My “perception” (and experience) is that corruption is rife throughout all the levels of the government bureaucracy, but rarely is it investigated and prosecuted by the other local authorities who likely went to high school and/or are “cousins” with the people they investigate.

      Cost of CCW application: It actually only costs $42 (assuming you have already paid the fees to become a registered gun owner), which covers the cost to enroll you (as the only state that does so) in the FBI Rapback database. People who became gun owners after December 2016 would already be enrolled as having paid the fee at the time of registering a firearm, but for others the application would be the opportunity to make sure that person gets into another database (apparently the owner database with each firearm included isn’t adequate for their “purposes”).

      Politics: The Hawaii state Senate is 100% Democrats. The Hawaii state House of Representatives is 90% Democrats (and I’d personally characterize several of the “Republicans” as RINOS”). There are no term limits. There is no legal provision for referendum. There is no legal provision for initiative. There is no legal provision for recall. I believe Hawaii is the only state having none of those legal possibilities for citizen input into the legislative process. The single former Republican Senator (ousted last session) introduced measures every year to correct each of these deficiencies, but they never got out of committee… or usually even a hearing, much less a vote, in committee.

      Firearm storage: There is no current law requiring storage in any particular location (gun club, etc.), but you may not have a firearm in your possession (“place to keep”) outside your home or business except for when directly (no stops or detours) traveling from your home/business to a police station (to register the firearm), a gun store, a range, a place of hunting, a gun show, or a place of repair. If you stop for gas or to use a bathroom, you are a criminal.

      Other “limitations” (“commonsense”?): No NFA items of any kind allowed in the state. No “assault pistols”. No handgun magazines of capacity greater than 10 rounds. No pistol grip shotguns with barrel length less than 18″ Mossberg 590 etc.). Bans on stun (electronic) guns, expandable batons, various knives, etc.


      1. Amigo, PLENTY of folks in Hawaii are carrying concealed handguns. Unless you go through a metal detector, blab about your hardware, or don’t make sure your handgun is concealed properly, who is going to know you are armed? P.S. Your ‘perception’ of ANYTHING does not rise to the level of FACTS. How old are you; twelve?

        1. I never claimed no one is carrying in Hawaii, but that anyone in Hawaii that IS carrying a concealed handgun without a license (and no one has a license) from that county chief of police is committing a criminal act, and thus subject to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment should the carrying be revealed by any means. It’s happened before (according to Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney Mitch Roth). The main point is that Hawaii bureaucrats deny citizens their right to lawfully carry without potential criminal prosecution.

          There isn’t enough room, nor is this the place to go into the extensive government bureaucratic corruption obviously prevalent throughout Hawaii, but as a local example on the Big Island I’ll submit former mayor Billy Kenoi’s P-card (government issued credit card for approved government purchases only) use for personal items (triathlon bike, surfboard, etc.) and the hiring practices of his administration (“Of the 404 civil service positions filled in 2016, auditors reviewed 46 and found 42 contained questionable hiring practices.” http://westhawaiitoday.com/news/local-news/county-hiring-practices-blasted-audit). When this information was revealed via audit the director of human resources for the county resigned. There are many facts available substantiating corruption.

          Speaking of “facts”, your name is Clark Kent? And what’s your purpose of introducing a straw man regarding the writer’s age?

          1. Ignore Cuck Kent, George. He’s a bitter serial troll around here and a real AH who claims he was a cop– if true, must have been the “bad apple” thug kind that was a real oinker. All you need to know about such types is here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2014/02/12/online-trolls-are-just-everyday-sadists-according-to-new-paper/

            The fact that this ankle-biter feels free to insult dedicated activists like you while hiding behind a screen name also establishes that he is a personal coward. He can bellow all he wants about that, but the fact remains it will continue to prove he is afraid to stand up to anyone, even virtually, without a mask shielding him from personal accountability.

            There are plenty of legit reasons for anonymity. Making personal attacks without personal repercussions is not one of them.

            1. David, good reply to C. Kent. He often gets things wrong or misinterpreted what someone said then he puts his own spin on the subject. I’m not sure if he does it on purpose or just can not absorb what has been said.

            2. I do try to ignore cuck Kent and others that seem addicted to this abusive behavior. I always end up wondering why they even bother. It is such a waste of time. But, in their perverse twisted minds, they believe they are making great strides, for whatever reason. And, gratifying their own selfish perversion. From here on out I will refer to CK and the legion of trolls, as “ankle biters”. Continue the good fight David C.

        2. I accept what all have written here about “Clark Kent” and his antics. Not surprising in the least.

          But I’ll give him one more chance, especially seeing as how he is a stickler for “FACTS”. Please tell us how you know, and the source(s) you’ve relied upon for that information, that “PLENTY of folks in Hawaii are carrying concealed handguns.” How many, exactly, is “PLENTY” (a dozen or 50,000)? And please provide a link to your source(s). Thanks for providing the “FACTS” to substantiate your unsupported (made up?) opinion.

    3. Maybe Hawaii should be a country on it’s own just like commifornia wants to be. That way they could survive or sink into the big blue ocean. I don’t think the names Chan or chin are names of Hawaii heritage. Why move to a different country then try to change it to the country you came from?

      1. i was stationed in Hawaii as a Marine before we went to Vietnam.
        beauty of a place just TO BAD WE ALLOWED THEM TO BECOME A STATE.

    4. Good call, David. I consult in HI on occasion and learned that anyone who wants to shoot or own firearms there has to keep their guns locked up at a gun club. As in NYC and NJ, only felons and politicians are free to carry. Dozens of previously free countries have been enslaved by fascist/socialist dictators in the last 50 years – most recently, Venezuela. Which dictator ever captured power without first disarming the population? Publicizing of the conspiracy by the Extreme Left (the DNC et al and the media) to overturn the US democratic process and annul the 2016 election should remind all freedom-living Americans of the prescience of our founding fathers and the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment!

    5. Alaska and then Hawaii joined the Union in 1959. Both states copied the Second Amendment directly from the United States Constitution Bill of Rights with ONE comma. The Fourteenth Amendment says that no state may make or enforce any law that infringes on the rights of the people.
      Since 2010 the Second Amendment applies to and limits every state. Some States use slightly different wording but Alaska and Hawaii directly copied the Second Amendment and they cannot, should not be allowed to interpret the Hawaian Bill of Rights differently than the same words have been interpreted on by the SCOTUS.

    6. Cant fix stupid.
      Come on Hawaiian law enforcement. Stand up and say enough of this. You know from data here in the US concealed carry does not put you at risk. Every LEO I know tells me they treat every person they stop as if they are carrying and relaxes when the person produces a carry permit. And this is in California, another psycho state.
      There is no carnage over traffic accidents or road rage (at least from legally carrying people), and the overall rate in constitutional states is lower than in states/cities where carry is restricted.
      All this takes me back to cant fix stupid.

    7. Disgusting. Just like New York (especially Suffolk, Nassau and New York City, you don’t even try because you know your going to be denied…after jumping thru hoops for 7-8 months and laying down $300-$500) and New Jersey, the Left in Hawaii are running the state as a criminal enterprise out right violating the constitution and oppressing the people. The article didn’t state, but I’d bet there is also a non-refundable $300 to $500 they steal from the citizens during the long process of the denial.

    8. What would you expect from Obama’s “alibi state” ????? Operates the same as the state that elected him, Illinois. Anywhere a Dem lands (especially Obama), touches, rules……….. Is modeled after a communist failed country. FACT !

    9. The constitution doesn’t matter to them as they have been ran by democrats for years.
      The elected officials have forgotten what was in their oath of office they promised to uphold.

    10. Hawaii is a corrupt state…..that”s why they hate legal carry. I won’t bother going there either1

    11. Not surprisingly, the very first tv cop show to incorporate anti 2nd Amendment messages in many of their
      episodes was, you guessed it, ‘Hawaii Five O’.

    12. Sad. Even sadder, the authorities probably actually believe that their, um, efforts are for the greater good.

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