FB Post Leads To FALSE Accusation Of Voter Intimidation Against Small VA. Gun Shop

Leaked emails show a local realtor and poll worker, both activists for Moms Demand Action, are behind the harassment and false accusations.

FB Post Leads To False Accusation Of Voter Intimidation Against Small VA. Gun Shop
FB Post Leads To False Accusation Of Voter Intimidation Against Small VA. Gun Shop, FB Screen Shot 2020-10-12-at 3.55.40-PM

LOVETTSVILLE VIRGINIA-(Ammoland.com)-A poll worked called the local Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney on Minutes Man Arms for what they thought was voter intimidation on Facebook.

The Northern Virginia gun shop made a Facebook post advertising a 9mm AR-15 pistol with an SB Tactical Brace that the store was selling.

The ad read: “$950…. the election is just around the corner…”

A volunteer poll worker, later identified as Kristen Swanson, ran across the ads while on Facebook. For some reason, the anti-gun activist & poll worker thought the ads were voter intimidation. Even though the posts did not mention any violence or anything about voting. She then contacted the Loudoun County Sheriffs’ Office and the local DA to report the post as voter intimidation.

Minutes Man Arms store owner, Warner Workman, said that he was talking about Biden’s stance on semi-automatic rifles and AR-style pistols. If Biden wins the election, he is planning on pushing for the banning of the sale and manufacture of AR-15s. The presidential candidate is also planning on making currently owned semi-automatic rifles NFA items. That would require the owners of the guns to pay a $200 tax stamp per gun.

“They heavily advocate for this – basically the banning, the import and the manufacturing of AR-style platforms. They’re just simply semi-automatic rifles…” Workman told a local TV station.

The complainant told the local FOX affiliate that they are concerned with people showing up at the polls armed. The complainant seems to be familiar with Workman and his store. The at the time unnamed person pointed out to Fox5 that Warner has supported the Second Amendment protest that spawned across the state in the past.

No charges after Loudoun County cops investigate gun store's Facebook post for voter intimidation Fox 5 Screen grab 10-13-2020
No charges after Loudoun County cops investigate gun store’s Facebook post for voter intimidation Fox 5 Screengrab 10-13-2020

Virginia has been the scene of multiple large-scale protests over the new anti-gun laws that the Democrats have passed in the Commonwealth earlier in the year. Over 96% of the state has declared itself to be a Second Amendment sanctuary. Last January, tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners showed up to Richmond to protest against the new gun laws.

“I’m just a Second Amendment retailer encouraging all law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights. People are going to read into what they want,” Workman said.

Workman told AmmoLand News he believes that anti-gun activists have targeted him and his store in the past. Less than 24 hours after the complaints were filed, local news stations who were tipped off, and they started calling Workman for a comment on the accusation. A week earlier, someone complained to the health department that the gun shop was not following COVID-19 health regulations.

Lovettsville used to be a conservative area until these past few years when liberals from DC started moving to the small town. Local groups have protested in front of Minutes Man Arms in the past.

“They have been trying to shut me down since I have opened,” Workman told AmmoLand News. “They have demonstrated in front of my store in the past.”

AmmoLand News was able to obtain the original emails sparking the voter intimidation complaint investigation.

We were able to determine both emails originated from the groups Loudoun Progress (www.loudounprogress.org) and Moms Demand Action. The poll worker in question was Kristen Swanson. Swanson is a far-left activist who is a member of Moms Demand Action, Loudoun Progress, and the Catoctin Democrats. Workman helped defeat Swanson for Town Council leading some to believe this is petty retaliation.

Anti-gun Activist and failed Mayor candidate, Kristen Swanson's complaint
Anti-gun Activist and failed Mayor candidate, Kristen Swanson’s complaint

The second complainant was by a real estate agent with Pearson Smith Realty and left-wing activist, Kris Consaul. Consaul is also a member of Loudoun Progress and an anti-gun advocate. She lost her bid for Town Mayor by a margin of 76% to 24%. Workman was also critical in her defeat. She also contacted the Loudoun Board of Supervisors to complain about the gun shop, but even the left-leaning board did not see a direct threat to voters. These complaints appear to be a concerted attack against Workman and Minute Man Arms.

Anti-gun Activist and local real estate agent, Kris Consaul's complaint email.
Anti-gun Activist and local real estate agent with Pearson Smith Realty, Kris Consaul’s complaint email. Note the official logo from Pearson Smith Realty.

When AmmoLand News reached out to Consaul for a comment she refused to go on the record and Swanson did not return AmmoLand New’s calls.

After an investigation, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department determined that the gun shop did not break any laws and did not intimidate voters.

Workman said he has requested an official copy of the Sheriff’s Department’s complaint and does not plan to change how he is doing business and wanted to thank the plaintiff for the free publicity.

Support your local gun shops!

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people from all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

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So, When will a “filing a false report” be made? When will CHARGES be brought against the false charge begin??


Simply sounds like harassment from anti-gunners he should file charges against each.


At some point the gun shop owner needs to file harassment charges and possibly a defamation lawsuit give the all the false accusation. The only way to stop activists wasting tax payers’ money on false allegations/investigations is to make their idiocy cost them $$ from their own pocket.


When did fb and Bloomberg’s minions become an arm of the justice system?
False accusations without consequences are creating groups of over zealous busy bodies of self-appointed watch dogs in a growing Marxists society.


Swatting legit business.


I will make it a point to forward this article to all my gun owning friends in The Democratic People’s Republic of Northern Virginia to patronize this gun shop !


Democrats treat the 1A and 2A as a dog treats a fire hydrant.


if they are that scared by a post with a picture of a firearm on it, they should stay under that dark, moist rock where they live. they sure can dish it out, but not take it.


Jail time for these false reporters.


The root of the problem is Democrats have so low moral and ethical standards they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal, to defeat the orange man. We are seeing a generation or more of horrible people evolve out of the media’s constant war against President Trump.

Get Out

Every gun owner that live near the shop or passing through should stop in and thank them for doing fine work concerning the 2A.