LASD Gang Charges Underscore Threat of Enforcers Being ‘Only Ones’ with Guns

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Allegations of LASD gang problems are nothing new. (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook)

“After dozens of interviews and seven public hearings, the Civilian Oversight Commission’s special counsel has released a 70-page report condemning the ‘cancer’ of violent deputy gangs and urging Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna to create a policy officially banning the secretive groups,” The Los Angeles Times reported March 2. “’They create rituals that valorize violence, such as recording all deputy-involved shootings in an official book, celebrating with “shooting parties,” and authorizing deputies who have shot a community member to add embellishments to their common gang tattoos,’ the special counsel team wrote this week.”

Because The Times article is behind a paywall making it inaccessible to many readers here, much of the same information as well as a link to the source story is included in an MSN account. That analysis also points to a lack of attention by District Attorney George Gascón and California Attorney General Rob Bonta, presumably because testimony from corrupt cops endangers prosecutions. It also spreads the blame for allowing intolerable criminal corruption, citing willful complicity by the County Board of Supervisors and the Inspector General.

The report itself seems damning:

“The Department currently contains several active groups that have been, and still are, engaged in harmful, dangerous, and often illegal, behavior. Some of these groups have engaged in acts of violence, threatened acts of violence, placed fellow Deputies at risk of physical harm, engaged in acts celebrating officer involved shootings, and created a climate of physical fear and professional retribution to those who would speak publicly about the misconduct of such groups.”

“There is at least a half dozen, and possibly more, Deputy Gangs and Deputy Cliques currently in the Department, primarily at patrol stations,” the report elaborates. “They include the Executioners, the Banditos, the Regulators, the Spartans, the Gladiators, the Cowboys and the Reapers.”

Instead of prioritizing that and looking at similar concerns within the Los Angeles Police Department, Mayor Karen Bass, a Democrat politician with documented communist ties, has, per a Feb. 26 Fox News report, “called to remove ‘obstacles’ for new police recruits and pledged to root out officers with ties to ‘right-wing domestic extremist organizations.’”

Besides, it’s not like LAPD has a history of violent criminal corruption. And the last thing such an environment needs is officers who might take their oath to the Constitution seriously.

For his part, Sheriff Robert Luna is trying to distract from all the focus on what’s happening on his watch and get people back to a topic all of L.A.’s political establishment can agree on: Blaming guns for their policy failures.

It worked to get him elected in the first place.

“Hey, #LosAngeles, there’s only 1 @MomsDemand #GunSenseCandidate running for sheriff & that’s @lunaforsheriff !” a tweet from a gushing supporter who evidently believes gang-affiliated deputies are the “only ones” who can be trusted with guns.  “Time to elect a sheriff who will work for Angelinos, not just himself. Time to elect Chief Luna for LA Sheriff! #MomsAreEverywhere #EndGunViolence #GunSense”

Sheriff Luna knows he can count on “gunsenselessness” to allow him to mouth meaningless platitudes that won’t solve a thing but still earn him the full-throated approval of the fanatical and the willfully ignorant, who curiously for people who say they’re all about “gun violence,” don’t appear to have much to say about armed “gangsta” deputies.

“California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country but yet, look at what we just had today,” Luna declared following the Monterey Park killings. “Let’s look across this nation and see what works and what doesn’t. I can tell you this, the status quo is not working.”

Neither are those “strictest gun laws in the country,” that is, “the status quo” in Democrat-controlled urban enclaves. And neither, obviously, is enforcing citizen disarmament laws that only affect the “law-abiding” and leave them at the mercy of criminals both in and out of uniform.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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This sounds like a plot for a movie. We could call it “Magnum Force.”

Monkey Mouse

Or as seen in “Den of Thieves” and named by clique.


The library has 21 copies. I’ll watch it next week. Thanks.


DIY … If memory serves clint eastwood already has one called magnum force , and guess what it was about bad cops .


“Exactly!” says Captain Obvious. “That was the point.”
Thank you for your service, Vet, be it veteran or veterinarian.


DIY… You bet USAF 65-69 . Remember the ones who never made it home .

Knute Knute

Except that David Soul is now an old graybeard! Maybe we could call it: “Rip Van Winkle Force!” 🙂


We know that Karen Bass will approve hiring ANTIFA and BLM and MS 13 members as the current law enforcement team members to keep up with the DEI narratives . Keeping the citizens of LA living in fear is the goal for her communist control .


Time for a cleansing then. Nothing better than an antif-ck with a green laser dot over the bridge of their nose


There ya go! Solutions! I love it when people apply solutions!


Ironically, the “good” sheriff is standing there in a BROWN SHIRT. Hmmmm, bring back any memories of dis-armed societies where brown shirts roamed????


They’re quick to make policy against the police but not against the criminals.


luna should have qualified this comment with “because it isn’t working in commiefornia. “California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country but yet, look at what we just had today,” Luna declared following the Monterey Park killings. “Let’s look across this nation and see what works and what doesn’t. I can tell you this, the status quo is not working.” leo’s are a just subset of the population. that being said, a percentage of people in America that commit crimes, therefore it is reasonable that a percentage of leo’s in America will commit crimes. yet, it seems… Read more »


here ya go!


I’ve said it before on here and I’ll say it again – I’ve come to believe that a cop is nothing more than a stranger with a gun until proven different. Keep your ammo DRY and watch your back!


It’s about time these THUGS are recognized for who they really are. But, keep backing the blue. GTFOH.


Government thugs have a tendency to act like thugs and their acts become more egregious when people have little ability to stand up to them. Remember, the 2nd amendment’s purpose is to ensure we have the ability to fight back against government thugs.


I grew up no far from there, and never felt anything but completely safe and comfortable anywhere around there. But these days? I have no reason to go anywhere near there, and will drive quite a ways to avoid the place. Heading to Arizona? Take I 5 south to Bakersfleld turn left and avoid the whole “washbasis” of Los Angeles


Lemme summarize and make sure I understand this correctly.
This isn’t about cops who are also members of street gangs this time, it’s about cops making up their own street gangs consisting of all cops.
Do I have that right?


If I didn’t, then tell me what I got wrong. Downvotes don’t tell me squat.
Alternatively, maybe I got it right, but some people don’t like the truth.
Either way, I still can’t tell.

Last edited 10 days ago by Larry

You got it right. There’s a lot of cognitive dissonance here when it comes to calling out government thugs. Hence the downvotes.