NYC’s Blueprint to End Gun Violence, Will Violate 2nd, 4th, & 5th Amendment Rights

By Alan M. Rice, Spokesman, Gun Owners of America

New York City - The Blueprint to End Gun Violence
New York City – The Blueprint to End Gun Violence

New York – -( President Biden has announced that he will travel to New York City (embedded below) to meet with newly sworn-in Mayor Eric Adams to discuss the huge crime wave that is sweeping across New York and other parts of the country.

The discussions will no doubt include ideas on how to further restrict the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights of law-abiding New Yorkers and visitors alike. In President Biden and Mayor Adams’ view of America, guns are the problem, not criminals. In their imaginary world, anyone who owns a firearm is a potential criminal.

These officials refuse to admit that New York State, and New York City, in particular, have some of the most severe restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms of any US jurisdiction. Anyone who wants to own a handgun is first required to obtain a license, then each handgun must be registered and listed on that license. And that is just to keep a gun at home. Having a full carry license requires the applicant to prove an unusual need for armed self-protection.

New York has defined “proper cause” so narrowly that few applicants can overcome the bureaucratic hurdles. A state resident, who is fortunate enough to have a full carry license, cannot exercise his or her right to carry in New York City, where self-defense guns are needed the most. Carrying in the City requires a special endorsement from the NYPD – which for most, is unobtainable. This issue is now before the US Supreme Court and GOA/GOF filed a brief in NYSRPA v. Bruen. Unlike many other states, there is no way for a non-resident to apply for a license. Rifles and shotguns that are not banned by name require another license.

Even with permits, licensing, and lists of prohibited guns, criminals will steal, lie, and cheat to obtain guns because they are well aware that New York’s laws have disarmed the law-abiding.

Mayor Adams recently announced, “The Blueprint to End Gun Violence,” which he calls a public health crisis. The Mayor’s plan includes “checkpoints” that are reminiscent of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany in places where people enter the city. People and vehicles will be searched, and if firearms are found, they will be arrested.

The plan calls for Congressional action – or in other words: export New York’s failed gun laws to America.

Either the New York City Mayor is ignorant of 18 U.S.C. 926A, or he is choosing to ignore it.

Americans are free to travel to different states with firearms as long as their possession is legal at the origin of the journey and the destination. Let’s consider, for a moment, a Pennsylvania resident traveling by car to vacation in New Hampshire or Maine. Our hypothetical traveler might traverse the George Washington Bridge which will place them in danger of a warrantless search, possible arrest, and time in a New York City jail for perfectly lawful conduct. In Eric Adams’ New York, these Americans will be labeled as so-called “gun traffickers” and treated like common criminals.

NYC's Blueprint to End Gun Violence Call for Check Points
NYC’s Blueprint to End Gun Violence Calls for Public to go through Checkpoints!?

These illegal searches and seizures allow the Adams Administration to claim their crackdown on guns is working. Then, when the violence doesn’t stop, they will inevitably call for greater and greater restrictions on the freedoms of the law-abiding. This is all going on against the backdrop of a city that is taking little to no action against true criminals. Mayor Adams and the NYPD are attempting to fool people into thinking there is a problem with the interstate movement of firearms and his crackdown is justified. This is not the case.

The NYPD is an agency known for massive civil liberties violations – breaking the law in the name of the law. As the originator of “stop and frisk” which targets people for illegal searches based on skin color, ethnic makeup, or even the clothes they are wearing — the modern NYPD more closely resembles the Soviet KGB than an American law-enforcement agency. Stop and frisk is a huge Fourth Amendment violation.

The City Of New York Has Gun-Hatred Ingrained In Its Very Fiber & Being.

In 2006, the city government hired private investigators to travel to Virginia and at least four other states to purchase firearms in a futile attempt to prove that New York is being supplied with guns from Virginia.

The reality is that the investigators engaged in criminal conduct because they violated several federal firearms laws.

Then, in a brazen display of arrogance, the city repeated the publicity stunt in 2009 after the US Department of Justice warned them that this was unlawful and could very well jeopardize legitimate criminal investigations. New York didn’t heed the warnings because they were and are motivated by hate for the Second Amendment rather than any motivation to end the self-created crime problem in New York. Most so-called “gun crimes” in New York are possessory in nature — and are not crimes in most of America.

The people who are arrested for “gun crimes” are, in many cases, otherwise law-abiding citizens who need a means of self-defense in a city that cannot protect them and won’t allow them to protect themselves. In the 1980s Bernhard Goetz felt the need to take responsibility for his own defense against violent criminals who were attacking him and was forced to fire in self-defense. For this, he was charged with several violent crimes. Goetz was acquitted of every charge other than carrying a self-defense gun in NYC without the proper government permission slip.

It is no accident that the states with the least restrictive firearms laws, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont are consistently ranked as three of the safest places to live, work and raise a family.

The real crime here is that President Biden and Vice President Harris want to duplicate New York gun laws across the county.

The question is will Congress go along with the scheme to make the rest of America more like the former Soviet Union and less American?

New York City – The Blueprint to End Gun Violence

About the author: Alan M. Rice

Alan M. Rice has been involved in Second Amendment advocacy for 34 years, is a firearms instructor, and is an active law enforcement officer. Rice is the co-author of Lethal Laws: Gun Control is the Key to Genocide.

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Face it Democrats are Communists.
Did anyone really expect anything different from Adams than any other Democrat Commie Rat Bastard!

Wild Bill

Not really. He will be a failure, too, as long as he blames crime and violence on inanimate objects.


New Yorks’s existence is a violation of this nation, along with California, Illinois, New Jersey. The Constitution and laws regarding CRIMINALS do not exist OR are not enforced. The law-abiding citizens of these states are used as guinea pigs for passing ridiculous laws that do absolutely NOTHING to the criminals and actually limit the non criminal citizens actions. Sadly it is the CITIZENS being shackled that vote these A-HOLES into office based on their hollow promises and lies. Until THEY wake up the trend will continue and their freedoms will disappear. NEVER vote for a Democrat, in the end YOU… Read more »


The smart PA resident leaves Matamoras via I84E, then I87N, then bullsh E/W country roads across VT, avoiding NYC plus the entire state of MA. Adds hours of delay and inconvenience, but it’s not like America is the Land of the Free or anything like that.


Pointing out the logic about ineffective gun ordinances in Dem cities, never cuts it with anti-gunners. They continuously preach that guns miraculously flood in from locales (states) with “lax gun laws”. Understand, the goal is “europeanizing” America. In other words, applying strict federal statutes on most civilian activity. They won’t be satisfied till all state and local gun laws conform to a stricter federal guideline. Gun rights as we know it–Fuhgettabouit!!

Arizona Don

Restrictive gun laws have been passed, in the United States, for over a hundred years now. Not even one has ever done what it was supposedly passed for and that was gun crime control. Those who have an IQ over single digits know exactly why that is a fact.   Those restrictive gun laws only take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens not the criminal’s. All restrictive gun laws do is make the vulnerable even more vulnerable including law enforcement.  The law abiding citizen is always the victim. Yet currently the criminal, especially in cities with the most restrictive gun laws, is being treated… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

First, guns do not commit crimes, people do. Guns are not violent, people are. The real problem is not the gun it’s the people. What would cause this? The cost of living is such that it takes two people working to make even a modest living and are barely able to raise children. Well fare pays mom more per child when Daddy is no longer present hence there is no Father figure in the house. No guidance, no mentoring and no belt. Indoctrination of race and hatred is now widely known to happen in schools. That is just plain evil.… Read more »


Sir well stated if you give a child a chainsaw without proper instruction it aint gonna be pretty. If you let a angry teen who does not know his father out on the streets night after night It ain’t gonna be pretty. If you continue to let you young female daughter dress like a tramp It aint gonna be pretty.When she comes home pregnant asking for a abortion It aint gonna be pretty. When a woman sleeps with many different men fathers children with all of them out of wedlock It aint gonna be pretty. When a young teen picks… Read more »


This fine kettle of fish have been simmering ever since Timmy Sullivan brought down his selective gun control laws bck 111 years ago. They were rigged and used to work against his rivals. Theyd get caught with guns, go to jail, His boys would get caught wiht guns, not even taken in. Depended a whole a lot on who your Mother was. This one ia ripe bait for a massive federal lawsuit as soon as it is passed. Right to travel interstate commerce, Second, How will they handle shipments by boat? Ferry? Trust me, if someone wants a gun in… Read more »


“gun violence’ has no meaning. ALL violence is human. lose the term.


I have a cure deputize all the good people in the city arm them at city expense train them and tell them no more than 3 bodies per nite


BBBBBBbut that would violate the rights of those poor criminals who only turned to crime because there was just no other way.


These politicians, and yes, the new Mayor of NYC is a politician first and a LEO second, know that no law(s) past, present or future will stop a person from using a firearm to kill you.


Didn’t see much in there on doing a better job of arresting, prosecuting, convicting, incarcerating (and keeping incarcerated) people who: Murder (in whatever manner – not just with a firearm); Rape (using whatever threat of violence – not just a firearm); Felony assault (using whatever means – not just a firearm); Rob (in whatever manner – not just with a firearm); and Steal (irrespective of whether they are armed at the time). Most of the plan is to increase the size, scope, and cost of government and further establish a police state. It will be interesting to see if any… Read more »


The Human Condition has never been plumbed since the dawn of mankind came out of the cave. Regardless of religion & all it’s sectarian beliefs, education, political ideology, wars, Malthusian Crisis’s (natural & man made). Political Zionism that runs. fuels & stoked the fire for the Progressive – liberal wack-a-doodle Bohemian Club Fascist-Marxist Sabbatean Frankist Tavistock Institute ideology will fail & go the way of the Do Do Bird. Globalism won’t plumb it either & only makes it worst & it’s being pimped by the Masonic Zionism PTB. Must be nice to just print unlimited fiat currency with no consequences… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

Response on hold.