It’s Not Gun Problem It’s A Culture Problem – Letter to the AmmoLand Editor

Letter to the AmmoLand Editor

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It’s Not Gun Problem It’s A Culture Problem – Letter to the AmmoLand Editor

USA – -( Dear President Trump/Senators,

The latest mass shootings have brought several things to the fore. America doesn’t have a gun problem we have a people problem…a culture problem. I’m going to put this discussion into two categories – demonizing by name-calling and gun control.

The core element of political correctness is killing free speech. The political correctness police view any speech they don’t agree with as hate speech and by the political correctness rules, such speech must be condemned first and then eliminated, even if by force. The college campuses of America have been the laboratory for this anti-American lunacy. Political correctness is censorship and a direct violation of the First Amendment. These censorship threats and name-calling are designed to compel the opposition to shut up.

The charge of “racist” has been the hammer used by the Left to shut off discussion of any issue that makes the Left uncomfortable. The President has been called racist by every liberal pundit on TV and in print and every Democrat leader and candidate for president. The President is not a racist. There is NO evidence that he is a racist. Additionally, the term racist has been applied to every supporter of the President.

The term racist has now lost its true edge because of its indiscriminate and wide-spread use.

The new cudgel to hammer the President and all of his supporters is as white supremacist or white nationalist. I’m very active in a lot of activities here in East Tennessee ranging from a 3000 member gun club, to a huge charity that raises money for veterans causes, to a 7000 member church, to a 300+ member car club. I’m 70 years old and I’ve never met a white supremacist or white nationalist. Whoever these people are, they are in the underbelly of America and are nothing more than gnats in the atmosphere. Calling the president these names is a despicable act and beyond reprehensible. Now we have the Speaker of the House and Democrat presidential candidates saying the white nationalists are an existential threat to the U.S. This is sheer lunacy. This is the type of mental illness that should exclude these people from having guns.

Sadly, few Republicans have stood up for our president. Republicans have no spine but what about human decency?

As a loyal and patriotic American how can you stand mute when our president is attacked in such a vile manner? How about debunking whole white nationalists as existential threat to the U.S.? But sadly, Republicans are mute.

Now to the issue of the siren call of gun control. The cause of these, and other mass shootings was NOT guns; it is our sick society. Most of the perpetrators legally obtained their guns. Laws against murder, illegal use of firearms, illegal discharge of firearms, assault with deadly weapons and in California transporting a firearm across state lines that is illegal in the Golden State; all of these laws, and no doubt many others, were violated. None of those statutes prevented these crimes, something nobody seems willing to discuss.

We have a society where violence is glorified. Go to a movie or even watch television and the violence is appalling. I refuse to believe that video games don’t contribute to the violence in our culture. There are many games where killing is the score by which you win. Denying this is putting your head in the sand. The same Hollywood that advocates for gun confiscation are the same Hollywood that glorifies guns and killing in their products.

The laws we currently have has not stopped the mass killings. The laws we have has not stopped the killings in Chicago, Baltimore, or Los Angeles. So, more laws are not the answer. We need a gut check on our culture.

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Let’s address so-called “assault rifles.” What is an “assault rifle?” When anti-gun rights Sen. Diane Feinstein was writing the weapons ban bill, they needed to call this class of weapons something scary, so they called them “assault weapons.” This is a made-up term conjured solely for the purpose of scaring people. I spent 30 years in the Army as an infantryman. We didn’t have assault weapons. So the very term “assault weapons” is a product of the gun control crowd. As Feinstein and her staff were writing the “Assault Weapons Ban,” they had a gun catalog and went through the pages picking out pictures of scary-looking guns. Their ignorance of guns is just astounding.

Now we have gun banners talking about “weapons of war” and “killing machines” to add to the fear and apprehension created by “assault weapons” naming convention. The AR-15 is used by millions and millions of Americans for sport, hunting, and home defense.

It is NOT a weapon of war or a killing machine. As a professional soldier, I would never go to war with any gun I could buy commercially.

The Left has been able to define the language and then police violators of the language via political correctness. The gun control crowd has defined “assault weapons” as scary weapons, and scary weapons are weapons of war and killing machines and thus should not be in the hands of the citizenry. And Republicans are mute.

If Republicans want to lose the presidency and the Senate and the House, then pass universal background checks and “Red Flag” laws. If you want to cave, to surrender, to the insane mania of the media and the Left and pass these laws, then you will lose millions like me, law-abiding, freedom-loving, gun owners.

Let’s talk about “universal background checks” as the left dictates. They want the government to control all gun transactions. This is naked government control of the right to keep and bear arms. We have background checks!! The process works when it is applied correctly. There is nothing that can be done if some government agency doesn’t due their due diligence and put the required data into the system. This applies with the current background check system and any new system that the Left would dictate. By the way, there is NO gun show loophole. If someone at a gun show wants to sell a gun to a customer, they are required, by law, to run a background check. There is nothing that can be done to prevent someone from selling a gun illegally, now or with some “enhanced background check.” Additionally, the lie that is frequently told that “90% of Americans, even NRA members, support enhanced background checks” is a true fabrication. Let’s enforce the current laws, including the background check system.

It is worth time mentioning that the Constitution is a document written to preserve individual rights and liberty and to LIMIT the government oversight of those individual rights and liberty. The Founding Fathers felt so strongly about the God-given rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights that they listed them. These rights are a sign post that says, “government hands off.” The government is forbidden to get between these rights and the American citizens.

The government has already gotten between the citizen and the Second Amendment. It started with the National Firearms Act of 1934. These laws were serious infringements of the Second Amendment. Remember the words of the Constitution in the Second Amendment, “…shall not be infringed.” How many Republican presidents and Republican majorities in Congress have turned a blind eye to these egregious infringements on our right to keep and bear arms? If you don’t know about the histories of impacts of these laws, then you are derelict in your duties.

When “universal background checks” was explored by the Obama Administration it was defeated by the outcry of the citizenry. As envisioned by the Obama Administration, their “universal background checks” would control every transaction by a gun owner. If I wanted to sell a gun to a friend, I would have had to go to a licensed gun dealer, pay a fee, and then the buyer would have to undergo a background check. Obama’s own Justice Department produced a document that said the only way for “universal background checks” to work was to have a gun registry. My gun is my property, and as such, I have a right to sell it without asking permission from the government. A logical extension is a government requiring books to have serial numbers and controlling their distribution and sale.

So stay away from some form of “universal background checks.” Now to “Red Flag laws.” Seventeen states have some form of these laws, but only a couple of them even mention mental health. None of us wants mentally imbalanced people or terrorists to have guns. But these laws are a slippery slope to another way for the government to get between a citizen and their right to keep and bear arms. The gun grabbers are salivating about this. They want the government determining who is eligible to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The Left wants some type of process like was in the movie Minority Report, where the government reads the minds of citizens and takes actions to arrest the citizen before they committed some crime. Of course, reading the minds is a bit of hyperbole, but these laws would have government people across the country determining that someone who tweeted, made a Facebook post, wrote an email is a danger to society and they raid that person’s home and take their weapons. This then becomes a Fourth Amendment violation. So we start with a government deciding that something said by a citizen is unacceptable, violating the First Amendment, the government then violates the Fourth Amendment and deprives a citizen of their Second Amendment right.

Another part of this slippery slope is who reports the “unstable” citizen and then who decides whether the accusation is valid? Maybe a neighbor doesn’t like my MAGA hat and believes the crazy rhetoric of the media, and thus, I’m a white nationalist and therefore a threat and call the Sheriff. The Sheriff then conducts a “no-knock” warrant and breaks in my door in the middle of the night. I think this is a real break-in and defend myself, and I am, or an officer is shot. Imaginary? Not so, this happened recently to some unlucky homeowner. Who’s to blame? Who will be held accountable? If you pass these types of laws, these scenarios will play out over the nation.

“Red Flag laws” are another intrusion/infringement of citizens’ rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

In summary:

American citizens, simply because of their American citizenship, hold God-given rights to defend self and family — and that includes the right to own and use firearms. That God-given right is enshrined in the Constitution, as the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment doesn’t allow for the government to determine whether some have rights to own firearms, versus others who don’t. Seriously: Do we really want government holding this power?

What about the path these “red flag” laws would take under a leftist administration, under Democratic control?

“Red flag” laws bring too many unknowns.

Millions of honest gun owners who didn’t use their firearms for mayhem have good reason to feel they are being penalized for crimes they did not commit. This is not an issue about guns; it’s about rights. These laws are repealing the Bill of Rights one chunk at a time.

When are Republicans going to stand up and defend the Bill of Rights? The President campaigned on and has emphasized his promise to defend the Second Amendment.

Richard S
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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Hubcap Annie

Richard S in Oak Ridge, you have without a doubt described the “gun problem” better than anyone to date! I would be very interested in any other thoughts or writings from you on the subject. Thank you for a job remarkably well done!


WANTED: Republican politicians who have courage, devotion to ideas, are loyal and have a backbone. Present day Senators and Congressmen need not apply. Do you know where we can find some candidates.


Solving the “gun violence” problem is NOT the agenda. Gun violence is merely the vehicle to solve the intended agenda. Solving the armed private citizen problem to facilitate the final take over of America without firing a shot is the agenda. One cannot solve a problem or fight aggression against freedom without correctly identifying and naming the problem. Hence, the Political Correctness tactic to shut up free speech, conservative dialogue, and counter speak Liberal propaganda. America has been over run. It is not an attack from outside to be feared. America has been over taken from within. Today, and for… Read more »


Well, the “Socialist Offensive” has been launched. They intend to rob Americans of their Liberty with surgical precision and tell everyone what they’re going to do, and when they’re going to do it. They intend to usurp our rights, make what so many have died for in the name of freedom meaningless, and to trash the Constitution. So where did all of their perceived power come from? No one has been given the green light to destroy the “Bill of Rights” in their pursuit of a completely different America as we see it. Our habits, behavior, and cultural values of… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Stripes, Hmmm, yes I think that you are right. Hey, I have an idea … lets fight back.


The oft overlooked first sentence of the 2nd Amendment, “A well regulated ( meaning trained and equipped) Militia, being NECESSARY to the SECURITY of a FREE STATE,” This is the exact phrase that outlines the remedy to the infringement of this Amendment. It’s all well and good to be assured that we will have access to arms, but what will you do with them when the SHTF ? Where I live in Virginia, the Militia are the ones that helped stymie the British Army in 1812, not the Regular American Army that abandoned their posts and ran away. The Battle… Read more »


The states need to start a citizens militia and use the old CSA Partisan Rangers act to stand up and defend the state. As prior AF (retired) I am part of the unorganized militia. There are a lot of us out there that could be called upon to defend the state.


Too late. The “socialist offensive” began over a hundred years ago with the mass migration of central and eastern Europeans during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Originally hard core Marxists, they had to evolve into a broad variety of societal, unionist & politically softer identities from leftists to progressives, as Marxism didn’t fly among indigent Americans at the time. Unless someone lives on the frontiers of Alaska or Canada’s northwest territories, literally everyone has been infected with the diseased ideologies of Marxism to some degree or another. Many are full fledged Bolsheviks and red guards lusting to burn… Read more »


Finding any politician to stand up for the Second Amendment anytime soon will be almost impossible, they all could care less about any of us, as they have their own security people in place, so it is called screw the General Public one more time, vote them in and we are going to tell you what we are not going to do for you when you elected us! They only do anything that is good for them, not for us, and how much money are they going to get out of it! McConnel was McCanns patsy for years, what makes… Read more »


Much more is at stake than just the right to use a firearm for personal self-defense or hunting. The Supreme Court in Heller held that the Second Amendment right to bear arms is not limited to the militia. It also includes self-defense. More importantly the Court pointed out the primary purpose of the Second Amendment: “…The Antifederalists feared that the Federal Government would disarm the people in order to disable this citizens’ militia, enabling a politicized standing army or a select militia to rule. The response was to deny Congress power to abridge the ancient right of individuals to keep… Read more »


Let’s see what the President actually does before throwing rocks at him. Remember, he has a son who is a gun advocate. This may be an effort to tamp down the emotions inflamed by the media. Already I’m hearing some folks in the media saying “wait a minute, these proposed laws wouldn’t have stopped any of these shootings.” We need people to write their legislators and countering these “Do Something” efforts to further restrict legal gun ownership. I’ve written my Congressman and one of my two Senators. (One only cares about LGBTQ issues, and is a lost cause…she will vote… Read more »


I guess you weren’t pay attention, JDC, when he had bumpstocks banned. You might want to focus more.


RoyD Thanks for the comment. After 30 years of service to this country, I’m focused. I’ve never seen any politician whom I agreed with 100% of the time and don’t agree with him on bump stocks, or his comment on suppressors.

The problem is that we have a two party system. It is the current President or “the other party.” I’d rather support our current President over any of the 22 Demonrats. Certainly HRC would have already tried a gun grab by now if she had won.

Red Falcon 1325

Outstanding letter Richard. My only negative comment would be regarding the statement, “I would never go to war with any gun I could buy commercially.” Never say never. I’m retired Army, but the last unit I was assigned to uses, among others, the HK416, which is pricey but commercially available.

Wild Bill

@Falcon, Thank you for your service. If we are on the logistical short end, we will use our privately owned weapons, to get what we need from our enemies. If we can get the libtards to revolt first, then we will get what we need from the government.


Like Massad Ayoob often says: any gun will do if YOU will do”. Remember, our Founders went to war because George Three the Kid King had ordered his Head Stooge in Boston and the Colonies to disarm the pesky Colonials. The Lexington and Concort strike was his fourth failed gun grab attempt. WHAT weapons did the Colonials bring to the field? Their own, privately held weapons, the ones that had been in their families for years, or that they had made themselves, or by the local smithy. Many of those weapons were superior to those i the hands of the… Read more »


I’d like to see what the re-introduction of God would do over time. I mean into our children’s lives. What do yo all think ?

Wild Bill

@Notso, I think the influence of parents and grand parents are more important than ever before. We would not want the government involved with teaching anything about God because bureaucrats fuck everything up. Everything.
It is on us to create a good individual product. Train up a child in the way that he is to go. And when he is old he will not depart from it.


Absolutely! But the Pandora’s Box of free will and immorality has been opened, never able to be put back in. The false Prophets of the leftist media will make sure of that!

Wild Bill

@Max, If they go bad, despite our best efforts, then law enforcement must take a hand.


That box can be closed if we adults do our part in raising our children. Self sufficient attitudes are taught. Work ethic is learned from parents. Patriotism is learned and taught. You have rights. Carry daily and teach others to do the same. The second Amendment protects the others.

Will Flatt

Trump: Bump stocks? Ban them.
Also Trump: I don’t like suppressors.
Also Trump: “Let’s take the guns first, then due process.”

With “friends” like that, who needs enemies??

Wild Bill

The devil has greeted Bill Clinton’s partner in child exploitation, today. Serial child sex abuser, Jeff Epstein, punches his own ticket to hell.


I’m betting he was helped along, or guards are complete idiots. He was on suicide watch after all.


Actually, he wasn’t on suicide watch. Do you know how long it takes to “hang” oneself to death? About five minutes, that is all. What I found amazing is that he was being celled alone after having been on suicide watch. That is just asking for trouble. You can bet that many heads will roll because of this in the Bureau of Prisons.


@ Wild Bill Are you sure? Where was Bill and Hillary this morning? It sounds like one of their defenses.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, that would be even more intellectually satisfying!


@OV and WB You don’t really think either of them would do anything like that?
Slick willie might be to goofy to do it but the other one is a pretty sure bet.


@ Will I have to agree with that!


Articles like this remain in the gun community. We read them, and maybe our enemies read them. But they are not picked up by the media, and read by ordinary Americans who are bombarded with only one side of the story. Somehow, and I don’t have the answer, the truth must get out. Only Hannity and Tucker speak on our behalf about guns and the AR15! Two commentators out of a hundred. I would say the communists and their propaganda machines are winning. And now the spineless Mitch Mcconnell has put on the table banning our repeating rifles. Maybe we… Read more »


I listened to Shep on Fox the day after the raids and he performed a drama about a child wondering where they were taking daddy. You are right Carlson and Hannity are the only ones on tv that supports the pres. Shep needs to be at the commie news network. Since he “came out of the closet” he has had a chip on where ever.


Great speech Richard S., you said what Wayne should have but he’s got a mouthful of caviar and a belly full of champagne us chumps paid for.


I agree with his overall point, but some of his details are skewed. 1. I’ve met plenty of white supremacists around these areas, as Pulaski, TN (Not too very far from him or myself) is the birthplace of the KKK which still runs strong there. 2. The term “Assault Rifle” was actually coined by the Germans, some say Hitler himself, during WWII. The phrase was unofficially adopted by US military members during Korea. 3. I agree with his position on the glorification of violence, but disagree that it is movies and video games. This is the same as blaming all… Read more »


To all of the believers on Ammo Land: Have you looked at the name, Jeffery Epstien, cleared himself from facing any charges, Jeffery Dahmer, Convicted, sentenced, wanted to be released into general population in prison, he punched his ticket to hell before Epstien, saved the courts a ,lot of money, and pissed off a lot of attorney’s thinking they would make BIG BUCKS off of him! Two good one-way tickets to HELL!


“When “universal background checks” was explored by the Obama Administration it was defeated by the outcry of the citizenry. As envisioned by the Obama Administration, their “universal background checks” would control every transaction by a gun owner.” True enough but Obama didn’t have the votes in the House thanks to Obama-care. John Boehner had issues for sure but he wasn’t going to let gun control get passed. At the time when Pelosi was speaker she knew gun control was a loosing issue and passing some bills might cost her the majority, so they went for universal healthcare part 1, and… Read more »


Still waiting for any pro gun organization to file paperwork against the nfa and against the 86 ban.
Against the state’s that violate the supremacy clause and for that old shall not be infringed.
But that won’t happen from any of them.


An excellent article. Sadly, we have no one in Washington we can depend upon to fight to keep and preserve any of our rights, not just the 2nd Amendment. We are seeing the Republicans jumping on the Red Flag bandwagon across the country, even here in Arizona. Their true colors are flying high and openly. The Democrats have gone so far overboard that the Republicans don’t believe they can lose the next round of elections to them since there are no alternatives to the Democrats but the Republicans; runaway hubris on their part at best, deliberate abuse and arrogance most… Read more »


Great letter Richard but as they say your preaching to the choir here. Let’s get it printed in at least one major paper in all 50 states..


Dear Ammoland, please force Harold Hutchinson to read this article…