National Popular Vote Interstate Compact a Sure Path to Tyranny

Wolves Kill Sheep
The vote is in, this fellow lost, and his rights are what the majority say they are.

U.S.A. – -( “The Nevada Senate approved Tuesday a National Popular Vote bill on a party-line vote, sending the legislation aimed at upending the Electoral College to the governor,” The Washington Times reports. “Assembly Bill 186, which passed the Senate on a 12-8 vote, would bring Nevada into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an agreement between participating states to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote.”

Those proposing this subversion are presuming themselves wiser than the Founders – and 14 states and the District of Columbia so far evidently do. But note that nowhere in the Constitution is the word “democracy” mentioned. The founders had designed a system of checks and balances to avoid not only tyranny of branches of government, but of the tyranny of the majority. Such a thing is absolutely possible, and the “wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner” analogy is more than just a witticism. It’s why Bill of Rights protections were not intended to be subject to majority rule.

If a “popular vote” replacement of the Electoral system is allowed to stand, you can kiss “legal” recognition of the right to keep and bear arms goodbye, as well as anything meaningful ever happening to stop the ongoing invasion of “pathway to citizenship”-bound foreign nationals into this country.

We can draw apt analogies from another power-grab, ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913, taking the power to appoint senators from state legislatures as the Founders intended, and putting it up to “popular” vote. Just look at the disproportionate influence that has given high-population Democrat urban enclaves in your state over “red” counties.

The control-all “progressives” aren’t about to let people run their own lives, especially when it comes to gun ownership. The “laws” under such a regime will take the form of what we’re hearing from the likes of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. And what we’re hearing from them now is just what they think they can get away with. Give them what they want and they’ll be back for more – they always are.

Critics will counter with deceptions like the effort is “bipartisan,” and it’s true you’ll find an occasional “moderate” idiot drinking the Kool-Aid, but all one really needs do is look at who the prime supporters are:

“Leftist groups like Common Cause, Indivisible and Public Citizen cheered the Nevada vote,” The Washington Times article notes. “’The movement to abolish the electoral college is winning,’ tweeted Public Citizen.”

“AB186 would nullify Nevadans vote in the Electoral College,” Nevada Republican State Senate Leader James Settelmeyer tweeted in April, with an accompanying cartoon showing giant high-population states squeezing out the smaller ones into insignificance. “It will be my pleasure to vote NO to giving Nevadan’s votes to New York City.”

That’s what they have done – again. The first time was with Question 1, when a Michael Bloomberg-funded front group managed to push the measure through by less than one percent of the vote – and that populous Clark County was able to impose its will on the rest of the state (stopped only because what was passed was unenforceable) further illustrates the dangers.

The Democrats mean to have power and they mean to do it using whatever they have to. They couldn’t reverse the 2016 election through “trumped up” Russian collusion charges, so now they’re going after “obstruction” and making noises about impeachment. They’re desperate to win the White House in 2020 because the thought of Donald Trump having another four years to appoint Supreme Court and other federal judges is a threat to their agenda, and they’ll do anything to stop it.


The Constitution, the “supreme Law of the Land” specifically mandates:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…”

Ignoring and replacing their carefully crafted controls for limiting and dividing power is not what the Founders had in mind. But while legal “scholars” debate over the constitutionality of the Popular Vote Compact like theologians arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, here’s what we can be certain of if the founding intent argument loses in the legislatures and the courts:

Making that “peaceful revolution” President Kennedy talked about impossible means gun owners will have a terrible choice to make: Surrender or turn to the ultimate check and balance the Founders designed into the system.

There is no truer egalitarian power-sharing arrangement than the right of the people to keep and bear arms. So that’s what the monopoly of violence cultists need to crush before their other plans for total control can be revealed.

If they really believe in “power to the people,” why are they so afraid of those who refuse to surrender theirs?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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This is the text of Section 2 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the US: “Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age,… Read more »


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Tony Wagner

The electoral college was originally designed to overcome the logistics of a national vote in an age horseback transportation. The concept of one man one vote is not a threat.

Wild Bill

@TW, overcoming the challenges of time and distance was only part of it. The electors are supposed to screen out unqualified candidates that win the popular vote. For instance, If a person that is not a Natural Born Citizen or has not attained the age of 40 years is elected by popular vote then the electors are supposed to screen out that candidate. This is one of the checks and balances built in to our system by our careful and thoughtful founding fathers, after much debate and consideration. Only the corrupt and their useful idiots would want to deconstruct our… Read more »


You mean, like a 70-year-old insane man child with no expertise in anything, who’s never made a good decision in his life and listens to no one? I don’t think they’re screening very well! If someone doesn’t meet the basic criteria to run they’re disqualified immediately. This isn’t 1787 when people might be able to get away with lying through the election. We know who everyone is, exactly where and when they were born. That function is archaic now. Background checks and stuff like that can (and should) be implemented. But rescinding the right to bear arms, seriously? Not only… Read more »


f the npvic & its commie originators


while yes, many aspects of the system were to assist in that, the method in which we conduct our elections was designed for a much greater purpose. It recognizes that we are a federal constitutional republic that has individual interests of people as well as states. To declare that it is archaic or unneeded is lunacy and shows a lack of understanding over the foundations of our government. Now, if the proposition was that two electoral votes go to the state popular vote and the rest of each state goes to who wins each congressional district then that would be… Read more »

Bobby C.

However, `Dictatorship is` ____


Tim Pool on YouTube has posted two videos about how this is a bad idea. He opposes it on Constitutional grounds, but he also says that it would backfire against the Democrats as it would only ever benefit Republicans.

Pa John

We are not a democracy. The following is a nice short video (10:35) for nice short attention spans.
The American form of government:


Looks like the good folks of Nevada want to give up their vote of choosing their own President to the Liberal States like California, New York, Maryland, and Illinois. Who wouldn’t want their state run like Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York, and Detroit. AOC would probably love to chase jobs out of Nevada like she did in New York. A National Popular vote would be the same as all residents of Nevada stay home on election day. In Ohio, Obama only won with only 13 out of 86 counties. That is why the Electoral Collage must stay, without it the… Read more »


With the popular vote California and New York in particular can stuff the ballot boxes by illegals they bus precinct to precinct.

Tony Wagner

That is a completely false statement. I live in NY and that does not happen. Spreading falsehoods does not help our position.

Wild Bill

@Tony W, New York City corruption is legendary. Ever hear of Serpico and the NYC police pad? And there was a NYC police pad scandal in the early 1950s, too. Every aspect of NYC government has well deserved reputations for corruption, but you would have us believe that the NYC elections process is clean as a whistle?

Dave in Fairfax

Come on Tony, even your local politicians joke about whose turn it is to be indicted. Half your gov is headed for jail and the other half is scared.


Nevada is the perfect example of why we must retain the Electoral College. As I recall, EVERY county BUT the one in which Las Vegas is located voted against recent gun legislation, only to be overruled by the mob on LV county. Sick politics. I have thought for a long while that an electoral college type of voting system should be adopted for states elections in federal. My state of Washington is another perfect example, with the Seattle to Olympia corridor ruling the rest of the state. Not a good system. Reform is needed to protect our hard won Constitutional… Read more »


The U.S constitution also strictly forbids pacts between the states that are not specifically approved by congress. Their pact is totally unconstitutional.


Correct and grounds to reject the results of any election in which it is a factor!

Jeffry Scoffern

Well, remember who controls Congress… there was a reason the Mueller Report was not revealed before the Mid Term Elections… by not reporting no collusion, it allowed the Dems to continue the hoax, and win control of congress. Now that they have control, look what they are doing… anything and everything they seem to do is to perpetuate their political agenda… and not help the country. Eliminating the Electoral College is high on their agenda.

Mr. Bill

Clark Kent has had a psychotic break with reality.


If the individual states had electoral colleges there wouldn’t be idiots and crooks like the bunch we currently have in the Congress and Senate. Those people, the majority of them, are elected by the large population centers in the states which routinely override the majority of the population, in most states, that live in small towns and rural areas rendering their votes mute. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing.


Anyone running for a seat in the house or the senate should be required to pass a proficiency test on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or their name doesn’t even get on a ballot. All political meetings of the house and the senate should be required to start with saying of the Pledge of Allegiance out loud. Furthermore the elected official should be required to take an oath of allegiance to the Flag Of the United States and to the “Republic” for which it stands. Lets get this idea on the ballot and voted in.


Every bill submitted in Congress should state under what provision of the constitution it adheres to or does not violate!

Dennis Carey

Wholly shit brother or sister u said a mouthful, and i honestly do not believe i have heard of a better idea than that! That makes me proud that others think this way. Start the petition I’ll sign it!


Mega dittos @Capt. Shep. Instill a little patriotism in Congress. Novel idea.


For those who believe in their constitutional right to government oversight and correction by lawful citizens, remember that many of the same are members of the Guard and Reserve (State and National Militia). Their mindset will be more citizen than soldier (not Government drones). And they have access to many useful playthings. When the left ramps up changing America into a totalitarian Marxist state during the next couple of years, this will come in handy.

Wild Bill

@.45'Em, Yes, it is nice of them to maintain our equipment for us.


PMCS is a necessary chore to maintain readiness. ;>)

Wild Bill

@.45'Em, yes, PMCS. Hey, does the big green machine still have the Preventive Maintenance Monthly comic books. Those were the days. Oh, and if I have not mentioned it before, thank-you for your service.

Bernie Alessandrini

As bad as this “push” is to do away with the Electoral College, it’s merely a symptom of the REAL problem that is causing all of this political madness. While this article is correct and points out that the word “democracy” is not mentioned in the Constitution, it doesn’t go far enough. It should have stated that we are a Republic with a “Republican form of government” as stated in Article IV, Section 4. Accepting the blatant lie that we’re a democracy is not being challenged by Republicans. Democracy is “rule-of-the-majority”, period! Republic is “governing according to law” and you… Read more »

Richard Manfredi

Only the super crazy would put the fate of our country in the hands of the crazy East and West coasts.

Wild Bill

@Richard M, even less than that. Hillary tallied 1.5 million more in the popular vote, than Trump. Two million of those votes for hiLIARy came from one county in NY. Absent the Electoral College, the entire US of A would be ruled by one dense county in NYC.


Fight this usurpation of the Constitution. The Founders did not establish the United States of New York (and California)!

Richard Manfredi

I like “hiLIARy.” When you refer to NY State , please refer to it as “THE COMMUNIST STATE OF NY .” I thought the popular vote bulge came from California ; from about five or six million illegals there. I think that is the part of the basis for the brainless democrats resistance to voter ID. You have to give them “A” for effort; they use work arounds. Two hundred plus years ago, you either rode a horse or walked, it was ELECTION DAY, NOT ELECTION WEEK, NOT ELECTION MONTH , NOT ELECTION SEASON . You see, we need early… Read more »

Richard Manfredi

Only the super crazy would put the fate of our nation in the the hands of the crazy East and West coasts.

Rocky Mountain

As stated in the article the Constitution is the supreme law of the land then why is purchasing a permit required to bear arms? Why are registrations required and background checks? If it is supreme why are there thousands of gun control laws and gun free zones? If it’s supreme why do cops confiscate your gun when you use it to defend yourself, disarmament is constitutional? Me thinks your Constitution is entirely subverted yet in the chair you remain. Posting will resolve this.


booger & cow-mala, keeping islam safe in America

Rocky Mountain

Yes, Gov keeping it safe.

Ansel Hazen

I trained with a militia group this weekend.

Are the rest of you still just pounding the keyboard?

Wild Bill

@Ansel H, If you did… then shut up about it. Have you never heard of operational security. Your S-2 should kick your ass around the block. Do you not know that the Fat Boy Institute uses a computer program called Carnivore to search the internet for big mouths like you?
Glad you hear that you got some training in.

Clark Kent

Wild Bill: Get a new tinfoil hat. Yours is wearing out with constant use.

Wild Bill

@Clark, So you have never heard of the Fat Boy Institute’s internet search program called ” Carnavore”? Are you unaware that the Secret Service surveils the internet with “Triggerfish”? Christians in Action use “Stellar Wind”. The NSA has “Prism” and another surveillance program called “Blarney”.

Rocky Mountain

Round his ass up Bill.
Get him.

Wild Bill

@Rocky M, Just trying to learn him up. Or he might be a fed looking for those willing patriots who really do link up with and train with other patriots.


Understand what you are saying Wild Bill but us trying to hide only emboldens authoritarians.
Putting your foot down, not hiding and telling them to “F___ Off!” is a great disinfectant to tyranny.
Patriots need not hide! Let them make the unconstitutional move.

Wild Bill

@Jake, True, we, all of us, as individuals should put our foot down, as you say. I think, however, that if we belong to a militia that trains regularly, we should probably keep the existence of that group a secret or that militia group would find itself up to its ears in “new people.”
I agree that Patriots need not hide, but we need not tell the government and the libtard population everything that we are doing, either.

Ansel Hazen

Thank you for your concern Mr. Bill. We have more of a mindset like that of Jakes further down.

It was indeed a good day. Bit of a redneck tan on the neck but worth it to be amongst real Patriots and hear the sound of Freedom ringing out.

Rocky Mountain

Should get with Bill (gov) because he has plans for “patriot event” aka roundup of patriots for FEMA camp under Trumps NDAA.

Clark Kent

Yup; and the boogie man is hiding under the bed. And the lottery numbers are fixed. Plus the moon landing never happened. Seek professional mental health treatment.


Think perhaps you are the one in need of mental health.

Rocky Mountain

US Corporation agent man thinks he is Superman alter ego and says others need help. It is applaudable. Our tax dollars at work. Goes for the bait every time.


Clark, you haven’t noticed the large consolidation of power for the Executive Branch since 9/11?

It’s been going on longer but you should sit back, take a deep breath and open your eyes.
Subtle hints are there if you look. Calling someone names with out looking at evidence is not academic nor intelligent.

Edward Snowden? Look him up and start from there.

Wild Bill

@Rocky M, you got it backwards.

Rocky Mountain

If you keep paying attention perhaps in a few more years you will notice the Muslim takeover on every screen in America while you continue to sit on your ass. But maybe not you haven’t noticed it yet. Islam Don has your ass’s so fooled it’s funny.

Clark Kent

Buddy, be WAY more concerned with good old ignorant USA dolts (such as yourself) than any Muslim.

Timothy Votaw

Why are you here? You contribute nothing but snide, churlish remarks, none of which indicate much of an intellect. I guess every site has to have a troll.

Big Jim

Clark, the teachers told you to stop sniffing glue, now just look what has happened to your brain cells.
You haven’t been to Minneapolis lately have you. The Muslims are inacting sharia law there.

Wild Bill

@Big Jim, My relatives in MPLS tell me that it was Lutheran Brotherhood that brought the Somalis to MPLS. Is that true?

Rocky Mountain

US Corporation paying well?

Wild Bill

@Clark, You have not made a survey of either of those populations, and therefore, are not in a position to make a proper comparison.

Mark Zanghetti

I hope with every fiber of my being that the ultimate right to control the government will not have to be used, but you seem to think it may not be any other available alternative? Or am I reading you wrong?


The allure of spending other people’s money (labor) is irresistible to those who don’t have it.

The world wants to move here and pick out every gold brick that lines this country.

They are not here for the Constitution, they are here to make money and move back home to a poor village and now be a somebody.