Did Seattle Far Left “Security” Murder and Assault Black Children?

Video evidence suggests it was murder. Viewers report hearing an occupier say, presumably to the individuals in the car, “Oh, you are not dead yet?”

Screenshot from KOMO Youtube video, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- At 03:00 a.m., in the Seattle lawless zone, known as CHAZ or CHOP, two children were killed by what some refer to as CHOP security.

A couple of minutes before 3 a.m. in the early morning of June 29,  according to the clock on a surveillance camera, the latest shooting at the CHAZ or CHOP occurred just outside the border of the lawless zone. Two teenage boys in a Jeep Cherokee were gunned down. The 16-year-old is dead, the 14-year-old is in critical condition.

Video of CHAZ/ Chop Shooting where you can count the shots.

The Seattle Police Chief said it was obvious the crime scene had been disturbed by numerous people.

No one has reported finding any weapons at the scene. The car window on the passenger side of the Jeep was rolled up, as can be seen by the shattered glass around the frame.

A car’s headlights come around a corner, perhaps 15-20 mph, a bit fast. There is a single shot at 0:54 in the video. A few seconds later, the vehicle appears to bump in a barricade at a slow rate of speed, then two shots,  then another bump into a barricade. The vehicle stops. Then, another seven shots. After a couple of seconds, the vehicle backs up slowly, stops, gets back into gear,  and at a few miles per hour, bumps the barricade again. The Jeep stops for a final time. Then from 1:18 to 1:24 another controlled string of 10 shots.

It is impossible to tell if any of the shots come from the vehicle.  No muzzle flash was noted in the video. The sequence of shots is compatible with two ten-round magazines.  One shot, then two, and then seven for a total of ten; then a spaced sequence of 10, as the vehicle is stopped in the final position where it came to rest.

The last 10 shots do not appear to be justified. The driver seems impaired. No gunfire can be discerned coming from the vehicle. After the vehicle is stopped, it seems the last 10 shots are fired into it to finish off the occupants.

Given the rolled-up passenger window, the notion that shots came from the vehicle first, if at all, seems unlikely.

Two members of the Seattle City council refused to express any responsibility for the deaths, or to hold anyone in CHAZ/CHOP responsible.  On KOMO, Lorena Gonzales, City Council President, claimed unscrupulous gun dealers and too many guns were to blame.

Screen shot from KOMO Youtube video, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

Council member Kshama Sawant proclaimed the “movement” was not responsible for any of the violence.

Screen shot of KOMO Youtube video, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

Leftists are quick to claim someone else is responsible. They are never responsible, at least in their own minds.  One of the major purposes of Leftist movements is to eliminate personal responsibility and replace it with group responsibility, which is to say, no one is personally responsible, and whole groups can be punished for perceived or imaginary problems.

One of the problems with defunding the police, in a sane society, is it is difficult to assign responsibility for any action without proper investigations and evidence. No one has the responsibility to collect evidence. No one at CHAZ/CHOP seemed concerned with gathering evidence.  Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said the “protestors” were not cooperative. From bbc.com:

Chief Carmen Best, from the Seattle Police Department, said they had found a white Jeep “riddled with bullet holes” near one of the concrete barriers to Chop.

She also accused protesters and residents of “not being cooperative with our requests for help”, and said the zone was now “not safe for anybody”.

It appears bystanders are protecting the killer/killers identities. No reports identifying the killer/killers have surfaced, to my knowledge.

People at CHOP were quick to claim the vehicle was the same one involved in another incident, earlier. That is far from clear. Some commenters are saying the vehicle merely looked similar.

If the police had shot two black children in similar circumstances, killing one and critically wounding the other, there would be riots across the nation. Shoot two black children on the edge of a lawless zone supported by local far-left politicians, and no one in the media seems to care or be curious about the circumstances

If the 14-Year-old survives, he may be able to tell us his side of the story.

The audio of the gunshots and the rolled-up window in the Jeep make the working hypothesis of murder a valid one.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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uncle dudley

The feds should arrest the mayor and entire city council for violating the civil rights of the dead black males by allowing this takeover of the section of the city and doing nothing to fix the problem.

Deplorable Bill

Dean, this progressive, demoncrapic, socialist, communist crap is not going to end well. The brats were given some weeks to show they could do better than society as we know it and look what they accomplished; Two murders, several more wounded, rape, etc. WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Exactly what they want protesting/rioting against.

What the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has said is right and good and true still is. What the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY says is wrong and bad and evil still is.

The day is coming when that tree that Jefferson talked about will have to be refreshed.

Arm up,carry on


The Mayor Communist sympathizer Jenny Durkin should be charged along with the whole city council for first degree murder for all 4 deaths in the Chaz zone they allowed it held the police back gave up city hall and a police station, they were as complicit in the murders as if they pulled the trigger themselves


Now that CHAZ/CHOP is dismantled the mayor and socialist council members need to be recalled. Like usual they will get off with no punishment. We never see justice delivered to these left wing trouble makers. This is especially true of the government leadership.


Recalled? NO WAY!!! First charge them with treason, as defined in the US Constitution. Then chargethem with feloony perjjry, swearing their oaths of office then refusing to uphold them. Nex,t charge them as accessory to these two murders (this one and the one a few days earler) as their direct actions led to the mureders. Had they NOT surrendered that zone to the invaders, or had taken reasonable steps to recalim it quickly once overtaken, these eaths would NOT have happened.
The families of these two children ought to sue, in both official and personal capacities.


really? LOL only good Americans get charged with crimes,didnt you know that?Worship the Devil or commit crimes in the name of Communism and you get off scottfree!This is why WE THE PEOPLeEmust fight this!Our politicians are too spineless or in on it! Hang them ALL!


This is the 2nd civil war! The Communist fired the 1st shots and it dose look as though they will get away with it! This is why Americans across the country must stand up to these filth!!! If i am killed it will be as i fulfill my oath to protect and defend this “great” nation against enemies both foreign and domestic! Its time!!!


Once again, it’s all the gun dealers and the guns fault. I am so tired of being penalized for others actions or a herd mentality. My mountain roads get closed more and more every year because of people trashing the forests. My amount of catch for sturgeon has been eliminated because of poachers coming here killing the fish for their row or caviar and wasting them no matter what size. The amount of salmon I can now keep have been taken down from 25 a year of fin clipped and ten natural to 10 fin clipped and no natural. We… Read more »


What I notice from all this is the mayors of Minn and Seattle encouraged and allowed these pukes to do “their thing” and at least one of them so far wants the federal government (YOU AND ME THRU TAXES) to pay for the damage. My answer to that is they should place their request into the lower cavity of their body because they allowed it by ordering their Police force to stand down. Other words they brought it on themselves.


The left’s lies are getting to be so obvious that all Americans are beginning to see them.


ITs really odd how all those politicians at the lower levels look like they just got here from another country…..on top of being Anti-American! Not to mention that anyone that is Moslem is illegally here! READ OUR CONSTITUTION!!! Any and ALL Moslems “must” 1st DENOUNCE Islam befor ever even being considered for a green card or worse citizenship!So how are they here to start with?Look i know the Communist Traitors of the Demoncrap party were the ones that Amended our Constitution in the middle of the night,so that Americans wouldnt know what they did.(since everything is suppose to be televised… Read more »


And how would Sawant know who did this? She sounds like she might know something. Beat it out of her. Waterboarding if needed. Or even if not. Just covering up her face with something would be a huge improvement.


It looks as if those black lives didn’t matter.(sorry for your loss)

uncle dudley

Since Seattle is so anti gun why haven’t they arrested the rap artist who was handing out firearms from the trunk of his car and was captured on video tape.
Someone needs to light a fire under the police chief and the mayor about this, it’s their over reaching laws that were violated.


Hang out with trash..attract flies shouldn’t have been down there to begin with,
Where are the parents who should have taught them better
I’m sorry but I don’t care just 2 less BLM to deal with in the future.

Get Out

What’d they expect would happen?

SEATTLE’S Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone saw a 525 percent surge in crime, two fatal shootings and robberies before police moved in and crushed protest camps.

Seattle Mayor Admits CHOP Antifastan Caused Crime Wave, ‘Alarming’ Spike in COVID Cases



Its the Darwin Effect. As long as these insurgents kill each other they will cull their own herd. Of course innocents will become victims but that is always the case in war.


“No muzzle flash was noted”

Ban flash suppressors!