Trevor Noah Tweet Makes Mass Death ‘Joke’ Many Gun Prohibitionists Agree With

Things are different in America. Some of us recognize the unalienable human right to keep and bear arms and give effete foreign objectors who want their coercive globalist ways forced on us all the credence they deserve. (Trevor Noah/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Do we have this technology yet?” Trevor Noah of The Daily Show tweeted Tuesday evening, posting a GIF of the Star Wars death star destroying Florida in retaliation for President Donald Trump winning the state.

Hey, the guy is a comedian, right?

“I guess people can’t take a joke,” one fan tweeted in response to some who did not think it very funny.

That depends: If Democrats can laugh at mass-murder over voting for Republicans, would there be any demographics where similar treatment would not only be forbidden but career-ending? How about if a white “conservative” offered an identical scenario with a different victim pool?

The thing is, it’s not like Republicans in general and gun owners, in particular, haven’t been the objects of real  mass death wishes, including by “progressive” celebrities, like raging nepotism beneficiary Nancy Sinatra, who tweeted:

“The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.”

Hey, anyone willing to see 5 million political opponents executed wouldn’t stop there. And Nancy wasn’t joking. Neither were any of the innumerable anti-gun Democrats who can’t contain their hatred enough to conceal what they would like to do if they only had the power:

What is it about gun-grabbers and genocide? And what is it about Noah?

He, too, is anti-gun, not only being for gun-free zones but even against police guarding them being armed. He then goes on to ridicule the United States with a global comparison:

“Guns, can’t live with them, can’t live without them, unless of course you live in England or Australia. Or Italy or Japan… or Denmark or Luxembourg. Sorry, this is so embarrassing. I always forget Luxembourg.”

That provincialism – and, the air of global sophistication notwithstanding, that’s exactly what it is – is no doubt due to a combination of Noah’s culture and personal experience. His native South Africa is also big on citizen disarmament, and if stopping the violence is the goal, it has been a spectacular failure. All indications are a sizeable number of Marxists there are gearing up for “cutting the throat of whiteness”:

“We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now (emphasis added).”

The personal experience comes from his stepfather shooting his mother in an attempted murder, and then threatening to kill him. Rather than deal with that, Noah fled to the United States, where he now demands men who would instead stand up for their mothers and themselves be mandated equally… what was it Machiavelli called it? Contemptible.

“Something is truly wrong with the Latino/ Cuban Amer in FL. I don’t understand their logic,” another Noah fan tweeted in response to his Florida obliteration post. “ Someone please truly help me understand.”

Doesn’t that just smack of Joe Biden saying a black person who doesn’t vote for him “ain’t black”? And isn’t it just like a doctrinaire Democrat, to first conclude those who do not share their beliefs are wrong and then admit they have absolutely no understanding of the issue they’re weighing in on? How incurious and intellectually stunted must one be to not understand how many in the Cuban community fled the horrors of Castro’s communist regime and know from personal experience the evil violence that can be committed against disarmed people.

That’s what a Biden/Harris administration threatens to do. And if you vote against that, die.


And we’re the ones who are accused of being violent.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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South Africa was the Beta test for what is occurring here and now. I was there, I watched it go down. Take a good hard look and tell me if you want to be that country because unless we do something about it that is our tomorrow.


Dr. Peter Hammond is a friend of mine.
I don’t know how he can stay there


He may not have the option of leaving. Our immigration policies seem to be designed to make it difficult for whites to leave and come hear. Even a tourist visa has some stringent requirements.


I had the honour of meeting him and getting to know him over a few days. I know how he remains.. partl he spends time outside of South Africa, working amongst the people of South Sudan and other such places. THey are several years further down the roas SA are now on. He also knows God has him there in SA for specific reasons, and trusts in His protection and direction. In spite of accusatioins agasint him of his being “racist” (no way do they know the man if they think that of him) he works tirelessly amongst black Africans.… Read more »


Normal, moral people don’t wish death upon others they do not know so it doesn’t surprise me that’s what these leftists are doing. Be careful what you wish for lunatics, you just may get it.


It’s either US or them.
The heads of the snake must be identified then eliminated. I hope we can do it through the legal (?) system but these slippery bastards own it


So where was Taliban Jack Dorsey on this hate speech censorship. Kind of like the many ballots that were mysterious lost in the union post office shuffle or during the water main break in Georgia. Hey Jack did your censor just happen to miss Noah and friends racist tweets? Unlikely, since you and others like you, endorse the comments of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Hey Noah, Venezuela is calling you.

Deplorable Bill

Seems like the day is coming when that tree that Jefferson talked about is about to be refreshed. No, I am not going to turn in anything. No, I am not going to surrender any of my gear to anybody. Yes, I am willing to fight about it. I am willing to die for my country. I am more willing to make you die for your country. Don’t force me to do anything. Yamamoto himself knew better than to invade the contental U.S. He said there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. He was correct. As armed… Read more »


Please do not give up the election is not over help me and other Patriots . Please American citizens stand with Trump and expose this election fraud. We face a very large army just like the 3% of the settlers who rebelled against Britain and won. History is come back around and this is are defining moment. We must come together or die the slogan on the first American flag says it all. Join or Die. We can win this with the heart of American people , we can show the the world that American belongs to AMERICAN CITIZENS. We… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

I will not give up. Maybe, if a righteous recount is not possible, we can have a re vote. Maybe that could work. Maybe it could save some blood, sweat and tears. Everyone would be on their toes looking for unrighteous ballots. Just the sheer numbers at the Trump ralleys vs biden’s is telling. Even on just this one news outlet there’s plenty of voter fraud to be found. The facts are we have been censored from the soap box, we have been cheated at the ballot box. If there is another way to keep the cartridge box closed I’d… Read more »


When Biden said he was sure he would win, it wasn’t just his feelings, it was that he knows of the fraudulent votes that is out there. I fully deep in my heart he is/was telling the people what was going on and didn’t realize he did it.


FYI Admiral Yamamoto was the Naval Liason officer for the Japanese Embassy in DC, during the 1920’s. He rubbed shoulders with all of the top brass in our Navy. Oh, he was well liked.

Deplorable Bill

Yes Sir he was. He had seen America and Americans first hand. He also saw America’s industrial might and our potential for war —- or peace. That is why and how he came up with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. He had told the emperor that Japan could run unbeatable for about 6 months and, after that the American war machine would be up to speed. The only major mistakes happened at Pearl Harbor. The carriers had got caught in a storm, thank GOD, and they left untouched the fuel oil tanks for the war ships. Six months later… Read more »


I saw this coming the past 3 yrs with the white bashing They will soon treat whites like the did the Jews They are ready have started by expecting reparations for something that happened 400yrs ago Saying only Black lives matter when whites Mexicans and Asian are also killed by police BREAKING THE LAW Also white America actually having to apologize for being white. The difference between the Holocaust and us is this is America we have our guns and NOBODY is going to take our rights. I’m a daughter of the Revolutionary War my family taught and bleed and… Read more »


It is becoming more evident by the day that the globalists are WANTING a civil war in the United States. A period of utter chaos where the 3% communists line up against the 3% patriots and shoot at each other with the other 94% who are good little sheep getting in the way. We will have mass death all over from the flying lead and whatever else is used to create the destruction. And then what will THEY clamor for? TOTAL DISARMAMENT. Which is what the globalists want. Because you see, the USA is the most armed country when it… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by CourageousLion

The thing is, in a civil war, you must choose a side or get caught in the crossfire. The 94% you speak of will not have the option of sitting on the sidelines.


Good point. And that is why the 94% (not sure of exact amount of course) will want to disarm us. Because of the casualties they will be taking from both sides.


Even my students are talking, in whispers, about ‘civil war’.


Only one thing matters right now that you support the president and expose this fraud! We the people have more power than you could ever imagine. It was 3% that stould against the whole British Army. And America was born. Please fight now why the window is still open to keep America free and keep communist out.


That 3% had courage (balls), character, morals, ethics and the will to sacrifice all for freedom. I do not for one minute believe we can find 3% of the current population with any of those traits today.


You may be underestimating the will and rage of the people. I can walk down one block and point out 4 other homes with men (all <40 y/o), armed and ready to rock. And this is a town is "purple" yet in the distance of a short block there are 5 and a probable 6th. And thats just ONE block.

After being thrown out of our jobs for months by the stroke of a pen, we were already pissed at the government. Now with all this shit on top, it is next level.


i`m reminded of what led to the battle of athens,tenn.


On a multiplied by 90 million scale and numerous “Athens” all over the country. We live in some interesting times. As Deplorable Bill advises…Arm up and Carry On!



How timely a comment. It just so happens that St. Martin’s Press has just released a brand new book by Chris DeRose on the personal first-hand account of Bill White:

In The Fighting Bunch: The Battle of Athens and How World War II Veterans Won the Only Successful Armed Rebellion Since the RevolutionNew York Times bestselling author Chris DeRose reveals the true, never-before-told story of the men who brought their overseas combat experience to wage war against a corrupt political machine in their hometown.


More: Bill White and the young men of McMinn County answered their nation’s call after Pearl Harbor. They won the freedom of the world and returned to find that they had lost it at home. A corrupt political machine was in charge, protected by violent deputies, funded by racketeering, and kept in place by stolen elections – the worst allegations of voter fraud ever reported to the Department of Justice, according to the U.S. Attorney General. To restore free government, McMinn’s veterans formed the nonpartisan GI ticket to oppose the machine at the next election. On Election Day, August 1,… Read more »


Go to here:

The Battle of Athens and How World War II Veterans Won the Only Successful Armed Rebellion Since the Revolution

Last edited 2 years ago by Mack

Why didn’t they teach me this in high school 1976.


Why didn’t they teach anything worth a crap when I was in high school in 1972?


Because the official agenda calls for the sheeple to always learn less, and never more. Distract them with extracurricular “activities” and gender studies, and probably they will never learn any history. Then, with little to no idea of where they’ve come from, they’ll have no clue where they’re going. That way they will do whatever the authorities say, without questions, since they won’t have the ability to even formulate a good question. The perfect sheeple. That’s their plan anyway. Unfortunately for them, it seems to be falling apart rapidly now. Lies are coming to be replaced by facts and evidence,… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Knute

Just like they didn’t teach us about how the Crown’s many attempts to disarm the Colonists led to the Revolutionary War. The only one that gets a nod is Lexington and Concorde (and that’s only in passing). It’s easily demonstrated and argued that the attempts at disarming and actual disarming by the Brits, was a main factor in the decision to rebel, than a 2% tax on tea. Yet our history books of 50 – 60 years ago dismissed this as a cause. Current textbooks ignore it altogether.


Yup. Lexington/Concord was Gage’s Power Raid Numbef Four. His fourth and most embarrassing failure. His men ordered the Patriots at Lexington “la down yuor arms and disperse” Catpain John Parker ordered to his men arrayed against the Redcoats “disperse”. NO WAY were they going to lay down their arms. The Regulars fired on them against orders, a few returned fire. Eight died, another six i think it was were hit. The Brits picked up their own pieces and moved out towar Concord, mission failed. they had NO CLUE what their muskets had touched off that day. By the time they… Read more »


And for those who don’t read, there’s a movie version too! On googletube no less:
Better watch it fast! As soon as it gets any substantial number of views google will shove it right down the memory hole.


the Only Successful Armed Rebellion Since the Revolution”

Can he really be ignorant of the armed reclamation of the government of Las Vegas, New Mexico from a criminal mob in 1879?


I remembered that when I first heard of the votes “magickally” appearing overnight just when/where Sleepy Joe needed them the most. I can still picture that film made of it, live movie footage rolling as it was happening.


It is always amusing to see people like Trevor Noah, who fled a nation full of people like him to come to a nation full of people like me, telling me that we need to change to become more like the people he fled from. The reason Luxemborg has such low levels of violence is not because of gun control, but rather because they have almost no Africans in their country. The same is true for Japan and Australia. In America almost all of the gun crime is concentrated in urban neighborhoods in the black community. Maybe the issue isn’t… Read more »


Exhibit “A”. Of course there are plenty more just like it.


there is no tolerance from the left. just like islam, leftists espouse tolerance until they become a majority, then they become dictatorial.
how many patriots are rioting since the rampant voter fraud in favor of leftists has happened? none.
leftists are the racists, separating people according to their ethnicity.
leftists are incapable of telling the truth, except when they slip up. right joe? “we are creating the biggest fraud campaign in history.”


Do not be fooled the election is not over.I call upon everyone who stands for God and America. Please fight for our freedoms. Please fight for Donald Trump as he has fought for each and every one of us.


Impeach uncle Joe Kameltoe. Not my legally elected officials. My dog is smarter than biden and he remembers where his food bowl is.


he probably behaves better than the Horizontal One, as well. FUnn, she is neither black, nor eligible. I wonder when someone will file a lawsuit block\ing her taking the oath of office. At least one of her parents was NOT a US CItizen at the time of her birth. Not eligible. WHEN will be get serious abot upholding tHAt little bit in our ConstituitutioN/ i can’t believe they put that there to be ignored.


The only way Biden wins is for the Dems to cheat. When 200,000 votes show up out of the blue when it’s found that Trump is leading, and all the votes are for Biden, “Come on man” anyone who can’t tell it’s cheating, and illegal is complicit with the Commie Rat Bastards. “CRBs”


As predicted, the >>media<< [sic] “called” the election.

Trump will NOT concede.

Good; however ….

all eyes are now on ‘The Surrender Caucus’ (GOP).


I am always amazed by their choice of countries to which we should be compared. As you’ve said, violence in S Africa dwarfs what we have here. Denmark is so often used for comparison, yet per capita their record with assault rifles is far worse than ours. Far as I can tell we’ve had about five events of violence using assault rifles since NFA passed in 1934. Denmark, a country roughly one fiftieth the size of the USA has had at least one in 2012, plus (at least) whatever happened while they were occupied in WW2.



Last edited 2 years ago by SEMPAI

can’t live without them, unless of course you live in England or Australia. Or Italy or Japan… or Denmark or Luxembourg. Sorry, this is so embarrassing. I always forget Luxembourg.” well, OF COURSE… many in those nations DON”T live without them, because others DO have them, and use them on those who don’t live without them because those folks can’t shoot back. In London you cannot even buy a chef’s kitchen knife any more, byt the goon squads certainly have guns, and use them. And as to SouthAfrica, he’s a bit off on his tie ine accuracy.. white farmers ARE… Read more »


“You’re a daisy if you do.”


ANTI’S always let their ALLIGATOR gabs overload their humminbird $$. They spout off and never do anything but run their mouths.