1-Punch Homicide Highlights Why You Need a Gun Against ‘Unarmed’ Assailants

CoalitiontoStopGunViolence Facebook Screen Grab July 27 2015
What real men don’t need is someone dictating what rights they’ll be allowed to have to them, especially by those who don’t have a clue. (CSGV/Facebook) CoalitiontoStopGunViolence Facebook Screen Grab July 27, 2015

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “A Hillsborough County man is accused of killing another man with one punch at a gas station,” Tampa’s News Channel 8 reported Tuesday. “[T]he suspect… walked up to the other man and punched him one time in the face, causing him to fall backward onto the pavement.”

What a freak accident, some might think.

Not necessarily, as a Google News search for the words “beating homicide” reveals. A sampling of  headlines includes such stories as:

“Man arrested for beating twin brother to death at their home, Baton Rouge police say”

“2nd suspect arrested in fatal Short North beating”

“Dalton man charged with murder after fiancé dies days after brutal beating”

“Man charged with murder in beating of 87-year-old that was caught on video”

“Erie man charged with homicide in downtown beating that led to death of 80-year-old man”

We could go on with this all day because these are just a few of the recent stories, but the point is made. An assailant need not be armed to kill his victim.

The authorities know this, too.

A Breitbart report from a year ago notes:

“The FBI released its Uniform Crime Report (UCR) … showing that more people were killed in 2020 with fists and feet than were killed with rifles of all kinds.”

And of those deaths, they still haven’t revealed how many of the rifles used were so-called “assault weapons,” that is, the type of firearm Democrats, the media, and the citizen disarmament lobby demand to be banned. The unspoken truth is that you are in greater danger of being killed by a thug with his hands and feet than an attacker with the dreaded AR-15.

And the inconvenient truth is the risk of being killed by an “unarmed” attacker justifies using a gun to discourage the attack before it happens. It’s the only thing that would give you a chance to resolve what could have been a lethal encounter without violence or to stop an attack after it starts.

Blessed are the Peacemakers!

Not so, say the gun-grabbers, as the above-featured 2015 photo from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page shows. A not particularly physically imposing supporter is holding a sign claiming “Real Men Don’t Need” along with a gun silhouette.

“Can we get an ‘Amen’?”  CSGV queries.

A few of the commenters disagree, but scrolling down shows most followers not only approve of the sentiment but offer living testimony to the proposition that no amount of reality will pry a zealot loose from his biases. Still, the fact remains, the quote from Col. Colt about making men equal is especially true when you also include women as well as the elderly and the infirm, who simply are not physically capable of resisting a strong and brutal attacker.

What are they supposed to do? Become more headlines?

And even for men who pride themselves on their ability to handle themselves, fights aren’t like in the movies. You could get killed, crippled, maimed, or otherwise seriously injured.

Nuts to that.

Besides, even movie “action heroes,” the ones who “star” in the thrilling, scripted, and choreographed on-screen fight sequences (or at least the close-up shots, while stunt men do the dangerous work over days’ worth of takes) don’t want to play their character in real life—if they did, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone (both gun-grabbers in their own right) would not employ bodyguards.

You do have to wonder, though, about all the Facebook bravos agreeing with “Real Man” – if they were having the hell beaten and stomped out of them by someone against whom they stood no chance, how many of them would wish they had something they could use to make it stop…?

And then you have to wonder about the type of perverted mind that would require that degree of helplessness from you and from those you love and protect, all enforced by government edict and backed up by armed men ready to take you out (and get away with it) if they believe for one second that you pose any kind of threat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.David Codrea

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Guess I’m not a real man according to the protesters but that ok because I don’t seek validation from others.


Cam, my sentiments exactly.


Same here!


They can say what they want and call me what they want but at least I will be around to hear it rather than dead. Real men can’t always beat 5 thugs and they always work in groups because they are cowards.


No, but they do. That’s the problem with most of them… Hence, posting on FB. “Can I get an amen”, “amen”, etc.

AZ Lefty

Interesting since your comment seeks validation from those on here


His comment is valid, but if you read it again (or for the first time), he is not seeking anything.

Wild Bill

Oh, so now you are a psychiatrist.


Bill – you misspelled ‘psychotic’………………….
Does anyone know why the lefties always try to force their views on everyone while we tend to use gentle persuasion and reason to sway others?




OH MY!! What’s wrong PUDDIN !!! Won’t anyone here validate your remarks. I can answer that for you in two letters, N O. Nobody wants you around. Thumbs up or Thumbs Down tells it like it is. But that’s not a problem. Free Speech is very popular around here and you can say what you like but no body has to like it either. Have you ever gotten a thumbs up around here??????????


I don’t think he wants any thumbs up.


No, however, he has gotten a lot of middle fingers!

Rob J

I carry because I know I have no other means available to defend myself as well as my wife and children (3 girls). When my family all go out in public I am the equivalent of a walking, flashing, neon sign and loud brass band announcing “EASY TARGET” to any predator (human or otherwise) due to my need of walking aids and mobility issues stemming from an injury during my service in the Army. My firearm is the only chance to resist force as my disability prevents resistance in any other way.

I guess I’m not a “real” man.


Bullshit. Thank you for your service. Only real men serve the others run to Canada and it’s that generation the Bill Ayers, jane fonda type generation that put the final nail in the coffin.

Semper Fidelis


Maybe the fact that you choose to accept that responsibility shows otherwise…that’s what these “enlightened men” don’t, and won’t ever understand.

Roland T. Gunner

Carry openly, and be a walking, flashing neon sign and brass band loudly proclaiming “back the phuc off”.


I agree , but at my age, I would be sucker punched, and my gun taken and used on me. I prefer concealed carry, keep em’ guessing.

Roland T. Gunner

I think you overestimate the typical bad guy and sell yourself short.


Is your wife also armed? Two together can be considerably more than twice as effective.

Real men take responsibility, evaluate their personal situation and do their best to mitigate risks. Sounds like you’ve got that covered.

May sound trite, but not intended in that spirit… thanks for your service.


Yeah, I think we need much larger segment of society willing to open carry consistently, on a constant basis… I don’t think I’m wanting to be part of that segment necessarily… I suppose I’m selfish…that’s the only way to say it. Despite my loudness on this site, I really don’t like attention. I prefer anonymity.

It takes a certain level of commitment & willingness of public service to open carry. …. because that’s exactly what open carry is, a public service. We need more people like that. That’s true selflessness.

Roland T. Gunner

Normalize an armed citizenry.


Exactly, mitigate the damage from the
Neo’s, that have been constantly forcing stigmatation on normalcy…

It wasn’t too too terribly long ago, when carrying was a common sight…

I don’t understand, they love to see it in the movie house..they love to see government representatives doing it… why not their “friends”?

It’s the bizarro world we live in.. I know a lot of us use that term in jest…but it really has become a bizarro world.


Open carry is best suited to those who are visually imposing and unlikely to be selected by predators anyway. Has advantage of totally undercutting leftist claim that only wimps carry. Personally I am a wimp.


As a Constitutional American Citizen,
I choose to practice my Second Amendment Rights InThe United States of America, A Constitutional Republic, need we say more?


If they make guns illegal then nobody will get shot anymore because it is the same way they stopped everyone from doing drugs when they made them illegal


HO HO HO And I do not think it is going to stop at Maui Gold.


OH,if only that were true. They gave up in Oregoneistan and made all drugs legal for possession so long as it is not enough for resale.


Why are they making drugs legal ? C’mon Man Hunter knows the answer to that one. lol


I used to watch Hunter all the time.


When I was young I was able to handle things with my hands and feet . But I am a senior citizens now with health problems and that has changed my ability to defend myself so I pack a handgun daily . Violent criminals have been emboldened by liberal policies to defund the police . Carrying a firearm has never been needed more than in today’s Joe Biden and the Democrats violent utopia environment.


Montana, my question is why has this socialist trash been allowed to do this and continue to destroy this once great country? We have very clear federal laws on high treason in this country,and it’s penalties.. Hell, the coward RINO’s in DC do or say nothing, except continue to call those maggots , “my friends across the aisle” The Republican Party has become cowards, candy asses, and lilly livered spineless trash.

Wild Bill

Yes they are! I am convinced that we send these types to Washington District of Corruption because we do not want them anywhere near us.

Roland T. Gunner

Lol, now thats funny!


And they want your money as much as the dimwit democrats do! Never had one write me about anything and not ask me for money. It hasn’t been that long ago that the republicans had the house, the senate and the president and they didn’t do a damn thing for any of us. They all talk big but do nothing but ask you for your money! Trump was the only one I ever saw that did anything for this country and he didn’t get us into another war. Those around him took a dump on him every day and still… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Choogie

Choogie, the one thing we really have to be thankful for and look forward to is President Trumps return in ‘24. It might take Trump his complete term to undo the damage, carnage, and destruction the socialist have intentionally created and done to our Republic , but he will.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ope
Wild Bill

You are going to like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59njPVe0Q0Q


Bill, that is absolutely hilarious. Thanks.

Wild Bill

There sure are some talented people out there.


WB…National Anthem there .

Wild Bill

Yeah! Or at least a campaign theme song!


Out standing!




MAN I loved this and sounded great.

Wild Bill

I bet FJB never thought that when he grew up people would write songs about him!


I saw a standard issue license plate the other day that said 9*5 FJB haha, that was funny.




Ope … And that’s why DeSantis should follow him


That’s because, WE, The People have become apathetic and have no backbone to put a finger in the faces of these RINOS and tell them, “YOU are OUT OF THERE!” I did it to Will Hurd and I was shunned by my fellow elected. A month and a half later he chose to not run for re-election.

Old Gun

A real man may not need a gun but a wise man does. What’s a “real man” going to do when they pull out a knife or a gun? Run? What’s a “real man” going to do when they threaten your family? Call 911 and hope they get here in time?


Yes it’s all about control of us!




I’ve been saying that for years. What is the common denominator with all of the “Bravo Sierra” we hear these days?



Roland T. Gunner



they say “amen” to this laughable post but freak out when people say things like “our thoughts and prayers go to victims of crime and natural disasters. they are the same ones that want any reference to God, Christianity, the ten commandments and public prayer removed from society. which are things that would help immeasurably.
facts are irrelevant to them, only feelings and desires matter to them.
if they want to be stupid victims, so be it, i choose life and will defend it.


Yep, even obiden said on national tv that he doesn’t care about the facts, all he cares about is the truth.


He wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it jumped up and bit him in his ASS!!


Wasn’t it “his truth?”

Got to laugh at how many insist they can have “their truth.” There are many opinions but there is only one truth.


Except for racist ideology, proponents (not all, but most) of gun control, tout narratives and bromides, unsupported by reason and fact, while remaining unamenable to reason and fact.


The PA Dan Satterburg in the article is one of the worst. He claims that trial cases are way down, but that’s because he refuses to prosecute. An absolute POS.


Many men and women with everything from deep vein thrombosis to stroke or heart attack take blood thinners daily. Almost any injury is serious. A single blow to the head can begin brain bleed that can’t be stopped..


That’s right.


I’ll commit to giving mine up the day after the Capitol Hill police, the Secret Service Details and the Private Security Details for ALL politicians and celebrities are disarmed. Lemme know when THAT happens. To me and my family, my life is worth more than any of those Elites…..




Billy – “worth more than all of those Elites combined” – there FIFY.


Managing a liquor store years ago I was robbed by a scared young man with a shotgun to my face, I was more scared than he was, it was then I got my Concealed Carry permit and have been carrying since. Sometimes that’s what it takes for these people to understand the Police get there AFTER the fact.
The Wolves are always watching.


Anyone that has been in or witnessed a “real fight” knows that many times life changing damage or death comes with it. Not anything I want to be the victim of. This guy in the photo is clueless. A true idiot. I’m sure at some time he will encounter someone like a mugger that will take him up on his real man baloney. He is a complete fool


When I first enlisted…and in a different branch… of which I won’t discuss right now… There was a guy from new Orleans, a friend of a friend… He hit a guy, as he was leaving a club, in new Orleans… The guy he hit, was a trouble maker, and the aggressor…. So, he hits this guy one time… kills him. That’s it. The guys done for. This kid gets arrested. It makes the paper… One of the local marine recruiters sees it in the paper, and says, “I’ve got to get this guy”. Well long story short, the recruiter enlists… Read more »

uncle dudley

Sticks and Stones may break my Bones but my .45 will stop the attacker.


I went to that page and there was a Karen on there saying how “we need to take away all the guns”. My response to her: Sarah Palmer If I decided to rape you, your only protection would be a gun and the knowledge of how to use it. Because I can guarantee you that with 16 years of martial arts and two 2nd degree black belts in two styles as well as being 6’4″ tall, 250 pounds and strong as hell, there would be NOTHING you could do that could stop me. The police wouldn’t be there, you wouldn’t… Read more »


We have a phony tough guy in the White house right. Take away his bodyguards and he nothing. Remember no matter how tough you think you, are there’s that one guy out thathat will clean your clock. Carry and be equal
to the threat.


almost forgot and i carry a hand gun and am extremely well versed in how to use it. situational awareness is the key


I have always been aware of my surroundings. Some say I’m noisy. It’s just a natural habit I have and I think it will save my life one day.


As far as from getting bitten by a snake… yeah, probably will.


i have been involved in martial arts on and off most of my life and can tell you how much damage a punch to the face or neck can do

Roland T. Gunner

A lethal, single punch, is not the same as a “brutal beating”; and while a homicide, generally should not be charged as murder. Your average 2-digit IQ citizen does not have hands registered as deadly weapons with the FBI.


You mean like someone conspiring to rob your neighbors and then attempting to take your shotgun and assault you with it rather than comply? Or beat you to death with their hands instead of talking and complying? I think something similar to that just happened and was major news (eyeroll)


Typical brainwashed leftist parroting what they are told to think and say. To which my answer is: Real men take responsibility for their own safety and do so with whatever means assures it in any circumstance. I believe that everyone wishing to have the ability to defend themselves should carry various means to achieve that end. There’s nothing wrong with carrying say pepper spray, a sufficiently long and sharp knife AND a concealed handgun. Each has a place and appropriate use. Of course in many situations the handgun is the last resort but at least you would have it available.… Read more »


Just guessing, the poster carrying puss has never manned up to a POS who has a gun, bat, hatchet, and or knife. A healthy jacked up assailant can cover 21 feet in 1.5 seconds (I think that is the latest). What is said puss going to say to stop his aggressor? “No Don’t, I don’t carry, I won’t, hurt you”. To the puss with the sign, throw the sign and your man card at your next assailant. That will stop him. This guy must be from the people’s republic of boulder CO

Last edited 1 month ago by macdog