Pelosi Exploits Scalise Welcome in Congress to Push Citizen Disarmament

By David Codrea

We're trying to give her votes on guns. She's the one trying to abort them. (Nancy Pelosi/Facebook)
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – – ( “Hunters need armor piercing bullets? They need silencers?” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked Thursday at a news conference following a “surprise return to the Capitol” by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. “They need conceal and carry to hunt?”

Pelosi was exploiting an occasion she’d described as “joyous” earlier in the day to do some public blood dancing and attack Republican initiatives to lessen restrictions on the government’s interpretation of “shall not be infringed.” Specifically, she was putting out the scare against the national Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 38) and the Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (H.R.3668 – SHARE Act), and particularly its provision for removing suppressors from National Firearms Act requirements.

As for “armor-piercing bullets”, that’s just sour grapes talking points over the Obama administration’s failure to ban ammunition used in popular rifles. Such ammunition, by the way, does not even meet the legal definition of “armor piercing.” The fact is popular rifles fire ammunition that penetrates body armor rated for handguns.

Pelosi is just grabbing the spotlight, and counting on anyone ignorant enough to vote for her to know so little about the subject that they believe any lie the cheerleader media amplifies. It's an old trick.

Eddington displays her knowledge of what she wants to ban rivals McCarthy's.

Younger readers may not remember New Jersey Assemblything Patricia Edington, who at a .50 BMG gun-grab pep rally with New York Congressthing Carolyn “Shoulder thing that goes up” McCarthy stood up with a straight face and actually claimed:

“Some of these bullets as you saw have an incendiary device on the tip of it, which is a heat-seeking device. So you don’t shoot deer with a bullet that size. If you do, you could cook it at the same time.”

The Second Amendment, of course, is not about hunting.  What it’s about is the right and duty of Americans to keep and bear “in common use at the time” weapons needed to defeat armed threats to community, state and country.

Pelosi understands that, of course, as her spokesflack made clear.

“This is not a sportsmen’s package,” he declared as a way of avoiding an invitation by SHARE Act sponsor Jeff Duncan to witness suppressors in action firsthand at a firing range. “This is an NRA wish list.”

It’s more than that. It’s a birthright gun owners intend to claim, to hold on to, and to expand in recognition, scope and application. The gun-grabbers have been making incremental erosions for too long, with an end game many don’t even try to conceal.

Here’s another document younger readers (and many older ones) may not be familiar with, one written years ago by a longtime friend of mine who went to Washington and hand-delivered a copy to every member of Congress at the time.  I invite you to read, bookmark and share the Memorandum on Arms and Freedom, a brilliant treatise that centers on four words the oath-breakers had better take seriously:

We will not disarm.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 65 thoughts on “Pelosi Exploits Scalise Welcome in Congress to Push Citizen Disarmament

    1. Let’s see, no guns for the nut jobs to have, or no nut jobs running the streets and government?
      Gun control? How about politician control? 12 years and out! Pelosi is suffering menopausal psychosis. You would think after thirty years of it some one would mention it and lock her psychotic ass up! Along with anyone else who thinks this should be a lifelong position with retirement benefits. It didn’t used to be a permanent position. Now that it is, everything is out of control. Dig deep enough and you will find politicians responsible for this latest false flag tragedy. It seems every six months they pull some kind of stunt to make the public cower and give them more control. 70 million gun owners keep us free, don’t let them take that away.

    2. Most of these gun grabbing politicians like Nancy Pelosi are really dumber than dirt, and it sounds like I’m giving intelligence to dirt. Well, maybe dirt is smarter than the typical politician.

    3. The first step in protecting you and yours is to use your head ! If any one were planning something like Las Vegas where would they go? The most target rich scenario they could find . (22,000 people in a small area) He picked his position well , distance (300 yds +) elevation, not only helps his range but provides a ricochet to strike more than one target. Eliminates face to face contacts also any chance of return fire from anything but a long gun. Terrorist want to make the biggest attention grab they can, truck in a crowd, bomb at a marathon, etc. etc. you won’t find me is places like that.

    4. Grampa 38
      How about 22,000 guns returning fire??? Everyone should be armed unless there is mental or drug problems.
      Educate yourself on what the constitution is really all about,especially liberal demoncrats who are really trying to overthrow our country.

      1. @GM…Anything carried concealed there would be a hand gun. At that range and elevation any one placing a bullet with in a 10 foot radius of that window would be a lucky shot indeed. Imagine the shot gun affect of 22,000 rounds .

    5. Let me think… The shooter according to his brother was NOT into guns, yet manages to have 23 in his room along with his ANTIFA literature… Well Nancy, ANTIFA is backed by many DEMOCRATS, maybe you should talk to that prune faced bumbling skank in the mirror or your fellow Dems as far as what drove this murderer to this end…. Seems he got in bed with YOUR party’s way of causing trouble known as ANTIFA !

      1. I heard that she has had so many facelifts that when someone (eck) kisses her on the cheek they are actually kissing her a**.
        It is really a shame that the libs jumped on this so soon after the tragedy happened. The bodies of the deceased were not even cold before they started their gun control bullsh*t. That proves they have no value for life and only for their agenda which is changing this country to socialism and then communism. Nasty, worthless Pieces of Sh*t.

    6. I will give you what the vote on guns and gun control MUST be.
      Pass Constitutional Concealed Carry NOW. Law Abiding Americans need to be able to defend Ourselves, Family, Friends, Communities, States and Government from DOMESTIC and FOREIGN TYRANTS. Whether the TYRANT is a Politician or a TERRORIST, the Second Amendment MUST be allowed to be used by followers of the SUPREME LAW of the LAND.

      1. James: Chicago does not follow the AGENDA the DemocRAT-ICK communist party IS pushing in America. The “politicians” in Chicago should be arrested and punished for abdicating their DUTIES which they swore an OATH to defend their people before they accepted the Official Position.

    7. rather than passing stupid laws that affect law abiding people,how about a law that says anyone who uses a firearm breaking the law will will be put to death, that might make them stop and think twice,allthough no law will have an effect on any mentally disturbed SOB that wanted to shoot all those people in L.V.

      1. The libs and Dems would pass that in a heartbeat !
        Then they would stop any executions cause they are cruel and cause death !!! Their perp magically becomes the victim…
        Thus putting us right where we are NOW !


      1. If you are sending a signal that I can not understand then you are not communicating; you are just making noise. Comprendes?


      3. Leave Jorge alone. He is pro gun. We need more of him especially south of the border. It’s probably easier for him to use Spanish like it is for me to use English. The internet isn’t just the US it’s worldwide.

        1. Sk,

          Odd, your boy Jorge is reponding in Spanish to remarks made in ENGLISH ! He speaks and reads English. And you go right along with the attack on traditional Amerika. Support the puta’s effort to Mexicanize this chunk of the Internet.

          Eff you pendejo ! And your puta Jorge.

    9. The only member of congress/senate whose opinion really matters is Steve Scalise, Ask him about being unarmed in a mass shooter scenario.

    10. The Pelosis, Shummers, Kasichs, et. al. want to eliminate private firearms ownership. Are they afraid that we will use firearms against their lying, stealing, cheating selves. Instead they should be trying to eliminate private ownership of rope.

      1. After the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas, it is only going to get worse. With people still dying, they are all ready politizing their gun propaganda.
        Shooting from the 32nd floor gave this sicko great range, but it also took anything personal out of it for him. No faces, no nothing just moving targets on his range pick for last night, and the targets appeared as scurrying ants, not human beings.
        Pure evil is incomprehensible.
        My thoughts and prayers are with all that held the victims close to their heart….and to all of those in attendance. So many lives changed forever. Very sad day… God bless them all.
        Take care and God bless
        Be safe

      2. You know Wild Bill, Nature makes nothing perfect but I think that Pelosi is the nearest thing to a perfect Idiot I’ve ever seen. Natures Once of in a while mistake. >>> Oldmarine

    11. That is a good article and the attachment, Memorandum on Arms and Freedom, was good reading, also. I think I read it was passed out to every congressperson. That doesn’t mean it was read by each of them, though.

    12. Every time she opens her mouth she proves her ignorance. And, does anyone believe her protection detail carry slingshots. Hypocrite through and through.

    13. “shall not be abridged” is a clear phrasing of intent. Commentary regarding hunting, NRA, communists, democrats, ammo, magazines, whatever….is a deviation from the issue “shall not be abridged” period.

      Our collective environment has been satiated with the idea that our centralised authorities are going to be our insurance and assurance of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; therefore, obviating the need for self reliance. To wit I say to those believers, ‘well, good for you; however, I’m not in on that one’.

      Remember the White Rose

      1. there are two problems with relying upon the “centralised authorities”:

        Too often they simply are not availble, being occupied with the affairs of others who are needing their services just then

        They are NEVER as motivated as I am to protect MY own self at any given time and place. Sometimes they are even adamantly opposed to my protection and security.

      2. And don’t forget that the leftists hate the local law enforcement too, pulling out the racist, xenophobic….blah, blah, blah every time one draws a gun on a bad guy. Call me a DIYer, but I’m inclined to have the proper tools on hand when protecting my own.

    14. Well Fellow Gunners….we ain’t seen nothing yet. With the debacle occurring in Las Vegas yesterday the attacks by the communists will intensify. Pelosi and her Demoncrat ilk, along with scum like Republican John Kasich, are licking their chops, salivating, at using this recent domestic violence to attack Freedom & Liberty.

      I just ordered more ammo as a result of this Las Vegas violence. Suggest folks do the same.

      Verify your zero. Make yourself right with your God.

      1. @Dan …All the more reason to do everything you can to get yourself and all you know to the poles in the primaries AND make sure you know where your candidates stand !!!!

        1. Oldvet

          Voting at the ballot box is a joke. Democrat/Republican. Left wing/right wing, same bird. Don’t believe me ? Look at Bush I who preached for a “new world order”. Bush II who flushed Freedom & Liberty further down the sewer with his 4th & 5th Amendment-destroying Patriot Act. Or POTUS Trump who promised to “lock her up” and build a border wall. Well, Klinton is still free and how many miles of border wall has been constructed ? Or perhaps you think Republiscam scoundrels like John Kasich and John “Songbird” McCain have your best interests at heart ?

          Keep drinking that Kool-Aid oldvet. How much better is your life today vs 50 years ago because you still do and I once did, believe in the ballot box ? All 535 + 9 deserve the burn of the hangman’s noose. But, I will vote next month. Yep. I’ll be writing-in Russian Patriot & Nationalist Vladimir Putin for every office on the bulls*** ballot !

            1. Oldvet,

              Answer my question….how much better is your life now, courtesy of the elected scum, than it was 50 years ago ?

              Tell me.

    15. Sure. When all government officials stop using armed guards for their personal protection. And if they want to protect children, ban abortions to protect our future. I’ve heard more convincing arguments from flatulent butt cheeks.

    16. Nancy Felonious can walk into traffic as far as I am concerned,And God bless those injured and murdered in Las Vegas over night.

    17. My family and loved ones along with my own survival is more important than Nancy Pelosi or any of her LIBTARD friends survival…. Nuff said ?

    18. Thoughts and prayers to the people of
      Las Vegas, this dumb ass will want to
      Ban machine guns , witch have been
      Highly regulated since the 1930 s any
      Opening for gun control is her fix maybe
      A look at why these madmen and not
      The tool do what they do. News reports
      Like to use the “ak47” assault weapons
      Makes good news vote the likes of
      People like her and her out of office

    19. I will consider their requests if they meet the following conditions.
      Congress shall include all members of their legislative body and government employees in all their legislation. There will be no exclusions.
      Congress will pass a tax reform bill that states members of congress shall owe a congressional fee of 90% of their entire income while they are in office to support pay back of our national debt. After all they built it and they should [pay it back.
      Congress shall reduce federal spending by 3% per year for ten years. Let’s say they can do with less for once. They ask us all the time to give a little more.
      Congress shall take no more than 20 days per year off as recesses, holidays, or vacation. That’s 2 weeks vacation and 10 holidays. Interesting the rest of us can live with that type of arrangement.

      Try that congress. Then we’ll have a discussion about what you want.

      1. Mr. Friend,

        The only problem when CON-gress is in session is they make the Deep State deeper and spend more of our treasure we do not have to spend. Myself, hang every one of them. All 535.

    20. The fictional series, “Walking Dead” gives a very realistic account of what happens to those who would be foolish enough to disarm. Those with the arms do whatever they want. So, if Pukeloosey wants anyone to disarm, tell her first to disarm EVERYONE that has a firearm in the government. Since “they” are the biggest threat to liberty the world over, governments everywhere should disband their arms and just allow normal non psychopathic people to own them. Government attracts at all levels those who would be considered psychopaths or sociopaths who are absent of empathy. Just look at what is happening in Puerto Rico from the devastation of the hurricanes. With so much technology at hand “they” (the governments involved) can’t seem to get necessities to people stranded in outlying areas because they WANT the people to clamor for more government to help save them. I guess they never heard of helicopters over there.

      1. And your post is a fine example of fiction. You are not fit to scrape the dog sh*t off the boots of the vast majority of the police officers in the USA (one of which was killed in the Las Vegas massacre). Grow up, PUNK.

    21. Typical Democrat lies and Bull Sh*t! The arrogance and ignorance of the leftist never fails to irritate me. They believe that ALL Americans just want to give up their right of self defense and let the police and government take care of it. Not me! And not all whole bunch of people that I know. Those stupid females that are wanking about gun needing to be controlled are right in only one respect … MAKE SURE OF YOUR TARGET AND HIT IT!
      An incendiary device being a heat seeking device shows me that that idiot shouldn’t even be handling much less owning a weapon. “A shoulder thing that actually goes up.” OH MY GOD – CALL OUT THE NATIONAL GUARD!
      What a cretin! My fellow patriots this is what we are facing as they rely on their gender to sway people, and it works on the younger crowd for the most part. Promise yourselves that you will never willingly give up your weapons, they are the only chance you have of remaining free!

      1. Remember that pislousi has at the very least some type of dementia, could be Alzheimer’s or something else, and yeah there are those that think incendiary rounds are heat seeking, that just shows how stupid they really are. Some of these idiots think that a fire grip on a rifle is there to make the round go faster, I got a laugh out of that one, or that the barrel shroud is part of a silencer system, had a laugh over that as well. Some of these idiots in congress would not even know which end the bullet comes out of. It is just very laughable about the stupidity of some of these creatures that are in congress. ALL those in congress should have to give up their weapons first before they ask the people to do the same thing.

        1. @Bandit, I read about a COLORADO legislator who thought that magazines came preloaded and were disposed of when empty. She thought that all the 20+ round magazines would be used up in a short time.

          1. @ WB – you’re talking about Dianne DeGette the anti-gun freak of the millennia! I talked to a couple of guys one time that were on their way to a firing range when they ran across her spewing her crap. So on of them got her attention and the other had his pistol laying on the table. The guy told me that they were yelling at the gun “Get up and shoot.” But the gun just laid there, they did that to let DeGette know that a human needed to operate it. She’s a stone moron and a Communist to boot.

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