No Evidence Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was Murdered

More Protestors reach the Scaffolding. The crowds there continue to increase.

U.S.A.-( Facts are starting to seep out about Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s death.  There has been an intense push by the Media, the Left, and most of the ruling class to cement into the public’s mind the narrative he was murdered by Trump supporters.

The cause of death is unknown. There is no evidence officer Sicknick was struck by a fire extinguisher. There does not appear to be any evidence he suffered from blunt force trauma.

All that is actually known is he died after going back to the office, from what appears to be a stroke resulting from a blood clot.

Image from wikipedia, cropped, scaled, and text added by Dean Weingarten

Brian Sicknick was a Trump supporter. Here are two sources that are attempting to report facts instead of the narrative being pushed by the ruling class and the left to smear Trump supporters.

The narrative is being used as an excuse to push for draconian controls on speech, travel, assembly, even to start a purge of the military.

There is actual reporting going on at CNN. From clickable link:

In Sicknick’s case, it’s still not known publicly what caused him to collapse the night of the insurrection. Findings from a medical examiner’s review have not yet been released and authorities have not made any announcements about that ongoing process.

According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.

One possibility being considered by investigators is that Sicknick became ill after interacting with a chemical irritant like pepper spray or bear spray that was deployed in the crowd. But investigators reviewing video of the officer’s time around the Capitol haven’t been able to confirm that in tape that has been recovered so far, the official said.

The case could also be complicated if Sicknick had a preexisting medical condition. It could not be learned if he did.

There is a good summary from Law Officer, which works hard to relay the facts, just the facts. From

Yet beyond the politics and pandering, there are facts.

And while we do not have the autopsy results yet, sources have advised that there are no indications that Officer Sicknick sustained blunt force trauma. This coincides with what his family said just days after his death, indicating that they believed he may have died from a medical condition. If our suspicion proves correct, then Officer Sicknick’s death was undeniably used as a prop for the sake of politics, and even worse, for the sake of political gain.

Making this matter even more political, federal investigators announced that they are “struggling” to build a murder case against anyone in his death.

Most major outlets are reporting that Officer Brian Sicknick was killed because of being beaten with a fire extinguisher by a Trump supporter.

That narrative appears to have been promoted by AP, from anonymous “police sources”. 

From the Daily Mail:

The Capitol Police said in a statement that Sicknick was injured ‘while physically engaging with protesters’.

During the struggle, Sicknick, 42, was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, two law enforcement officials said. The officials could not discuss the ongoing investigation publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

In spite of the facts, the narrative that officer Brian Sicknick, a Trump supporter, was murdered by Trump supporters, is simply too useful a propaganda tool for the Media, the Tech Oligarchs, and the ruling deep state to allow the truth to creep out. It joins the big lies of:

  • Hands Up Don’t Shoot from Ferguson Missouri, (it never happened)
  • The idea George Zimmerman used Florida’s Stand Your Ground to kill an innocent black child, Trayvon Martin, (Martin attacked Zimmerman, who justifiably defended himself)
  • The hoax that President Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, (after two years and millions of dollars, no evidence was found, but evidence of a conspiracy to remove President Trump, using the hoax, was found).
  • It joins the ongoing big lie that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist who hunted down protestors and shot them in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the riots there. There is ample video evidence he acted in self-defense.  There is zero evidence he was a white supremacist.

I was at the rally/boisterous protest on 6 January 2021, covering the events for AmmoLand.  I witnessed many interactions between the police and the protestors. The vast majority of them were peaceful. I overheard several protestors tell Capitol Police officers:  We have no problem with you. You are just doing your job.

It is clear, in hindsight, relatively small numbers of violent agitators from both the left and Constitutional supporters were among the people who pushed their way into the Capitol on 6 January.

I was not inside the capitol, but I interviewed several people who claimed to have been inside.

The people I interviewed said they worked hard to prevent injury to the police and to prevent the destruction of the Capitol, which they considered to be their House.

As a supporter of President Trump, it seems unlikely Officer Brian Sicknick would want his death to be used to promote the policies of those he opposed.

It appears five people associated with the boisterous protests at the Capitol on 6 January died that day. All five were Trump supporters. Only one, so far, was killed. That was Ashli Babbit, an unarmed white woman, a veteran, who was shot by a Capitol Police officer inside the Capitol.

Why did the protest occur on January 6, 2021? Half the country believed the election was stolen, and there was ample evidence which the system refused to investigate. They believed the ruling class, including the media, routinely lied to them.

The part about lies, at least, seems to have been vindicated.

Time has published a bragging confession of how the ruling class subverted the election process and the Constitution to get rid of Donald Trump.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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We only know one incontrovertible fact at this point – Brian Sicknick is sadly dead. Period.
The cause of death IS likely known by TPTB but furthering their ‘agenda’ is much more important to them than releasing the COD.


Typically lawful conservatives don’t burn buildings, smash windows and trash property. The left does that and yet to accuse their opponents of the very thing these animals are on record for doing is getting old. The truth always comes after the sensationalism dies out. We have laws, it’s time to enforce them.

Ryben Flynn

Nor do they go to a rally wearing outlandish costumes.


And wearing black “bike” helmets like seen in Portland and Seattle.


Yet WHERE is the outrage?


Unfortunately the truth will never be told on the liberal media. By simply not correcting the original stories they can ride the false information and still achieve their goal of influencing their audience. They just choose to not do a story updating the information and they accomplish all their goals.


Facts be damned! It’s all narrative; they write it and you better like it. The fact that in January 6th, about one million persons peaceably assembled in Washington, to protest a very questionable election, a number equal or greater than that which assembled for the 1963 March on Washington for Civil Rights, is completely buried. No wonder, media want to steer your attention to Trump and the “terrorists”.

Last edited 3 years ago by Wass

The attack/riot/call-it-what-you-may at the Capitol was illegal, period. And, it seems that Antifa agitators and other anarchists were there and at the forefront, likely as agent provocateurs. But, anyone who forced their way in committed a felony. That triggers the felony murder rule. If it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer died as a foreseeable result of the incident, then all involved would be guilty of murder under the felony murder rule. But, it sounds like this good officer suffered a stroke at home and off duty. If he’d had a heart attack or stroke while… Read more »


I say the democrats wouldn’t have cheated the election. There would NOT have been any demonstration to begin with. So let’s lay the blame where it belong. And we should still be pushing the evidence of election fraud.

Last edited 3 years ago by Arny

So, what you are saying is that ALL those involved in the “peaceful protesting” all across America where deaths occurred are ALL guilty of Murder by Association?


Thank you for that great article. Good information I have not seen anywhere else. No autopsy results after a month seems strange. Here are two consecutive sentences from the NY Post (.com) that show the bias. Moments later, a rioter tosses the fire extinguisher toward a group of officers below, striking one on the helmet. It’s unclear if the cop who was plunked was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, 42. He died at a hospital Thursday after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during the melee, two law enforcement sources told the Associated Press.

Dave in Fairfax

You missed the part that tells you that the police and family both say he wasn’t struck and that he died of a previous medical condition.


That is what I heard to be reported THAT EVENING before the truth was re-written.


“Maybe I should wait for the report to come out and then remember it?” (SHOOTER)

Dave in Fairfax

That’s what I was referring to.


“Maybe I should wait for the report to come out and then remember it?” (SHOOTER)


“error code”

Last edited 3 years ago by USMC0351Grunt

Yep… What else is new?


All Non-ANTIFA/BLM need to have a defense fund set up for them… Wish I was rich enough to do it.


I was reading this info with a free mind and learning from it. That was until I ran into the I am Right and They are wrong which controlled the rest of the article. I have been a Registered Independ since I first for my draft # for Nam, and I have always looked at both sides with A Grain Of Salt. I have voted for the right and left as I vote for the person or the issue and not a Party. Now here I am with 51 years of voting under my belt and I have never trusted… Read more »


Hi, I am new here. I joined to remind people that over 100 police officers were injured that day. I believe we should support our Brothers and Sisters in uniform, by not forgetting about them. You cannot avoid the fact that some rioters became violent and fought with the police, who were just trying to do their job. They should be mentioned in articles such as this, and the people responsible should be held accountable,



Not in reference to that day, but in general, what orders should LEOs not follow?


Will – 2/10/21:   “They should disregard any and all orders that are in direct violation of the Constitution and the oath they took to uphold the same!” Response to Will: I agree – that’s what they should do, but many have shown their eagerness to follow any and all orders, no matter how ludicrous. Here is a list of orders that some LEOs has sworn they will never follow: 1.    We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people. 2.    We will NOT obey any order to conduct warrantless searches of the American people, their homes, vehicles, papers, or… Read more »

The other Jim

Very good. How about no more police, just Deputy Sheriff’s. The Police Commissioner and Chief of Department are political hacks “hired guns” for the appointer. The Sheriff is elected by the people. Maybe a little better?


Better, in many locations.

The Ten Orders that Will Not be Obeyed, does not mention whether deputies of the Sheriff’s office and State Police officers should protect citizens from federal LEOs and National Guard members.

While Sheriff’s are elected, they tend to not stand up to Federal LEOs.


I guess they’re just “doing their jobs” when they enforce arms laws. I remember some high profile trials of some pretty bad people who tried to use that excuse. Didn’t work out too well for them.


Had Law Enforcement paid attention to their Oath and Duty all across the United States and acted to quell the Summer of Love RIOTS all across this country, regardless of what their “handlers” were telling them NOT to do, there wouldn’t have been ANYONE at the Capitol taking a vote on whether or not to seat the wrong guy in the president’s seat, nor would there have been angry voters all around the Capitol DEMANDING A REDRESS OF GREIVENCES AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT?


any death which occurs during the commission of a felony is first degree murder, and ALL participants in that felony or ATTEMPTED felony can be charged with and found guilty of MURDER!

quit making excuses and call it what it was!


Are you referring to Ashli Babbitt?


“any death” means yes all of the insurrectionist can and should be charged with causing the scared cop to discharge his weapon and take the life of AB


I’m not a lawyer. If it had been determined that the LEO who killed Ashli Babbitt committed murder, would the other mostly peaceful protestors be guilty of felony murder?

As it is, the government investigated itself and found no wrongdoing and no charges were filed against the LEO.

I don’t know if Brian Sicknick’s death was a homicide. Do you?


the LEO would claim self-defense scared or not. I don’t think his death would have to be ruled a homicide per the way the statute reads, “anyone attempting or engaged” in a felony. so the angry mob of protestors that were present need to all be charged with murder.


Again, I’m not a lawyer, but I thought if a LEO justifiably killed a perpetrator during the commission of a crime, a co-perpetrator (who was committing a felony) could be found guilty.

It’s not clear to me that anyone else would have been found guilty of murder if the LEO was determined to have committed murder.

On a different note, it would provide some degree of closure if the government released the names of the people who have been apprehended along with some type of description of which group they were associated with:

  • Trump supporters;
  • Provocateurs.

if perp a and b walk in to rob a place, cop intervenes shoots perp a dead, perp b is charged with murder. the cop is the hero gets a medal.
are all trump supporters provocateurs or are all provocateurs trump supporters? who are these other people you infer are to blame?


“if perp a and b walk in to rob a place, cop intervenes shoots perp a dead, perp b is charged with murder. the cop is the hero gets a medal.” In the above scenario you presented, was the cop legally justified in killing perp a? are all trump supporters provocateurs or are all provocateurs trump supporters? From videos taken that day, it seems there were two distinct groups with different agendas: Trump supporters; Provocateurs The taxpayers have provided government employees with vast resources. By now, they know everything about the people who have been apprehended. It is quite clear… Read more »


it doesn’t matter if they are legally justified as long as the perps were illegally acting, or countless cases would have to be overturned.

are you saying there was “group a” ready as in “geared up” prepared to arrest people and “group b” a mob of hapless stooges willing to do anything, providing cover for “group a”? aren’t they all as culpable if they crossed the threshold of the PREPOSITIONED perimeter?

I don’t get your point here, are taxpayers allowed 24/7 access to government property? group a? group b? why does it matter if they committed a crime?

the insurrection!


I’ll take your word for it. It just seems odd that if it was the LEO committing murder (as opposed to legally killing a perp), the legal system would hold a co-perp responsible. Regarding the people who entered the Capitol building, I believe in free will. A couple of examples of free will: I don’t think anyone was dragged into the Capitol building, so everyone went in there on there own free will. They all made choices. No matter what anyone else in the crowd did or said, it was their choice to enter the building. They should be held… Read more »


certainly, at some point in your life you must have heard the “they did it too” defense isn’t a good one.

I think we are in agreement for the most part on actions have consequences, im not looking to put a label on any particular person. they were all an embarrassment.


“certainly, at some point in your life you must have heard the “they did it too” defense isn’t a good one.”

I said exactly the opposite – I said the law should be evenly enforced.


the question would then be, what was the crime, and by whom do you claim its was committed?


Reading your questions and responses, you appear to me to be a Democrat prosecuting attorney trying to formulate your cause of action(s) criminal action for trial via public forum?


nope! just using past LEO shootings as precedent.


So! You are stating that if/when Police UNLAWFULLY shoot an individual DEAD through a window, ALL of the Police who are there MUST BE CHARGED WITH MURDER??


if the LEO feared for his/her life and the person committing an illegal act was killed then that persons cohorts are responsible for that death.


You forgot to mention ‘antifa’. Known ‘antifa’ individuals WERE THERE! WHO handed out “baseball bats” out of the window WHILE BEING RECORDED??


I lumped them in under the category of “provocateurs,” but maybe there is a distinction to be made.


Law Enforcement?, Military?, Local government officials?, etc.


You say, “angry mob of protestors”? WHO determined and what criteria was used to determine that (the protesters) they were angry? What protocols did an expert use to determine this anger? Where was the expert when they were making this determination? WHAT statute defines whether they were happy? Sad? Melancholy?, etc., in order to determine that there is a level or definition of anger? Were the “peaceful protesters” in Portland, or Kenosha or Seattle, or Minneapolis, or wherever…HAPPY?


ok you got me there but I would think anyone that was smashing the head of a LEO with the American flag had to be an angry person, you don’t think?


I really can’t answer that as I have yet to locate ANY evidence of ANY LIVING BEIN having had their heads smashed by what I suspect to be a cloth flag?


when that flag is wrapped around a wooden pole, that is supposed to provide a place of reverence is instead used to beat uniformed LEOs on the steps of our nations capital and your take-away is you can’t beat him with the flag cause its cloth? sure, the running joke was jarheads are not that smart but you have to see the irony in that.


You should be asking, “WHY isn’t America up in flames over Ashli Babbitt being murdered?” Is her life any less worthy that George Floyd or any other person shot and killed by Law Enforcement?

Last edited 3 years ago by USMC0351Grunt

and as always your baseless claims or name calling will be met with reason and or simple logic, causing you to once again delete your silly childlike comments.

you give me great pride when your nonsensical comments disappear and you scurry back to the basement you call your room.


So when is the Grand Jury going to convene to determine whether or not the “scared cop” legally killed Ashli Babbitt?


I agree. ALL of the antifa people who broke and entered the capitol building should be arrested and prosecuted. It was 99% antifa.


ooook…let’s just say all that were present…lol


What “felony or attempted felony(ies)” took place? are you talking about the Peaceful Protests that occurred at the Capitol? Or Portland? Or Kenosha? Or Seattle? Or Minneapolis? Or…?


when they crossed the threshold, they became criminals.


You’re talking about all those “peaceful protesters” across the country all within the last year?


here, specifically, i’m talking about the insurrectionist mob that stormed and occupied the capital on the 6th of jan 2021.


When listing Dean Weingarten’s credentials, please be sure to include the most relevant:
Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire!
Master Liar to Defend Trumpism!
Master Word-Twister and Fact-Ignorer to drive home his”Twisted” Points!
Primary Agent of Right-Wing Fake News!


Another antifa/blm defender, TSK TSK.


Amd your another white supremacist supporter


If the “elected” officials keep placing executive orders in front of unconscious biden they will MAKE many white supremacists. The gov’t is creating an atmosphere where any action not glorifying black americans will be racist ,their favorite slander.
Dr. King would be rolling in his grave, ie color of skin not content of character.


What does the air smell like where your head is? All kidding aside, why would you expose yourself with a third grade response like that? I don’t think Dean, or anyone else here, would put anyone down for adding to the conversation with facts or any other resources to clear the air. But here you come from the dark place that you live to throw grenades at anyone providing information in search of the truth.

Dave in Fairfax


I’m sure that you can back those libelous accusations up, just in case Dean takes them personally.


Dave- I suspect that Dean is enough of a gentleman that he won’t take such inane accusations personally. OTOH – it is VERY likely that he has a good case for slander and/or libel against that fellow. It is in print after all.


Why don’t you put forth an argument as to why you believe Dean’s article is incorrect?

Name-calling, resorting to childish theatrics, making false accusations with no basis, claiming someone has an agenda, using lots of exclamation marks, and attempting to use some sort of authority (you left one out) to push an accusation are all hallmarks of someone who is angry and unable to form a logical argument or have a civil conversation.

Did you walk away from this thinking you had “won?”


Some times it’s not about winning. Sometimes it’s about just playing the game.


Seems that way sometimes – the louder they play the game the more satisfied they are with themselves.

Dean had something interesting to say. jj and Warlock11 provided no rational counterpoint or information.


Ok jj, WHO read all the big words in the story to you?