Knowing What to Ban has Never Been a Requirement for Gun-Grabbers

Most who received this letter don’tknow enough to call “B.S.” (Seen at Firearms Policy Coalition Facebook page.)

U.S.A. – -( “It is clear that we must crack down on deadly, military-style assault rifles, which is why I voted to pass Senate Bill 1657, which holds gun dealers accountable by ensuring dangerous criminals and those with a history of mental illness or domestic violence cannot get their hands on a weapon,” Illinois State Representative Fred Crespo claimed in a letter to constituents. “I also support House Bill 1469, which would prohibit the sale and possession of high capacity magazines which turn regular firearms into fully automatic weapons” [emphasis in original].

First, gun dealers in Illinois don’t sell anything without controls mandated by the feds and the state, and “prohibited persons” are called that for a reason. If citizen disarmament edicts really meant such people “cannot get their hands on a weapon,” we’d expect to see results vastly different from reality, not that the political trough-feeders don’t use still unacceptable reductions as an excuse to brag about what a bang-up job they’re doing.

Second, really? Magazines can convert a gun to full-auto?  This is one of the guys responsible for crafting “commonsense gun laws”?

At first I had to make sure the letter wasn’t a put-on, because I doubt The Onion could do a better job at parodying gun-grabber cluelessness.  Sure enough, gun owners were giving Rep. Crespo a well-deserved shellacking on his Twitter feed, and he actually doubled down on stupid over at his Facebook page.

“A recent statement from my office incorrectly described two gun safety bills. I appreciate this error being pointed out because I would never want to misinform my constituents. I had intended to inform them of my work with Republicans and Democrats to pass House Bill 1467, which bans bump stocks and other modifications used to make semi-automatic weapons operate like fully automatic machine guns, and my support for House Bill 1469, which prohibits the sale and possession of high capacity magazine clips like those used in the murder of Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer. I’ll continue working to keep weapons of war out of our community, and striving to provide the people I represent with the latest developments from our Capitol.”

Crespo blames his “office.” What a weasel. So much for “the buck stops here…”

He insists he “would never want to misinform my constituents,” adding new corroboration to the truism that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day.

He evidently is above the magazine vs. clip controversy, but what the hell—he wants to ban them all, because “weapons of war” should evidently only be in the hands of the “Only Ones” who have proven trustworthy enough to keep and bear them.

Who could disagree with that? Aside from the Founders…?

The shameful level of subject matter ignorance is hardly new.

“This right here has ability with a 30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second,” California State Senator Kevin de Leόn blathered at a press conference to a fawning media that didn‘t know enough to question his claims. “Thirty-magazine clip in half a second.”

Then there’s New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham, who called for a ban on “high magazine cartridges.” And it gets better (worse).

“I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available,” Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette claimed as justification to ban magazines. Her spokesflack, trying to do damage control, doubled down on the ignorance:

“She simply misspoke in referring to ‘magazines’ when she should have referred to ‘clips,’ which cannot be reused because they don’t have a feeding mechanism.”

And who can forget New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, who thought the barrel shroud she wanted to ban was “the shoulder thing that goes up”? Or New York State Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington, who maintained .50 BMG rifles needed to be banned because:

“Some of these bullets have an incendiary device on the tip of it, which is a heat-seeking device, so you don’t shoot deer with a bullet that size. If you do, you could cook it at the same time.”

That any of these authoritarian control freaks consider themselves qualified to weigh in on anything having to do with firearms is nothing short of political malpractice. But the true shame, as has been pointed out throughout the years, is owned by a constituency allowing a real-life version of “Idiocracy” to become inevitable.

Perhaps anyone dumb and dependent enough to vote for Fred Crespo and other gun-grabbing frauds is too stupid and irresponsible to own a gun. That’s just the kind of voter they’re counting on…

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Regarding the content of the letter from this elected representative, I wonder what he is smoking or otherwise ingesting that caused the disdain for FACTS his letter displays. Regarding a magazine changeing a semiautomatic firearm into a machinegun, what sort of magic is at work here? Even John Browning could not achieve such magic.


Do you know what the only power the Union Congress has here. To create the SOP systems of Training, Organization, and Discpline, for the States to teach members of the Militia. Why… so if an Illinois Militia, a Texas Miltia, a New Jerseys, Militia, and an Illinois Posse. Have to work together they have common languages and systems. NOT Gun owners… Not Gun Bearers… Not Just the “Organized Militia”. The Militia. Since they Refuse.. no matter how many lack of basic knowledge kills.. people who should know better can write idiotic letters like that above. And the People of the… Read more »


The ignorance of the gun banners has always been beyond amazing and hilarious. The smug leftists have all these so called comics who mock people they disagree with, but don’t realize they are worse when it comes to issues like guns than anything they laugh about. This applies to school segregationist like Samantha bee or John Stewart or Michael moore coming up with jokes from one of their four or five homes while bragging about being a socialist.


Put this guy in charge of keeping Guam from flipping over and using the Maes rover to find the Apollo 11 landing site.
Nothing new here, just another moron in government.


Wild Bill,
You know that a person has run out of complaints when he/she/it starts calling other people names.
He/she/it has reached the end of their ability to think or explain anything logically much less trying to pretend to spell.
This is my last comment about this being.


@Martin…yeah, run away and hide, you little innuendo spewing swamp slithering critter. Can’t take the heat, and you don’t have an argument or facts, so you run out of the kitchen. Go figure out what is REALLY going on, and then you can run your mouth about THC and marijuana inuendos.


All: You might as well save your breath arguing with the holier than thou “HolyCrow”. He’s simply an apologist for Hamas.

Wild Bill

and Vann, Yep, time is too precious.


Just like with the USS Liberty, the cowardly snipers of the IDF were getting their jollies “shooting fish in a Barrell”. Let’s not forget that under international law, an occupied people are allowed to use any means to throw off their oppressors. And the Palestinuans, 20% of them being Christians whose families have been there since before the time of Christ, are an occupied people. Occupied by the Eastern European AshkeNAZI KHAZARS who flooded into Palestine after WW2. Many of them were members of “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” (ever read that book by Riggs ?), and they learned their lessons very… Read more »

Timothy Votaw

So, with liars and deceitful politicians like this prick Crespo putting out patently hostile and incorrect scare notices to the many uninformed readers in his district, we are at a distinct disadvantage. The electoral system has been deeply compromised and corrupted, allowing vermin like Crespo to gain a false bully pulpit from which to promulgate lies with counterfeit authority, an address in Wash D.C. My question, knowing this: “What are WE prepared to do?” Will it continue to be a war of words, postings, commiseration, warnings to each other of impending doom? While the conspiracy of Deep State-owned media, corrupted… Read more »


How did we go from Chicago and Illinois to Israel.
THC has had too much of his favorite drug to even comprehend what he is saying.
He is having a problem putting two words together to make comprehensive statement.
I think that from now on this person should be ignored except for the fact we live in a Nation where even fools have a God-given Right to show their idiocy.


@Martin…Look Einstein, the Palestinians are disarmed people, or don’t you know that from your decades of brainwashing from the Khazars. How else did you think the fake jooos could have dispossessed them from their land ?And if you want to play word games with names, isn’t a Martin a type of little Weazle that slithers around in the swamp ? I think it is you who doesn’t know what you are talking about, you poor excuse for a person. You need to get an education on what is really going on in the world.


Do you get the parallel now, azzwipe ? And today, June 8, is the 51st Anniversary of when Israhell attacked the USS Liberty in international waters, killing 34 American servicemen and seriously wounding another 170 AMERICAN SERVICEMEN, azzwipe ! And do you think the Khazarian fake joooo owned media in the US will print or say a word about it, or offer up a moment of silence ? Nothing but crickets from them, azzwipe polecat weazle foul marten. Your parents named you well, dipstick.


Military assault rifles are full automatic rifles aka machine guns. Its already illegal to own one without a federal permit. Its also illegal to manufacture them or import them into the US for civilian use.. Even if you have the permit you cannot easily get one., You have to find a legal owner willing to sell one. And the ATF has the legal owners names and addresses. So if one was used in a crime, which they haven’t been in decades, the government knows who to investigate. And all of this violates the Constitution “Shall not be infringed” is not… Read more »

jack haumesser

“Mit der Dummheit kämpfen die Götter selbst vergebens” – Schiller

Jim Hovater

Anti-gunners, and liberals in general, ARE NOT NORMAL and cannot be approached, or interacted with, as such.


You, sir, are correct!


I am at a loss for words. The comments say it all.

James Wagner

I grew up in Illinois, first 3 years in Indiana. We lived by the state line. I will NEVER return to Illinois unless it changes, which I think will never happen. Ever since I left I have been in the South, now South Carolina, and it is a GREAT CONSERVATIVE STATE.

James Cooke

Sounds like these Politicians need to get there heads out of their asses & go talk to gun instructors & get educated on firearms before they make stupid comments or try to pass ant Gun Bills that are trying to take away our rights as Legal Gun Owners, 1st of all all fully auto weapons are against the law to own anyway, second of all a 30 round magazine doesn’t make a semi-auto firearm a fully auto firearm, 3rd of all a gun with a 30 rd mag isn’t gonna shoot 30 rounds out in the matter of a couple… Read more »

Mark Zanghetti

I agree with you but am not a fan of open carry and prefer concealed carry, so with that said don’t disagree with much of what you are saying. Most anti-gun politicians don’t really want to become educated on guns because they are more interested in securing your servitude than a discussion of your rights and freedoms! That is the ultimate aim of the gun grabbers, not securing your safety at all, but securing your servitude to the all powerful state and it’s minions of which they are happy to be part of and working to erase your freedoms at… Read more »


You cannot fix stupid! and it is really bad when stupid is dangerous like democrats, liberals and socialists.


The sudden concern that just came to mind is, if they speak so passionately and confident about the gun culture in America and are that clueless????
How much other shit are they just as clueless about and we don’t catch it because I’m not as well versed in foreign policy, corporate tax, and on and on, like I know my firearms and second amendment……..
We are all screwed!

Missouri Born

Someone should inform the idiot state representative that the NRA is made up of every day people from all walks of life and his talk of fighting the NRA is also fighting residents of his district.
For him to blame his office for the letters content is stupid, he signed the thing ,guess he didn’t read it.


Ohhhh…. he read it! He wrote it!! It all made complete sense to him, seeing as what he said is what he’s been told so that’s what he believes. It wasn’t until someone with just a tiny amount of knowledge on the subject probably pointed out that what he said was completely wrong not to mention moronic that he had to do something. And that something is page one of the socialists guide to being a liberal, always put the blame on someone else. Never take ownership of your actions. You know. Just like, it’s that evil black gun that… Read more »


If all of those “high capacity magazines that turn semi autos in to machine guns” have been turned in in Illinois, will they be available in other states?
I was wondering how to get several.

James Cooke

I live in Illinois & I still have mine & I plan on keeping them Too! so far it’s been northern Illinois that the gun grabbers are hitting I live in Champaign, IL & hopefully in 2 years my ass will be moving back home to South Carolina So I won’t have to worry about hiding my Guns! LOL


@Martin….We were practicing for HS graduation when the news came that Israhell had attacked the USS Liberty in international waters, killing 34 US servicemen and seriously wounding another 170 or so during a 2+ hour attack with torpedo boats and planes. The next day the news said it was a case of mistaken identity on Israhell part, and then nothing was ever heard about it for a long, long time. You see, it wasn’t a mistake at all, and after the gag order was lifted, the survivors started to talk. And 3 of them wrote books, and now a 4th… Read more »


Great news then. All of those “high capacity magazines that turn semi autos in to machine guns have been turned in”

Alex Stephens

Sometimes I think that the only reason they want to ban guns it’s because they’re afraid of being shot themselves. The other thing I’ve noticed is that ignorance is contagious and as such we have given birth to the Democrat Party. Actually I think with the evolution of all the hashtags we should change the name of the Democrats do the idiots. I have been writing letters to Congress people tweets and Facebook posts. I know it’s probably an exercise in futility but what the hell. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments made but previous poster was correct stupid is… Read more »


One only has to bone up on “Project Talpiot” and the “Kalergi Plan” to see what’s happening. Just look at what they did to Europe in the past few years with that massive invasion. That is the Kalergi Plan in action. Both of those depend on total citizen disarmament. Kennedy warned us shortly before they murdered him. Google “Kennedy’s Warning to the American People”, and listen to every word. It’s only about 5 minutes long. And bone up on “no go zones in America”. It’s in progress here.


Take a look at what has been transpiring in Gaza lately. Six year olds shot dead, tens of adults shot dead, about 1500 seriously wounded, and all of them unarmed demonstrators. This is what they want to be able to do with YOU and YOUR family.


I’d say what the hell is wrong with you for conflating two entirely different issues and different circumstances but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, shake my head and just say poor analogy.

Wild Bill

@Vann, I’d say that is very generous of you. I’d say is Gaza in the USA? No. Is Gaza filled with my countrymen? No. Is THC in Gaza to actually see what is going on or his he relying on msm made up info? Now, lets examine those “…six year olds…”. Is it not more properly their parents duty to keep them away from harm than mine? And “…tens of adults shot dead…” those vast numbers … just … move me. Fifteen hundred unarmed demonstrators, I doubt that. You could not get fifteen people together, in the middle east, and… Read more »


What’s the difference between the 1967 USS Liberty Massacree, the Current Gaza Massacrees, and any Shooting Fish in a Barrell Massacrees ? Weather you know it or not, war crimes committed by Israhell are only possible because of the $3Billion per year we send there, since 1948, and the whole world knows it. That sh*t washes off on us, and WE are blamed for it. And “We” continuously vote in the UN to let them skate on those war crimes. And, not only that, but if a congress critter doesn’t sign the “Pledge” to support Israhell UNCONDITIONALLY, then the Khazars… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TGC, Good job of destroying your own credibly.


Wild Bill, This person crawled out a dark corner of a smoke-filled basement to to whine and complain about the only real ally that we have in the Middle East. The Israelis have taken crap from haters all over the world, including THC (which by the way is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) and his fellow travelers in the globalist movements all over the world. I more believe that Lyndon Johnson had a hand in JFK’s death as opposed to the Israelis. Unfortunately there are too many people in the US who are like him and believe that the made-up… Read more »

Wild Bill

, I concur with the crawling out of part, and as you point out later, THC is not coherent enough to discuss the USS Liberty incident with. And that stuff about him telling us to bone up on some crap else where is ridiculous. He may as well say, “Go get the same programming that I got.”


The British disarmed the Palestinians just before they turned Palestine over to Khazarian control back around 1948. Only the Khazars were allowed to own firearms. That is how the Khazars were able to kick 800,000 Palestinians off their land, and force them into the open air prison known as Gaza. Recently, the Palestinians had unarmed peaceful protests claiming their right to return to their land. As they were demonstrating, they were hit with live ammunition. One victim was a 6 year old boy, another was 14 or so, and there were another 40 or 50 who got hit with head… Read more »


@Vann…The Palestinians have been disarmed since before 1948. They have nothing to defend themselves with. The rockets that the Khazars always make a big deal out of are useless unguided homemade pieces of crap that are mostly ineffective. The people of Gaza are forever being picked off by the Khazars, all the time. Go ask Joe Cortina or any other diplomat who has been there for more than 2 days. Shooting little Palestinian kids is a favorite pastime of the IDF. Your tax dollars, $3Billion per year, finance that genocide.


@WildBill….I do believe I have smoked out another dirtbag Khazarian sympathizer gatekeeper who is at least an apologist for the war crimes of Israhell, including 911. This person could be considered an accessory after the fact. Can you guess who that person is ? They seem to be all over the place, like a bad case of the clapp, even disguised as patriotic Americans. Whatever are we going to do with them ?


@WildBill…my credibility is totally intact, because everything I say is FACT. It’s just too damn bad if the facts get in the way of your worldview. Those FACTS, they are very stubborn things !


@Vann…The Palestinians have been disarmed since before 1948. They have nothing to defend themselves with. The rockets that the Khazars always make a big deal out of are useless unguided homemade pieces of crap that are mostly ineffective. The people of Gaza are forever being picked off by the Khazars, all the time. Go ask Joe Cortina or any other diplomat who has been there for more than 2 days. Shooting little Palestinian kids is a favorite pastime of the IDF. Your tax dollars, $3Billion per year, finance that genocide.

Ansel Hazen

The problem is that the first shots/rockets always come from the Palestinian side first. I bet things would get real quiet over there if they stopped that bleep and acted like they wanted peace.


@Ansel…Who says that the first shots come from the Palestinians ? The fake news we get here run by the fake jooos ? If you listen to their brainwashing, you will be lost forever. Jesus told us about them, just put into google “I know the iniquity of those who say they are Jews, but are of the Synagogue of Satan”. Or how about John 8:44 ? ” You are of your father the devil…”. It’s been the same old crap with these liars for thousands of years. And you are believing them now as they are doing the biggest… Read more »


Your entire reply is pure BS. I refuse to engage with someone who spouts crap and has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. If you want to be an apologist for terrorists be my guest but you won’t be doing it on my time.


As Forrest Gump said: “Stupid is as Stupid does”

Bill Barnett

Great article!
The ignorance is overwhelming!
Polcy makers who insist on wallowing in stupidity will be supported by those lemmings who are dependent on “guvmint” largess … sadly, as usual, duh!

David Telliho

If the actual bill was worded that way, I don`t think I`d point it out to him.


Common sense and firearm knowledge has never been a requirement for a anti.
It fully seems like they prefer to ignorant about the matter because if they knew the facts they might have to change their minds.
There only goal is to disarm the common man.


I agree. But what is worse is people will follow anything they say. Lemmings..


I don’t know Duke, I’m thinking that the average democRAT/sheeple who blindly follow the diktats of the libs actually make lemmings look smart………………

Green Mtn. Boy

What should be banned is Anti Constitutionalist’s of all persuasions,such as Leftist’s/Progtards/Socialist’s/Commiecrats,aka Anti Constitutionalist’s.