Are Biden & Whitmer Responsible for the Oxford Killings? ~ VIDEO

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USA – -( The 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act, sponsored by Joe Biden as part of the 1990 Crime Control Act is getting people killed and anti-gun politicians refuse to address it.

Every time we hear of another school killing acted out with a gun, we are trained by the media to believe the problem is guns. Main-Stream and Left-Wing want you to believe that with more gun restrictions these things wouldn’t happen. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Quite the contrary; it’s because of gun restrictions these things occur.

The latest school killing occurred at Oxford High School in Oakland County Michigan. The deadly rampage was acted out by a 15-year-old named Ethan Crumbley. Crumbley killed four students and injured seven others when he opened fire at the School, just north of Detroit on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

In the time it took for police to arrive on the scene, no one in this gun-free zone was able to stop him. 911 dispatchers received over 100 calls in the five minutes it took police to arrive on the scene. Credit to the police for the quick response, but unfortunately they were unable to stop Crumbley as quickly as an armed teacher or school staff member may have been able to do.

Some reports say that Ethan talked about killing students the night before in a video and even wrote about it in his journal. Some classmates say Ethan was bullied, indicating a possible motive.

The anti-gun crowd and left-wing media jumped on this story as a way of encouraging legislators to create even more gun control laws, but it’s important that we first look at situations like this with logic and try to understand the actual causes of this type of violence may be. It’s also important to look at what legislation has been put in place to enable this type of deadly violence. Amidst the cries for more gun-control laws from the fearful anti-gun left, there were a couple of voices of reason. One of them was Rep. Steve Carra, R- Three Rivers, who said on Wednesday that he was working on legislation that would allow schools to provide lockboxes for teachers and staff to store personal guns at educational institutions. He argued the policy could provide teachers a method of defense and could act as a deterrent.

“If you have multiple teachers who are ready to respond quickly, I think that helps to prevent the issue from being worse than it is,” Carra said.

In 1990 Joe Biden sponsored the Crime Control Act. In it, was the deadly Gun-Free School Zones Act. As a result of Joe Biden’s irresponsible legislation, school killings have nearly doubled since the time this bill was signed into law. This is due to the fact that law-abiding citizens, teachers, school personnel, and other staff are no longer able to defend themselves and their students on school property. Gun-free zones attract killers and legislators implement these policies knowing very well that they may result in unnecessary death. You would think that if they really wanted to save lives they would roll back these deadly policies, but they don’t. The truth is, the higher the gun-related deaths numbers, the more fuel they have to push for gun restrictions. How do we know this? For more than 30 years, they have seen the results and haven’t uttered a peep about changing this horrible law. Logical thinking people however have been speaking out for decades.

“Preventing any adult at a school from having access to a firearm eliminates any chance the killer can be stopped in time to prevent a rampage,” Jim Kouri, Public-Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

In response to the tragedy, Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said, “I think it’s every parents’ worse nightmare.”

Whitmer also continues to push the false narrative that guns are a public health crisis for political purposes. Will she actually do anything to address the real causes of human violence in her State? Will she look at the deadly gun-free school policies she and her colleagues support? Will she consider allowing school personnel the tools to protect students? Probably not. Instead, our elected employees perpetuate the problem with politically driven legislation, and use the tragedies to push for more gun laws that restrict law-abiding citizens and encourage violence.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege.
It’s your right.

Dan Wos
Good Gun Bad Guy
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Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun owners.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos
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Whoever is in charge of a gun-free zone is responsible for any bad outcomes due to the inability of of people in that zone to effectively defend themselves. Our criminal and civil law should reflect this.


Gun free zones guarantee victims. Period. Gun free zones ONLY disarm law abiding citizens, those least likely to commit violence or participate in a crime, while having no effect whatsoever on criminals. Worse, compliance with the law transforms all those law abiding citizens into defenseless victims, and courteously announces this fact to every criminal nearby. Politicians apparently work for muggers, rapists and murderers now, as they are enabling the criminals, granting them a monopoly on force. It is no coincidence that over 90% of mass shootings take place in “gun free zones”. Politicians should be charged as accomplices for every… Read more »


and atf and fbi are guilty of violating this every day, and many state ,and local police, one place a militia could clean up police (bet this gets down votes)
and it is not enforced because enforcers would have to arrest themselves

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This should apply to everyone passing and enforcing vaccine, mask, and lockdown mandates.

Deplorable Bill

Can you imagine what would have not happened if there were armed teachers present during this attack? Less, maybe no, kids or teachers dead or wounded. By disarming good people, the government has empowered the bad people. What do they have to fear? Emptying several magazines takes seconds, hunting those you dislike in a controlled environment takes a minute. Response times for the police to roll up on site took 5 minutes in this case. We now have 4 people dead and 7 wounded, 2 of those are in critical. By disarming good people, the government has empowered the bad… Read more »


that would allow schools to provide lockboxes for teachers and staff to store personal guns at educational institutions”.

No, strap them on your body for quick access. Use as needed.



Lock boxes would be great for teachers and staff in lieu of legal authority to let teachers carry on campus. Staff should be able to safely secure their firearms while they are made to be unarmed during work day. After all, having so many guns in semi secure cars in staff parking is just begging for kids to break into the cars. As for protecting the kids – would only reduce risk of them stealing a teachers gun in order to shoot up the school. I have never heard of a case where this has happened, no really don’t think… Read more »

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Look into the FASTER programme developed in Ohio in the wake of Sanmdy Hook school massacre. They managed to get state lw changed to allow those teachers/staff who had taken the training to go about their daily business inside the school properties fully armed. No one knows which teachers are armed. n the years since the programme started, in the two thousand or so schools and districts shere it is in use (other states, too) there has been NOT ONE incident involving a firearm at ANY place where FASTER is in place. Only thing I can figure is that word… Read more »


Another bad substitute for teacher CARRY. When someone starts shooting, you don’t have time to run for your lockbox.

Why compromise? Just end “gun free” zones wherever we have the power to do so.

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Are Biden & Whitmer Responsible for the Oxford Killings?
I’m no fan of Biden or Whitmer, but they are are no more responsible than the gun is.
The only one responsible for these killings is the shooter.
The focus should be on mental illness, wether treating it or removing the mentally ill from society, something has to be done, anyone who commits a violent crime is mentally ill to begin with. We don’t need more prisons. Most of the people in prison are already mentally ill. No murderer should be in prison, we need a Federal death penalty.


that IS the biblical answer to murder.


A short walk to the gallows after their trial where a sturdy piece of hemp awaits them and their journey to meet their maker. Be sure to televise it for other potential POS’s. Same fate should await the Waukesha SUV (according to cnn the suv did it) and its driver.


Does anyone really know who will be considered mentally ill ? At the rate our Govt is going they may consider you mentally ill. I’m not sure what the answer is ? But deciding who is mentally ill should not be left to any Govt or affiliate agency (VA).


Mental illness is a very vague concept. Government, since they are tone deaf, should only use actions or threats to physically confront a wayward individual. Real people, subject to their own personal capabilities and risk appetite, should confront possible bad people as the situation calls for. Sandy Hook would be a high priority situation.



“Biden & Whitmer are are no more responsible than the gun is. The only one responsible for these killings is the shooter.”

Wrong. People who didn’t pull the trigger often are & should be charged as accessories to murder. Gun control fanatics who facilitate mass murder are never charged, but they should be.


@Cruiser,very good comment and I agree with you 100%.”


uncle dudley

Educated idiots are responsible for mass shootings, passing a law then putting up signs outside a school or shopping mall etc.. will not stop someone who is determined to do harm.
How many times will it take for these stupid laws to be overturned, oh I forgot, the educated idiots who are in favor of gun free zones think criminals will follow the law.
There use to be a commercial about a credit card that said, don’t leave home without it, I apply that saying to my handgun and you should too.


people expect police to follow the law,people are foolish and gullible


I’m willing to bet that if this gets aired out in court, we will find out that the kid was bullied mercilessly, the school did nothing or worse blamed the victim, and they effectively ended up created their own lethal criminal. Yet NO ONE at all is trying to find out what role the school played in allowing the Karen’s and Todd’s to wreck the kids life on a daily basis over who knows how long a period of time. Arm the teachers? Are you sure they were EVER benevolent in the lead up to the situation? Were ANY of… Read more »

WI Patriot

I LOVE to see the “no firearms allowed” signs, it lets me know that that store/chain/corporation isn’t aligned with my values and that my $$$ isn’t welcome there…


I love to see them, too, and faithfully ignore them and walk on in. It tells me I am likely the only one in there armed. It also tells me any evil perp is likley to think, erroneously, that no one in there is armed.. thus redcing the likelyhood I”ll be “made” before I can, hopefully, DO SOMETHING. Most of those signs are simply a nod to their insuramnce companies, who generally dont like the idea of “any ol guy” being armed. They see that as an increased danger whenn it is, in reality, an added safetly feature. So the… Read more »


Don’t think you’re the only one that disregards a piece of paper. lol


98% of Public Mass Shootings occur in “GUN-FREE ZONES”. The other 2% occur in areas that were immediately Adjacent To “GUN-FREE Zones” (such as Parking Lots just outside the building). These Killers target locations where Guns are Not Allowed because they feel safe. The conclusion is obvious, and undeniable.ALL “GUN FREE ZONES” need to be Rescinded. My Handgun is just like my Master Card, I Don’t Leave Home With Out It.


The parents are dumb, but being dumb is not a crime, just look at the politicians in office!




Then, so is the NRA. They also supported the 1990 Gun Free Zone Act


LaPew testified for ‘gun free’ zones (GFZs) in 1998. NRA still sabotages efforts to abolish them, won’t push pols like Rick Scott, Abbott & DeSantis to ban what facilitated Parkland-Pulse-El Paso shootings. 1st shall-issue state Florida’s still riddled with them. Abbott’s so-called ‘Con Carry’ kept a patchwork quilt of ‘GFZs’ not just on public property but decreed by ‘private’ firms open to the public. How many ‘GFZs’ were there in 1789-92 when the Constitution-2A were adopted?

‘Libertarian’ bizwhores say “Can’t tell firms what to do.” Really? Should cafes be allowed to serve rat poo & rancid grease?

Last edited 11 months ago by Russn8r

quote: ““If you have multiple teachers who are ready to respond quickly, I think that helps to prevent the issue from being worse than it is,” Carra said.” This is a DUMB IDEA. A teacher’s or janitor’s gun in a locked box “somewhere” is NOT “ready to respond quickly”. Tens of millions of us carry guns on our persons daily THOSE weapons are ready to respond quickly” SOmeone should tell this guy about the FASTER programme developed in Ohio in the wake of the Sandy Hook incident. That programme provides a week long intensive multi-discipline training course for all volunteer… Read more »

Henry Bowman

Are they responsible? Short answer – YES, and the parents too!


Posting ‘Gun Free Zone’ and ‘No Firearms Allowed’ signs is like running through hell wearing gasoline drawers; you know how you’re gonna come out! Those signs are invitations to criminals and tells them that their illegal actions will be met with minimal resistance. Fortunately, there are a few good citizens who carry their firearms regardless, and ignore the signs, just as the criminals do. We could use a law that makes it illegal to post signs prohibiting firearms on buildings and properties that are open to the general public.

AZ Lefty

SO it is Biden and Witmer’s fault not the shit parents who let their mentally ill kid have easy access to that SIg they just bought!

Keep it up you idiots you are the Anti-guns best friends!


You know, it is possible for all of the above to be at fault, right?


Hey Lefty, do you have your kitchen knives and matches locked up or do your children have free access?


AS an obvious Progressive, I don’t think Lefty has kids. Most Socialists believe in having a smaller population worldwide.


Yes and don’t forget lefty’s child safe scissors.