Biden’s Odious Remarks on Curtailing 2nd Amendment Rights

U.S.A.-( Can anyone talk to Mr. Joe Biden? Here is a man who tends to yackety-yack a streak even when he has nothing to say—which is all the time, or nearly all the time. You would think a person running for President of the United States would have something intelligent to say, and that he would be willing, able, and capable of orating intelligently, eloquently, and solicitously to the American public. That, though, isn’t Joe Biden.

Biden is a windbag filled up with ill-conceived, half-formed thought forms, many false; dredged up from his distant past, sloppily pasted together, and then delivered pontifically to the American public as an incomplete, incoherent, haphazard, unconvincing, rambling sermon on the purported foibles of the Trump Administration; providing, too, an inkling of the way things will be and ought to be once he, Joe Biden, becomes U.S. President.

Consider Biden’s policy prescriptions for dealing with American’s fundamental, immutable, unalienable natural right as codified in the Second Amendment of the Nation’s Bill of Rights; a right bestowed on man by a Loving Divine Creator; natural law, not man-made law; God-given law, not Congressional enacted law; natural law upon which a free Constitutional Republic rests; upon which the personal autonomy of Americans depend; upon which the sanctity and inviolability of the individual is grounded, and upon which the sovereignty, supremacy of the American people over a centralized Government and over the crushing power of the State, is maintained—the right of the people to keep and bear arms;a right that shall not be infringed.

And, yet there are those, both inside the Federal Government and outside it, who are all too happy to infringe this hallowed right, this sanctified law, even as they say they would not; that they never would infringe it.

Recall Hillary Clinton blatantly lying to the American people about her position on firearms and the Second Amendment when she gave her acceptance speech at the 2016 Democrat National Convention:

The website Vox reported:

“Clinton wants you to know one thing about her position on gun control: ‘I’m not here to repeal the Second Amendment. I’m not here to take away your guns. . . . I just don’t want you to be shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.

‘We should be working with responsible gun owners to pass commonsense reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists, and all others who would do us harm.’

Clinton is essentially sticking to the stance that Democrats, including President Barack Obama, have followed over the past few years: They want to restrict certain weapons and keep certain people from getting guns, but they’re not interested in taking away everyone’s firearms.”

Clinton has offered up a policy prescription, amounting to a logical contradiction. So, reading between the lines, what Clinton is saying is this:

I don’t want to take away your firearms and you can trust me when I tell you I will not take away your firearms; it’s just that you have to realize I do need to take away your firearms, much as I don’t want to; and, so, I will be taking your firearms away, and this is for your own good; to keep you safe from yourself and to keep me safe from you. I hope you understand, and I hope you’ll vote for me. Oh, and have a Good Day.

Recall, too, Senator Leahy’s (D-VT) blatantly dishonest remarks, during Elena Kagan’s Confirmation Hearing as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010, prompting Kagan’s dutiful reply. The website, On the Issues, reported:

Senator Leahy: “‘I am a gun owner, as are many people in Vermont, and I agreed with the Heller decision. And just yesterday in McDonald v. the City of Chicago, the Court decided the Second amendment right established in Heller is a fundamental right that applies to the States as well as the Federal Government. Is there any doubt after the Court’s decision in Heller and McDonald that the Second Amendment to the Constitution secures a fundamental right for an individual to own a firearm, use it for self-defense in their home?’

SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan: ‘There is no doubt, Senator Leahy. That is binding precedent entitled to all the respect of binding precedent in any case. So that is settled law.’”

Sure, Heller and McDonald are settled law—until they aren’t—and they won’t be if the Left-wing of the high Court, gains ascendancy. It will overturn those seminal Second Amendment cases if Radical Left and new wave Progressive Left Democrats are able to “pack” the high Court with Left-wing Justices.

And, this brings us back to Joe Biden, the apparent presumptive Heir Apparent Democrat Party nominee for U.S. President in 2020. How can a person believe Joe Biden’s claim of devotion to the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution—the mere assertion of his claim to support it—when his policy plank and his policy prescriptions serve clearly to shred it.

When an American citizen dares demand that Biden provide concrete support for his policy position and policy prescriptions on the Second Amendment and on firearms, Biden is unprepared to discuss his position and the policy prescriptions he would implement. He becomes visibly, plainly flustered, and loses his temper. He lashes out. This unseemly behavior occurs because Biden doesn’t expect Americans to speak out. He perceives this as audacious conduct rather than acceptable behavior. Yet, you would think a U.S. Presidential candidate should expect questions from the public; that a Presidential candidate would invite and welcome questions concerning his or her policy prescriptions; and that the candidate would be able and willing to discuss, candidly, cordially, even cheerfully one’s policy prescriptions.

A U.S. Presidential candidate should come before the public, fully prepared to clarify and support his or her policy positions and prescriptions—especially those affecting fundamental, immutable, unalienable, natural rights, not least of all the right impacting firearms and the American citizens’ unconditional right to own and possess them.

Yet, Biden lashes, out; he treats the American public as if it were a conglomeration of stupid Hinterland Hicks; nothing more than a herd of dumb beasts; or a pack of feral dogs; or a brood of undisciplined, wayward children whom, as in time past, were expected to be seen and not heard.

Biden’s detestable behavior was on full display when, during the Michigan Primary on March 10, 2020, a Detroit autoworker respectfully but pointedly challenged Biden on the claim repeatedly made that he supports gun rights. As reported by the website Mediaite:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden got into a heated exchange with a Detroit autoworker over gun rights Tuesday, with votes coming in during the Michigan primary.

‘You are actively trying to diminish our second amendment right and take away our guns,’ one autoworker yelled at Biden while appearing to be looking at his phone.

‘You’re full of shit,’ Biden fired back, adding, “I support the second amendment.”

Breitbart reports more of this exchange:

“‘This is not okay,’ the man said, creating a buffer between the finger and his face.

‘Don’t tell me anything, pal,’ Biden demanded.

The worker continued to defend the Second Amendment and disputed Biden’s interpretation of ‘assault rifles.’

‘Don’t be such a horse’s ass,’ Biden said before he walked away.”

“Horse’s ass?”

And who is it that is really the talking Horse, here? Is it the autoworker or Biden? Is it Mr. Ed or Mr. Joe? And, what’s the deal Joe? What’s the deal?

This, of course, isn’t the first time Biden lost his temper in front of the Nation; and there will be other times he will lose his temper as well. Yet, when confronted by average Americans who simply expect Biden to support his positions when queried about them, Biden should be willing and able to do so. He isn’t.

As the purported remaining “moderate” Democrat Party Candidate for U.S. President, Biden wants, indeed expects, the public to take on faith he supports the Second Amendment when he doesn’t.

This is deception and a poor attempt at deception, at that. Unfortunately, we have seen this deception at work many times before and we will continue to see it in the run-up to the General election in November 2020, as the ruthless, secretive, wealthy powerful, amoral, Centrist Neoliberal Transnationalist Anti-Constitutionalist, Anti-Second Amendment Collectivist Plutocrats and Oligarchs push their lackey, Joe Biden, on all of us.

With Joe Biden in the Oval Office, the Globalists will then be able to move ahead once again with their agenda, and agenda that President Trump had cast aside, as he would not do their bidding. They will not abide further interruption of their goals: dismantling a free Republic, overriding the Nation’s Bill of Rights, overthrowing the sovereignty of the American people, subjugating the masses; subordinating the citizenry to their new dictates; and bending the citizenry to their will, that the U.S. might eventually be integrated into a one-world political, social, cultural, and economic governmental scheme.

Arbalest Quarrel

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Red Falcon 1325

Biden sometimes doesn’t know what state he’s in or even which office he’s running for. I’m not a doctor, but it’s pretty obvious that this blithering idiot is showing increasing signs of dementia on a daily basis.


Although I’m not a physician I was an EMT for many years and as such have training in how to recognize things such as Alzheimer’s in order to effectively deal with initial contact with patients/victims. Joe Biden is exhibiting clear signs of the onset of Alzheimer’s. The fact that he has had more than one brain bleed which is one of the variations of TIA (mini stroke is the term the general public knows) then at the very least he’s experiencing dementia episodes as a result of cellular damage from these incidents. So, even if one were to be kind… Read more »


Voting for a Democrap is the same as voting for Organized Crime.

Typically, whatever a Democrat (modern day liberal) is accusing someone of doing, the Democrat (modern day liberal progressive) is actually doing it. Shameful, lying hypocrite. The Democrats (modern day liberals) are using the Communist Quick Reference Hand Book, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Clinton and Obama’s favorite author…


We all got a taste of what democrats really think of us peons. Joe just verbalized it.

Deplorable Bill

ANYONE who would vote for any democrat is foolish to the point of swimming with a group of bull sharks while having a fresh, bleeding cut on your body. It’s suicide. Yes, democrats are people to, like all mankind they are made in GOD’s image and they do have a place in the food chain. A rattle snake is something else made by GOD and it also has it’s place in the food chain but I would not advise someone to let one loose in their house. Sooner or later, somebody is going to get bitten. Same with democrats, you… Read more »


@Deplorable Bill As is anyone foolish enough to vote Republican simply because they are not a democrat…. We need Constitutionalists, not party sycophants. If people don’t want to get drunk, drink Water. Changing from full strength beer to light beer or lower alcohol content wont keep you from getting drunk. It may take longer, and the effects might not be as immediate, but they still get you to the same place. Please remember that even those claiming to be on our side and defending the Constitution are lying in the same way. Dan Crenshaw voiced his support for the need… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

@ Revelator. Yes, you are correct. It is in reference of left leaning rhinos that I put non constitutionalists . Obviously, the left are not constitutionalists by nature and their own words. I am sure there are many traitors on both sides of the isle’s but if they are republican I call them rhinos. One day the just, righteous, final, legitimate and legal payment for their treason will be set in America under GOD. I am republican because there is nothing better until CHRIST returns. They are not perfect but they are the best that are/will be in office. Arm… Read more »


@Deplorable Bill
If the “Best” still lead us into destruction, then they really are not any better. What I wont do however is tell you how you must vote or demand that you withhold support in violation of your rights.. Vote your conscience. I however am off the train.


The problem here is that in (the general election at least) we are presently forced to choose the lesser of two evils.
We must do more to put forward and elect viable and just candidates in the primaries where your vote counts in reality more than the general in that you will have the choice of a candidate that isn’t “just the one you have to settle for”.


@Iktraz The lesser of two evils is still evil. For several years now(About a decade), I have been trying to get people to elect constitutionally minded candidates instead of caving in and doing whatever the GOP decided was most “Electable”. What I got in return were excuses of “It’s too hard!”, “We cant afford to do that right now.”, “If we don’t go along with this then (Fill in name of DNC candidate here).” On and on the excuses went, by people who are not conservative nor do they defend the Constitution no matter how much they claim to do… Read more »

grim reaper

Don’t worry about Sleepy Joe, but you better worry about who he picks for vice president. If elected the deep state will have him out of there before the ink is dry on his inauguration papers and their pick in place. They only put SJ in there to kill Saunders chance

grim reaper

Got to vote Trump. No other choice.


For those thinking of voting for Biden, this story points out two things. He has no respect for regular Americans else why would he berate a guy just looking for an answer to a simple question? Secondly he is a liar, he wants to name O’Rourke as his gun czar to oversee the confiscation of Americans weapons, if that’s not gun control what is?


Not an MD, don’t even play one on TV. Biden has had two serious brain bleeds emergency repaired. It is well known that this can cause personality changes including uncontrolled anger, outbursts, memory issues and confusion.

Sounds a lot like old lefty Joe.


And he’s the most likely democrat nomination for President of the United States? Can you imagine him losing his temper should (heaven forbid) he be elected POTUS? This should scare every american citizen.


Beware of who he picks for VP.

Shame on any Gun Owner who votes Democrat.

Wild Bill

@OV, Just any Klobutcher or Amy Klobutcher, specifically? What a hoot! I just kill myself!

Wild Bill

@OV, that is cute!

Wild Bill

@OV, I think that she advertises on NPR.


Onset Alzheimer’s is his problem. It will be interesting to see what the “Socialist Democrat Party” (read NAZI) does before the election for Pres. and VP.

Green Mtn. Boy

Along that line of thought, look for Cuomo.


Yeah, actually you may have something there. His every morning citizen Chinese Covid 19 chats are actually quite good. Maybe that is the Socialist/Democrat Party fall back position.


I’m pretty ticked off…… As I sit here, just home from work tonight my country is caving in to legislating the same amount of debt upon our nation that it took from George Washington to George W Bush for us to accumulate. The same amount of debt in one night added to our nation that it took more than 200 years to accumulate. Let that sink in. Also, as I write this, our nation’s “Servants” are willfully violating our constitution and bill of rights for the purposes of public safety. Peaceable assembly, rights to worship as we see fit…. Being… Read more »

Greg K



It should be law that any politician who votes for a gun control bill that mandates “buy backs”, turn ins, or outright confiscation should have to be the ones knocking on our doors to take them. That would put an end to that nonsense REAL fast.

Wild Bill

@M11C, I don’t think that politicians would pass your proposed law against themselves.


A vote for any democratic nominee, no matter where or for what office—-especially in this day and age—-is a vote for socialism. What the average democratic voter fails to understand is that the system they honor, as if it were a religion, no longer exists because it has been hijacked by the radical left. Joe Biden is no exception. He’s not going to shit all over the Constitution until he gets elected, where he plans on doing just that. The thing about socialism is that it only works on paper, or while giving out false promises to the sheep in… Read more »


I am aware of the unwritten protocol to refrain from responding to one’s own articles, but I feel obligated to respond to you, “PatriotUnitDeath.” Writers do read comments, and I certainly read mine. I spend substantial time preparing AQ articles and I do so because I love my Country and I am fearful that its framework, the U.S. Constitution, is slowly being eroded. And, it isn’t for monetary return I spend countless hours at work. Income for my labor is minimal. Many powerful people believe our Constitution is archaic, and wish to do away with it. And that can very… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

RK-AQ, I have to disagree with the protocol. Most of the readership appreciates the opportunity to discuss matters with the authors. You should feel free to respond.


PUD (Nice initials) . . . What vitriol! If you don’t like this website, just don’t go to it, junior!

Dave in Fairfax

PUD, No one is forcing you to be here, in fact you haven’t been here for very long. Initially your comments dealt with subject matter and were worthwhile. They became less so in February. Has there been a change in your life that is disturbing you? If so, perhaps you should address it. There is nothing inappropriate in the AQ article and certainly nothing that deserves your vitriol. Please review the TOS.


@Dave in Fairfax Part of why I didn’t respond to him when he was trying to call out myself and @wildbill. All evidence points to this being a second user name of someone who has been here before under a different handle, someone who lost arguments and was extremely upset when he couldn’t figure out a way to get back at those who out argued him.. I do have a suspicion of who it is though I will not share it at this time (I will simply say he is one of the individuals who needed explanation of why Opinions… Read more »

Bill Sr.

It just boggles the mind to think that there are people who think this senile old moron is fit to be President. It really makes one wonder about the mental stability of people that back him.I don’t even want to think about what would be happening to our country during this Covid 19 crisis if Biden was in the White House. People know it’s a bald face lie when he says he supports the 2nd Amendment. He is a typical democrat gun grabber that wants every citizen of the US to be disarmed so the democrats can take complete control… Read more »

Wild Bill

@BSr, The plan is to get Biden elected with a black female running mate. Then a few weeks after the inauguration, Biden retires, and the DNC has magically given America the first black woman president. Then kiss the Constitution goodbye.


@Wild Bill
They aren’t even waiting for that…. They are kissing it goodbye with the 6 Trillion dollar monstrosity they are trying to get done…


Including the ones working to help destroy the constitution?


It isn’t just Romney… Its McConnel and his bunch too. They are biding their time, trying to wait out trump and then go back to business as usual.


PUD) Are you aware that when you start out your writing by reasonless vilification of your pet hate of the day with profanity and pornography, all of we thinking people will just ignore you as a ridiculous troll?