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Firearms and Freedom: Benefits from Obama

Democrats & republicans who have been taking pot-shots at our Second Amendment, and think you can get in just one more shot – Be it known, that you are in for the political fight of your lives…

Make Love, Not War

John Farnam on Winning Wars!

Modern-day “wars” thus go on and on, with never a decisive victory, indeed no decisiveness at all! The Army is, in fact, no longer involved in fighting “wars.”…

Is the C39 pistols from Century the ultimate truck gun?

Century C39 Pistol; The Ultimate Truck Gun?

For many of you northeastern Yankees, “truck gun” may be a foreign term. Please allow a moment for elaboration and clarification. A truck gun, by loose definition, is a long gun kept at the ready in the cab of your pickup truck for general shooting chores.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Leave The Oil Turned On Mr. Putin

Putin has got this oil as a weapons-thing figured out. He is proceeding very effectively to turn the Russian oil and gas industry into the 21st century’s, new Non-Destructive, Weapon of Mass Destruction…