UPDATE: 3D Printed Forced Reset Trigger Shows That Gun Control Is Obsolete

2nd UPDATE 2/17/2022, Links were added to the patent for the trigger in question at the request of Rare Breed Triggers mfg.
UPDATE: On the same date that this article first ran on AmmoLand News, Tim Hoffman, of Hoffman Tactical received a Cease & Desist court order from Rare Breed Triggers claiming all rights to trigger designs related to ‘forced reset’.

Also, see Current Assignee.

“Last week, I received a cease and desist letter from a law firm representing Rare Breed Triggers. [Rare Breed’s Lawyer is also the owner of Rare Breed Triggers] At their request, I did remove the files for my “forced reset” trigger design from my website until further notice. I have retained an attorney who will prepare a substantive response to Rare Breed Triggers. I am placing my “forced reset” designs on hold pending further developments” stated Tim Hoffman.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Lately, forced reset triggers have been a topic on everyone’s mind in the gun-rights world since Gun Owners of America (GOA) leaked a letter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) showing that the agency is about to crack down on the controversial trigger type. But there is a saying in the 3D printing world. “You can’t stop the signal.

One firearms enthusiast took this saying to heart and released a 3D-printed Forced Reset Trigger.

3d Printed Forced Reset Trigger

Hoffman Tactical 3d Printed FRT Trigger Installed
3d Printed Forced Reset Trigger Installed

Tim Hoffman of Hoffman Tactical is a 3D printing enthusiast and a gun-rights activist looking to make gun control obsolete using commonly available and inexpensive technology. His platform of choice is computer-aided design (CAD) and a 3D printer. The most common printer in use in the maker community is the Ender 3 3D Printer. The Ender3 goes on sale from time to time for as low as $99, making the barrier to entry very low for the gun enthusiast. There are also many free tools on the net to learn CAD and 3D printing.

Almost all prints can be accomplished with these inexpensive machines. Most of those in the 3D-printed gun world use PLA+ filament for printing medium. The material can be as cheap as $20 for a 1kg spool. One spool can allow the user to print a massive number of items, including Hoffman Tactical’s forced reset trigger. The 3D-printed parts of the forced reset trigger only cost a few pennies to print, although a spring and roll pin is needed to complete the trigger.

Inside your rifle, a 3D printed disconnector replaces the metal disconnector, and another 3D printed part sits on top of the fire control unit. That part contains a spring and a roll pin allowing the trigger to be force reset.

Hoffman’s goal is to make sure the information gets out to the public and hopefully get more gun owners involved in the 3D-printed firearms world. This trigger release is a game-changer in the world of guns as the 3D source files are now released on the web, and the genie cannot be put back into the bottle.

“I believe that ‘Forced Reset’ style triggers are a powerful tool against ATF encroachment, and that the more people who are using and showing support for them, the more effective it will be,” Hoffman told AmmoLand News. “It is my hope that a “Forced Reset” style trigger will find its way into every home.”

The 3d Printed Forced Reset Trigger is an incredibly simple and fast print that anyone with a 3D printer can print in under an hour.

Hoffman Tactical 3d Printed FRT Trigger Parts
Hoffman Tactical 3d Printed Forced Reset Trigger Parts

As of right now, it is designed to work with the Hoffman Tactical AR-15 Super Lower, which can also be downloaded for free. The user will have a homemade firearm with a forced reset trigger when combined. This combination gives the Biden administration and the out-of-control ATF nightmares. With some work, the forced reset trigger should work with other off-the-shelf lower receivers.

Mr. Hoffman doesn’t intend to take business away from other sellers of forced reset triggers like Rare Breed. Hoffman has said:

“It is not my intention to take business away from Rare Breed Triggers,” Hoffman said. “I believe that they are doing excellent work in their fight against the ATF. We need to continue to support them. Now is not the time to hide your “Forced Reset” trigger. We need to show as much public support for them as possible.”

Much like the original Liberator Pistol, this shows how a few enthusiasts with 3D printers can make the government’s plan for gun control obsolete.

You can download the files for the 3D Forced Reset Trigger here.

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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This Is a BINARY – ENHANCED – TRIGGER — With PLA mat’l it won’t last long – but the issue here is AFT ! THEY THINK they can : CHANGE THEIR OWN RULES ” — AS THEY SEE FIT !! TOTALLY WRONG ==== Anything they change in their REGULATIONS Has to Be Looked at BY SCOTUS !!! What they Did to ‘CRS’ WAS TOTAL b.s.! this Is A SCARE TACTIC! So after his Trials ‘ — Watch his YT site change or disappear …. perfect Example OF “TYRANNY / DICTATORSHIP” ==== AMERICAN GUN OWNERS – WE MUST CONTACT OUR REPS… Read more »


You are hereby fined $237.74 for excessive use of capitalization in your crazed rant. Give us a break, chief.

Watch um

I love it, just goes to show that American ingenuity is not dead we have some brilliant minded young people who understand that “The people” are the government not those who are in DC who want to rule with unconstitutional laws.

Wild Bill

Yeah, Tom Hoffman, now there is an activist!


If the file for this FRT was created using CAD, wouldn’t it also be possible to plug it into a CNC machine to create a more durable metal version?


Absolutely. The link in the article goes to HT-FRT download page, and the CAD Step files. You could 3d print or use a CNC machine for metal parts.



I’m not familiar with the software toolchain for CDC mills, but in theory, yes you could. In general, your 3D modeling (CAD) software genrates a “mesh” of points representing the surface of a solid object. That might be output as an .STL file but there are other common formats. Then to create the commands that a 3D printer would execute to create the actual object, you feed that “mesh” file into a “slicer.” program that generates “G code” commands to move the various stepper motors on the 3D printer. CNC mills also execute a version of G code, but the… Read more »


the change is on a cnc the final,is the same the step code is more of a % of final as you are removing material not adding


Proof is in the pudding. The premises of progressive public policy are flawed hence their prescriptions are flawed. Progressives are mistaken when they blame the inanimate for problems caused by malice and intent. Focus on the criminal mind to control criminal activity. Focusing on the physical is a fool’s errand and distracts your attention from the real causes of the problem: intent.


you miss what they are trying to do it is a power grab nothing more. letting criminals out is more about keeping you in fear

Wild Bill

I think that both of you are saying part and parcel of the total thing.


Crump You Da Man Brother I am a loyal follower & I will always be. I knew it would be just a matter of time before you got back on your feet. I was wondering when this story on Hoffmans Forced reset trigger, was going to hit wide open, especially if he figures out how to make one for (all mil-spec AR-15 lowers) Imagine that, then the ATF would not have a foot to stand on, and would have no choice but to drop all BS Gun Control laws or at least anything for or on triggers, you would think.… Read more »


The file Crump linked at the bottom of the article is *actually* for a community member’s remix of Hoffman’s original. The linked remix works in a milspec lower!


There is already a guy who has modified the design to fit a standard metal ar15.


More info? URL?


The link at the bottom of the article goes to the milspec remix.


Go to odysee and search for HT-FRT milspec mod


“Download files here”… Can you say TRAP ????


You don’t have to download the files. If you take pictures of the screen shots then you can use fusion 360 to make your own files from the images.
Just like the guy who hacked all the keys to the tsa master locks.
These days images do indeed have power.

Last edited 11 months ago by Cam
Deplorable Bill

Be careful Sir, make lots of copies “they” can’t trace/find. The atfe is totalitarian/treasonous/tyrannical/murderous in nature so expect a visit, be wary of traps – they do that a lot. In the meantime get as much product out as you can. Protect the identities/addresses of the people you send stuff to. If biden does what he threatened to do it will cause the second war for freedom, rights and maybe independence.

Arm up and carry on


If I understand the article correctly, Mr. Hoffman isn’t selling these. He came up with a design and has made the file available for anyone to plug into their 3D printer. The state of NJ already got smacked down in court when they tried to outlaw dissemination of firearm related 3D print files.

Xaun Loc

Available for anyone who wants to leave him identifying information for the ATF to use when they seize his computer and files.


If you are concerned about IP logs, use a proxy server, or go hop on Wifi at Starbucks.

What is bad about the site hosting the files is you need an account to download, so you need to go to use a throwaway email as well. There should be a better way to distribute.

Last edited 11 months ago by TexasTirade

Well, that kind of defeats the point doesn’t it?
That detail should have also been made clear in the article.
Would using a VPN and fake profile get you around this?

Commiefornia Sucks

Ok, so im guessing FRTs are still legal to own? Has the AFT not declared them illegal yet?


Binary Are still legal — The atf don’t like these because it is a ENHANCED Binary ( just a faction of a “second” – faster 9depending on your FINGER”!

Xaun Loc

Interesting that Hoffman is so supportive that he insists on recording identifying information for each and every user who downloads the files.


There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. ~Ayn Rand ANY “LAW” that exists that makes something you do or possess a CRIME and there are no victims is TYRANNY. PERIOD. We need to get back to the “COMMON LAW” which was the law that the judge used to say “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. There is… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by CourageousLion

The biggest fear totalitarians have is that armed government employees will not obey their orders to enforce those ever-increasing laws against the people they want them enforced against.

Colonel Stavros Mellekas will not disappoint them – he is eager to get it on.

Atlas Shrugged is a great example of the virtue of capitalism and the inherent danger of government employees.


“Congratulations to our brave Ottawa Police officers for their courage and sacrifice during the successful raid on the terrorist trucker convoy this evening. By keeping these vital supplies out of the hands of those racist truckers we are one step closer to shutting down their platform of hate forever.”


Scroll down to see the “vital supplies.”

I wonder if those enforcers are going to get medals shaped like sandwiches.


You’re wrong. It’s known as ‘Prison’.

Dogma Factor

I find it interesting that Rare Breed Triggers is trying to claim ownership of the term “forced reset” based on there patent. If that were the case any verbal description used in any patent could be claimed exclusively owned. So Rare Breed has claimed a patent on the english language? As I found no trademark on the phrase “Forced Reset” it’s just two words used in common use in the english language. Mr Hoffman could simply rename his device to “Impetus Reset Trigger Device” or use any other synonym as he sees fit. Mr Hoffman’s design has nothing in common… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Dogma Factor

Ant-hill kickers like this are who make things harder for the rest. If he or anyone else thinks that the ATF is just going to roll over & let him do what he wants, they’re delusional. I wish the agency was no longer in existence like most, but the way to get things changed is not by taking the position that you’re going to force any government agency to bow to your demands. You change policy or law first, then enjoy the results…..not the other way around. Hoffman can expect another C&D letter, this time directly from the ATF. And… Read more »


Change the law? The 2nd Amendment IS law! No change necessary. The ATF are the ones breaking the law. They should be totally abolished. The States need to read the 10th Amendment and take their sovereignty back and ignore all unconstitutional laws and rules coming out of the Federal gov’t.

Wild Bill

Very astute. The National Firearms Act (NFA) and the Gun Control Act (GCA) are both repugnant to the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, and therefore can never be “law”. They are both statutes, acts of Congress, but not law.


correct, title 18 is law and Sec. 241. Conspiracy against rights. 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law. 243.all say atf agents should be in jail or under it and anyone who helps them with them; problem is no one enforces this because it is against government , thinking there will come a point where gun owners will start doing it themselves…..can you imagine scotus ummmmmmm welll ues they are correct in the meaning but it implicates judiciary for complacency

Wild Bill

Infuriating! The ATF was created by a memo, and not an Act of Congress, as were most federal agencies. ATF does not have the protection of an “enabling act”. The BATFE could be disbanded by a memo, from the right person in the executive branch. I have a research note if you need to see one.


My understanding is: The “atf” was formed by a DIRECTOR in the IRS! Congress DID NOT form the “bureaucracy of the atf”. Therefore, the FORMATION of the “atf” was LEGALLY —- ILLEGAL! Thus; EVERTHING the “atf” has and is doing IS ILLEGAL!


I’d just stay away from all this until they finish battling it out in court