Swalwell Agenda Goes Beyond a Ban

Anti-gun California Congressman Eric Swalwell has launched a presidential campaign with gun control as a central theme. (Screen snip, YouTube, The Late Show)
Anti-gun California Congressman Eric Swalwell has launched a presidential campaign with gun control as a central theme. (Screen snip, YouTube, The Late Show)

California/United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- We’ve discussed Eric Swalwell before, but it’s worth taking another look, given that the Congressman from California announced he’s running for President on Stephen Colbert’s show. He picked a friendly venue to make that announcement, but he’s now going further than that.

Swalwell is most notorious amongst Second Amendment supporters for threatening to use nuclear weapons against gun owners who refuse to turn in modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms. Just to drive a very important fact home: Justice Department statistics show that rifles and shotguns of any type – much less the modern multi-purpose semiautomatic rifles and shotguns that Swalwell particularly wants to ban – are very rarely used in crime.

Yet despite the facts, Swalwell has pushed an Australia/New Zealand-style “buyback” of these guns. If you don’t “sell” your modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearm “back” to the government, you then get jail time – if Swalwell feels charitable. The threat of nukes, though, are still hanging overhead when he decides to take a hard line.

The “buyback” Swalwell wishes to impose upon millions of Americans who never shot up a church, school, movie theater, restaurant, concert, or other venue is enough evidence to declare that any protestations this Congressman makes about respecting the Second Amendment are lies. But while that one position is damning enough to make calling him a liar when he claims to support the Second Amendment defensible, there is far more evidence.

During a CNN town hall, Breitbart News noted that Swalwell also came out in favor of a licensing scheme and requiring gun owners to buy insurance. The former has long been a desire of anti-Second Amendment extremists (remember LBJ condemning the NRA for blocking licensing in 1968?). The latter is a way to make exercising Second Amendment rights much more difficult and expensive.

But wait, there’s more! Swalwell has pushed other infringements on our right to keep and bear arms. According to Breitbart, those provisions include the creation of a database of gun owners, “universal” background checks, and to do “what Australia did.” Swalwell even went so far as to claim that gun owners shouldn’t fear a database because it wouldn’t be used to “round up guns.”

Yeah, sure… so why is it that when New Zealand decided to revoke a license for BB guns (wait, Swalwell never mentioned requiring a license to buy a BB gun – did he?) because the gun owner expressed support for President Trump, they listed the two air rifles he would have 90 days to surrender? Or how about the experience of New York City? So, in other words, supporting pro-Second Amendment elected officials – or opposing them – could cost you your rights.

As an aside, it should be noted that when New York City created its database over five decades ago, one former police commissioner felt that a would-be gun owner would need to show “good and sufficient reason” to have a given rifle or shotgun – that the registry was a mistake in that it assumed a right to own a rifle or shotgun. Incidentally, you have to provide a reason for a given gun when trying to get a license in Australia or New Zealand. One thing that isn’t a “good and sufficient reason” to own a gun in your own home is personal protection.

Funny that Swalwell didn’t mention that. For someone who claims to support the Second Amendment, which states that “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” he sure would do a lot of infringing if he were President. Perhaps its best if he returns to private life – and Second Amendment supporters should work to make that happen by beating him in the next election.

Harold Hu, chison

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    1. The Second Amendment is a BALANCE OF POWER – banning AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines shifts the “balance of power” FIRMLY TO GOVERNMENT SUPERIORITY!

    2. FACT: The Second Amendment is NOT a government “allowance” of a gun of their choosing – IT IS A RIGHT TO A CAPABILITY! The CAPABILITY of Americans to DEFEND THEIR FREEDOMS through POWER if need be. All guns do not “ENABLE THE CAPABILITY” – the guns Swalwell intends to “allow” us do NOT.

      The MINIMUM standard of firearm that ENABLES THE CAPABILITY is our AR15 type semi-automatic rifles and standard full capacity magazines. (10 SWAT officers kicking a door to arrest 1 man would not do it with 10 round magazines – IT WOULD PUT THEIR LIVES IN DANGER – WE refuse to be forced to defend our freedoms with such restrictions.)

      “Justice Department statistics show that rifles and shotguns of any type – much less the modern multi-purpose semiautomatic rifles and shotguns that Swalwell particularly wants to ban – are very rarely used in crime.

      “GUN CONTROL” is not about crime or public safety – IT IS WORKING TOWARD TAKING “THE CAPABILITY”

    3. Guess he needs a history lesson or 2 we do have a constitution in place !! And when you are sworn in it’s to uphold the constitution!! Anything else in my opinion is treason !!!

    4. As soon as I read, “… California Congressman…” under the picture I knew all I needed to know about this sissy-boy.

    5. I think most of us can agree that Swalwell is extremely ignorant, uninformed, and deeply invested in an agenda driven by a far-Left movement to disarm normal Americans, leaving us vulnerable and defenseless against their Socialist tyranny. This is his view of this nation’s future, and it is unacceptable.

      We must resist this movement with everything we have, and call Swalwell out as often as possible, every time he opens his stupid, puppet mouth. He is a caricature, another Liberal-Left robotic fool. Hell, you don’t have to be an intellectual to listen to him, and realize the folly of his agenda. He’s wrong for this nation.

    6. How do these Anti-Constitution politicians get or stay in office? The Founding fathers had these morons in mind when they drafted and ratified this Masterpiece called the United States Constitution.
      They lie under oath and are treasonous vipers.

      1. It has been a long time coming. They use our Constitution against us, bolstered by a failed education system which promotes a false history. Then they tack on rewriting history until so many people are confused about what is what that they fall for anything that sounds good to them. For example, getting rid of violence is something I believe all sane people want. Unfortunately, they miss the whole story which includes things like criminals will never give up their weapons.

    7. Someone ought to shove a gun barrel up Swalwells ass next time he asks for our guns. he’s just yet another democrat charlatan that has vivid fantasies of being a tyranical ruler. He needs to go.

      1. Congressmale (not a man) Swallowell can go f** himself in his a$$ if he thanks confiscation will happen. I honestly think that traitor is looking for another civil war, because too many decent citizens would take up arms to protect themselves from government tyranny. This is what liberal pieces of shit (like him) and socialists are all about, bullying, control, and stripping rights from anyone able to fight their traitorous ways. Swallowell can eat $hit and—-well, you get the idea.

    8. This is ANOTHER politician who promises to break his oath of office before he is elected! At least he is somewhat honest. The left, the socialists, the communists, the demoncrats and the rinos have an agenda to dispose of the second amendment. They have been cutting away at our GOD given and constitutionally protected rights to keep and bear arms for decades. If the day ever comes when the government says “turn them is, you don’t need them” you can bet your last dollar that you will need them. Anyone who would voluntarily hand over their firearms, ammo, hi-cap magazines and gear is foolish and beyond foolish. Slaves are made this way. Anyone, ANYONE who would write, sign, pass, judge or enforce a law that is contrary to the constitution is committing treason. There is a penalty for treason and rightly so. That penalty is death. Before that sentence is carried out, a publicly viewed tarring and feathering of the traitor is also a good idea.

      Swalwell actually said he would round up and imprison anyone who doesn’t turn in his military STYLE weapon. He said he would cause the “authorities” to confiscate any weapon that is not turned in. He even mentioned the use of nukes if his demands are not met. He is calling for civil war. Would I be asking too much to request the he personally would try to take my gear at my house? The British tried and used this very same tactic to keep their subjects under their boots. They legislated laws, fines, taxes, imprisonment, torture and death to all who would not comply. Any of this sound familiar? When that did not work, they marched on Concord in a blatant attempt to deprive their subjects of their arms. You might note that the British had already removed said armaments from their subject’s homes and put them in a “gun club” just like Swalwell is proposing. History tends to repeat itself. That was the defining moment that started the war for independence–the first war for independence.

      When a government becomes destructive to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, the GOD given mandate to be armed etc. it is in the right of the people to alter or abolish it and form a new government. These words eco the declaration of independence. If those who agree with Swalwell get into power and attempt what he is advocating there WILL be civil war. If/when civil war does erupt, I hope that everyone has enough of a stockpile of their necessities to last a year or two. They will be needed. I sincerely hope and pray that both, the commandments in the BIBLE, that this nation is built on, and the constitution are upheld. That which is right and that which is wrong, as defined BIBLICALLY, remains so.

      With the unconstitutional laws that are already on the books we can either comply, vote them down or be civically disobedient. Maybe some correctly thinking lawyer, judge, enforcement officer could warn treasonous people about the cost of treason being applied to those in power, especially to those in power who think they are above prosecution of treason. That especially means those in office. There can be no justice when you hold no law higher than yourself. There are laws that enslave men and there are laws that set men free. Either what we know to be right and good and true IS right and good and true for ALL mankind-under GOD-or there is no hope for peace. Freedom is worth living for, arguing for, fighting for, warring for and dying for. I took my oath when I joined the Army and again when I signed on to work with the state government. I still live by that oath. The part that says “against all enemies, foreign and domestic” still applies today even to and especially to those in office. There is a peace that can only be found on the other side of war. If that battle must come, I will fight it.

      Arm up, carry on.

      1. No, Bill… the crime is not “treason.” It is (federal-level) Felony Perjury. But that, too, can carry the death penalty.

    9. He looks the part of a spoiled brat that spent his childhood playing video games and causing trouble. Maybe from a one parent home even. I know being a democrat makes one crazy but it usually surfaces in later years. This dolt has come around much sooner. Send him back to commiefornia to live with the homeless illegals, they all deserve each other. what ever is done with him, don’t let him near any important job because he will nuke it.

    10. Salwell will be dealt with at the ballot box next year. His constituents cannot possibly be that stupid as to send him back.

      1. Unfortunately, I suspect a large portion of his voters are moronic enough to re-vote for this Unconstitutional POS

        1. Being from California, and thus having witnessed such things, I suspect that, as with most Dems, a lot of his voters reside at local cemeteries, have four legs and a tail, have multiple names and addresses, and/or are ‘citizenship challenged’.

    11. Anyone who openly suggests that they will take away your rights if elected to the presidency should be arrested and placed in prison as a communist, right along with any other clown in office that wants to take away your rights

    12. A gun registry very good proxy data for an anti-fascist data set. The end purpose of a gun registry isn’t the guns it’s a database of undesirables in the regime.
      A vote for Swalwell is a vote for a second U.S. civil war.
      BTW they’re not going to nuke their water, power, and fuel supplies.

      1. Behold. A Swallow. He does it Well.
        He Swallows Well.
        He doesn’t have a Leg to stand on.
        HE Lost it.
        Lost an “L”
        He is Swal-Well.
        Playing the game of a Fool, playing Well, as he Swallows…….hook line and sinker…Go Fish.

    13. Swallow won’t even make the cut after the first 50% of the candidates are weeded out. His form of anti-2A is like Kryptonite to most politicians, and for good reason. Look at all the non-compliance that is happening in NJ, CO, and even the magazine limit in CA. Even local law enforcement and sheriffs are not willing to step over that line. Their response has been more like “you passed the law, so you go get ’em.”

    14. This past year I have watched this arrogant, narcissistic fool on Tucker Carlson. He was adamant, and still is, about the “Russian collusion”, claiming he read evidence as he was on the Committee. Yet, every time Tucker asked he provide this evidence, he backed down. He is a lying, traitorous piece of shite who, if ever got into the WH would be the cause for a 2nd American Revolution. How anyone would ever vote for this fool is beyond me, and yet, there ARE those who would vote for him. This is how low the IQ’s of people have become.
      He, and the entire democRAT/comunist party must go. Joe McCarthy was correct in his assessment as to the infiltration by communists into office, the media and other areas of life. It is fact, there were 1,800 men who were avowed communists, infiltrated the Catholic Church and are now the ones in power. Think about it. We know how low-life Hollywood is with queers and abhorent lifestyles. Why else would the church have pedophiles, if not for them following communism?
      Swalwell is living proof you don’t need a brain to become a lawyer; you don’t need a brain to be a politician. All you need is to follow orders.

      1. RE: “Joe McCarthy was correct in his assessment as to the infiltration by communists into office, the media and other areas of life. It is fact, there were 1,800 men who were avowed communists”.

        This is true, thanks for mentioning it. After the Russians released the previously secret, USSR KGB records in the 90’s, after the collapse of the USSR, we found out that McCarthy was actually correct.

    15. Ever notice how Swalwell is always lurking in the background behind Schumer during staged photo ops – whose lackey he is?

      Come on California, what the hell you thinking?

      1. Most people in California don’t think, that is the problem, after 67 years I’ve watched this state go from Republican to a Socialist state.

        1. I am a temporary transplant from PA, only here for my job. I have been here since 1988, wow how it has changed! Even here on the central coast, (one last conservative area) all I can do is hang on and keep the faith. What people need to understand is that the liberal whack jobs are doing is spreading their anti-constitutional views like a cancer. Just look how previous great state like CO, TX, AZ and even PA are turning. DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!!!!

    16. By this time next year. When President Trump has finally started to seriously campaign for the 2020 election. No one will be talking about Swalwell. We will still be building That Swell Wall. @MAGA 2020 @Keep America Great 2020. Mic Drop…

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