Five Questions for 73 Remaining NRA Board Members


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Five Questions for 73 Remaining NRA Board Members

USA – -( Three dedicated, hard-working, thoroughly committed NRA directors have resigned their seats in protest of the leadership’s heavy-handed tactics, and the inability to gain access to information critical to them fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. Ester Schneider, Tim Knight, and Sean Maloney tendered their resignations this morning, and they were, I suspect, gleefully accepted by President Carolyn Meadows. I’m very disappointed to see them go, but know that they will continue the fight.

These resignations of 3 of the six directors who have had the gumption to call for an independent audit of the association, highlight the core issue that all of this wrangling boils down to ~ The issue of trust.

Whether or not Wayne LaPierre participated in the financial misdeeds that were clearly going on at the NRA for well over a decade… Whether or not he has been correcting the ship over the past year or so… And whether or not LaPierre is personally orchestrating the obstruction and stonewalling that’s going on… The fact is, the original lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen, is, all by itself, a public confession that the Association management was not being prudent and responsible with the members’ money. That, along with the wide array of evidence that has come out regarding conflicts of interest, nepotism, cronyism, and clear incompetence in the case of Carry Guard™, combine to form a damning indictment of the man at the top, who was tasked with overseeing all of those things, and of the board of directors that was tasked with overseeing the man at the top. LaPierre must bear the responsibility. That’s where the buck stops.

There’s no doubt that this scandal has damaged the trust relationship between the NRA and its members, and seriously damaged the NRA’s brand. Now the question is, what course can restore trust and revive the brand the fastest and most effectively. Doggedly insisting that all is well while supporting the person responsible for the damage and loss of trust, is a failing strategy. Insisting that only LaPierre can save us and that without him, the NRA will fall, resulting in Donald Trump losing the presidency, and Republicans crashing in 2020, is simply ludicrous. But that’s the public position being advanced by LaPierre loyalists on the NRA board. (See “What’s Really Going On Inside NRA Operations” by Director Scott Bach)

Ronald Reagan famously said; “Trust, but verify.” That’s as good an idea in business and effective nonprofit organizations, as it is in nuclear disarmament. If we, the members and supporters of the NRA, are going to trust the NRA and its leadership, we must verify that our money is being spent wisely and responsibly. To that end, it is imminently practical and reasonable for the board to commission an independent audit of the NRA, with special attention being paid to areas of particular concern, such as fundraising, executive compensation, conflicts of interest among staff and directors, and legal expenses.

Rather than answer the recent spate of myopic excuse-making from various members of the NRA Board of Directors, I’d like to invite those, and all of the remaining 73 directors, to answer five simple questions:

  • 1. Why does Josh Powell still have a job at the NRA after his thorough bungling of Carry Guard™?
  • 2. How is it even remotely possible for a law firm with only about 10 attorneys and a total of 30 to 40 employees, to validly bill between $90,000 and $100,000+ PER DAY for their services?
  • 3. Have you personally reviewed the documentation related to the issues raised by Emily Cummins in her briefing notes for the Audit Committee and her letter regarding William Brewer, or have you simply taken someone’s word for it that these things have been “reviewed, vetted, and approved?
  • 4. What do you expect the response would be if you asked to see this information or publicly supported the idea of ordering an independent audit?
  • 5. What possible, rational reason can you offer for Wayne LaPierre blocking any sort of independent audit of the Association’s books and business practices?

As I said in the opening of this column, everything going on at the NRA boils down to trust. Do the members trust the leadership? I would submit that it is obvious that a large percentage do not.

Whether that mistrust is founded in rational thought, irrational emotion, or some sort of vast left-wing conspiracy, is irrelevant. What matters is that there is a trust deficit that must be addressed if the NRA is to move forward. Reassurances from directors and dire warnings about potential political consequences, will not restore trust. Casting aspersions on those of us asking questions and calling for transparency, will not restore trust. Neither will suing everyone who dares to challenge the status quo.

What will restore trust, is openness and honesty – verified by documentation.

I personally believe that Wayne LaPierre should have resigned long ago, and if he truly cared about the NRA and its mission, he would have fallen on his sword the moment the allegations of impropriety (which have never been refuted, or in large part, even denied, by the way) were made public. No one is irreplaceable. It is ridiculous to think that major donors only give what they do because of their relationship with Wayne LaPierre. That would be remarkably shallow of them. Sure, those relationships – that trust – matter, but in the final analysis, it’s the mission, not the man, that motivates people. Had Wayne stepped down sooner, he could have maintained those relationships and continued to support the cause, but now he’s tainted himself and thrown mud on everyone around him, seriously compromising both his personal reputation, and that of the Association. That’s a tragic shame, and the only way to regain the trust that has been lost is to earn it, through diligent work, full disclosure, and holding people accountable for their actions.

Donald Trump is not going to lose his bid for reelection due to the dysfunction within the NRA, and declaring that he will, is not going to solve the NRA’s credibility gap.
Letitia James, the NY AG, is not going to be prevented from conducting a full audit of the NRA, by bogus lawsuits or personal endorsements from supporters of LaPierre. She has the full authority, under New York law, to examine all aspects of the NRA’s operations, and you can bet she’s going to exercise that authority with a vengeance. Conducting an independent audit in advance of her assault would not be detrimental to the NRA’s cause. It would not provide her with ammunition that she couldn’t get anyway, nor would it expose anything that she’s not going to find. What it would do, is provide the NRA Board with the opportunity to identify problems, correct those problems, and address issues of accountability, before she and her audit team come in.

I predicted this situation back in April, before the Members’ Meeting in Indianapolis, and advised that the board needed to take immediate steps to clean their house, identify any questionable actions, and correct them, and distance the Association from those responsible for those questionable actions. I pointed out that everyone at the NRA should know that they are under a magnifying glass, and must shun even the appearance of evil. The board didn’t take my advice then, but they had better take it now.

Get your house in order. Regain the trust of the membership. That starts with identifying the areas that need work, and that means an independent audit.

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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Charlie Foxtrot



Ya know all those WEEKLY pleas (seems like it anyway…) we get in the mail beseeching us all to pony up even more moola ‘for the fight’ from the NRA ? Well in light of that,..and the BS turmoil at NRA HQ,… I’ve devised a means to message them directly. Its simple really, …low cost and hopefully effective; Just mail them your comments about their transgressions in the provided ‘postage free’ envelope like I have; Feel free to copy & Paste this message, or make up your own note of displeasure. But do it. If they receive 1000’s of messages… Read more »

jack mac

JD: I just now joined the GOA,still keeping my NRA membership but no more money. The GOA apparently has over 2 million members now. Let us increase it. Our politicians only heed large numbers and money.

Charlie Foxtrot

Didn’t I tell you before that sending this letter is completely moronic? Chris Cox resigned from his job 5 weeks ago. You are literally sending a letter to a person that doesn’t work at the NRA and whoever is opening it can easily throw it in the trash. It won’t get read!

Jay Dee

Do I trust the NRA to represent my interests? Not really. The recent bump stock debacle is just one of the most recent examples. The NRA was for it then against and presented no credible reasoning either way despite the fact that the BATFE says it knows of no crimes committed using bump stocks. We’ve been attempting to get more rational legislation regarding suppressors for years. When the President recently commented on this subject where was our NRA ILA? We could have used this as a teaching moment to advance our cause. We got crickets. In the mean time, the… Read more »



That marks the NRA suicide.

Ej harbet

He should exit club fed in a bodybag for whats happened.
In a couple years we could be fighting a civil war if 2020 goes wrong.


If LaPierre doesn’t resign and the Board isn’t made smaller, I will not renew my membership. I already belong to the SAF.


73 members on the BOD. Pretty much explains whats wrong with the NRA. Coming from a decades long life member who has watched a once good organization loose focus and become just another slush fund for people wanting to be a part of the club. The NRA has all the same characteristics as congress and the senate. They only want OUR attention when they want money or a vote. Beyond that We are just necessary evils they have no intention of listening to. I haven’t given money for over 20 years. Although I do vote when I can find enough… Read more »


It has been said the the people responsible for creating a mess are not the one to clean it up.


“There is no such thing as a director who doesn’t direct. You’re responsible to make yourself aware of what’s going on. If the board doesn’t know, they’ve breached their duty of care, which is against the law in New York,” where the N.R.A. is chartered. According to Owens, the former I.R.S. official, New York State “could sanction board members, remove board members, disband the board, or close down the organization entirely.”
James Fishman
New York Nonprofit Law and Practice: With Tax Analysis


Clearly, this is not being handled well. The optics are bad. it doesn’t matter whether it is the NRA, the red Cross, The Boy Scouts or any other organization. When allegations of this nature are made., a timely, through investigation is the only way to resolve the issues.


Wasn’t Neal Knox, Jeff’s father, the last person who tried to take down the NRA for his own financial gain? That was 25 years ago and the Knox family has turned hate for the NRA into a cottage industry.

Wild Bill

, what makes you think that it was for “his own financial gain”?


My recollection is that he wanted the CEO job, list out, and he and his family have carried on a vendetta against the NRA ever since.


@Buckshot So what you are saying is that the man who has been using the NRA for his own financial gain, who has manipulated the board to personally enrich himself at the cost of the membership to the tune of millions of dollars, the man who has made sure friends and family like his wife are hired for lucrative contracts, the man who has endangered the NRA with financial ruin, the man who has been complicit in leading the NRA down a path of acquiescence to the left, that is the man you trust when he tells you honest men… Read more »


Jeff, your hate betrays you.


So no reply to the inconvenient history that was laid out, and on top of that, anyone able to show that you are lying through your teeth automatically becomes “Jeff”.

Thanks for proving the last sentence of my previous comment


Sorry, Buckshot

Although, you both make quite a pair. Hey, you can tell lies together, cuddle in the shower….. Whatever floats your boat.


Buckshot, Your baseless, outlandish claims; along with the way you phrased them, look to me like you are a Wayne toadie, hired by Wayne to protect him, or and 2nd foe.


Did I mention Wayne or the NRA board? I’m I incorrect the Neal Knox attempted to take ke control of the NRA in the early 90’s? Maybe that was just fake news that was never corrected.


@Buckshot Yes, you are incorrect. What Neal Knox tried to do was remove the cancer that was Lapierre at the time and keep the NRA accountable. Your claim that he was trying to take over it is a baseless accusation, and one that was falsely spread by none other than Lapierre. So no, you did not need to mention Wayne, it was written all over your comment. Also, thank you for showing everyone here how stupid you are. It was the late 90’s, not early, around 1998 when Wayne used the board to slowly remove all opposition and create a… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy


Neal Knox was trying to prevent just what has happened within the organization,WLP has proven Knox correct .


” Neal Knox was trying to prevent just what has happened within the organization ”

And PRECISELY why he was shoved off to the wayside… I know: I was ‘there’

Wild Bill

, Wow, can you, please, give us the eyewitness account. It doesn’t have to be long, but I am interested in your account. I’m on one knee, but don’t make me beg!


@Green Mtn. Boy.

Buckshot looks a little more like #11 bird to me. No connection to reality whatsoever.

Ej harbet

And the wlp lackey chimes in,,,,
If anyone is vindicated in this mess its neal knox! Wlp was on his radar long before many of us including me.
Peddle it elsewhere suckshot


are you a Bloomberg/Cuomo lackey? Because your efforts to take down the NRA align very closely with theirs.


Cant win on facts or evidence so you automatically denounce anyone providing proof of your lie as an enemy like Bloomberg.

Wow that’s rich, since unlike EJ harbet, you have actually proven with your actions that you are a lackey. So tell me, do you deny that the NRA has advocated for infringements on the Second Amendment, including infringements that Bloomberg and Cuomo both want? Think carefully, because the NRA actually ran TV commercials calling for it.

Wild Bill

, the purpose of the exercise is to preserve our Constitutional Civil Rights. That is an expensive proposition, and the NRA is skimming off to many dollars. Then with our money the NRA over compensates its employees and underachieves for its members. The NRA has even worked against us, and hires lawyers that work against our Civil Rights.
The NRA is just a mechanism for turning our dollars into Wayne’s dollars. Who cares if that survives?

Squirrel Hunter

I left the NRA because 73 board members? and they all had better kiss King Wayne Lepew’s ring? what was that about a free cruise to alaska? Suing Ollie North and Chris Cox over… disagreeing with his Lepew Highness? I joined the BFA. I think leaving the NRA is about two choices – letting Wayne Lepew keep getting richer and more powerful, etc etc… OR staying as a member and keep board voting rights and eventually get rid of Lepew with a lot of board members who are loyal TO THE RANK AND FILE MEMBERS. Anybody NOT get tired of… Read more »


Squirrel hunter The board has effectively insulated itself, and maintains a tight grip on who can run. Lately, the only person who has had real success trying to get on the board strictly for his credentials is Adam Kraut. The membership as a majority has very little information about who they are voting for outside of what the Board and the NRA hand them. They are guided like sheep to put in or replace outgoing BOD members, or keep existing ones installed The Idea that you propose, leaving the NRA, as a means of personally enriching Lapierre is ridiculous on… Read more »


All NRA member need to mass migrate to the GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA! NO compromise time!


Short answer, I don’t know who is right or wrong, but I am not going to stop my support for the NRA. Before anyone comments about my choice, let me just say this to you, you don’t write the checkthat pays me, you don’t buy my food and you don’t sleep with me, so don’t tell me how to spend my money


I don’t think any member seriously believes that you should adopt their position as a replacement for your own. I find NRA members to be an independent lot and almost all of them agree that each individual must choose his or her own way forward.

As you have posited a rational position, I would expect that once you have enough information, you will adjust or maintain it accordingly.


@ Lee What you think does not matter. There are plenty who come here demanding that you either do as they say or be shamed. I for one agree, Goboy just stated something I fully believe. He has to make his own choice, just like I have to make mine. That is the position you also take. However, when individuals come here and falsely accuse any who have given up their membership as being left wing infiltrators, told that if they don’t support the NRA they need to crawl on down to city hall and turn their guns in…. It’s… Read more »


GoBoy, I joined the NRA the day Obama was elected. I knew that I had to do something to show my support for gun rights, with him in office. After a couple of years, though, I saw what WLP was doing, and didn’t like some of the things they did, especially a simple thing like rating politicians as A+ who were anti gun. So I let my membership expire. Fast forward to a couple of years ago, and I decided that I needed to try and do something to change things at the NRA from the inside. I also joined… Read more »


@pigpen51 I never yielded my rights to speak out or “Complain” as you describe it when it comes to the NRA. If you want to be a part of the NRA, so be it. That is your choice. However, most of us have already tried the fix it from the inside route and it did not work, so we left to drive their numbers down, cut their funds, and be an opposing voice that would be loud enough that they would not be able to ignore.. Here is the problem with your post. You are telling other people what they… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Nobody can stop you from throwing your own money away! It’s a free country! Just don’t complain in a few days, weeks, months or years, as we told you so! Your money will be used to enrich the elite at the NRA and pay their legal bills. That’s it! NRA Endowment Life Member (who hasn’t sent money to the NRA since 2017) PS: Factual information is all out there for you to read, such as the NRA’s 990 tax forms and statements from current and former NRA employees. You may note that the NRA leadership has always complained that damaging… Read more »

Wild Bill

@GoBoy, YOU GO, BOY!!

Mike Hinds

Electon ASAP – ALL MEMBERS Voting !
1) Wayne must go – Y/N ?
2) Audit finances
3) New leadership – “primary”, then runoff between

Mike Hinds

– Chris Cox
– Allen West
– Oliver North
– Other ?

Mike Hinds

Then, start replacing board members!

Charlie Foxtrot

Please point me to the part in the NRA’s bylaws that allows for that: The NRA is not an organization that is driven and ruled by its members. The NRA is a Wayne LaPierre personality cult and fan club with its bylaws designed to protect Wayne LaPierre and his cronies. PS: I don’t trust Oliver North at all. He only turned on Wayne LaPierre when he got thrown under the bus by him in the Ackerman McQueen lawsuit. Before that, Oliver North was part of Wayne’s inner circle. North may still have some dirt on LaPierre, as he is… Read more »

Ej harbet

Allen west! The other 2 i have trust issues with! West is the real deal!

Frank Jr

Election ASAP – ALL MEMBERS Voting !
1) Wayne must go – YES
2) Audit finances – YES
3) New leadership – “primary”, then runoff between – Definitely YES


I’m starting to think Wayne is on the way out. The question, in my mind, is whether he’ll be gone in time to allow enough reform to keep the Attny General of NY from removing its non-profit status. I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff Knox. I read both stories he linked to and have great concern that the self-dealing and lavish spending under current leadership will lead to self-inflicted loss of non profit status.


@ Pete In light of your comments and facts it would appear the NRA is done for. Once a bunch of haters in power like New York get their tentacles wrapped around something they don’t like it is doomed to fail. I think we are approaching a new era in saving our rights and I think the only solution is to join another good gun support group or remake the NRA in another state, with other leaders and a new profile such as fighting for our rights. I’m not sure they are worth saving when you look back at their… Read more »


Keep in mind that there are multiple issues of non-profit status. Most of these are determined by the Internal Revenue Service. The NY AG or any other state AG CANNOT revoke a non-profit status issued by the IRS. Now, they might find something that leads to IRS revoking the status . That is a different story. The NY AG might revoke non-profit status relative to states taxes. They have no authority whatsoever to revoke the Federal exemption.


@WLS and @wjd, Let me share links to the articles where I got this info. Below the links I’ll cust and paste some of the verbiage leading to my post. @WLS probably has much better indepth knowledge of how these things work than I do. Of course, ‘The New Yorker’ is a liberal mag, though the things they are saying seem well documented and full of direct quotes. “Hours after North’s resignation, Letitia James, the attorney general of New York State, where the N.R.A. is chartered, launched an investigation into the organization’s tax-exempt status. According to… Read more »


@WLS and @wjd, The original response below is awaiting moderation, probably because of the links. To keep the conversation going, I’m reposting without the links. The articles are all from the New Yorker. If you get to one of their NRA articles, you can link to all the others at the bottom of the article. The Wayne supporters will try to lay blame on the evil liberals trying to take the NRA down. The most important point is that the liberals have the opportunity to do this due to alleged actions by Mr. LaPierre and his inner circle. ________________________________________________________________ Let… Read more »


No. Managing partner of a CPA firm.


I`ve been doing what a lot of members are probably doing…..any mail from the NRA goes right in the burn barrel. Hate to say this, but until Wayne La Pee Pee and the BOD members that support him resign, the NRA has lost its credibility to me (and I`m a member for 44 years).

Wild Bill

Ester Schneider, Tim Knight, and Sean Maloney only made it easier for WLP to continue business as usual. They should have waited quietly for opportunities.

Green Mtn. Boy

Wild Bill

I noticed that the first letter there were four signatories,Robert K Brown did not join the three that resigned and that may have been his reasoning.


@WB let me say first, that as a Life Member I haven’t supported the NRA money wise in two years, for my own particular reasons. Also, evidently I don’t have access to certain pertinent information that many of you suggest you have in your commentaries. While waiting quietly for opportunities, these individuals further commit themselves to the improprieties and fraud that seems to permeate anything dealing with the NRA and WLP. The NRA is done, and this will sacrifice law abiding gun owners to the leftists drones, and that is a tragedy. Greed and power ruled the day, which is… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Cuzz, a very dark prediction, indeed.

Former Director

Wayne is only the tumor. The Board of directors is the cancer.
All must go.


Possible answer for #2:

With all the suits and issues the attorneys are having to deal with (for the NRA), they may have insufficient time and resources to take on better paying work. The way I read it, many of the issues the attorneys are working have no prospect of a large payout in the end. There is little money to be made if all they are doing is working by the hour.

In other words, the attorneys have raised their rates to compensate for future lost work.


I hate to make the comparison, but it’s right out there in the open:

“Doggedly insisting that all is well while supporting the person responsible for the damage and loss of trust, is a failing strategy.”

^This was Germany in April/1945. Herr Adolf let it all burn down in his zeal to retain power right up to The End. Wayne L. is on the same track, he just won’t give it up and go away into that good night.

Ansel Hazen

Pure and simple, if the NRA is going to clean itself up Wayne needs to go, and anyone on the BOD that supports him.


@Ansel Hazen Lapierre is toast, nothing can save him as he is being ground down by reformists on one side with state & DC legal authorities on the other. The reformists are getting stronger with every passing day and applying greater pressure on the BOD officers to save the association. Jeff Knox is spot on, especially when he states…”Conducting an independent audit in advance of her (NY atty gen) assault would not be detrimental to the NRA’s cause.” The BOD officers are in the middle and getting hammered from both ends too. What the reformists and Knox are telling them… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

2 ahhiyawa

Perhaps he can wrap up in it at night when big Bubba comes looking for a new girl friend in the grey bar motel.

Ej harbet

He should exit club fed in a bodybag for whats happened.
In a couple years we could be fighting a civil war if 2020 goes wrong.

Green Mtn. Boy


The name and any reputation that Negotiating Rights Away had left is completely worthless,it may be best to cast it into the dumpster fire that is the NRA.


Must be Russian collusion at the heart of all this. Call Mueller to investigate. He’s out of work.

Green Mtn. Boy

And out of his mind or what he supposedly had for one.

Ej harbet

I love how the democraps twist money from russian nra members into laundering putin cash for trump.
I almost joined a russian gun rights group based in moscow and i wonder if putin would go kgb on em because a
Missouri boy kicked in a buck or two for russian rkba.