Nogun Shogun, Who Needs Arms When Defending the Border?


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Nogun Shogun, Who Needs Arms When Defending the Border?

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Decline is a choice.” ~ Victor Davis Hanson

Nogun Shogun!?

Our current Secretary of Defense is apparently no supporter of the armed warrior concept, and is thus a real disappointment to those of us who are.

When visiting troops deployed on our southern border today, he said:

“Troops are only there in an engineering capacity and will be laying out barbed-wire fences. Troops doing that obviously are not armed. They don’t need their weapons.”

Obviously? Don’t need weapons? He is betting their very lives on that casual, and naive, assumption.

Dead troopers during the Ft Hood massacre were also assured that they “didn’t need weapons.”

Curious that in 2018, when civilians are arming-up and routinely going armed in “rear areas,” our soldiers deployed to front lines, an extremely dangerous border, are by order, defenseless.

Will it take yet another pitiable massacre of our unarmed soldiers to demonstrate the naive foolishness of this doctrine?

We’re proudly told of the magnificent weapons training these troopers have received. Who are more qualified to bear arms than these?

And yet, and yet:

They are still not trusted with guns, even when deployed to extremely dangerous areas.

Our enemies are laughing, and celebrating.

“That nation is surest to live in peace, that is most capable of making war; and a man with a sword always by his side, shall have least occasion to make use of it.” ~ John Trenchard


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If you aren’t going to arm the soldiers on the border so they can protect themselves, you might just as well hire a bunch of illegal aliens to string the concertina wire. It would be cheaper and less risky to American citizens. If a few of them get shot it won’t stop the program, there are plenty of them here.


Great minds think together. Made the same comment a while ago
Another Sub guy.


Great minds think together. Made the same comment a while ago
Another Sub guy.


When I was in the Army, in the late 70’s to late 80’s, on the US base where I was assigned I found out that the Military Police were carrying 45’s with an empty magazine, and of the multiple magazines they also carried only one was allowed to contain exactly 5 rounds. So this level of stupidity is not new. It is caused I think by the same kind of fake risk averse BS as having gun free zones. If the people who can and do carry the pistol being empty means there is never ever an accidental shooting. Stupidity.


Author: tomcat14
Posse Comitatus Act

That applies to fed troops used against US citizens.

Joseph P Martin

I lived and worked along the border in New Mexico for 20 years and was NEVER stupid enough to be there without being armed. I was shot at 3 times over the years while in the border country, never hit (thank God), with 2 of the shots coming out of Mexico. It has always been and still is a dangerous place.


Posse Comitatus act is not applicable when defense of our borders is involved. The military is not employed in arresting citizens. The purpose of the CBP is to interdict illegal entry. The Army can be used in that effort as well. Forgottn is the fact that CBP has been fired upon cross border. We are being invaded. What use is the army if we don’t use them to repel invaders. Arm the soldiers.


The author of this piece needs to read the constitution for himself! The National Guard can be armed and on duty in our continental states but the army cannot be used in that manner on US soil. The president and his secretary of defense have a far more intricate problem to deal with in this border situation then any of you appear to appreciate.


So, you claim the U.S. army can’t be utilized to stop an invasion?
That’s funny!


We need to cut to the chase here. Anyone who argues for unarmed troops, who argues for no troops, who nitpicks over which troops can do the job is after ONE thing only – to get as many illegals as possible into this country as rapidly as possible. The goal is to dilute the conservative vote by whatever means works. The left cares nothing about the welfare of the people coming up from and through Mexico to the United States. The left only craves their votes, nothing more (perhaps also the vapid moral high ground of being able to say… Read more »


I could not not have said it better . I had just told my wife the same thing at dinner .Demon Crats are selling their souls for votes and sacrificing the country by their insane actions . Power at any cost that’s there mission .


It would seem that you are all forgetting that the US military cannot be deployed in our nation in a military offensive manner. You should read your constitution and you will know what President Trump and his Cabinet are dealing with in this situation. It is far more inticate than you are aware of.


quote from Ken: US military cannot be deployed in our nation in a military offensive manner This is true… EXCEPT in time of riot, civil disturbance, FOREIGN INVASION. These troops are NOT deployed there “in a military offensive manner” though there are legions of idiots across this land who find any attempt to repel this invasion is an offense to their “sensitivities” or corrupt politcal agenda. I’d suggest YOU read YOUR copy of the COnstitution….. where military force can, and must, be brought to bear under certain circumstances, which include use on home soil for certain limited purposes… one of… Read more »


If the National Guard is called up by the federal government, they are subject to the PCA. If they are called up by the state government, they are not subject to the PCA and can be used in any manner consistent with the law and the Constitution (in this case both federal and state). The federal government can get around this inconvenience with the cooperation of the governors by having the states call up the Guard while the federal government funds the operation. However, even when under control of the federal government, there are exceptions to the PCA that allow… Read more »


So if Russia or some ominous opponent of our great Republic was posed to enter our country at Galveston TX the law would not permit the use of our Military. Please, this is not the way the law reads or is intended. You have embarrassed yourself and the rest of us by commenting, are you sure your at the correct website. This is not a civil disturbance, this is a blatant invasion. Now go find Green Wave and the notorious ankle biter Clark Kent, surely the three of you can at least wage a leftist article not so easily ripped… Read more »


Posse Comitatus Act

Jack Mac

Posse Comitatus Act was modified in 2006. Apparently now Military can be used just about anytime and anywhere. If the wrong people in political office the military could be used everywhere all the time.

Bob Koceja

Some Military leaders act like Hollywood types, they consider the troops as cannon fodder, expendable.
Putting unarmed soldiers anywhere is pure foolishness. That “Leader” should be relieved of his position.


Yep. You’d think being on a Military base would be one of the safest places to be. Amazingly not so.
It’s safer being off base where the people are armed. Who knows…perhaps we might have to defend them?


How did a dumbass like that get a job like that.He needs to be on crapper cleaning detail!


America has had “STUPID” on the Hill since WWII.. The surprise attack on Pearl, and many attacks during the war that cost thousands of American lives. We need not mention Vietnam Stupid. And it’s continues today. The Ft.Hood massacre, 2015 two U.S. Army soldiers were wounded in an attack by a gunman on a military recruiting center.
Our current SoD needs to be removed…America needs intelligence on the Hill not Stupid.