ATF and Firearms Industry Offer $5,000 Reward in Reno, NV Firearms Theft

ATF and Firearms Industry Offer $5,000 Reward in Reno, NV Firearms Theft
ATF and Firearms Industry Offer $5,000 Reward in Reno, NV Firearms Theft

RENO, Nev.– -( The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) — the trade association for the firearms industry — has announced a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the theft of firearms from the RAC Guns & Ammo Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL).

ATF is offering a reward up to $2,500, which will be matched by the NSSF for a total reward of up to $5,000.

This reward is part of a larger national cooperative initiative between the NSSF and ATF in which the NSSF matches ATF rewards in cases involving the theft of firearms from federally licensed firearms retailers. ATF works closely with members of the firearms industry to curb the criminal acquisition and misuse of firearms.

On September 29, 2018, four suspects burglarized RAC Guns & Ammo, located at 3030 Mill Street, Reno, Nevada. The suspects used a sledgehammer to break the front glass of the business and enter the premise. Using a duffle bag, they stole 69 firearms before fleeing the scene. ATF and the Reno Police Department are investigating the burglary.

Anyone with any information about this crime should contact ATF at 1-(800)-ATF-GUNS (1-800-283-4867) or visit (link is external) or through the mobile “reportit” app, available both on Google Play and the Apple App Store. All calls will remain confidential.

Field Division: San Francisco Field Division

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Chuck U. Farley

I live in Reno and there are cameras everywhere from casinos but I visit alot of the stores here and do think they need better deterrents and surveillance. Thanks to the tweaker population I even have a 8 camera system at home. I have 2 gun safes and 3 pits so I feel my weapons are probably safer then most of these gun stores, however the FFL down the street from my shop where I have my NFA items shipped to keep all firearms in safes in a locked room after hours, to me thats ideal.


Since Fast ‘n Furious has been discontinued, alternate means of procurement have to be found.

Timothy Votaw

A gun shop, in this day and age, that was susceptible to a sledgehammer break-in, may not have had very adequate security. It would take a few minutes for 3 thugs to grab 69 guns, but an alarm system suitable for such a target should have had nearly immediate response from law enforcement, depending upon the shop location. Something wasn’t right, it seems to me. Hope the thieves have some lowlife rats for friends, willing to drop the dime on them for 5 grand. What a society…


I agree with you Timothy! As a thought, why not make the reward amount equal to the suggested retail price of the stolen merchandise? Hummm…….
I also agree as to why video camera images are usually blurred. As in this case the images are worthless. And help is sought to ID these perps!? How? Tell me!?
If a camera is going to be used as part of a security system – spend some money on a good one!


Blurred images will do nothing towards identifying or capturing suspects ….. ever. It’s a waste of time and resources


I’m sure they be able to get a hit on a few suspects, regardless. But you bring up a good point. Security cameras have never been cheaper or better, and there is no excuse to use gritty-cheap cameras, especially if you are going to use the footage to record crime being perpetrated against you.