‘Ghost Gun’ Comments Show Sheriff Can’t Imagine Freedom

Elbow bump! Tom Dart and his “Only Ones” have theirs and are perfectly willing to lump gun owners in with real criminals to incrementally advance a greater citizen disarmament agenda. (Cook County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart announced proposed legislation on Thursday that would ban the sale and possession of ghost guns,” Fox 2 reported Friday. “Sheriff Dart said only a criminal would need a ghost gun, so banning them is common-sense legislation.”

“Why anybody would ever think there is a useful purpose behind having guns that are untraceable, I can’t imagine unless you have some criminal intent,” Dart asserted. “There is no other type of reason to have this gun with no markings on it unless you’re going to be committing an offense.”

No doubt and proudly guilty as charged here. Untraceable, homemade guns will be harder to confiscate than guns that have been transferred through Federal Firearms Licensees using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), meaning if the Democrats succeed in expanding due process denying “red flag laws,” or changing the rules and declaring semi-automatics machineguns, they’ll be well on their way to their “monopoly of violence” end game.

That’s why Democrats are anxious to repeal the key provision of the so-called Firearm Owners Protection Act:

“No such rule or regulation prescribed after the date of the enactment of the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act may require that records required to be maintained under this chapter or any portion of the contents of such records, be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or any political subdivision thereof, nor that any system of registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or dispositions be established.”

Who could be against a database but a “criminal,” right, Sheriff Dart?

Add to that a repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment limiting the release of specific tracing data to law enforcement investigations and prosecutions, and let the fishing expeditions begin. How likely are these to happen?

We’ve seen the arbitrary rule changes already, with “bump stocks.” Add to that the efforts on stabilizing braces and frames or receivers. ATF will do what it’s told.

As for legislative changes, Democrats are already laying the groundwork to “nuke the filibuster” and “pad the Supreme Court.” All they need are the votes and assurances that it won’t backfire at the polls. They’re working on that through “immigration” and a “pathway to citizenship,” something our “gun rights leaders” don’t want to admit lest they be accused of being “haters.”

The grabbers are way ahead of our image-conscious lobbyists on that. The Chicago Tribune played that card in its “report” on Sheriff Dart’s disarmament demands:

“The group Everytown for Gun Safety has said ghost guns are attractive to white supremacists and other extremists who’ve used online forums to talk about how to make them.”

So if you’re against this latest infringement, you’re a racist. And we know what “woke” cancel culture does to those. Meanwhile, we see headlines like:

Who but a moron would believe prohibition edicts that are only obeyed by the peaceable will have any impact on those numbers whatsoever? But government grifters can never admit that because then their whole swindle would be exposed. They’d have to acknowledge that not only do they not have a clue as to what to do about the violence (that doesn’t involve relinquishing political power), but their whole collectivist racket makes such outcomes inevitable.

So don’t think Dart will stop at “ghost guns.” Because he hasn’t:

“Cook County Assault Weapons Ban To Be Enforced In Northbrook — Sheriff’s police are set to issue the 1st citation under the county’s longstanding assault weapons ban … The Cook County process would allow for steep fines and the seizure of weapons…”

As with all grabbers, he’ll take what he can get now and come back later demanding more. GunSaveLife profiled him some years back and documented all the roadblocks and objections he tried to block concealed carry with. And why not? He’s got his gun.

With his insulting smear of Americans who believe unbendingly in “shall not be infringed,” this Dart character has shown himself to be both a doctrinaire “Only One” and a serial oath-breaker, a political creature selling out the freedom of his countrymen to advance his standing with his masters.  But in a way, he’s right.

The Patriots at Lexington and Concord who refused government arms confiscation orders were all criminals in the eyes of the law. Coincidentally, their firearms all qualified as “ghost guns.”

To throw Sheriff Dart’s premise right back at him, there is no reason for the government to infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms unless it is going to be committing tyrannical offenses.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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“Sheriff Dart said only a criminal would need a ghost gun, so banning them is common-sense legislation.”

Hold on a sec while I check “The Bill of Needs.”

All joking aside, does the good Sheriff have any idea how many pre-1968 guns are in circulation that have no serial numbers and never did?

As Jethro Bodine might say, “Somewhere between a bunch and a whole bunch.”

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Wild Bill

He has no idea that any gun legitimately no serial number. The only thing he knows is how to be a politician.


why do you call a dirtbag “good”? Oh, sorry. I didn’t catch your well played sarc font. You forgot to mention the millions of guns that HAVE numbers on them but that aare meaningless.. as on military weapons decommissioned, and foreign imports, and all guns sold before NICS was infecting us. I happened to come accross a new in boxk rifle I’d been looking for, has numbers placed by a well known US manur]facturer, purchased byits original owner before NICS was mandatory, so no record of first owner. Now, no record of second owner. The third owner may be the… Read more »

Dubi Loo

As a life-long resident of cRook county Tom Dart is the enemy of We The People


Thomas Dart people have been making thier own firearms since this country was founded . You are a clown for labeling them all as criminals . Most are law abiding people with a love of firearms and freedom. Apparently you have a problem with freedom and the oath you took to uphold our constitution. Resign idiot as you have failed to honor your oath .


Sheriff Dart and those like him can suck a big bag of phalluses and perform anatomically impossible acts upon themselves. Why would people want “ghost guns” unless committing a crime, the moron asks. Well, want and need are irrelevant: we WILL HAVE, BUILD, OWN AND CARRY “ghost guns” with no markings just like our founders, because that is what you get when you build your own firearms. It is our right, and it won’t be stifled by anyone. All gun laws are unconstitutional, illegal infringements, and will be ignored as the Constitutionally repugnant nuisances they are.


As usual, Mr. Codrea, you nail it.

This article touches on something I have been thinking about lately. We frequently use the term, “law-abiding gun owner.” However, I can see a day when honorable, moral, decent or good, and “law-abiding” could be entirely different things.


Day is already here. Pelosi, schemer, dementia joe, and 95% of the politicians of both parties ignore the laws they themselves passed. So shall we all.


Peaceable citizens and patriots and Constitutionalists and lovers of liberty are the correct terms to use.


If you are still a “law-abiding” anything, then you support utter tyrannical slavery at this point. Or you are just great at lying to yourself. Neither of these are good things.

The day when principled men should be engaged in acts considered criminal by the traitors in power is many, many yesterdays ago.

I Haz A Question

The terms “legal” and “lawful” are often two different things, indeed. “Legal” means someone in a suit and tie in a marble office put his signature to some words on a piece of paper. “Lawful” typically means in accordance with the USC, which is the Supreme Law Of The Land. For example, the CA State Constitution’s Article 3, Sec 1 consists of only a single sentence, very clearly stated: “The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.” Yet the Dems here routinely… Read more »


To be exactly correct, the one with criminal intent is the sheriff, the average gun owner building their own firearms has a Constitutional intent.

I realize that leftists like this bigot get it backwards. They are deceived.

WI Patriot

Fuck him…


…in the anus…with a rake handle…wrapped in barbed wire…


…in the anus…with a rake handle…wrapped in barbed wire…and plugged into 220vac….


Why the handle?


So you don’t have to touch him, for one thing.


That’s a good start, perhaps, but how does that end the criminal traitorous tyranny destroying this nation and this civilization? Maybe there are better acts in which to be engaged that are more solution-oriented, and less gay. Just a thought.


Somebody else made the initial suggestion. I just thought of potential modifications and improvements. Hypothetically speaking, if the above ideas and suggestions happened to enough freedom-hating commies, they would have more pressing concerns than figuring out ways to deprive us of freedom.


This sheriff is a POS in a hellhole county. The good people need to flee to Virginia ASAP.


Or a better solution: remove criminals from positions in government. Stop waiting on the other guy to solve YOUR problem.


Tyrants – Despots – Marxist’s – Jesuits – Rhinos – Charlatan’s – Hidden Hand The PTB already told humanity: He who counts the votes … Playing the victim role to the circumstances they created. “Accuse the other side that which you are guilty of.” Joseph Goebells Ridiculous b/c we already know the election process is rigged from within everything that follows from that revelation would be irrelevant & part of the Circus Barker they’re. It’s.a Central Banking corrupt system which is only self serving & metastasizing. Twistory already tells us these events have happened in the past. Those of us… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

Rhinos are a type of animal that live in Africa and Asia. You are talking about RINOs, Republican In Name Only.


Yes of course your correct. My large opposing thumbs on this cell phone’s keyboard & the “AI” being foisted upon us in try is IoT nightmare don’t help either.


I post again…The Reason…There is a reason that “they” don’t listen to the people anymore. There is a reason they ignore the provisions of the 2nd amendment. The reason is that the lynch pins to the Constitution were removed in 1903 & 1913. In 1903 the blatantly UNconstitional Dick Act, which was a blatant act of TREASON, eviscerated states rights with the ending of STATE militias. Those first 13 words of the 2nd Amendment are perhaps the most IMPORTANT 13 words in the whole Constitution. A well regulated MILITIA being NECESSARY for the SECURITY of a FREE State. It is the… Read more »


Gee I wonder how many ghost guns there are with serialized numbers in the USA ? So exactly how does having a number stamped on a firearm make anyone safer ? Has this Sheriff even considered this ? Exactly how do you confiscate GHOST GUNS ? They don’t exist & are scary.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arny
I Haz A Question

Even the term “ghost gun” (which was first coined by former California A.G. Xavier Berrera, who is now Biden’s Health Secretary) has different meanings, depending upon which gun grabber is using it. Is a ghost gun something without serial number markings? Or is it privately marked, but was made at home from an 80% receiver and therefore doesn’t appear on any manufacturer or FFL records? The entire reason for the populace to own guns that cannot be traced is to ensure they cannot be confiscated. The Left has been moving the line incrementally at the state and federal levels to… Read more »


The definition of “ghost gun” is squishy, just like the definition of “assault weapon”. Perhaps deliberately so. But if you boil it down to “untracable”, this book:


says one estimate of untraceable firearms includes 80% of the world’s stock.

Glypto Dropem

I have many ghost guns made before the GCA of 1968 that have no serial numbers. I also have milsurp “weapons of war” that have meaningless serial numbers and have changed hands many times with no records of any transactions. I will contend there are many more of those than anything made form an 80% receiver.


last I checked, ALL the firearms I have (that survived the “tragic boatnig accident” on the saltchuck) have numbers on them. But they truly are “ghost guns”. Why? Because they are “untraceable”. The hunting rifle I bought when I walked into Pete’s Gun Store when I was sixteen, and plonked down a hard-earned $125, bacu in about 1960 comething has numbers on it. But it is untraceabl,e bacause there is no place where those numbers are recorded and connected to my name. Millions of other guns here in the US are just like that. I can’t remember whether that gun… Read more »


Sounds like this sheriff will be looking for work after the next election.

Dubi Loo

Nope, he is entrenched in the machine. He’s truly despicable yet the morons in this county elect him over and over again.


If you trust elections, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.


“Who could be against a database but a “criminal,” right, Sheriff Dart?”

Who, indeed?




The concepts of sarcasm and irony are not your Forte are they?


I propose a federal database of all bad cops. No union interference, either.

We don’t need or want ‘Ghost cops’ who are fired in one jurisdiction only to be hired in another. Too much of that going on.

Why anybody would ever think there is a useful purpose behind having cops that are untraceable, I can’t imagine unless you have some criminal intent,


The gov should make a publicly available database of every federal employee and politician, with their home addresses and phone numbers, details on their vehicles, what crimes they have been accused of, etc, etc.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arizona

somr one needs to string him up


Yes, Criminal Tyrant Brand Wind Chimes are a part of the solution, but cutting out the tumor won’t automatically make the body immune to cancer. What that requires is a change in thinking and in behavior. We have become as children. We need to grow up.


Sheriff Dart is not very Smart ! If he cannot think of a reason to be able to build your own firearms – I just don’t know what to say, other than I certainly would not want him as a sheriff anywhere near me! How do you spell Deadly A**hole, Real Tyrant – DART !


This dumkopf is in lockstep with his führer in his thinking, and if it were fully up to him, his actions.. David you are on the mark with your claim that ALL the arms in hands of patriots on 19 April 1775 in the Massachussetts area were “ghost guns”, as were every one of the Brown Bess muskets the Lobsterbacks carried. NO ONE thought it important to ut numbers on something so commmon as guns. After the Second German War, thousands of overseas soldiers brought back weapons, either issued them by US Military, or “battlefield pickups” frpm the Germans, then… Read more »


I think you need to send him a copy of your post, but most likely he can’t read. I found this picture he took of himself on the Cook County psychopathic control freak page.

Doug G.

The government doesn’t like what it can’t count and TAX. That’s why the ATF came into being, to put a tax on moonshine and cigarettes, to get their hands on them and double tax them with the maker and the buyer. It was at about that time that our government really went off the rails provided by the Constitution, if you think about it, Prohibition was a special interest project not supported by the majority of citizens but the government imposed it anyway. Too bad the government didn’t learn its lesson from that experience, they only doubled their efforts to… Read more »


That’s why the ATF came into being, to put a tax on moonshine and cigarettes… It was at about that time that our government really went off the rails provided by the Constitution…”

If you overlook the Whiskey Rebellion!

Roland T. Gunner

The Federal government taxed liquor long before it created ATF.

Roland T. Gunner

I’m pretty sure genuine British Brown Bess muskets were serially marked.


Here’s a thought:

Ghost Guns == DIY Guns

Why not?


Whenever I see these people ask the question, “If you don’t anything to hide, then why are you not willing to let people have your information?” I say to Sheriff Dart, ” What is your credit card number?” You see, now his information is suddenly private and he doesn’t want to share it. Even though the Declaration of Independence and Constitution don’t spell it out, they imply the right to privacy, especially when referring to our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And to those who would attempt to take our privacy away from us, I can… Read more »


After the first felony, the rest are free. They make a very poor and dangerous decision by backing millions of Americans into a corner. They are assigning felonies for possession of legally acquired or home built firearms, or for mere dissent over unconstitutional activity by politicians and bureaucrats, and they are going to regret it.

Ansel Hazen

One look at him with a mask on his face and I know all I need to know.


he might have to go and seize those “illegal” firearms himself, especially if mayor bettlejuice fires all the officers who refuse to get the jab. i seriously doubt he will do that himself, they never do the real work, they make the underlings do it for them and find out who is subservient to their tyrannical dictates.


Sheriff Dart demonstrates that he is first and foremost an elected petty politician, and honorable law enforcement officer last. He knows how to count votes, and is not squeamish about ignoring the US Constitution which he swore to uphold, in order to “win” the next election and maintain his hold on power. Just because he doesn’t like the 2nd amendment, doesn’t mean the RIGHT is invalid. It’s still on the books and has not been repealed. Furthermore in my 37 years of police work, I’ve never found a violent felon industrious enough to manufacture anything, except maybe narcotics. The guns… Read more »


There is so much here. First, criminals are the only ones you have to worry about and criminals don’t go to the trouble of making a ‘ghost gun’. They steal them or get them illegally.
Next, looking at the stats, these unserialized guns are used in less than 0.1% of crime.
Then you have knives, which are ‘ghost’ by these libs definition. Since more deaths are attributed to knives, should we serialize those? Give me a break. I thought sheriffs were supposed to be on the side of the people, not the tyrants.


I named my made at home gun Casper.

Roland T. Gunner

Sounds like just another one of those still-in-the-closet Illinois Nazi’s. I hate Illinois Nazis.


Not many comments. I can imagine how many comments there would be if this was the BATFE instead of a sheriff.


As if one criminal traitor destroying liberty is worse than another….


Apparently, that point was lost on some.