Video of Charging Grizzly in Canada, Charge Stopped with Birdshot

Arizona -( There has been some difficulty in running the original JLM video. Here is a link to the video through the Daily Mail.

A video is circulating of a man stopping a grizzly bear charge with birdshot. The attack and defense occurred before 14 October, 2018. The attack was in British Columbia. The bear was only momentarily stopped, but the shot gave enough time for the man to reach the safety of his house.  If you study the screenshot of JLM firing his last shot, you can see he is aiming low, towards the legs. JLM confirms that was his intention.  From

I didn’t want to blind the sow by hitting her in the face so I aimed at her right side to hopefully trip her up to buy me enough time to run inside the house. I waited as long as I could, backpedalling and losing my right Croc, almost tripping me up, until she was just across the driveway and then I shot, which did trip her up so I turned and ran inside the house.

Man shooting birdshot at grizzly charging
Man shooting birdshot at grizzly charging

The confrontation was inevitable. The bears had claimed the man’s property as their own. They refused to be run off by noise. They had been on and off the property for days. JLM has children. JLM dared not allow his children to move outside of the house with the grizzly and cubs asserting territorial rights.

Grizzly bear sows with cubs are notoriously unpredictable and dangerous.

Consider a human analogy.  A homeless meth addict camps on your lawn. They are always armed with several knives. They repeatedly threaten you and your children. Their actions are unpredictable. You live in the country. The authorities will take an hour to reach you. The authorities are known to be sympathetic to meth addicts, and are hesitant to press charges against them. They are only doing what meth addicts do, after all. Addicts existed in Canada long before you were born. This gives present addicts some sort of imagined moral authority.  If you or your children are attacked, mutilated, and or killed, the meth addict may be executed, but only if it can be shown that you did not provoke the attack by moving too close to the meth addict or allowing your children outside without adult protection.   (sarcasm intended)

The sarcasm is only slightly off reality. In an academic paper about large predatory attacks on humans, unattended children is seen as the greatest contributor to the attacks. Stephen Herrero, the oft cited bear expert, is one of the authors.  From

About half of the well-documented reported attacks have involved risk-enhancing human behaviours, the most common of which is leaving children unattended.

Note the deep green asymmetry. Approach a grizzly bear sow with cubs, and the sow is justified in attacking and mauling you. If a grizzly bear or mountain lion attacks your children, you were at fault for “leaving them unattended”.

The person who was attacked on their property, JLM, gives a good account of what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. Most of these details are left out of media accounts. You can read the full account at the link.

The comments at most media sites are predictable, vociferous, and ignorant:

  • The bear should be protected, not the human.
  • The human should have been killed and eaten.
  • The bears were there before humans were.

The last is particularly ignorant, as both humans and grizzly bears colonized British Columbia as the glaciers from the Wisconsinan ice age retreated about 10-15 thousand years ago.


The last glacial period in North America is called the Wisconsinan Glaciation, which is divided into the Early (80,000 to 55,000 years ago) and Late (25,000 to 10,000 years ago) glacial stages with an interglacial stage between 55,000 to 25,000 years ago. During the Late Wisconsinan glacial stage, most of Canada and parts of the northern United States were covered by two massive ice sheets, the Cordilleran, which lay to the west of the Rocky Mountains, and the Laurentide to the east.

If all bears that threaten humans in a close encounter were killed, grizzly and black bear populations would still increase. A choice has to be made about what level of bear populations humans will tolerate. If bold bears, unafraid of humans, are selected out of the population (killed), there will be fewer human/bear conflicts. A higher population of cautious bears will be tolerated.

There are many times as many black bears as grizzly bears. The number of fatal attacks by the two species is about the same.  Black bears have been selected to avoid people. Grizzly bears need to undergo the same selection.

The more people have propagandized that bears are simply fuzzy people, the more bears and humans will be killed in bear/human conflicts.  Humans who live in cities where bears are not a threat are most likely to call for bears to kill and eat humans. Their life and their children are not in danger.

Bears are not people. Bears do not think like people. Bears do not have human culture or morals.  Thinking of bears as people is dangerous and irresponsible.

If you must think of bears as human, think of them as armed human meth addicts. Interesting and attractive at a distance, but still armed human meth addicts.

Bears want what they want when they want it. Bears do not respect property rights. Bears do not care about the lives of other creatures. Grizzly bears, especially, tend to be paranoid and aggressive, by human standards, much like meth addicts.

Bears are not human meth addicts. Meth addicts need human society to survive. Bears do not. Bears need to be valued and tolerated by humans to survive near humans.

Few people in cities would tolerate armed meth addicts camping in their yard, even if they are interesting and attractive at a distance. Do not expect people, who live where bear populations are increasing, to tolerate bears appropriating their yards as the bears’ territory.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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All things change. I am the Alpha Predator in my terrirory. If a bear, coyote, or tweaker threaten me, they are dead. The king is dead, long live the king.


Eddie, Agree. I live in North Idaho where just about any critter can meet you at your front door. I do admit the guy has a set. Problem is with the birdshot. I keep my 12 bore loaded with Brenneke slugs and I’m sure not going to aim for their feet. Taking on any charging critter is always a crap shoot. You need to do what you can to keep the odds in your favor. The “good” folks in the UK that think the bear should have won would surely thing differently if in the same situation. Of course, folks… Read more »


Lots of tree huggers and environmentalists won’t like this much but the man had every right to do what he did and what’s more he showed incredible restraint. I doubt that I would have risked using bird shot. There is nothing on earth that is more dangerous than a grizzly bear with cubs–except my wife sometimes. Kids and wife need protecting— he is right to do it and I have also had to dispatch a critter or 20 that either threatened me or my family or friends or animals. Having a grizzly in your yard is a sure sign of… Read more »

Jon M.

Crocs? He went out to confront the bear while wearing crocs? No surprise that his footwear came off. Might want to rethink your footwear before a life threatening encounter. Although I wouldn’t have trusted birdshot for a bear it seems to have worked in this case. At least he didn’t believe the bear spray lobby. That stuff should never be relied upon for any active animal attack especially not for a charging bear. It’s strictly for deterrence of nuisance animals not deadly force encounters. Also, glad he apparently had a fallback position. As for the dog. It’s there as a… Read more »


Pretty good article except for the evolution reference. An accurate accounting would be as follows. Gen 1:24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. Gen 1:25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let… Read more »


Evolutioin is a fairy tale, much like Goldillx and her three furry friends. Or the Big Bad Wolf tale… but “natural selectioin” is a thing….. what Dean said was that the black bears tend to learn NOT to aggress against humans, and thus, with many times more of them, and often in much closer proximity ty men, there are about the same number of deaths. Those that learn to “respect” (more accurately, FEAR) mankind tend to live longer, and reproduce, passing their “cultural” traits along to their young. Those that get too feisty and threaten men tend to get eaten… Read more »

Sal Chichon

Oh shut up, you deluded moron.

Mike Ross

He’s right about natural selection, it’s not just black bears either. Grizzlies in Alaska, where they are hunted, are a lot less aggressive than griz in the lower 48 where hunting is banned.

Dr. Strangelove

: “I believe that I came from God and you believe you came from a monkey, and you’ve convinced me that you’re right.” – Dr. Ben Carson


The video doesn’t indicate if this guy owns livestock. Clearly he has children in the house, you can hear them on the video. Many species have disappeared from a natural process called extinction. Im not debating the ferocious teddy bear controversy. One thing is certain, this bear had lost all fear of man. Evident by her presents in a populated area. She likely would not simply leave on her own. Running her off his property is his right. Still he is damn lucky to be alive.

Dale Bakken

This guy is an idiot. He couldn’t have done any more stupid things to get this sow to charge him. People like that should not live in bear country. Live in a big city where you belong. You can’t fix stupid and this is just damn stupid.

Rob Slamka

It looked very much like survival or self defense to me. No need to argue Constitutional Rights with an unschooled alpha it for the judge.. I favor the Old West before lawyers made us civil and slaves to modern repression.If a bear offers you a dinner date and you find yourself on his/ her menu, you have the RIGHT to refuse the invitation..Adamantly and with overwhelming opposition. Bring enough gun..bring too much gun.


I think you are right.
Don’t think a guy can ever bring too much gun. I’ve hiked the back woods of Alaska to Africa and always had enough gun for the biggest thing I might encounter that could eat me. Regardless of what simple minded folks like Lava think, it’s man’s duty to survive such encounters. It doesn’t matter “who” was there first. It simply shows how little people like Lava think of themselves. If those folks were any other species, their own parents would have eaten them.


“The human should have been killed and eaten.” The poster should offer himself as a dish.


You guys talk some real crap when it’s not you in that position. Why don’t you go stay with the guy for a while. That way if it happens again you can sacrifice your sorry ass instead of the “poor” bear taking the heat. Bet you’ll feel a little differently when a bear is gnawing on your skull.


Right on taj


Agreed. Lots of differences between calling the play from your laptop and being up close and smelling what she had for breakfast.


I have an idea, why dont you stand there and offer the poor little bear a jar of honey. If you ask nicely im sure the bear will leave you alone. Just in case you might consider putting you contact for next of kin in your shoes since that will be the only thing not eaten.


Ya’all are misreading ’s post. quotes someone and then says the quoted person should be eaten. You all respond exactly the same, but attributing the quote to .
With such miscommunication and infighting, it’s a wonder we can mount any defense at all against the hoplophobes.


Well, as Andrew Cuomo might say, “Nobody needs three rounds of birdshot to kill a BEAH!!”

BillyBob Texas


Joe Biden would have shot both barrels of his double-barreled shotgun over it’s head to scare it away…….HAHAHAHA

Jerry S.

The only thing I question is the expediency of shoe choice. Can’t fault him there really, because it may have been a time thing…. grab the first thing for my feet that is nearest……otherwise, he has a huge set…..kudos on the shot of a lifetime. Wish I could say that I have the willingness to put myself in that much danger without thinking , only not killing the beast, but scaring it away without serious injury.


Going out the door to face the most dangerous predator on the continent with bird shot might equate to suicidal behavior. Might as well had a featherduster. Lucky he list his shoe, that probably gave him time to take refuge inside the house.

Wild Bill

So … what happened to the man’s dog? The dog is part of the defensive team.

Mike Ross

I was worried about the dog too, hope it was smart enough to follow his owner inside.

Dave in Fairfax

It was behind the bear, the last I saw of it, further out in the yard in other words. I think they need a new dog and a pile more sense. We have critters eating pets here. I checked with wildlife and they told me I couldn’t shoot or use a machete on the critters, no matter what. I asked if they knew the 3 S’s.

BillyBob Texas

Similar situation here in north suburb of Dallas. One acre lots – lots of treelines and creekbottoms. And lots of coyotes and many bobcats. Some neighbors remark how beautiful they are…….but they are taking our pets. Regularly. Bobcats can jump / climb a 6 ft fence like it ain’t there. And take your 20 lb. pet and jump right back over. Recently slashed two 40 lb. dogs to death when it jumped into their dog-run. Can’t shoot guns within the city limit….un-huh……well, my shotgun by my backdoor is loaded alternating #8 birdshot and 00 buck. Knocked a bobcat down last… Read more »

Mike Ross

The comments on the Daily Mail article are astounding. 95% of them condem the man! Many even wish the bear had killed him. Lots of sick people in the UK.

Rick P

Yes, Mike, sick people but only because of a lifetime of conditioned indoctrination by a peculiar people against the “evil, wicked” WHITE MAN which, today the entire world, even the self hating white world detest’s.! Had the guy been a shade darker, you would have seen an understanding of human sympathies for his bear problem. Not, though, for the white devil who should have, of course, been eaten!!!


If they were being chewed while still alive they would not give a damn about95% of UK Daily Mail readers.


The majority of bears consider humans to be (not very) fast food.


Easier to catch than a rabbit.


He was more than justified. Can’t wait to read about all the wrong things he did right here. You know..he should’a this,he should’a that.