‘The Hunt’ Epitomizes Homicidal Hollywood Hypocrisy on Guns

So Hollywood considers it great sport and entertainment for our enlightened “progressive” elites to hunt flyover Americans? I wonder who would win in real life.

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Trailer for gory Universal movie The Hunt about ‘liberal elites’ kidnapping ‘deplorables’ from red states and killing them for sport is pulled by ESPN in the wake of mass shootings,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported Wednesday. “In response to three mass shootings that left a total of 34 people dead, Universal Pictures and horror giant Blumhouse are reevaluating their game plan for their gory political satire…”

Even without recent highly publicized killings, a normal reaction would be “WHAT???”

The Hollywood Reporter elaborates:

“Did anyone see what our ratf***er-in-chief just did?” one character asks early in the screenplay for The Hunt, a Universal Pictures thriller set to open Sept. 27. Another responds: “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.” …  The script for The Hunt features the red-state characters wearing trucker hats and cowboy shirts, with one bragging about owning seven guns because it’s his constitutional right. The blue-state characters — some equally adept with firearms — explain that they picked their targets because they expressed anti-choice positions or used the N-word on Twitter. “War is war,” says one character after shoving a stiletto heel through the eye of a denim-clad hillbilly.

So much for toning down the rhetoric. As for white Americans who believe in their nation being the “greatest terrorist threat,” we see who the murderous aggressors are. And if stereotyping gun owners as ignorant rubes isn’t bigotry, then nothing is.

Still, it’s satire, we are told. That must make it edgy art.

So, apparently, was Kathy Griffin holding a Trump severed head prop. Or Madonna fantasizing about blowing up the White House. Or anti-gun Snoop Dog’s video where he shoots a Trump clown.

What those who voted for the president based on his campaign platform have seen play out time and again is that Donald Trump is an avatar for them. Every expression of hatred directed at him is really directed at them. You can prove that to yourself simply by wearing a MAGA hat in the wrong part of town.

It’s telling that The Hunt is coming from an industry that relies on fantasy depictions of gun use for so much of its profits and special operator class armed security for protecting its elites while simultaneously being such a major social and political influencer for disarming its customers.

Then again, and responding to their stereotyping in kind, what are we dealing with but a bunch of over-privileged, lottery-winning bipolar narcissists? If a few culled from their millions of “fans” end up victims of citizen disarmament edicts, it won’t even be a blip on box office receipts.

As for The Hunt, I’m going to reserve final judgment until I see it – in a few years when I can do so without paying extra. From one of the trailers, it looked like the “deplorables” were fighting back and I may end up pleasantly surprised at how many “progressive” elitists get what’s coming to them.

Or does saying that incite violence and now is the time to tone down the rhetoric?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Kind of odd isn’t it? I refer to the percentage of people who happen to be running Hollywood and the percentage of people who occupy high places in the Socialist/Communist movement who happen to be Jewish. I’m sure that it is just a coincidence.


When George W. Bush was president, the anti-American communist democrats wrote two books and made a film about “How to Kill George Bush”. Democrat shoots Republicans at charity baseball game. Democrat shoots conservatives at country music show in Las Vegas. Democrats are 99% of all the mass shooters/mass murderers. Democrat ‘antifa’ terrorists beat conservatives and crippled veterans. THEY ARE TELLING YOU TO YOUR FACE THEY WANT YOU DEAD. Organize, teach, train. Get out the vote. Insure your friends vote. Freedom is NOT free. Put down the beer get off your butt and make a contribution in time & effort to… Read more »


Hollywood is the land of queers, dope and addicts who hate Donald Trump because he can not be bought or blackmailed.


Surely The Hunt is a joke. Universal and the producer cannot possibly be so stupid as to release such a film…


Nobody ran out and started killing people after Hunger Games.


Should be Elizabeth Warrens favorite movie of the year, Her leftist supporters already shot up Dayton Ohio!


Putting their thoughts to action in a make believe situation. I would not spend one red cent to pad their pocket even though it would be interesting to see the end results. The bully in the school yard has forgotten to grow up and has multiplied to a large number of progressive/regressive ass hats. Taking a few of them out might change the attitude of some. Maybe the government could sell licenses for this hunting excursion.

Silver Fox

What? You think kill the leaders and scatter the herd will work? That just makes cleanup messy. Real victory includes changing hearts and minds. But keep your guns close and be prepared for a long campaign.

Dave in Fairfax

We’ve seen how well Hearts and Minds work, even if you grab ’em…
You never shoot the leaders, you pick off the stragglers and work your way forward.


Do they not know that there are those of us who would volunteer to be the hunted?

Silver Fox

Only if you are as capable as Rambo!


Hollywood’s hypocrisy is unbelievable. The left is not known value introspection or questioning their beliefs. Many are taught to believe any lie, any tactic, any smear is acceptable to promote their cause. They deal in emotions and brainwashing, not reason and facts.

So far, there is no convincing evidence that violent movies or games contribute to violent behavior. Anybody inspired by these games and films are already disturbed. Millions play graphic first person shooter video games and millions watch violent films or videos and never commit a single violent act in their lives.

Silver Fox

Well, they have been practicing for years. Example, John Wicked movies,

Wild Bill

, Millions have guns, that does not make them violent, and there is so called gun control. Video games and movies are merely commercial speech, the least protected of all speech. Congress exercised its commerce power (supposedly) as their authority for the NFA and GCA. So a Video Game and Cinema Control Act is not out of the question.
The left cares not about facts and reasoning. They go by feelings. So I have a feeling that a Video Game and Control Act is the answer.


For many decades it has been the desire of the elitist Cabal to cull us and depopulate the Earth! The only thing that has stopped them from implementing their evil plan is, You and I and every heavily armed man, woman and even our children in America. And foolish sheople wonder why we appose Gun Control!


@Oldvet…good point! The Democrat Socialist elite act so morally superior to us Deplorables and yet they fight to continue killing millions of babies…


Oldvet and Happyjack, you are right about that.

Will Flatt

And they are mopping up, murdering the babies that survive the first murder attempt, too!


Any moment verses e dedicated to “entertain” by observing the torment or murder of people, regardless of reason, should be banned, imo!

Will Flatt

Censorship is a poor solution to a bigger problem: the IDEOLOGY that inculcates this genocidal thinking!!

Will Flatt

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: The Left has been nursing their genocidal desire to kill ALL conservatives for 50 years now, as Larry Grathwohl pointed out. They actually sat down and figured the logistics on eliminating many tens of millions of Americans who refuse to accept socialism. Just like Hitler trying to annihilate the Jews, or Joe Stalin or Mao Tse-Tung wiping out dozens of millions of their countrymen. The Left wants that HERE. It’s more than just hypocrisy, it’s a psychotic bloodlust that the Left keeps whipping up and the #1 reason why all the mass… Read more »

Wild Bill

Some group actually figuring out the logistics of eliminating tens of millions of Americans is scary. Kill small … just murders. Kill bigger than anyone else and you become the government. They have had several shooters already, Wash DC soft ball park, ICE facility, Dayton. Although a big socialist revolt would be nice, the people behind all this are not capable of revolution. They want the government to do everything for them. They can’t even give to charity, but want the government to do it. I believe the danger is when they get control of the House, Senate, Office of… Read more »

Will Flatt

There are “useful idiots” – like the douche that attacked the ICE facility – and then there are the EVIL MF’ers that PLAN AND ORGANIZE this stuff!! And those people already exist in many offices in our government – state & federal!! They also run our universities, the Tech giants, the banks, the multinational globalist corporations!

I sure hope some people are maintaining lists of who’s who and who’s doing what. We’ll need it!

This is gonna go to guns soon. Hope y’alls are gettin ready!

Ansel Hazen

David, the movie was made by Hollyweird, so the trailer will be the equivalent of click bait. As to how many “progressive” elitists get what’s coming to them……. My sincere hope is that this movie is the match that lights the fire. The Tree Of Liberty needs refreshment.

Dave in Fairfax

Mikey Likey

Ansel Hazen

You know, for the first time in a very long while I could see myself visiting Kalifornistan. I like it.