Trump Attack on Massie Self-Defeating and Wrong

This is what your core supporters need to see again, Mr. President. (Thomas Massie for Congress)
This is what your core supporters need to see again, Mr. President. (Thomas Massie for Congress)

U.S.A. – -( “Looks like a third-rate Grandstander named @RepThomasMassie, a congressman from, unfortunately, a truly GREAT state, Kentucky, wants to vote against the new Save Our Workers Bill in Congress,” President Donald Trump tweeted Friday. “He can stop it, only delay, which is both dangerous…

“…& costly,” Trump continued in a follow-up tweet. “Workers & small businesses need money now in order to survive. Virus wasn’t their fault. It is ‘HELL’ dealing with the Dems, had to give up some stupid things in order to get the ‘big picture’ done. 90% GREAT! WIN BACK HOUSE, but throw Massie out of Republican Party!”

Since when has expecting Congress to do its job been cause to expel an elected member? And why is wanting to see votes recorded instead of masked through a voice vote deemed objectionable by the political elite?

“I was just standing up for the Constitution, and I did it in a professional manner that did not delay the bill,” Massie told Fox News. “This is the biggest transfer of wealth in human history.”

“The Constitution requires that a quorum of members be present to conduct business in the House,” he elaborated on Twitter. “Right now, millions of essential, working-class Americans are still required to go to work during this pandemic such as manufacturing line workers, healthcare professionals, pilots, grocery clerks, cooks/chefs, delivery drivers, auto mechanics, and janitors (to name just a few). Is it too much to ask that the House do its job, just like the Senate did?”

“Massie has now become the most hated person on Capitol Hill,” New York Rep. Peter King, who had to get up and go to work claimed. Seeing as how “King is the first Republican to sign on to the assault weapons ban” and he teamed up with Chuck Schumer to stump for registration-enabling prior restraint “universal background checks,” it’s appropriate to point out “most hated” could depend on who you ask.

As for Mr. Trump’s call to “throw Massie out of the Republican Party,” it would be fair to urge him to be careful what he wishes for. A Massie campaign commercial shows his primary challenger, Todd McMurtry, as a “Trump Hater.” See for yourself, along with documented anti-Trump quotes:

But by now, some of the damage has been done with at least one group of prominent influencers.

“The Republican Jewish Coalition is answering President Trump’s call to eject Rep. Thomas Massie from the GOP, announcing it has endorsed the Kentucky congressman’s primary challenger and plans to bundle resources for him,” the Washington Examiner reports, citing the group’s support for McMurtry. It’s instructive to see that the main stated reason is “because of [Massie’s] noninterventionist foreign policy views,” particularly as they relate to Israel.

Americans can agree or disagree with them on that. To suggest that it’s a disqualifier for public office takes us to a place George Washington, who counseled “to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world,” wanted the Republic to avoid.

This isn’t the only disconnect the RJC, and presumably candidates it supports, has with the “deplorables” – that significant part of Trump’s base who supported not so much the man as the agenda he campaigned on.

Flags should be raised when we see their affinity for the “cancel culture,” and note the RJC barred Ron Paul from a candidate debate they hosted in 2011, dismissing him as “misguided and extreme” and denying other Republicans – and all Americans – a chance to hear the man defend positions many Trump agenda supporters agree with.

Understanding who leads the RJC helps to understand its agenda and to see how that compares to reasons why so many Republican voters were enamored of Trump’s message – against “the swamp” and as it relates to the cultural terraforming of the Republic.

Prominent on the Board is multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Investor, philanthropist, and CEO of the Sands in Las Vegas, he not only further enriches himself with cheap labor, but he also supports the Democrat goal of amnesty and a “pathway to citizenship.”  That’s even though real-world experience in places like California, and all credible polls, show such populations overwhelmingly vote Democrat and anti-gun. The long-term result will be an unchallengeable majority controlling the legislatures to pass whatever disarmament edicts they want, the executive to sign them into law, and the judiciary to uphold them. It’s the greatest threat gun owners face, and anyone who disagrees is free to take my challenge as long as they don’t equivocate, cite irrelevant anecdotes that have no impact on the whole, or try to change the subject.

Speaking of the right to keep and bear arms, it’s instructive that some of McMurtry’s new benefactors are behind the betrayal of gun owners by turncoats in the Florida GOP:

“‘I already have impressed upon people I talk to, the way the law is now is incorrect, it’s wrong, it’s a moral obligation to make certain changes to the law,’ said Ronald Krongold, a Miami-based board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, speaking with McClatchy several days after a gunman in Parkland, Fla., killed 17 people in a school shooting.”

By way of comparison, Thomas Massie, the candidate they oppose, is rated “A+” by Gun Owners of America.

I bring all this up because I am seeing a president, who is the only impediment to a Democrat in the White House, continue to make missteps with his base. The upcoming election is too important to watch him blow it with gun owners if I can add my voice to others and remind him why we voted for him in spite of a problematic past. Virtually savaging Massie feels just like something Trump supporters know only too well.

There has to be room in the “Big Tent” for principled standard-bearers who caution us when we stray from core principles. I’d argue GOP pols should all be that way. To deride such voices as “third rate,” to falsely attribute motives, to insult and to try to destroy a man who has been more supportive than most more often than not is hurtful, wrong, uncalled for, and unworthy of a true leader. I doubt the president will see my plea, but perhaps he will see and be persuaded by the excellent “In Defense of Congressman Thomas Massie” by economist and author John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

My hope is that the president will find a way to respect what Massie has tried to do even if he disagrees with it, and not be too invested in animosity to reconcile.

And my reminder, to any gun owner who wants to treat any critique of Trump as a “Would you rather have Biden?” attack is that there’s a reason we ought to be particularly alarmed at the prospect of “voice votes” that have the power to rock our world.

How many are old enough to remember the controversy over the Hughes Amendment?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Sort of reminds me of a Republican Senator in the early 1950s who stood up for what he thought was right and was vilified for his attempt to do the right thing for the American people. Of course history has proven that Senator to have been correct in his views. Time will tell what history will say about this Congressman and his attempt to do what he thought was the right thing for the American people.


Today may be different. There is a concerted effort among this Congressional office holder’s own party to destroy anyone like him who doesn’t just play the game the parties have set up for themselves. The threat we face today goes beyond just one party.

If America, or more importantly our Constitution, dies it wont be due to socialists or communists. Sure, they will provide the background support to get it done, but the ones who will have killed it are traitors on the right whether for selfish personal reasons or because the Constitution never really mattered to them anyway.


Agree. Many a marketing associate has conduct one or more “focus group” that revealed that the subject product, service, candidate was “the Worst ! … But, the Best.” … So it is with Trump. Like the self defense gun on your person or in your home – Trump is neither “talisman” nor does uttering his name (or MAGA OR KAG) have the significance of a mezuzah.


Last guy Loves Trump yet say Massie is 100% Correct. Me, I will support Trump, but he ain’t God, and it really is time for The Right and The Left to simply attack him back. He said if anyone attacks him he will respond 10 fold or something Kid like statement like that. I support him, but I don’t like him. I really don’t much care for the right or the left, and I have voted Independently for 55 years now. Time to take our Government Back as they have become The Entitled Few. God Bless em anyway, and God… Read more »


Love Trump, but Massie was 100% correct.


Thank you for setting the record straight on this fine Patriot, it’s wrong when we only hear Trump’s view Mr Massie did ask the right question and I applaud him for that Trump was wrong and he is losing his base because of his foot in mouth tactics.
There should be no money transferred to large Corporations or banks.

American Patriot

Trump is losing his base….To who? Bernie or Biden, a couple of over the hill gang racists….Bah, Ha Ha. But you go there tiger…


Have to agree with them on this one Trump

Dubi Loo

@USA, Something wrong with a feeding tube? Curious about the point of this post.


I hope you are being sarcastic in reference to blacks and minorities becoming wealthier. Didn’t know that moving up in the world was only for “white folk”.
Considering Covid19 as a blessing is another comment which hinges on lunacy to say the least.
You seem a little deranged…

Some guy

Just another DNC/CCP/Bloomberg agenda pushing troll, ignore them and they go away.


Again, great words David. I have more respect for you than any writer here, not to say there aren’t others with who I always agree but you have a delivery that is spot on. I also notice your delivery becoming ever more forceful and demanding because you see what I see, we need to be more forceful and demanding . Great work.


Bovine excrement. Blacks getting to work is a win and reducing dependence on welfare for all is a win. You have a twisted perspective.


I believe Massie was well within his rights to do as he did: and the way he did it was appropriate and practical. The Democrats cry about democracy and the constitution when it suits them even though they spit on it with constant anti freedom legislation. I’m a Trump supporter but I do not agree with his limp-wristed response to gun law and his bump ban and propensity to be okay with the lefts attacks on the Second Amendment. This raises a bigger question: who are we going to vote in 2025 when Trump leaves office? A career politician who… Read more »


Core . . . Thank you for your post. The BIG problem in the United States right now is the Oligarchy that is running the country. The Communist Democrap Party has taken great advantage of this. However, a great part of the American public has finally been awakened to the fact that we as citizens no longer have control of the reins of government. We are finally discovering and acknowledging that we have allowed the forces of evil to infiltrate and co-opt the mainstream media, the public education system, and a major political party. We need to retake control of… Read more »

Some guy

We start with exterminating democrats, and republican traitors, and everything else falls in line. America is redeemed!


Ready, fire, aim. Massey was simply asking for a recorded vote on the megalopolis cure everything stimulus package. Nothing wrong with that. Trump’s impulses, formed by decades surrounded by progressives and leftists in NYC do not serve him well in this case. Massey is exactly the kind of voice he is going to need in Congress when the budget becomes a serious issue once again. Having a guy with a grad degree in math from MIT can be a good thing especially when he comes equipped with a spine.


nrringlee . . . Thank you for your post. I urge President Trump to rethink his position concerning Rep. Massie. He is not the enemy. He may not hold all of the positions that are dear to you but he is an ally that can be relied upon. I am a staunch supporter of yours, Mr. President. However, that does not mean that you and I see eye-to-eye on everything you believe. You had my vote in 2016 and you will have my vote in 2020. Please consider me your ally even though we do not agree on everything.


Yep, Trump screwed up when he dishonored Massie. No doubt about it. Massie is probably one of the most honorable ppl in Congress and was doing exactly what the Constitution requires – demanding a quorum before the vote. Trump saw that as blocking his attempt at keeping the country’s economy from collapsing and he foolishly went into attack mode. He’s not a politician – he’s just a man desperately trying to stave off an attack on this country – an attack designed to take us out. Think about that before you turn on our Alpha male. So he’s not perfect… Read more »

Ej harbet

Its a great way to get the”perfect is the enemy of good”voters to stay home with their favorite beverage in front of the tv and watch donald trump lose the election to the socialists.

Will Flatt

Since when is helping minorities become more wealthy & self-sufficient a strictly liberal issue? Since when did the Party of Lincoln, created for the express purpose of freeing Blacks and raising them to full equality with all other Americans, abandon the welfare of blacks and dedicate itself to suppressing them? Last I checked, it was the Demorat Party that was the party of Slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow & segregation, NOT the GOP. Since when do we wish for a virus to rid the planet of those we find undesirable? You, sir (spelled C U R), are a libtard pretending… Read more »


I know somebody who apparently needs to go back and read what Lincoln wrote about the then coming war between the States.

Will Flatt

It was a different era. I know what you’re thinking and you can’t judge an 1860’s man by 2020 standards!!

Of course, I’ll be the first to say that Lincoln was no saint, he violated the Constitution with abandon, and sacrificed the REPUBLIC in order to preserve the UNION. And he definitely didn’t like blacks. But he did believe in repatriating them to their homeland!!


The standards by which I judge a person have been around for thousands of years. YMMV.

Wild Bill

@RD, to which of Lincoln’s writings are you referring?

Green Mtn. Boy

Rep.Thomas Massie was in adherence with the Constitution. Trump not so much, his true downfall for all the education he’s listed is a poor working knowledge of the founding documents, or did you forget the bump stock ban by executive fiat to his credit.

Speaking of which,,District Court Finds Bump Stock Ban May Constitute a Taking, Because the Federal Government Lacks a Police Power.


@Green Mtn. Boy
I’m removing the downvote that the little coward below gave to you, since he didn’t have the balls to actually comment directly.

Indeed, I’ve been hearing Massie bashed on the radio all week, and he should be getting the people’s support for having the balls to stand up to the swamp.

Thank you for the post, and good work.


@Green Mtn. Boy
I rest my case… We have some here claiming to be right wing, or concerned with being a patriot or the constitution, but they seek to remove and get rid of Constitutionalists. With people like them in the Republican scope, all the Socialists and Communists have to do is sit back and let them destroy the Right from within….

Dave in Fairfax

GMB, Excellent points.
It isn’t just the Left that tries to silence those they disagree with, or to ignore the Constitution when it isn’t agreeing with their emotional views. It’s unfortunate, but human.
What’s TRULY unfortunate is when people in power allow their emotions to color what they do rather than abide by their sworn duties.


in Fairfax

“What’s TRULY unfortunate is when people in power allow their emotions to color what they do rather than abide by their sworn duties.”

Spot on…


Massie is the best man to occupy a house seat since Ron Paul. Statesman, entrepreneur, inventor, freethinker, unafraid to speak-out against the rulers who would punish his nonconformity, he’s cut from the same cloth as Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin!

AZ Lefty

About time the 2A community starts realizing what they elected; Trump is no friend to the 2A, the rest of the Constitution or the USA!


Agreed wholeheartedly! You’ll get down-voted by all the NPC fudds on here for even suggesting Trump is a mere fallible man, let alone a socialist of his own brand and worse for gun rights than Obama turned out. But the time of the boomer conservatives is coming to an end, and the future of gun rights is sincere and uncompromising noncompliance.

Massie is a hero and a great man of courage!

Some guy

But he is still better than treasonous democrat garbage……

AZ Lefty

Your comment indicates that like Trump, Pence McConnell, Nunes, etc you are the RINO!

Your comment shows you have no allegiance to the USA or our Constitution it is very Soviet like!


“Russia, Russia, Russia!” Are you taking your cues from the leftist machine and MSNBC to lazily accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being a Russian asset? Are conservatives now as predictable and empty-headed as leftists?


– Empty-headedness knows no political affinity. Such people simply chose to follow the view of someone they consider to have knowledge.

So while we associate empty-headedness with liberalism based on statistical frequency – it is a hard and fixed rule. There are actually intelligent deep thinkers who are leftists, though I believe many are waking up to the failings of both parties. Hard for any thoughtful person to respect democrat platform at this point.


@AZL: Whom are you addressing?? Put some “@initials” so We can see who you are critiquing or complaining about. IE: See the beginning of my comment. By the way, I do not trust the swamp grass Turtle McConnell. President Trump has made some bad call – IE: Bump-stock, EROP, increasing IMPORTED FOREIGN WORKERS and this RIDICULOUS TAX PAYER FUNDED “stimulus bill”. Looking back to Davy Crockett and the conversation he had with a Farmer – – giving “government” money to assist an individual IS NOT THE JOB OF GOVERNMENT! Question: Is President Trump going to CANCEL out the “interest” being… Read more »