NJ2AS Proudly Endorses Timothy Knight & these NRA Board Candidates

Timothy Knight
Timothy Knight

New Jersey –  -(Ammoland.com)- It's that time of the year where we at NJ2AS are inundated with questions from our membership and supporters on who we should vote for in this year's 2018 NRA Board of Directors election. Below are our recommendations of proven leaders:

All of these individuals bring serious value to New Jersey, the Nation, and NRA leadership (which we believe needs a serious overhaul). While certain individuals are out there giving the illusion they're fighting on behalf of New Jersey gun owners, we know first hand who is the real-deal and the hucksters.

Do not waste your vote on undeserving candidates and bullet vote specifically for these individuals. To clarify, bullet voting is the process where you only choose these candidates on your ballot despite having more opportunities to vote for more individuals.


New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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    1. WARNING Will Robinson you cannot use NJ2SA because that is a registered FCC amateur radio License.It is currently expired but if someone were to get it you could be forced to change your group’s name as it is in conflict with FCC license practices.If the Ham Operator with this license objects to the use of his call sign he could sue for damages.And knowing the liberal bent of the courts the suit could be very stiff.

        1. Ok, I transposed the last 2 letters as I typed. My bad for not being a world class typist.
          The fact remains that no matter if it is AS or SA the letters and the number as used make up an FCC authorized Callsign and it could cause you problems if the person holding that license decides to sue you. I was trying to help keep you out of trouble but you decided to act like the symbol for the DemocRATS and start calling names. I was fighting for the rights of gun owners while you were still in swaddling clothes. If you feel that someone who is trying to help you should be ridiculed then perhaps you should rethink your motives.

          1. Well obviously your are either the one still in swaddling clothes or just too stupid to even LOOK UP the facts! NJ2AS is NOT in the current HAM call-sign data base, so your point is moot! You’re another brainless twit that insists on regurgitating unsubstantiated information. https://hamcall.net/call?callsign=NJ2AS

            1. It is not a current callsign in the database because it is NOT currently being used by anyone.It can only be assigned to ham with an Advanced or Extra license.You are not researching this properly or you would know it IS available to any ham operator with the appropriate license who wishes to claim it. When I sent out my friendly warning it was to let you know there might be a conflict with your use of NJ2AS as an abbreviation of your group’s name.YOU decided to make it a name-calling contest and be insulting someone who was just trying to help you. I would suggest that you copyright NJ2AS if you have not already done so.It might save you a legal battle no one needs.If you are this hostile to someone wishing to help you I can understand why the state of New Jersy might be reluctant to issue a permit.to someone like you. Once again I was just trying to let you know that it is a possible legal conflict for your group.

            2. Once again you are mistaken and don’t know how to use the FCC database.NJ2AS IS a legal callsign. It is not currently assigned (as I had said) It is open only to Ham operators who hold an FCC Advanced or Extra license.It is considered a Vanity license.If someone were to get this callsign they could claim you are violating FCC regs and possibly sue your group. I would suggest you try to copyright your groups’ abbreviation. It might save you from being sued if some anti-gun person were to get hold of it. If you cannot take this as a friendly warning/ suggestion for the benefit of your group then you should not be a spokesperson for them. Insulting people who are only trying to help you make you look like a ***.

    2. Bullet voting is the practice of voting only for those individuals who you most want to win. For example, if there are 10 openings, but you feel only three candidates are most important to achieve what you want you will only cast three votes for those candidates. The idea is as follows. You want candidates A, B, & C to win. If you only vote for A, B, and C they are ahead by three votes and they win. But if you vote for A, B, & C, and you also vote for D, E, & F the final vote will be a tie. If another person votes for D, E, & F then they will win because they got your vote plus the other persons votes. So a bullet vote is actually a vote for your candidates, and because you deprive other candidates of your vote you also vote against all the other candidates. All the positions will be filled, but your bullet votes only benefit your candidates, producing a situation in which your vote counted most. It is a complicated concept to understand but the bottom line is vote only for those who you know you want to win, and ignore filling all the other boxes. Hope this helps but I’m sure somebody will decide the explanation makes me a commie, pinko, lefty, liberal, dummy, or worse. Give it a go guys.

    3. Those elected are those receiving the most votes, for the positions open. So, if you have a dozen open positions, the top twelve vote-getters are elected.

      “Bullet votes” are a vote for ONLY one, or a VERY few, candidates. This means your vote is not diluted across the 12 you could have voted for; it is directed at only the one or few you want elected.

      Casting the full twelve votes means you have voted for eleven other people, which votes could bump the one candidate you really want.

      1. Thanks,
        I see the point that is being made. Basically, you should vote for the ones that you truly believe in only and no more. Just because you get 12 or 25 choices, does not mean you have to use them all so as not to dilute the choices you are making for the candidates you really want to succeed.
        Very much appreciated,
        John C.

    4. What is the advantage of bullet voting? Does the candidate or candidates get some preferential treatment? More votes or higher statute? Please explain because I have heard this term thrown around a couple of times and if I have the ability to cast votes for lets’ say ten members, why would I short change myself and “bullet vote” for one or three board members.
      John C.
      NJ2AS member
      NRA life member

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