Florida Carry Sues Miami Beach Over Police Action Against Legally Armed Fishermen

Miami Beach, FL – -(AmmoLand.com)- A lawsuit for deprivation of civil rights under color of law and violations of Florida firearms and fishing laws has been filed today against the City of Miami Beach and officers of its police department. Over an incident where the officers assaulted, battered, and detained law-abiding fishermen at a Florida Carry fishing meetup on the South Pointe Fishing Pier on June 24th, 2018. The incident was captured on video (link above).

Dubbed the “South Pointe Six,” six Florida Carry members and supporters were held by police for well over two hours without cause.

While the police officers went on a fishing expedition of their own in an illegal attempt to find anything, the officers could use in order to charge the “South Pointe Six” with a crime before finally failing and releasing them.

Even after eventually releasing Florida Carry's members, the Police Department forced the premature end of our First Amendment protected gathering by closing the public fishing pier until all known Florida Carry members and supporters left the area.

“Florida Carry will not allow our members to be abused, injured, held without cause, and have their civil rights violated without the strongest possible response to prevent these types of attacks on the good, law-abiding, citizens of our Great State.” Said Florida Carry Executive Director, Sean Caranna.

“Most police officers and deputies that we encounter are outstanding professionals who have an incredibly tough job to do, we respect that honor that. However, we've seen these types of abuses happen far too many times in cities and counties who do not respect the Right to Bear Arms. Every City and County in Florida should already know that proper training about the legal possession and carry of firearms is necessary. These types of abuses will not be tolerated – IT ENDS HERE.”

The plaintiffs are represented by Florida Carry General Counsel Eric Friday.

Florida Carry, Inc.

About Florida Carry

Florida Carry, Inc, is a nonprofit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental civil right of all Floridians to keep and bear arms for self-defense. Their website is www.FloridaCarry.org.

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    1. Stunts like the ones Florida Carry did in South Beach harm all gun owners. They hurt the 2A cause, not help it. This will cause tighter gun laws. 790.25 was not intended for busy city piers. It was meant for out in the wilderness. Lucky nobody got shot — this time.

      1. That not how the statue was written.The law should be nullified of the many reason. Police have a limited time to establish probable cause. In this case 2hours was just plain stupidity. Closing the pier totally uncalled for. I stand with these law abiding citizen who stood there grounds. Shame to the over aggressive police who violates the law on ground of ignorance.

      2. Actually the same law is what gives police officers the right to open carry in this state. The second amendment isn’t the red headed stepchild of the bill of rights. It demands the same government adherence as the rest of them. When government ignores the rule of law it needs to be held accountable. After suing the city I hope they go after the officers involved personally.
        Florida’s entire carry law needs to be tossed entirely. If the only way a citizen can legally carry a firearm is to first ask permission and pay a tax then it’s unconstitutional period. The same crap wouldn’t stand for voting rights and it shouldn’t stand for the right to bear arms.

    2. The video listed in the article is the wrong video, if you are referring to the Miami Beach (South Point) incident, this is the right video. link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zazS-I81so . Now that this is corrected let us concentrated on educating, and focusing our efforts on protecting our 2nd amendments. Less arguing amongst each other in these forums, and more letting the sell-out politicians that WE WILL REMEMBER who they are come election time.

      1. Sad, weak, scared people.
        Stomping on peaceful people who were exercising their rights – rights that they swore an oath to protect.
        What has this govt and its agents sunk to?

      2. You ignorance of what constitutes properly instituted law and order is a danger to the USA, its sovereignty, and its citizenry. Freedom is not free. Freedom has never been free. Freedom will always have cost. It takes no brain power or will to embrace fascism and socialism. Why chose to be a parasite who feeds off the vacuous intellect of the so-called liberal media, the history revisionist, the uneducated, and the emotionally driven segment of our society — unable to properly reason? No, it is you who is defiant, sad, weak, and scared.

        Now go to your safe space for twenty minutes and think about what you were just taught. THINK

    3. GDW gets a lick in and that is the last you hear from him. He is sitting in his shack pounding his pud because he got the best of a bunch of commenters, again. I have my doubts if he is even from this country because of his dumb a** comments on various subjects. He likes to brag about turning three people in and having them arrested. In other words he is a swatter and they go to jail when caught. There is not much good you can say about this FUDD. W. Bill calls him the green rat fink and if anyone could get his real name and address there are a bunch of people that would red flag him.

      1. No. Your wrong. The video in the link is not the encounter in the lawsuit. Do your research better before arriving at a conclusion yourself. Google “South Pointe Six video”. Im glad I could help you.

    4. This is not in Miami Beach. These are not Miami Beach cops. Get your facts straight first. Secondly, if you carry a flag and a gun, you will draw attention to yourself right or wrong. I am pro gun by the way and prefer people not know I am carrying it.

    5. Most officers will not look at any documents you have related to laws on the books, they only want your ID and permits etc.
      What these officers did was WRONG, you don’t pull you service weapons on citizens with holstered firearms.
      The law on fishing with your personal firearm has been on the books for a long time.

      Remember the police can and will LIE to us, just like when we open video, ‘turn it off’, ‘against the law’. blah blah.
      Threaten with arrest and jail.

      If these officers do not like open carry on the fishing pier, they work to get the law changed.

      1. It is my understanding the Florida carry informed them ahead of time of this episode it was either ignored or Miami Beach just decided to make some sort of a point

    6. The MBPD is corrupt, especially those operating out of South Beach. Why? Because they think they’re special. Because theres lots of tourist and women with their breast and buns out; so somehow this gives them special priveleges. I hope they sue them back to kingdom come! Nobody is above the law!

    7. I am very familiar with Miami Beach Police, especially those operating out of South Beach. Basically, these police officers think they special. Perhaps because there is alot of tourist and women in bikinis with their breast and buns out. They need to train these officers better, they do not uphold the law, they break it constantly and on a daily basis; again because they think they special. They think, “I work on the beach so Im a celebrity cop, city cops can’t do what I do”. Bottom line, they fucked with the right ones in this case. And I hope they sue the fuck out of the MBPD to kingdom come. Nobody is above the law!

        1. Our president makes mistakes when he tweets correct? He is famous no? So your assumption that famous people have perfect grammar has been destroyed right in front of you thanks to me: smile 🙂 lol Furthermore as far as I am concerned almost 0 mistakes where made gramatically so maybe you should focus on the content of the article and not being an annoying substitute english teacher. And lastly, no one is pretending to be famous. Ms Daisy is a real name? Whats your IQ Ms Daisy?

          1. If the whole family is illiterate, then more of us should be illiterate, unlike you @ScrambledEggs a failed spermatozoon who could not fertilize an egg properly so nature had to scramble you.

        2. Everything he wrote is just fine, except for a couple of “Are” s which are missing.
          Why don’t you start losing that atrocious accent of yours and start learning proper English pronunciation instead?

    8. I live inFlorida and I carry a gun. According to FL statute 790. These cops are ver6 likely going to face a heavy fine and loss of their badges. The folks seeing them will ha their cour5 costs covered by the Miami PD and t(e court could go after the police chief. That’s the law! Their gonna get used to it the hard way!

      1. I also live in Florida and am once again shocked { no really ] to hear about police officers who do not know or understand our state laws ! These over zealous officers have over stepped their oaths and respect for the laws. Only a huge lawsuit, large fines , and firing of those responsible and that goes all the way to the top. The failure to properly train and educate those responsible for enforcing our laws has failed yet again !
        On another hand , if the people accosted by these officer were black the wrath of the NAACP would come down hard on the city !

    9. I agree, MBPD is without a doubt the most corrupt force I’ve ever scene, can you believe in 2019 you still have CUBAN officers telling black people to go across the bridge with the niggers. I can because it was told to me and I live on the beach.

      1. That’s crazy. And I believe it because my african American friend was called a monkey recently and when I did 30 days in jail over an open container which was absolutely ridiculous I saw at the Miami beach police station how the holding cell officer was deliberately insulting and verbally abusing a homeless man with the worst insults, one of them telling him hes a disgrace to go back to his country

    10. The major problem is law enforcement in this country has no respect for the citizens they are hired to serve and protect. Respect goes both ways and they have a superiority attitude towards being questioned or educated by a citizen.

      1. @Joe, I am not sure when police attitudes changed, and I am not saying that the attitude of police departments have changed everywhere. Seems like in big cities, the PDs are the private armies of the politicians in charge of that city.

        Police enforce unconstitutional statutes and ordinances dictated by corrupt mayors and city councils. PDs have no duty to help citizens. PDs stand aside and enforce no law against street thugs when their mayor tells them to let the street thugs run wild against peaceful residents. Now we see PDs holding people without having the probable cause required by the Constitution and in violation of state law. Are the cities immune from the Constitution and state law?
        If big city PDs get away with this, will small city PDs soon follow?

        1. In southern Florida, the chief of police are appointed by the mayor. In other parts of Florida they are elected officials. The problem with the later is as you described, the police become the enforcers of the politicians that appointed them. When we elect our police leadership they have to answer to the public that put them in office.

        2. @wildBill,…It is my belief that the attitudes changed after 911. We used to have Officer Friendlies, guys you could actually strike up a conversation with wherever you met them, even on the job. Now they have smoked glass barricades in the police dept., and they hide behind them. As the song used to go, “they don’t need you, and they expect the same”. Many of them do seem to have thrown away the “protect and serve” motto, and a lot of them will not hesitate to shoot you if you look at them funny. I suppose one could rationalize that they are under a lot of stress also, since many of the public will not hesitate to shoot them in the back, for no reason other than to make their bones.

    11. Instead of forcing issues like this, it would be better to hand out copies of 790.25 to every LEO you meet. The only thing confrontations like this will do is to get 790.25 repealed.

      1. …..Probably a good way to get cuffed and a ride downtown if they see it as resistance or even sarcasm…. Don’t push the issue, stay alive and lawyer up or contact Florida Carry

        1. Politicians are basically a lazy bunch. It’ll be much easier to repeal the law then try to enforce it. Cheaper too. No more lawsuits. So all these guys have done is rattled the cage of a state thats already on its way to turning purple.

    12. What a shame and embarrassment that these officers decided to do something like this. They are are here to protect us and most of them do but this was definitely a waste of our tax dollars and so unjust to those law abiding citizens that were just fishing. It’s ridiculous!

    13. Laws change every day. Sometimes what’s illegal today is legal tomorrow. Unfortunately the powers to be do not come out to the police departments and inform them. Instead of putting yourselves at risk of being shot or injured to prove your points why not simply come out to the roll calls with your representatives and inform the officers. The state attorney office could do it but for whatever reason they dont. Why put yourselves in an unnecessary predicament to make a statement which could be a life altering decision where now you’re in litigation due to tragic results. The Male who was complaining the most on the audio really took his situation as a phoney surprise meaning he acted as if he didn’t think about being handcuffed while having a bad shoulder. Dont volunteer to run a race if you know you just had a pulled groin. Stop using provoking tactics and use logical common sense you’ll have a much larger and vocal support group. This provocative tactic of baiting officers at some point will end tragically for someone.

      1. You seem to believe it’s OK for police officers to violate the law. As far as the gentleman with the bed shoulder why are you instead chastising the police for an illegal detainment the fact that these officers aren’t and I question the word aren’t because most of them know the law Cognisant of what the law is is no excuse. How many times have you heard ignorance of the law is no excuse these police officers were not ignorant there are thousands upon thousands of videos of officers violating people’s rights and yet people like you still want to praise them. No such thing it’s a good cop if they’ve been on the force more than a year I say this because if they have not by elated someone’s rights lied on a report or ignored another officer violating someone’s rights They’re not police officers. I see officers walking around with more military gear then I war in Vietnam.

      2. Steve Johnson, you have some schooling but you fall victim to ignorance. These individuals have to risk themselves because doing roll calls with your representative will do doodoo, ziltch, 0. Only if it were that easy. Re read what you wrote and reflect. Roll call everyone! Lmao

      3. so you advocate living in a world where some puffed-headed guy in a government issued costume bebadged and bebangled can some round and order me to do what HE wants me to do as if I were his personal chattel, and I am to bow and scrape and way “Yassuh Massa, I be a doin’ dat rat awaie now, heah?”

        NO. I am a sovereign citizen, I KNOW my rights AND responsibilities, and the law of the land, and will NOT allow some punk in a scary costume to control my life. I do NOT plan my day around the worst case scenario should a megalomaniacal piece of government issued swelled head take it into his pea brain that I am his lackey, Stepan Fetchit, minion.. he forgets the equation is the other way round….. HE works for ME. Time these clowns get brought to heel again.

    14. When agencies violate the Rigjts of citizens, they know any lawsuit will be defended by taxpayer money and any payout will be with taxpayer money.

      Lois Lerner and the IRS violated Rights, paid out $3.5 million to Tea Party organizations. No biggie just taxpayer money.

      Mueller (and Comey) unjustly went after Jewel for the anthrax matter, even though Jewel was the hero. Payout $8 million to Jewel for ruining his life. No biggie just taxpayer money.

      It appears these gentlemen in the video were exercising Rights and the cops, like storm troopers, violated their Rigjts. Again, no biggie, it is just taxpayer money which will be paid out.

      Maybe we need a law when public servants violate the Sovereigns Rights, they can be held personally responsible.

      Just saying…….

      1. go after their personal bonds and insurance as individuals. Charge them in their perosnal capacity with violation of your civil rights. ONLY when this gets personal will it begin to end. EACH one of these dirtbags swore an oath when he first put on that badge and gun as ahired officer. That oath is to uphold and defend and enforce the Constitituion of the US and of his State. This garbage violates that oath, This is felony perjury. Charge them. If convicted, no more gun, no more badge, no more public empllyment. Do that to one or two of the most outrgeous dirtbags in an area, and watch the rest of their pals suddenly become these sweet, gentle, respectful helpful, folks you can imagine……

        And yes, removing immunity from responsibility for such egregious violations of law would be a good start. The coppers are, most of them, smart enough to know when they are treading outside the acceptible path. These guys are playing goons, flexing their power muscles because they carry it off with impunity. change that and see what happens.

      2. I have worked for two municipalities and retired from one. Cities out here in the West have to purchase liability insurance to protect themselves from law suits. When a suite is won against them it is the insurance company that pays out. The city I retired from pays a HUGE sum monthly for this insurance and was told premiums will continue as claims increase. Finally, they told the city their insurance would be cancelled if claims contained. This was the turning point. This was serious stuff! So….yes, tax payers money. Keep the pressure on city managers with law suites so costs become so high for liability insurance city managers will be held accountable to these costs. Goint after personal asserts is a good strategy as well.

    15. Thankfully we put a stop to this in the great state of Alabama. It is illegal for an officer to detain you based only on the act of carrying a weapon/firearm. After years of bullying tactics – being charged with disturbing the peace – and Law enforcements aggressive attitude towards law abiding citizens.

    16. They need to pursue Treasonable Offenses.
      That is a federal felony charge, (paraphrasing here) when 2 or more government officials/employees conspire to remove someones rights from them for any period of time is a Treasonable Offense. Its not as severe as Treason, but its still a crime none the less

    17. I think the instigators need to apply for the police force. I mean your able bodied, supposedly good with a weapon, think you know the law and are out actively looking for things wrong. They want the cops fired so use them to backfill the vacancies.
      Just think how much they could educate everyone from that position! Now you’ve got your ultimate pro 2A police force you want. The only downside is that you will have to actually deal with real crime and criminals.
      I can’t wait to hear the excuses of why they/you can’t or won’t.

      1. You are a fool. Instigators? You think they are instigators for doing something that is perfectly legal? I hope like hell a cop pulls a gun on you, sticks it in your face, handcuffs you, throws you on the ground, detains you for 2 hrs, searches your body car and phone. Just for going to the store. You are an idiot.

    18. I believe in the 2A and civil right but went a L.E.O. receive complane from a citizen their duty is to check-it-out
      Their problem L.E.O. their went to aggressive to the since.their keep does guy detain to long.under 790.25 (D)&
      (H), fishing, hunting, target shooting, going from house to the shooting range my understanding is! you can open carry,that the only exception to to rule & regulation. In florida is no open carry under 790.54 I think.

    19. Doesnt matter what the law states.. if they get a call about someone with a gun. They are within their legal rights as police to detain the subject no matter how many piece’s of paper he claims to have stating the law. This guy is a fucking moron..

    20. The Miami Beach police department is one of the most corrupt, in Dade County. They have assassinated, abused and violated law abiding citizen’s rights for YEARS. But judges and DAS and police unions are all in to protect each other. I just moved out!

    21. Hey I smell a liberal, why don’t you keep your day job. Cuz you suck as a commentator. Yeah they know if they wanted to instigate a battle with the cops, are you that damn stupid.

    22. Why not put the soverign citizens with the blue gang uniforms and badges in jail for violation that groups rights? You must be a dummycrat.
      Miami Beach police department is gonna be bankrupt giving money away because of these boneheads that are not properly trained.or too stupid not to know the laws which they are supposed to adhere to.

    23. > Are there any large red ant beds where these extreme self righteous activists could be sat down in while being detained?

      It’s pretty sick to be wishing that kind of unnecessary harm on law-abiding citizens.

      > Our LEOs have much better things to do than spend time with those who intentionally try instigate a situation.

      Too bad that doesn’t include learning what legal carry is though.

      1. There was Not an attempt to instigate the L.E.O. The Florida Law is clear. Open Carry is allowed in the State from the moment you leave your Home for a Fishing or Hunting Trip, (you must have your Permits & Tools in your possestion

        1. You do not need a weapons permit to open carry a firearm to open carry to from and while you are going to a gun range, fishing, hunting or camping in Florida.

    24. Are there any large red ant beds where these extreme self righteous activists could be sat down in while being detained? Our LEOs have much better things to do than spend time with those who intentionally try instigate a situation.

      1. What instigation are you referring to? And, detaining someone with no probable cause is illegal. Those ant beds would be better off for the officers that don’t know that. They’re the instigators.

      2. The problem is the Leo’s almost always aproach too aggressively. There was no need to approach with guns drawn. Start screaming when questened, or uses the passive aggressive “we’ll ?????? in a minute”, then ignore you. They get way out of control when you challenge them or they realize you know more than they do.
        I agree some of the “auditors” push but that wasn’t the case here.

        1. Progressives militarized the police before WW I. We are suffering the consequences every day. For the green watch dog please riddle me this: Was the Most Reverend DR Martin Luther King Jr an “instigator?”

      3. Are you just trying to stir up trouble? It seems to me that comment you made about the ant beds is just an ignorant hot-headed, rant from an uneducated dunce .

      4. And he’s back. To showing his true colors, that is.
        I see that you’ve given up on your pretense of being a normal, reasonable person and gone back to your standard Left-wing trolling. There was a side bet going on how long you could keep it up. You actually went longer than I thought you could.

      5. WOW, intentionally trying to instigate a situation? He was legally OC while going to or from fishing as stated in Florida law and you’re again blaming the law abiding as the instigator, unbelievable! You’re being the typical uninformed anti-gunner as usual.

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