2022 Shaping Up As the ‘Summer of Self-Defense’

More people are arming for self-defense these days. Part of that should be preparedness training at a gun range. iStock-488768604
More people are arming for self-defense these days. Part of that should be preparedness training at a gun range. iStock-488768604

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- The fatal shooting of a 22-year-old man in West Palm Beach, Fla., who allegedly threatened to open fire on a crowd Aug. 7 is just the latest in a number of incidents in which a legally-armed private citizen appears to have prevented a tragedy.

Gun prohibitionists have remained silent in the wake of the shooting, where—according to the Palm Beach Post—a “brawl between two women escalated into a fight involving about 20 people.” The suspect reportedly “grabbed a short-barreled rifle from his car and threatened to fire into the crowd.”

At that point, an unidentified 32-year-old man who has an active concealed carry license, drew and fired.

The story got all the way to the Pacific Northwest, where KOMO News (the ABC affiliate in Seattle) reported the would-be gunman announced plans to “shoot up the crowd.”

According to WPBF, the armed citizen remained on the scene and cooperated with responding officers. The 22-year-old died at the scene.

This was the latest incident in a growing number of shootings this summer involving armed private citizens firing in self-defense or in defense of a larger crowd of unarmed people.

The most high-profile of these incidents so far has been the shooting of a would-be mass killer at the Greenwood Park shopping mall in Indiana. There, a legally-armed 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken fatally shot 20-year-old Douglas Sapirman, who had fired 24 rounds from an AR-15-style rifle into a crowded food court. Dicken fired ten rounds with a 9mm pistol, hitting Sapirman from a distance estimated at 40 yards, stopping what could have been a massacre.

While Dicken was hailed as a hero by local authorities, the story seemed to disappear from the headlines after a few days. Many in the firearms community suggest it’s because stories about good guys with guns do not fit the anti-gun “narrative.”

As July came to a close, the 80-year-owner of a Norco, Calif., liquor store fired a shotgun blast at a rifle-toting would-be robber, seriously wounding him in an incident caught on the store’s security camera. The segment went viral, making Craig Cope a national icon, but again, his notoriety seemed to quickly fade, as stories about good guys with guns often do.

In Middletown, Ohio, an Amazon delivery driver “is not facing any charges after he shot a knife-wielding man on Sunday,” according to WXIX News. The report says the unidentified driver was approached by a suspect identified as Christopher Roberts, who was allegedly armed with a knife. The driver shot Roberts in the leg.

Responding Middletown officers found the suspect and took him to a local medical center for treatment. After being treated, WXIX reported, he walked out of the hospital and again had to be rounded up by police, who took him to a different hospital.

Middletown Police Chief David Birk told reporters it was obvious the Amazon driver was in fear. When the suspect walked away from the first hospital, it “kind of helped clarify the situation that the Amazon delivery driver was just defending himself,” the chief reportedly explained.

Go to Google and look up “self-defense shooting.” You will see at last 2,410,000 references listed, with the most recent incidents first, and then going back in time. Self-defense is hardly a recent phenomenon, but the fact that more such cases seem to be showing up—albeit temporarily—in news reports suggests more armed citizens are fighting back against what seems to be out-of-control violent crime.

Right around Oct. 1, the Crime Prevention Research Center should be releasing it updated data on the number of active concealed carry licenses and permits in the U.S. Last year, the number was above 21.5 million, and that number should be higher this year. In addition, consider the number of people legally carrying without permits in 25 states that now have “Constitutional Carry” laws.

It is incumbent upon armed citizens to know their state’s self-defense/use-of-force statutes. One cannot resort to deadly force over minor offenses, but in clear cases of imminent and unavoidable death or grave bodily harm—such as an armed robber aiming a rifle at a liquor store owner, or someone opening fire in a shopping mall—the threshold has obviously been passed.

People buying guns for personal protection should always seek competent instruction.


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Very sad in events such as listed, the ‘Good Guy’ must refrain from speaking immediately on how it happened. Be calm, and politely say, I will tell all with presence of my attorney . No matter the threats or plea to talk, today’s current atmosphere is so polluted with career climbing pricks and bias people with an ax to grind against firearm owners.


If the first cop on scene didn’t kill you for being armed, then you only give him your id, and invoke your right to a lawyer. The socialist cops can lie and you are the prime suspect. On the 911 call do not mention a gun or shots fired, unless you want to endanger your loved ones with the adrenaline dumping cops looking for a gunfight. I had a fire truck sent to our home after my defensive gun use to have the firemen as witnesses to protect me from the cops. They showed up saw the dead guy, and… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by WeWereWarned
Wild Bill

Yes, the quaint old days of Matt Dillon and Sheriff Andy Taylor are long over


Dave,you’re so right. Good quality firearms training is so critical esp.for new gun owners. I’ve sure had tons of training in my lifetime in both military and law enforcement. I still go to my old sheriffs dept range hang out with friends and practice as much as possible. Great article Dave.


“Oh, Dave, you’re so right! I love you, Dave!”
~Ope-TEX-Will-Bruce-FordWill-Bubba et ilk

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If you ever enforced a gun law, then why did you not have the honor to follow through on your oath as a veteran to defend the Bill of Rights, and gargle some buckshot. You are a socialist, and your previous socialist government employment makes you exactly the kind of bad person the 2nd Amendment is meant to be used upon to defend Liberty. You are the kind of morally inferior person the German Jews needed to put down, since you just followed orders to violate the Constitution. In a war to restore the Bill of Rights, you would earn… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by WeWereWarned

That’s an incredibly ridiculous but expected comment from you. You know nothing about me or my past experiences in law enforcement, military,etc.. Most of your comment is just rambling bullshit. Get some help.


Most of defensive use of guns never ends up with with the gun being fired! When the bad guy sees a red laser dot on his chest, the bad guy gets the point and walks away!


It is amazing how fast the threat who meant you harm, will instantly start begging for their life, when a pistol is leveled at their chest. It was illegal to carry my gun in the parks where all the homeless are, which meant if I pressed the trigger, then the real bad guys with state authority would try to hurt my wife and kids over a spilled thug. If one of the homeless drunks would have pulled a gun, then I would not have been dumb by giving them a verbal warning, like I do when they pull a knife… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by WeWereWarned

Remember the police will not protect you they investigate after the fact. When bad happens it happens quickly protect ourselves and family defensive and offensive training is always a good idea.


The greatest threat to one of us armed Citizens during or after a defensive gun use is a socialist cop near the scene. Older folks, especially the conservatives have made it to where a socialist enforcer can roll up and kill anyone with a gun, no matter the facts. We Constitutional Americans call that murder, but older cowards made it legal because of minority violence they forced on us with religion.

Wild Bill

I don’t think that the “older” were cowards, they went to the biggest war that the world ever threw. I think that generation was conditioned to trust government. I could be wrong.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill

The defence of those seniors fathers and grandfathers and all in between is not necessary.Those who fought and died on distant shores were all heroes for just being there. I also Like to think that being on the defence while under attack will get you dead. I prefer to be on the offence taking the fight to the enemy. When I read “Mass Shooting” This also is a misinterpretation of “Mass Murder” Gun Violence also is incorrect. “Criminal Act of Violence” Those who write about such criminal actions & continue misinforming the reader. They are playing right into the hands… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, on each point! I could not agree more.


In “may issue” states & “gun free” zones oathbreaker cops are a bigger threat than other criminals to life, liberty & well-being of those who exercise 2A rights.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Check out the Ope-TEX-Bruce-Will-FordWill oathbreaker sock-puppet downvote posse! OTT! Over The Target!


“While Dicken was hailed as a hero by local authorities, the story seemed to disappear from the headlines after a few days. Many in the firearms community suggest it’s because stories about good guys with guns do not fit the anti-gun “narrative.”” Yep! https://www.lewrockwell.com/2022/08/mark-reynolds/is-stopping-a-bad-guy-with-a-gun-by-a-good-guy-with-a-gun-a-myth/

Matt in Oklahoma

How does a prisoner walk away from the hospital?


The Title of this article sounded so stupid I figured it had to be authored by Hutchinson.


What’s the matter Dave. Was there to much truth in what I said.


Sorry Dave, My mistake. I was on the wrong page. Sometimes that happens to people getting old. lol I’m Sorry. : ( I tried to delete it but it wouldn’t go away.


Check out the big brain on OpeTEX!


If Dave Workman hadn’t betrayed NRA reformers, joined the “Winning Team” grifters & saved LaPew in ’97, $Billions would’ve gone to winning elections and taking legislative & executive turf. Congress, Senate & Executive Branch would be pro-gun today. Still waiting for an apology to NRA membership.

Crickets Chirping



and we would not have this puke in the white house he would be in jail with his son